Warm Arms x 4


Thank you!  For the wonderful messages I got from so many of you on my last post! I’m glad you enjoyed my jokes, and found a bit of yourselves in them too!  I hope that I can live up to that last post, I’m not sure!

It is the beginning of another beautiful day here today, I’m seeing you getting excited about Spring coming to the Northern Hemisphere and I must say, I’m excited for you!  It seems like you have had such a freezing cold winter over there, and Spring and Summer will be just what you’re feeling like right now!  I can tell you for certain that it is definitely on its way, the sun has moved here and my rainbow harvesting system in my lounge window is once again filling my lounge with rainbows in the morning,

Rainbows don’t happen in summer from this system because of the position of the sun, instead, it’s a bit of magic for winter months, when the sun comes out it is even more special for us!  The sun is setting earlier too, at around 7.30pm instead of much later, and when I leave for work in the morning and come home later at night I’m noticing that I need a cardigan, and can’t just leave the house in singlets anymore, so that is all proof for you!  I have to admit, I’m looking forward, just a little bit (!) to snuggliness this winter!  This summer has been H.O.T and the sun has been so fierce that even I’ve had trouble being in it for too long, so I’m not going to feel totally ripped off when winter descends again like I have after other summers.  However, no doubt in the thick of it in July I’ll be crying out for summer again, watch this space!

Meanwhile, the sun is still shining, flowers are still blooming and the cicadas are still loud, so I’m enjoying the last of the heat and warmth before I get to see you experiencing it on the other side of the world….

So onto impending winter snuggliness… I finished my arm warmers I showed you the beginnings of last week!  I actually finished them ages (6 days) ago, but here they are in their full glory!

I must admit, it was a really funny process making these mitts!  I was sooooooooo deeply in love with this wool, LOVING the colours, because remember I dyed this wool myself in this post, and of all of the colourways I accidentally created, this was my favourite!  So I started knitting them from this fabulous pattern, and ran into a few problems, mainly that I was heinously out of practice with my DPNs!  I have to say, it seems from the comments I got on that post that DPNs are the most loathed item of knitting paraphernalia!!!!  The thing I like about DPNs is that they have the ability to make me feel amazingly wonderfully fabulous (when things are going fine) then within two seconds (when I drop a stitch) I’m in the depths of despair, ripping the wool off them and frogging whatever I’m making, fighting back tears! (I’m not that bad, just mildly exaggerating!)  But once I’d dropped a few stitches, I was back on form and knitted the first one up no problems… hanging out to finish them, so I could get them on my arms and enjoy those colours!

But by the second mitt, I had changed my mind completely on them, that I would in fact, never wear them because of the colour changes… I’m still in the process of loving multi-coloured wool, I love it, but I love plain more.  So after giving them the obligatory picot edging, and modelling them (which by the way I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate doing, I am unbelievably self-conscious in front of the camera) I’ve put them away safely with the intention of putting them into an etsy shop I’m going to open sometime in the future.  KB wondered how I could change my mind so abruptly and quickly on them, but you know how it is don’t you?  Anyway, I had a different project on my mind and about 10 seconds after I got home, having finished these ones at a friend’s place, I cast on another pair with my precious Zelana possum merino.

Have you ever knit with possum merino?  It most certainly is the heroin of the yarn world… once you’ve had a hit of this stuff, no other yarn will compete, I’m sad to say….  I was introduced to it by a friend (the arm warmer pattern writer) who is heavily hooked on it, and when I was having a spend-a-thon at The Wool Company about a month ago, I bought a couple of balls just to see what it was like.  Well.  That was a mistake because possum merino is rather pricey, averaging at $15-17 per 50gm ball in knitting shops, so quite an expensive addiction to have!  Buying the two balls of Zelana was the ultimate treat that day, and I have to say, I have absolutely NO REGRETS!!!  Just FYI, The Wool Company’s possum merino is very inexpensive, at $16 per 100gm ball, the only problem is, it is a four hour drive from here, so I can’t run down there whenever I run out!  maybe thats not a problem actually….. (tee hee!)

So!  Blah de blah blah!  Want to see my possum merino mitts?  Oooooh, hang on!  If you’re recoiling in horror right now, reading this, please take a moment to read this post which explains beautifully about why we use possum fur in yarn and how possums have become an extreme problem in NZ.  You may not agree still, and I have to admit, it took me a loooooooong time to be able to touch it, let alone knit with it, so I understand.


