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Helloooooo!!! We’re taking a break from socks today… Only, and I repeat, only because it is April 1st and I need to post my March mosaic! Because trust me, I’m all about my socks right now…. had you noticed?  Right … Continue reading

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Turning the heel…..

Step 1:  Knitting the heel flap!  A reinforced one to be precise, and what fun it is to slip one knit one for 36 rows! Step 2:  Turning the heel and learning a new skill!  Picking up stitches. I spent … Continue reading

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Sock Towers

The rainbow socks are growing! Next comes the turning of the heel…. (gulp!) And I have discovered the deep joy of knitting with HiyaHiya needles… at $13 per set I was dubious about buying them, but it turns out they are … Continue reading

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Sock Boot Camp

Helloooooo!!! I’m back, well rested, de-germed and mildly more enthusiastic than I have been all week!  Thank you for your get well messages, you are such a lovely, lovely bunch.  I’ve spent the last week blowing my nose, knitting, crocheting, … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for….

Thank goodness for big crock-pots full of delicious hippy soup, so full of garlic I’m nervous that I’ll reek for a month…. Thank goodness for hot lemon and honey drinks, orange juice and Bundaberg lemon lime and bitters…. Thank goodness … Continue reading

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My Chair

Helloooo!!! Happy Tuesday to you! I’ve got the day off today and KB does too which makes us both very happy!  I had a couple of lovely, lovely people leave me comments on the last post with links to photos they … Continue reading

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The Church of Noro

Hellooooo!!! And Good Morning!  Happy Autumn Equinox…. I’m feeling such an interesting and unusual energy around the place, it’s a big day for us here in New Zealand… not only is it the full moon and autumn equinox, but also, despite what … Continue reading

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