The REAL adventures of Raymond Meowski!


I’m sorry about the cryptic, wordless post I posted this morning!  I went to save my draft and turn off the computer, but accidentally pushed ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ and watched in horror as it published!  Whoops!

Never mind, I know there are a lot of Raymond junkies out there, I hope that was a reasonable fix!  Raymond has just this minute arrived home from a 45 1/2 hour jaunt somewhere, who knows where!  We spent the day worrying about him, because on Sunday night he got quite restless and demanded to be let out at 8pm and we didn’t see him until 4.30pm today!  (Tuesday)  He can be a bit of a wanderer, and this is probably the third or fourth time he has done this since we adopted him 18 months ago, but still, there’s that fear that they won’t come home at all that sits in your solar plexus….

Goodness knows where he has been… usually he comes home all bedraggled and starving, but this time he seemed quite happy and ate about half of his tea… we did the perfume sniff, but he just smelled like cat, so it’s a mystery really!

If Raymond could talk for an hour the two things I’d want to know are:

1.  What his name was before we adopted him at age 10 and named him Raymond

2.  Who his favourite neighbours are and which houses does he like to frequent the most!

I was actually quite sad that he didn’t come home today, because I had my lovely friend and fellow blogger over for lunch, knitting and wool-related gossip and I was really hoping that I could take a photo of Raymond on her knee and she would put it on her blog, so he could be on TWO blogs at once (tell me the truth, does that sound a bit insane?!) but she was in luck!  No cat, so no obligation to put a photo of Raymond on her blog!  (never mind, there’s always next time….)

Do you know what?  I finished my scarf on Monday morning, and what an amazing feeling!  I cast off, wove in the ends and put it straight around my neck, then accosted poor KB (who had just got out of bed) by jumping around in her face, yelling “I MAAAAAAAADE THIS!!!!  I MAAAAADE it!!!!!”

 As I said a few posts back, this scarf is made from delicious Zelana Possum Merino which I am severely addicted to, it’s quite serious, and I’ve ravelled it here.  It’s funny, you know… normally I get a bit sick of a project when I’ve been knitting or crocheting it for days on end, but I found that apart from the short burst of “I can’t go any further” I had just before making it to the halfway mark, I found that the more I knitted this scarf, the more I loved it.  As soon as I picked it up and felt that softness of the wool in my hands, I loved it even more and instead of changing my mind about it and giving it away like I very often do with projects, I wore it for the entire day and only took it off at two points in the day where I overheated!  I feel in a way that this scarf was my initiation into “hard knitting” and even though it is called the easy lace scarf (pfft!) it was still lace and still hard to begin with, and of pretty much all of my projects, this one has given me the most satisfaction.

Ooh, and do you know what?  I wore it to class yesterday and even though none of my classmates read my blog, I got an enormous amount of comments about my lovely new scarf and even one about how well it went with my long cream cardy! ha ha ha!  That made me giggle!

Long cream cardy, embarrassed me and my beautiful scarf, there you go, the official ta-daa picture!

So I’m projectless right now and am itching to find something to make, my stash is piled in the lounge as I decide, I’m wondering if I might make a lovely chunky ‘wandering vines’ wrap in 8ply turquoise Perendale knitted with a strand of variegated 2ply merino in stunning shades of blue and turquoise… or maybe a button up cowl in the most luscious snuggly soft silver yarn I accidentally bought today- 50% alpaca, 35% merino, 15% silk… or a Noro sock wool scarf I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry for that would be so fun to try…. there are far too many possibilities so while I decide, I’m freestyling a Pixie hood for KB in a beautiful woodland coloured 10ply wool that was kindly given to me by a dear friend…..

Oh, and don’t for a moment think that I’ve forgotten to show you my crochet happiness!

Wishing you all a beautiful day, and sending you all lots of love, because the comments that you left on my ‘change’ post about how you felt about this monumentally sad disaster that is happening in Japan just shows what a wonderful bunch of caring, loving souls I have attracted into my life.  Let’s keep sending that love and compassion through the ether to our family in Japan and other affected parts of the world.


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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34 Responses to The REAL adventures of Raymond Meowski!

  1. Robyn Gray says:

    I do read your blog and I am enjoying it very much

  2. Nikkole says:

    The scarf turned out so well!!!! It is so beautiful😀 It sounds like Raymond has had a little adventure🙂 I am glad he is home and happy. My vote for the new project is the cowl, that way you can use the new snugly soft yarn!

  3. Eva says:

    Beautiful! The scarf and you. Enough said.

  4. MeredithJean says:

    Yes Eva has it nailed xxx

  5. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice, love your new scarf and that it goes so well with your cardi. lol. I am just ever so quietly looking forward to some cooler weather at our place. I can’t wait to get my cardi’s out and start wearing them again. I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them. Have a wonderful week at your place.