Zelana possum merino I have to say, is so stunningly coloured, I have lovingly looked at their colours for a couple of years now, wanting to dive right in and soak it all up.  They are all beautiful jewel tones and I am loving my arm warmers so much I want to wrap them in tissue when I’m not wearing them!  It’s still hot here, so not time to wear them YET (!) but when I was doing my shameful photo shoot (poor, patient KB is my photographer) I noticed how snuggly they are and oh my, I’m sooooooooooooooooooo tempted to knit myself a bodysuit with hood to wear under my clothes in winter from this stuff… maybe in 4ply?  It wouldn’t be so bulky then… maybe!

So each time I knit my arm warmers and in the past, my wrist warmers, I try to give myself a bit more of a challenge, so this time I decided to graph a highly original diamond pattern and knit that into one side.

And do you know what?  It was so ridiculously easy, that next time, I’m going to do a cable.  Oh yes!  I am indeedy.  Actually the time after next, because next time I’m going to try making these ones into proper mitts complete with thumbs, just like the pattern says.

I’ve just noticed my word count and I do believe that this is the longest post I’ve ever written!  So on that note, I’m off the enjoy the rest of my day off!  It’s mid-morning and I’ve got the whole day stretching ahead of me with nothing in particular to do!  Joy!

Hoping you had a fun visit today, and wishing you a beautiful and inspired day!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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42 Responses to Warm Arms x 4

  1. Hugbuggal says:

    LOve, LOve your arm warmers – both pairs are AMAZING. I found your info link about possum merino fascinating – thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself and your beautiful country with all of us! 😀

  2. Nikkole says:

    Alice I love how the mitts turned out! They are so beautiful, snugly and warm looking! I am just starting to learn how to knit, so I will have to give these a try when I am a little bit more practiced🙂

    Have a great day!

  3. Maria says:

    Wonderful job on both sets of mitts. I do love the variegated, but I think you can lose the pretty patterns/cables/lace in them, then I too prefer solid colours

  4. pinkviolets says:

    Hi Alice,
    I corresponded with you a couple of months ago after my cruise to New Zealand in November regarding the possum yarn, I am loving your arm warmers, your coloured yarn you dyed yourself is lovely but my favourites are the possum ones. I’m so pleased you loved to knit with it and I can’t wait to find the perfect project for mine now, I have enough to make a cardigan or jacket in the 8 ply and I also have 4 balls in the 4ply for a scarf or something, it looks beautiful knitted up and it’s the exact same colour as mine!!! I love your blog, keep up the great work.
    I agree with you too about the weather, bring on Autumn, it has been a ridiculously hot summer!!

  5. Terrie says:

    I hate to say it but I am sooooooo happy the sun is on it’s way round to us! This has been such a miserable winter and just the thought of days in the garden, flowers and the warmth of the sun makes me giddy! No more looking for the kiddies lost gloves! Ah Bliss! (however I’m sure that will be replaced by looking for lost sunhats!)

    Well I’ve never heard of possum yarn before but it looks fabulous! I love the colour and your little dimonds are fantastic. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Sark by the way! I popped over to her website this morning and it looks awesome. I shall hunt for one of her books! x

  6. penelope dubois says:

    The mitts came out beautifully. I wish now I had made mine longer! Mine has a thumb space, just lovely with the dps, but next time I will use 2 circs.
    Mitts are so great when taking doggies outside, cuz you need the grip with the lead.
    Tonight I went out with them and froze – the temp. was 0 degrees with the wind chill factor. And of the 2 dogs, Boomer would not poop! So, we went in the house, to be continued later.

  7. Sandi says:

    Just beautiful, think I will have to make some to keep me warm when I work during winter. I just ordered some 4ply raspberry baby wool from The Wool Company what a color. What was the color you made your arm warmers in, stunning, purple jewel indeed.
    x Sandi

  8. Jennifer says:

    so pretty! I like the diamonds, they are just a little touch but so fabulous. I’m learning how to knit with the goal of making socks as my second project. My first project is a hat with a single cable for fun running up. Not as hard to do as I feared.
    Well, I say hat, but at this point it could easily turn into a round long bag or even be frogged, it’s hard to say. It’s more of a “learning how to handle needles” piece than an actual project.
    Crochet remains my first love!

  9. Megan says:

    Possum yarn??? At first I thought you were kidding. But an interesting link. The color of those mitts is beautiful but I like your own “home-dye”. I really like variegated yarn. I’ve made several pairs but I’ve crocheted them and have always forgotten to take a picture before I send them on their way to friends and family in the cold cold north. Not much need here on the beach in FL–for those few days that it is cold, we stay indoors and crank up the heat!!

