Pixie Jacket Ta-Da!


Is that photo Noro-licious or what?  I finally finished the hood after reading the pattern completely wrong, then sewed it all together!   The above shot shows the hood, which is not in colour sequence because I was trying to make it the brightest, most colourful part of the jacket, which involved saving the aqua bits instead of knitting them into the top of the back which would be covered with the hood!  My wool winder had an awesome workout with this little project, as I turned the balls inside and out, trying to even out the stripes!  And today I took it in to work to hand over to my wonderful friend, who loved it deeply….

As we ran out of wool quite quickly, with me underestimating how much the hood would need, the jacket became a sleeveless jacket (!) and I crocheted a nice chunky shell-stitch edging around the sleeves and the bottom which finished it off beautifully.  It’s funny, I don’t know if you’re like this with your knitting or bigger crochet projects, but I get ‘over’ them, and when I’ve finished them, need some space from them… I wasn’t sure about the jacket until I had handed it over to my friend, then every time I walked into her office today (which was far too many times, I really need to leave her alone to get on with her work instead of chatting her ear off all day!) and saw it on her chair, I was blown away by the Noro-liciousness, the stripey goodness, the garter stitch love, and wished like hell it would fit meeeeeeeeee!!!

Isn’t it super-frustrating when you upload photographs and see that the subject is ever so slightly off centre, or the bottom has curled up a little bit in the wind… maybe I’m just hyper-critical of my, um… everything, but let me just say the jacket is lush in ‘person!’


It’s getting quite past my bedtime here, and my eyes are falling asleep on me, so I’ll have to shut my computer down before I fell asleep and lose it off the side of my bed!  Apparently I’ve been teaching crochet classes in my sleep lately… Do you sleep talk?  I do… whatever is in my mind comes out of my mouth when I’m asleep which I worry about sometimes, I get nervous that one day I’ll say something completely incriminating and upset KB!  I have upset her in the past by being a meanie in my sleep, but the other night I was teaching her how to hook, so she decided to see what happens when you talk back… Apparently I got very confused when she told me she had finished making a crochet toilet seat cover, and then pissed off when she wouldn’t show it to me… Lesson learned…. don’t mess with a sleep talker!  No wonder I’ve been tired lately, busy nights!

I hope you’re all well and happy and enjoying the change of season!  Sending lots and lots of love to you!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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30 Responses to Pixie Jacket Ta-Da!

  1. Terrie says:

    Oh I love it! I’ve been pining after some noro for quite a while – it looks stunning! Ha! My daughter talks in her sleep and you can carry out a full conversation with her….something that she will hate as she gets older!

  2. The jacket is very nice!

  3. Karen says:

    Alice – you’ve done such a wonderful, wonderful job, I just love it and your friend chose a wonderful colour combination yarn too. I’d Love to make something with this yarn but what takes only say 50gr and looks amazing ( a tea cosy perhaps) any ideas as this wool is soooo expensive. Actually ideas for 50gr projects would be great for ‘special’ yarns if you could come up with some pleeeeeeeeease. love ya K xx

  4. Hahnsmum says:

    WEll Darling l think yr little Jacket is Super Duper..Very pretty.. And yes l get fed up sometimes when l`ve finished something…And yes l talk in my sleep but EXTRA loud & call out a lot..The other half can hear me from his room.. And end of this month my daughter is going to Wagga Wagga with me for 4 nights..Isnt BJ going to have fun time listening to her stupid old Granny Mum talking loudly all night.. Did you get a small tremor over in Wellington the other day..?? We heard about it on news.. best Wishes.. Hahnsmum.
    New England, NSW, OZ..

  5. Debs says:

    Oh, the jacket is fabulous Alice. I’d like to wear one too, although not with a hood. I’m with Karen on the 50g projects – any ideas?

  6. Justjune says:

    Alice, what a lovely job you have done on this little jacket, i think it is beautiful, soft, and the colours are gorgeous.Well done you♥

  7. Teje says:

    Hi Alice, this jacket became really beautiful and the colours is so delicious!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  8. Claudia says:

    Gorgeous job, Alice!! I love these stripes!!
    (and I love your blog as well!)

  9. Sandi says:

    Such a cute jacket in beautiful colors. I must knit the noro skirt for my granddaughter, I am knitting her a little jacket at the moment, so when I finish that I will have to start the skirt and be delighted at the colors as they unwind and knit up. I am a knitting beaver at the moment but nothing is finished properly, so I have been missing in action on my blog.
    x Sandi

  10. Gorgeous jacket….colours are just stunning. My other half talks in his sleep…he once told me he wanted to put me in his frying pan!!! He is a climber and I once woke up to find him hanging over the bed shouting to an imaginery climbing partner about what size rope he should throw down…..I often wonder what would have happened if I had pushed him!!!!!

    • lbmask says:

      Your comment about your partner just made my day. I can only imagine what would have happened if you would have pushed him! 🙂

  11. Karen, UK says:

    I loooove the colours in the jacket and will be sure next time i’m visiting my son in Welly to keep an eye out for it moving around in the crowds.

