Ever since I started writing my Mum’s flower shop blog, I haven’t had a single picture of a flower on my own blog!  I take the pictures, then put them on hers and don’t want to do a double up, but these orchids are too amazing to put on just ONE blog, they need to be shared with everyone!  I always found taking photos of flowers really hard, but I’ve worked it out on my new(ish) camera now, and am pretty darn pleased with how these lovelies came out!

Because I know you all like details, and I constantly forget to give details, I’ll tell you now that my new(ish) camera is a Canon A3100 IS 12.1MPXL if that means ANYTHING to you!  (It means nothing to me) It was an inexpensive one, but I’m all about Canon cameras from now on, they’re great.

Daylight savings finished last night… KB and I put the clock back when we went to bed and laughed when we realised we had ended up in bed at 8.15pm… on a Saturday night!  This morning I got up and turned on the computer to check my daily round of e-mail, blog, ravelry, errr…. facebook (did I just admit that?) and noticed that it was 6.30am… the clocks change, but my internal clock doesn’t!  It’s Sunday now, joy, the week has been filled with working both of my jobs, studying,  sock knitting (of course!) and even a shopping adventure with a good friend, you can read her blog post about our day HERE and please ignore her references about my driving, I am a central city dweller and during rush hour if there is a tiny gap in the traffic, you just get in there!  Apparently the same rules do not apply in Petone in the middle of the morning.  Oh, and you’ll get a sneaky peek at my finished Noro scarf which I still haven’t blogged but have worn every single day (except for yesterday when I staged an intervention with myself and forced myself to wear my pink snuggly delicious possum merino lace scarf!)  Once I’ve finished my socks I have soooo many things to post…

So, socks… I did it, I turned the heel, picked up the stitchs and knitted a gusset.

I’m now motoring down the foot towards the toe, and noticing that when I compare my sock to socks my Mum has knitted me, that my socks are er… huge, she was shocked when I told her the pattern said cast on 72 stitches (oh how I hate to admit that on my blog!) as she casts on 64 when she knits socks for my Dad who has big hairy man feet, so these socks will be home socks I feel!  And I’ve decided that my next pair will be from the Yarn Harlot’s sock pattern.  Typically, as I’ve decided on my next pair and even the yarn I’m knitting it from, I’m now dying to get my rainbow ones finished!

Anyway, despite it being Sunday and my day off, I have quite a large to-do list involving cooking pasta sauce, supermarketing, writing my Mum’s blog post… etc etc… not to forget the knitting of the socks, they’re quite high up there, so I’ll leave you with a photo of himself….


KB and I found some mushrooms in our front yard yesterday morning, but as himself had left a dead rat sprawled amongst them, we decided to pass on fried mushrooms for breakfast…



About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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40 Responses to ‘Gusseting’

  1. The flowerpictures are amazingly beautiful!!!
    The socks are turning out great and Raymond is adorable! Happy sunday.

  2. Lucy says:

    The orchids are beautiful and the socks are coming along fabulously. Our clocks went forward last weekend and I am still adjusting. I much prefer them going back, in fact I wish they would stop it all together! Raymond doesn’t look like he minds much though x

  3. Mim says:

    Beautiful flower pics! I’m a photographer, and I would be very proud of the second one, especially, if I had taken it. That you achieved it with a point and shoot is amazing!

  4. Lauri says:

    The socks are lovely. I’m sorry about the size problem! Do you know the gauge tricks with socks? It takes a few measurements, but ensures that your socks will fit: any needle, any yarn, any feet. Not magic – just mathematics.🙂

    First, I measure the ankle in question. I like to measure just above the ankle bone at the narrowest part of the ankle. I measure in inches. I call this measurement A. Let’s say our imaginary person has a slender 8″ ankle. A = 8

    Next, I do a gauge or tension swatch, knitting a little tube in the round. I will use the needle that makes sense to use with the wool, but if the fabric is coming out too loose or too tight (like cardboard) I will change needles until I get a knitted fabric I’m happy with. Now I lay the swatch down and measure the stitches per inch. I call this measurement G for gauge. I try to get 8 or 9 stitches per inch with sock yarn, so let’s say our G = 9 stitches per inch.