  10. Casey says:

    both pairs are beautiful!! Someday when you open a shop, I’ll have to get a pair of your knitted arm warmers, I’ve wanted some for so long but still haven’t learned to knit:/.

    I hope the warm weather gets here soon and sticks! We’ve had so many teases of nice weather recently, last week we had two days where it got slushy and I didn’t have to wear a big jacket. Then we got out biggest snowfall of the year the next day and it’s been freezing again ever since. I’ll be more than happy when I can finally pack away the scarves!

  11. Hahnsmum says:

    Must truthfully admit- l wondered also re the possom blend in wool… The colours in these last mitts are really lovely..BUT oh no, Granny just CANNOT order any more yarn until my huge stash is heaps lower.. THREE orders arriving in past week..YES, three…l shop online from the superbly brilliant Bendigo Woolen Mills & the EXTRA SUPER Nundle Woolllen mill.. l have never made arm mitts but hey, she just may give it a go when my THREE UFO`s are finished.. Imagine someone trying to finish off THREE items all at same time.. AND YES we are so pleased theres not much left of this stinker of a summer..Bring on the cool nights & the breezy pleasant days.. Best Wishes.. Pam C..
    New England, NSW, Australia..

  12. michelle says:

    Alice your mitts look just darling…and so do you too…
    I adore soft wool…But at the moment most of my projects need to sit rather firm…so I am using acrylic which isn’t very soft to crochet with…
    I think I may need to get started on a few pairs of mitts for winter…it always sneaks up so quickly…

  13. Kylie says:

    I’ve just found your blog through Leah @ whydidntanyonetellme and I’m so impressed. Gorgeous use of colour. You’ll be on my favourites list for sure.

  14. Your warmers are fabulous! And I love your rainbow picture! Oh, I can’t wait for the spring to start and to have more sunny warm days!

  15. Lisa Coull says:

    Oooooooooooooh fabulous arm warmers and the colours are stunning! What pattern is the lovely flower Alice? You can almost feel the softness of the possum merino yarn from the photo🙂

  16. hayley says:

    I love you arm warmers, they look very cosy. I can’t wait for spring to finaly arrive, the winter has been horrible!

  17. Gnomeshoes says:

    Alice, I have just discovered your blog through Ravelry, you are awesome! And a fellow Wellingtonian to boot! I am a knitter who is crochet-curious just at the mo, and I think your rainbows and flowers may have inspired me to give it a go. Keep it up!

  18. MeredithJean says:

    Love your preference swing between multi-coloured and plain yarn, and the possom is incredibly beautiful in that lilac’ish colour. Cables are fun, and easy. Can’t wait to see your thumbs!

  19. Pauline says:

    Wow!!! Your arm warmers are fantasic. Love the lilac in the possum wool. You are so inventive.

  20. WS says:

    I LOVE the diamonds! And you’ve chosen a beautiful colour. They are gorgeous Alice, well done! And thanks for the lovely links. I’m glad they help explain why possums are such a tragedy for New Zealand environment. xx

  21. Linda says:

    gorgeous colors! love them…🙂
    have a nice day!

  22. Tickety-boo says:

    oh Alice they are (both sets) just gorgeous! I just love the colours. Your yarn turned out great. You never see the beauty of it until it’s knitted up.
    Can’t believe someone as pretty as you is camera shy! You are very photogenic :o) but I must admit I too am the Scarlett Pimpernell when cameras are around.
    Love Tickety-boo xxxxx

  23. Two pairs of arm warmers, you are on a roll!! Loved the stripy ones but I agree they are hard to wear..stripy socks are cool though! And those possum merino ones…..mmmmmmm! Great little diamond pattern as well very effective, I always loose count on those things 🙂 Wei Siew and I are organising a little swap at the moment so I can try that yummy possum wool 🙂

  24. Penelope says:

    Oh my oh my Alice I need some of yur possum arm warmers today, it’s grey and dissmal and chilly here BUT I am hanging on in there for the glory of spring. It only truly feels like spring when we change the clocks back at the end of march and the days become long and gorgeous! What beautiful colours both your arm warmers are. I’m impressed that you don’t get too hot knitting in your summer. I like to hook / knit with cotton on hot days x I think that it’s a marvelous idea you opeing an etsy shop. Go for it xox We are bus with Alice’s half term production of Alice in Wonderland this next week , I hope to find some spre time to do some yarny stuff ! Speak soon xox Penelope xxx

  25. Debs says:

    LOVE the arm warmers. The random dyed ones look good but the possum wool ones are fabulous! The diamond centre line is just ingenious; not too fussy but not too plain. You are a very talented woman, Alice. TTFN, xx

  26. Rain says:

    Kia ora!
    I am in love with variegated yarn! And I just love your mitts that you dyed yourself! Let me be first in line to buy them from you whenever you do sell them! I know I should knit some myself but I seem to get much more joy out of knitting for others (and I had DPNs!). Your posts always make me smile, especially all the lovely photos of Raymond! My husband is relieved to know there are others like me nutty about knitting!
    Big hug to y’all!
    om shanti

  27. margot says:

    just love your blog, your cat and everything you make!
    I’ve just started Zpagetti, are you familiar with that material? it is fun to do!