  12. penelope dubois says:

    Such fab colours with that Noro! Nice job!
    I just made some mittens with really long colour changes, and I also was messing around getting the right colours. Came out kind of cool.
    It’s all about the Colour!
    That dream story reminded me about a toilet seat cover that I actually Decoupaged!
    The images? Cats, of course!

  13. Pixielicious!!!! I think that is hilarious that KB has converstations with you in your sleep and you wake up feeling tired 🙂

  14. this is such a wonderful jacket!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rain says:

    Kia Ora!

    The jacket is soooo cute! You must be very proud of it!

    I talk in my sleep too. So far nothing incriminating, though it probably helps that my hubby is a bit deaf!

    I was thinking of you yesterday. We had to rescue two lambs who managed to get separated from their mums by going to explore the putting green! Thankfully, no one was putting, so we saved them from their but not before I had a good cuddle with both of them! It made me realise how greatful I am to their kind, giving us lovely wool to knit, and how honoured I felt to be able to give something back in return.

    Sending a big hug to you and an even bigger one to Raymond!

    om shanti

  16. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh I want to be a Pixie! I want to be a Pixie so I can wear a Noro Pixie jacket!
    Norolishus Alice.
    Love Tickety-boo xxxx

  17. Melissa says:

    That jacket is adorable! I would wear one in my size too. I talk in my sleep and apparently I can have a complete conversation and get aggravated easily. Car Guy thinks it’s hysterically funny until I wake up in a bad mood. If someone messes with you while you’re asleep, it interrupts your REM sleep and makes you tired the next day and I’m sure teaching classes every night isn’t helping🙂

  18. Pati from London says:

    What a cutie and the colours are great! Noro Kureyon yarn costs around 7 pounds in the UK and 6 pounds if you are lucky to get it on ebay. You are a very very fast knitter! WoW!! x Pati

  19. Carolyn says:

    Okay, its adorable and is pure eye-candy as always! Could you ever add how to do that shell stitch on your stitch guide? Mine never come out that even and arc-y. Your blog is the best way to start my computer-work day.

  20. Anita Elmore says:

    Photos rarely ever do justice to our creations no matter how good of a shot it is so don’t be so hyper-critical chica!

    This little jacket is too precious! I really love it….and I love when we make an “oops!” (like not getting enough yarn) and it turns out to be a wonderful thing–like making this jacket sleeveless..which actually makes it perfect for Spring! Pair it with a long-sleeve t-shirt and the wool will keep a body warm on a breezy Spring day without the bulk of a long sleeve jacket. Totally darling!!

    Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of
    God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.
    –Mother Teresa

  21. Penelope says:

    It’s gorgeous Alice, I can see how hard you have worked to ensure the colours work in relative sequence and it’s going to be very sweet over a long sleeve t-shirt with pretty shelled borders for extra detail. I think most of us dream of working with the stunning yarn at some point and I think it’s going to have to be waiting for a sale sometime before I indulge :0)
    What a wonderful symbiotic relationship you have with your friend, she supplies the wool and you knit away… blissful xox
    I’ve always talked in my sleep, my mum once said that my sister and I once had a crazy conversation across the passage way from our bedrooms to each other! Apparently, I grind my teeth of late!!! Not a happy thing to happen when one is sleeping! Poor Andy (he he) xox I’ve told him the cure for this is a lovely relaxing head and neck massage to release any of my day’s stresses and then the grinding will surely stop!

  22. Dawn Marie says:

    Ooh beautiful Alice, gorgeous colours, Noro always have fab colour combinations. I talk in my sleep too, and laugh!

  23. Heather says:

    Ohhhh it’s so pretty! I want pointy pixie hoods on my clothes too, so much❤
    I am also a sleep talker, but never remember it until Andy tells me about it in the morning. Oh dear. Have you ever watched "The Science of Sleep"? it's a lovely quirky film about sleep talking and dreaming and whatnot.

  24. Susan H. says:

    Hello Alice,
    I’ve been at the edge of my seat waiting to see this and it is wonderful! I love it. I know what you mean about needed some space after a large/long project. Your finished product is beautiful though. My husband talks in his sleep sometimes and I love asking him questions to hear more. He tends to go to sleep before me, so sometimes when I am in the down downstairs part of the house, I will hear him talking and I run up the stairs as fast as I can so I can hear more about what is going on in his dream. Well anyways, thanks for sharing!!! I can’t wait to see what you make next… with all of your new yarn and all🙂

  25. Maria says:

    Pixie is gorgeous and will look so sweet on bub. Glad you liked the Noro. I definitely didn’t like working with it, very expensive. But the beautiful colour changes – yum!!

  26. Louise says:

    The jacket is amazing! I love the colours and you are very clever to make something so beautiful.

  27. Lisa says:

    Wow that is beautiful, I love the colors you always use! Hugz from Milwaukie, OR U.S.A.


  28. lancek1 says:

    Wow Alice. Nice work, I like the shell edging. I think you’re being too harsh on yourself about the photo🙂 it all looks great.

  29. Barbara Reichard says:

    As always the colors that you use make me smile:). Thanks for sharing your work with us. Barbara

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