    Now for the math. A x G = CO
    Ankle x Gauge = Cast On (initial number)
    In this case, 8″ ankle x 9 spi = 72

    Now comes the interesting part. Most knitting has significant stretch, so to compensate for this I subtract 10% for snugness:
    A x G = CO – 10%

    In this case, 10% of 72 is 7.2 (rounded to 7), and 72-7= 65. Most of the time I do a k2, p2 ribbing, so I like a nice even number cast on which is divisible by 4. In this case, I’d round down to 64 stitches and this is how many I would cast on.

    This is adaptable for any kind of yarn and any kind of ankle. For example:
    10″ ankle x 7 spi = 70 – 7 = 63 (or round to 64 cast on)
    10″ ankle x 8 spi = 80 – 8 = 72 stitch cast on
    7″ ankle x 7 spi = 49 – 5 (4.9 rounded up) = 44 stitches to cast on

    I’m not sure what your gauge is, but if it’s 7.5 stitches per inch and you cast on 72, that’s a pretty big sock. (72 divided by 7.5 = 9.6″) If you consider the 10% snugness rule, it would fit more like a 10 1/2 – 11″ ankle. Quite a large one.

    I hope this explanation makes sense – if I missed something, feel free to email me! I knit a lot of socks for all kinds of different feet and I rarely use patterns, because the math is actually pretty easy once you know the tricks. There are also easy math tricks for heels – which I would be happy to share but this has gotten long enough already. Hope I’ve helped.🙂

    • Karen says:

      Lauri, this is exactly what I need, thank you so much for posting for the lovely Alice! Aren’t these socks looking amazing… the bigger the better!!!! xx

    • DebbyMcC says:

      Oh, Lauri! This is wonderful! I do hope you post about the heels, too, some time. I have saved these instructions as I need all the help I can get with socks. I’ve almost given up on them =-(

      • Felicity from Down Under says:

        Yes, indeed, Lauri, thank you for that useful information. I used to knit socks when I was a teenager and about the only real difference was whether you knitted them for women (60 sts) or men (72 sts) and you measured the length of the person’s foot in order to calculate the length of the knitted sock. It was easy. You could do patterns if you wanted to or just plain if that was enough (and mostly, stripes added enough pattern for interest as far as I was concerned).

        I’ve recently picked up – couldn’t help myself! – a self-patterning yarn with its own sock pattern. The yarn I love. The pattern? Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I don’t remember socks being this difficult. So I’m wondering if, gulp, I should frog them and just knit from my own pattern.

        However, I’m not as young and slender as in those long distant teen years, so your suggestion of calculating number of stitches from the ankle measurement strikes me as brilliant. Thank you!

  5. Pati from London says:

    Lovely orchids, lovely socks, lovely Raymond….! Enjoy your Sunday! Pati x

  6. lancek1 says:

    Hi Alice, you really are a Busy, Busy bee. The Orchids are lovely, my favorites at the moment… The photographs turned out really well. Good flower photos aren’t easy but I like the way you cropped it in tight. They’re like like some strange lace cutout, these orchids, so beauriful ( spelling correct🙂 see you soon. Bummer that the socks are going to be a bit big… they look so cheerful and friendly.

  7. Hannah says:

    Thank you Lauri for a good description of how to figure out how much to cast-on. I usually cast-on 60 and it works for me. Alice, the orchids are so beautiful. I hope you will still get to wear your socks even if they turn out to be too large. They are too lovely to just hide inside of a sock drawer.