  6. Netty says:

    It’s gorgeous! And such a lovely color! If only I could knit….
    I used to have a cat who went on holiday every now and then, sometimes he stayed away for 6 months and sometimes just a few days. And I was always sniffing him too but never found out where he went.

  7. Raymondo Meowski you naughty boy!!! Worrying your mums like that, I will come and have works with you if you are not careful!

    My baby is not allowed outside and Minnow is so old she rarely goes off the front porch now but I have always hated that about cats, I have seen too many accidents at the vets from roaming to be comfortable with letting mine go out. Although I have had a Siamese so I do know how insistent he would have been not to mention noisy!

    Lovely scarf Alice, your friend is sending me some of that possum yarn to try out…..Can’t wait!! And I am sure she would have loved a photo shoot with Ray 🙂

  8. Sandi says:

    “Accidently bought’ I love that🙂 sounds beautiful yarn btw. I have a few projects on the go at the moment one of which is the noro sock yarn skirt for my granddaughter, what a beautiful yarn to work with. I haven’t gone too far with it, just the ruffles so far as I need to finish off her little dress that I started last year (oh dear) so I can use my circular needle. Good motivation, so I have been clack, clack, clacking all day. Your scarf is amazing and looks so soft.
    Dear Raymond, I would also love to know!! My cat is being very naughty at the moment, she keeps getting on the dining table and leaving all her fur on it!!!!!!
    Lets hope the leaders around the rest of the world get the message regarding what is happening in Japan with the Nuclear plant. We put our lives in their hands to make the right decisions for our well being.
    x Sandi

  9. Linda says:

    The scarf is lovely!
    I totally understand you – I usually get sick of my projects, too. But I have noticed that there are two things that I could do over and over again: my new love – Transformers and berets/slouchy beanies….
    So good Raymond is back home🙂 It is spring here in Latvia – and it is also called “cat time”…😉

  10. Tickety-boo says:

    Doesn’t your scarf look fab on you?! So lovely, no wonder KB got such a rude awakening. I am off 2ply for a bit after finishing my socks and starting one of your lovely Flowery Teacosies. I can’t believe how quickly it was done in DK on 4mm!! Will post about it at the weekend. Fantastic pattern Alice so easy to do. :o)

  11. That is a gorgeous scarf Alice. I love the colour too. I too am keeping those affected by the tragedy in Japan and the violence in Libya in my thoughts. Sending loving-kindness and strength x

  12. Pati from London says:

    The scarf is great, it looks sooooo soft and warm… What a lovely result, Alice!! This Raymond is a bit of an adventurer, isn’t he??? I bet he’s found some female companion (of the cat type….). Cheecky! xx Pati

  13. Peeriemoot says:

    You’re such a quick knitter! I did a similar scarf a while back and it took forever.. I know what you mean about the initiation into hard knitting, I felt just the same with my scarf even though I’d been knitting for donkeys’ years. It was my first bit of lace though and the first time I’d been out of my knitting comfort zone in years!

    My four-year-old daughter loves Raymond – she calls him Pimpernel Pugh (she’s a Slinky Malinki fan). One day I had to go right back through your blog to find every picture of Raymond for her to look at!

  14. Sarah says:


    Raymond is just gorgeous!! Did you get him from a rescue or did he just find you?

    He is soooooo like our chocolate Tonkinese Jasper it’s spooky!!

    Lovely scarf, wish I had the patience to knit, but it works up sooooooo s-l-o-w-l-y compared to the crochet I favour!!

    S x

  15. penelope dubois says:

    You should be proud, it looks so good on you. As I’ve mentioned I find lace making very daunting! I am working into it, though!

  16. Victoria says:

    It is indeed a beautiful scarf!

  17. Casey says:

    Your scarf is very pretty!! I love the color!

    I’ve had a few cats that took off on their little adventures all the time. I always worried about them not coming home, I remember one cat stayed away for months, I thought she was dead and then there she was one day! One cat found kids that fell in love with him, he came home and one day the parents of those kids came yelling at me thinking I stole their cat😦 I felt sad for the kids, especially since my cat never seemed to leave home again

  18. Nancy from Cleveland, OH USA says:

    Absolutely gorgeous scarf! You are so funny to read and have so much talent! I look forward to your posts. God bless the people of Japan!