  28. Robin says:

    Hi Alice, love your sets of arm warmers. Oh, your dyed yarn turned out so beautifully! What nice work you do. The possum yarn is quite something……never seen it before, I don’t think. It’s great you have had such great summer weather. I bet you will miss the longer days, I know I always do, our days in Vermont are getting longer slower but surely. It’s wonderful, but we still have around 2 more months of winter. I’ve been knitting a lot lately and it is so much fun to have baby projects. Take care, always enjoy your posts!!! xoRobin❤

  29. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice, Loving your arm warmers. You will love cable knitting too. It’s so pretty and will look awesome on mitts.

  30. Susan H. says:

    Hello Alice, I LOVE your arm warmers. The yarn you dyed yourself looks fabulous. I need to try to dye some of my own soon. I am so glad I found your blog, you make crocheting so much fun! Once I get my fill of crochet projects, I will have to start knitting again too. Thanks for sharing! XOXO Susan

  31. I love the idea of a rainbow harvester, that’s truly magical! I think both your arm warmers are wonderful! The possum ones sound divine to wear. A friend of ours is from New Zealand, and his mother is Trish Gregory, who sells luxury knitwear, lots of Possum. She gave me a pair of socks made from possum yarn one year, and they are divine, so soft, and wash beautifully. I’ve long wanted to knit with possum yarn, but I think it is only fairly recently that they have started to produce brighter colours. Yarn shops here don’t seem to stock possum yarn as a matter of course yet. I told Hugo to read your last post, and he did, and thought it was very amusing. I suspect he secretly sneaks to your blog just to look at Raymond, he seems to know Raymond very well. It would be amazing to knit a whole jumper in possum yarn wouldn’t it?! Love Vanessa xxx

  32. Melissa says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the arm warmers made with the possum wool. I can’t get my hands on possum wool here in the States, but I have a pair of possum wool socks that my sister brought me when she briefly had a job in NZ. I LOVE these socks. They’ve been washed, so they’ve felted some and they are so AMAZING. I wear them on the coldest of days and my tootsies stay toasty warm. I would probably spend way too much money on that stuff if it were readily available.

  33. Sara-Jane says:

    Are you OK? Please let us know – though half a world away you were the first one I thought I when I heard about the earthquake. Hope you, Raymond, and your partner are fine. thinking and worrying about you and your family.

    Much love from the US Sara-Jane

  34. Debbs says:

    Hi Alice, Raymond and KB, I was going to write wondering how your first lessons went yesterday but after seeing the terrible news I just wanted to know if you and your family and friends were alright, I know you are in Wellington, away from Christchurch so I hope you are all safe. The photos are horrific and it must be terrible for you all. You are in my thoughts, Debbs in the UK xx

  35. hawthorn says:

    I woke up this morning with the earthquake on the news, and my heart went out to New Zealand in particular Christchurch. Having been there is felt awful hearing about the devastation and although Wellington is not that near to Christchurch I hope that you, your KB and Raymond are safe and sound – New Zealand you are in my thoughts.

    kate – UK

  36. Joya Roy says:

    i do so hope you and raymond and kb are safe and well. and your mother and her sheep and everyone there that you love. thinking of you, through this earthquake’s aftermath. xo, joya

  37. Carolyn says:

    Thinking of you all since the first moments I heard. Post when you can so we can know you are alright.

  38. Megan says:

    Just heard about the quake and came here to check on y’all. Hope everything is okay with all of you. Keeping you and your fellow New Zealanders in my thoughts and prayers.

  39. frou-frou says:

    Hi Alice
    Couldnt find a contact button to email you but hoping all well with you, KB and your friends and family after the earthquake.
    Thinking of you all. Fiona xx

  40. Claudia Edam says:

    We distribute Zealana yarns in the US and (after 3 years) it’s beginning to catch on here. It hasn’t been easy, but once tried, they come back for more of that sensory fix. Thanks for writing about it!

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