  8. Raymond looks so content in his patch of sunlight. I love your Orchid pictures, just amazing and the socks are coming along a treat too. Rachael Xx

  9. faye says:

    Yes, Lauri! That tip about 10% reduction for stretch is a gem! The only pair of socks that I knit that worked out were from the Yarn Harlot’s recipe, so I can vouch for that one. One of the pairs that did not work out was in fact big enough to be leg warmers. Have a great week, Alice.

  10. Karen says:

    Alice, I adore orchids and these pictures are really beautiful, so I’m now looking forward to more flowers interspersing your WIP’s! With difficulty I’ve found the same sock yarn online but apparently the company isn’t making this colour-way anymore… have a happy sunday, love to you, KB and of course Raymond! xxx

  11. penelope dubois says:

    Dear Raymond is probably completely exhausted from all his meanderings around town!! Nothing like a good romp to have a wonderful nap!
    Socks look great, nice and neatly done!
    Lauri’s explanations were really good.

  12. Peeriemoot says:

    The flower pictures are gorgeous, as are the sock pics actually! That yarn is beautiful! The sock pattern I’m using (am also on the gusset, urgh horrible word..) casts on with 64 stitches.

  13. Tickety-boo says:

    Gorgeous flower photos Alice. I use a 32 stitch cast on for my own socks and I have very small (UK size 3) but wide feet. I love the fact that Lauri put that formula up.
    They are beautiful socks no matter how big they are.

  14. DebbyMcC says:

    Your flowers and your socks are beautiful! I would wear those socks anyway! Plus, I have big feet so maybe they would fit me…hahaha!

  15. Penelope says:

    Your photographs are really gorgeous in this post Alice, your knitting is ever so neat and i can’t wait to see how your socks turn out xox If they are too large just wear them over another pair for extra warmth and comfort ;0) I loved reading about your day out to Holland Road yarn on your friend’s blog, sounded like my kind of perfect day out with a friend. I spent a couple of hours in one ofmy LYS’s today and have loaned a couple of books and have come away with some Noro sale yarn ! Look forward to having a close up of your noro scarf reveal. Drive safely xox and have a great week ahead. Penelope xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Felicity from Down Under says:

    beautiful orchids, gorgeous socks and contented feline. What more could you want in a day? I agree with the several people who’ve suggested that, if they’re too big, wear them over another pair. You’ll need that extra warmth with winter on the horizon. Felicity

  17. Lisa says:

    BEAUTIFUL PIX ~ loving the socks too!🙂

  18. sandiart says:

    The pink orchid matches your cardi, that you are wearing (on the sidebar), wish I could get my camera to work like that, my daughter has a cannon and it takes better pics than my fuji, which I was told was a great camera, huh!!!
    Maybe I will have to borrow hers.
    Do I dare say it, ok I will, Raymond has the beginnings of Ratatouille on your lawn, erk!!
    Isn’t it horrid when you have the wanties so bad that it becomes an obsession…..well I am obsessing over Opal sock in the Ron colorway from the Harry Potter series, and only one person has any and she won’t send overseas and I cannot contact her….sigh!!
    Your socks look great, I am knitting a little dress in sock wool at the moment, its interesting to see the pattern emerge as you knit.
    Have a great day…..x Sandi

    • Bimbi says:

      Hi Sandi,
      I’ve just started to discover all these lovely blogs from the other side of the world and see a lot of talk about fantastic OPAL wool, so I did some research and found that (if it’s the same wool) this wool is German and is made in a small town in Southern Germany which happens to be quite close to where I come from. Is that the right one?
      The other thing I discovered was that they have a factory shop where one can buy direct and it so happens I am going to Germany next month!! I have no idea what they charge for the wool, or what it should indeed normally cost in a shop.
      Enjoy your weekend – or is it already over??🙂

      • Sandi says:

        Hi Bimbi, yes you are correct, I actually sent an email to the people who make the yarn and it is no longer in production and they didn’t have any. However a lovely lady in America has been able to help me, so I have three balls of the yarn I had the wanties for coming over to me, yay!! I am so happy.
        You may have to go in and have a look and become hooked on Opal sock yarn, hehe
        x Sandi

  19. You could always felt your socks if they are really big, they make great bedsocks!
    Nothing like a little present left for you by a loved one 🙂 Your camera does take lovely photos!!