  19. Liz says:

    Alice, I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and now I visit several times a week! Your crochet projects are stunning! Thank you for all the inspiration! The granny square triangles are near in my future🙂


  20. I was listening to the radio yesterday morning, and a journalist was describing what he saw in Tokyo, and it was almost more powerful than photographs. The destruction in Japan is mind boggling isn’t it, it’s difficult to take it all in, it’s a tragedy for all those poor people. It’s like the Earth is bubbling up in an angry way.
    I’m so glad you didn’t hear my cries of delight on reading your blog title. it was somewhere between a laugh and a gurgle. I think that Raymond is a prime candidate for a little camera to be tied to his collar, I just know it will reveal some interesting things!
    And your scarf is beautiful Alice, really beautiful, and such a triumph because you persevered with it despite the frustrations you encountered, well done!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  21. Melissa says:

    The scarf turned out lovely!! My kitties really did look at the picture of Raymond. Oreo looked at me like “Do NOT bring another cat in this house!” as he is the “first born” and the king of the castle. Smokey didn’t seem to perturbed. Both of mine are spoiled indoor only babies. Oreo has gotten out a couple of times, gotten as far as the driveway and heads right back to the door. Such babies!

  22. Penelope says:

    V is for VICTORY ! Well done Alice you defnitely deserve to keep this scarf for yourself, it looks gorgeous and cosy for those coming winter months xox As for Raymond… well I think he needs his own scarf with a little camera knitted in (as Vanessa suggests) hee hee that would be revealing xox Hope you are soon onto an inspiring make with all that ‘accidental yarn’ xxxxx love Penelope xox

  23. I think Raymond probably has something to confess, don’t you? I am glad he can run about without mishap. Here, the coyotes or cougars would make a meal of him. Actually they might make a meal of we goats as well, but we thankfully get locked in the barn at night. Your scarf is lovely. The goatmother has been collecting cashmere from us for a couple of years now and intends to get it processed this year so she can make something from it. And by the way, how do you ‘accidentally’ purchase yarn? “)

  24. pixie says:

    Raymond meowski, i think your the bees knees, and if your ever passing my way on one of your walk abouts do drop in for tea. xx

  25. Cathy says:

    Just popped by, my youngest just asked who’s cat it was, I said it was Alice in New Zealand…now he thinks I know Alice in wonderland! Well he is little still, in fact so young I can’t bear to correct him!

  26. Terrie says:

    Alice your scarf is amazingly beautiful! I love the colour and yes, it looks wonderful with your cream cardi!

    It is very sad about Japan. I sat there as it unfolded on the news with chills. It does seem as though our beautiful world can bite back with such ferocity sometimes and I do hope it calms itself soon. I don’t think I could cope with hearing about another natural disaster!

  27. Scribe says:

    Thanks for stopping by my little spot of blog… your kitty is presh… & your scarf is delish. I spent the day talking about wool, too…

  28. Joanna says:

    The scarf is beautiful, love the colour. Well done! I bet you were relieved when Raymond came home. We’ve often said that Cat-Cam would be a good idea – what do they get up to during the day when we are at work and where do they go when they disappear? Guess we’ll never know xxx

  29. Shell says:

    Don’t you just love when you “accidently” buy yarn? The scarf looks gorgeous!

  30. Barbie says:

    Gorgeous scarf… when I visited NZ a few years ago I bought some possum yarn for a scarf. Maybe you should explain to casual visitors from elsewhere that NZ possums are a scourge on the environment and using their fur helps control their destructive numbers. I’m such an animal lover, it’s hard to write that, but NZ possums are destructive exotics.

    My shelter adopted blackcat Kamir [come ‘ere] is not allowed out on excursions. I’ve lost too many furry friends that way over the years. One beloved furry feline would stay out a day or two at a time but then failed to come back to his loving home for days. A friend found him in a tragic heap along a roadside not far from home. No more roaming kitties for me. I adopted Kamir precisely because she’d been an indoor pet prior to joining our little family. No criticism.. I’d just hate to read tragic news about Raymond.

  31. Claudia says:

    Gorgeous scarf, Alice!!
    I love the colours you choose for your projects!

  32. Alyson says:

    Alice, I’m going through a pretty tough time in my life right now: the death of a friend, the death of a pet, worrying about two of my friends in Japan, absorbing all the sadness going on in the Pacific. However, seeing your post with a beautiful pic of the adorable Raymond just brightened my mood. I always look forward to your new posts; reading about your projects, seeing pics or Raymond and your beautiful country- it lifts my spirits (even on a good day). Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  33. pbach1 says:

    beautiful scarf! are you going to/did you block it? the colour is perfect with your skin tone, too.

    as for raymond, his wanderings remind me so much of my first pet — a female sealpoint siamese. debbie would also wander off for varying amounts of time, and get into “trouble” (if you know what i mean, wink, wink). sure do miss her — yes, she was named “debbie cat”. fond childhood memories.

  34. Hi, I’m ashamed to say this is the first comment that I’ve left you..! But I’ve been following your blog for some time now..
    I’m currently up at all hours for night time feeds with a tiny baby and as I subscribe by e-mail to your blog, I just thought I’d let you know it is really lovely to have something so entertaining and interesting to read on my blackberry..! xxx

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