  20. WS says:

    Orchids are my favourite flower. Thanks for the flower appreciation! xx

  21. Teje says:

    Hello Alice! Flower photos are amazing!!!
    Your new socks look so wonderful! When I make socks I try them on while knitting – I think it’s easier to make too big than too small.
    I would like to find a link/button to your mother’s blog.
    I miss still that one hour we lost last week – every morning so tired…
    Have a lovely Sunday (evening) and a wonderful week! Teje

  22. MeredithJean says:

    Gosh you lead a masterful life xxx

  23. Carole says:

    I managed to track down some of the rainbow sock yarn and it was delivered on Saturday along with a package from a friend. How surprised was I when I found a baby hat inside knitted in exactly the same yarn!!!! There’s a photo on my blog if you were interested in having a look.

    Those orchids are lovely and Raymond looks like he is enjoying the sunshine.

  24. Lovely socks. You are quite talented. So is Raymond. We need him in the barn. I wonder if he would like to travel.🙂

  25. Kathy Welsh says:

    Hi Alice,

    I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and am enjoying it thoroughly! I also feel I’ve found a “soul sister” in New Zealand. I too am a lesbian hooker and knitter, as well as jewelry maker, painter, etc. There aren’t a ton of us out there who combine these diverse elements, so imagine my excitement when I found your blog!

    Your socks are beautiful! I too have made socks that are WAY too big, and did the same thing myself; great for wearing around the house, or with clogs. Knitting socks is a meditative experience and I enjoy it. I have a pair on my needles right now that I pick up here and there when I have a few minutes of free time. It’s a great on the go project when you don’t have to concentrate on a pattern and can just knit away.

    Anyway, thanks for writing such a wonderful blog, and look forward to more goodness in the future!

  26. Julie says:

    Well done on the gusset, i think mine start off with 60 stitches

    Ewwww my kitty boys bring home ‘dead presents’ too LOL

  27. Sarah says:

    Oh to be able to sleep like Raymond, he always looks so contented.
    Beautiful orchids, are they growing in your house, in your yard or did they follow you home from the market?

    Sarah from Texas

  28. Oh those white orchids are beautiful! And your shot is worthy of framing.
    Designers write sock patterns from 7 stitches per inch all the way to 9 stitches per inch (stockinette) depending on how tight a fabric they like and the actual weight/thickness of the yarn. This can make sock knitting a bear, since your own gauge with the recommended needles is likely to be different, and with such a small area to cover with such a lot of stitches, a slight difference in gauge can make a big difference in size.

  29. MeMeRose says:

    Hi, I’ve been a bit down today and I thought you would like to know I have been reading your blog from the beginning…. it has perked me up and your cafetiere cosy made using granny stripes has inspired me to make a granny stripe cushion cover today. I love your blog and your crochet is simply beautiful. x

  30. Louise says:

    Beautiful flowers! Your socks are looking fab and so is that lovely lovely Raymond.

  31. Rita says:

    Your Orchideen are so beautiful and the Socks too! The colors are soo great!
    I love your blog and Raymond too!
    A good Week-start! Rita

  32. Melissa says:

    Hello Sweet Lady! Your flowers are gorgeous and your socks are “growing” beautifully as well. I hope they aren’t too big🙂

  33. Robin says:

    Beautiful Socks, Alice! I have big feet too for a short person. 5″3″ with 81/2 US shoe size and 130 lbs. Oh well, they get me around and that’s all that matters. Your socks will be special no matter what size they are because they are your first!!!!! xoRobin❤

  34. Jillian_R says:

    Hi Alice, I think your socks are beautiful!! I am excited to see what they look like finished. Such great colors for spring!

  35. Mar says:

    Now I’m dying to see the final product!

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