Musings on the Granny Square…


I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend, I’ve just begun a random four day weekend which makes me very happy indeed!  It is a bit of a fluke really, how it happened, my Monday class was postponed, and the job I do every second Tuesday is not this week, so I get a little holiday in the midst of life and I’m thrilled!

Isn’t the sunset above just stunning… The whole sky wasn’t like that, the big hills stop us from seeing amazingly huge sunsets, but I zoooooooooooooooooomed in on that shot and it is just heavenly.  One thing I really love about sunrises and sunsets, is that when I look deep into them, I feel like they are doorways into heaven and it makes me feel amazing.  This morning, KB and I were up very early, off to the vege market and I saw a heavenly sunrise and wished that my camera was surgically attached to me so that I could have caught that moment to enjoy for longer… lesson learned, do not leave the house without it!

I’ve been granny-ing this week, getting some things prepared for my second crochet class… I figure I will show my students a variety of different things they can choose to make with the squares they create in the class…

And as I hooked my squares into existence, I realised that no matter what colour you make your granny square, they always look retro.  When I made this cushion, I was amazed at how retro it was, and ended up giving it away as it just did not match my decor!  And as I hooked these squares, even though the colours are a lot less retro, the cushion still has that 1970’s look about it, which I’m reasonably sure it would not have if the same colours were used in a pattern like this!  But, in saying that, I do love this granny square cushion and love the way it looks on the day bed!

I’m such a sucker for turquoise and green mixed together… But retro yes!!!???

Now that has been finished, I’m going to continue with my latest project which has been causing some frustration, excitement, rage, depression… the whole spectrum of emotion!  I’ve dusted off the DPNs and am having a try at this pattern, written by an extremely talented Wellingtonian knitter who I’ve linked to plenty in the past!

I’m sorely out of practice with the DPNs and this is my third try at these gloves, it was an extremely depressing moment yesterday morning when I frogged 20cms of knitting after dropping yet another stitch, but I’m so in love with the way the colours are coming together, I can’t bear to put the ball back in my stash… remember that wool?  It is the stuff I dyed a few weeks ago, and I have decided to name this once in a lifetime colourway “hallucination sunset” becuase it is like an extreeeeeeeeeeemly trippy sunset.  More about that when I can show you some more of it all knitted nicely!

OK the lovelies!  Thank you for stopping in today!  I’m off to continue with my knitting and hooking and felting before heading out to lunch with my beloved… it’s another stunningly beautiful day here… I don’t remember ever having such a long, hot summer, the sun is fierce!  Winter seems like a distant memory, but I’m noticing that the days are getting shorter.  I haven’t lived in one place for more than a year, well, since I left home 12 years ago, which is quite a thought really!  So it’s interesting watching the seasons change for the second time around in this home.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspired day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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20 Responses to Musings on the Granny Square…

  1. frou-frou says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond. I love the ganny squares cusion – very retro colours indeed.

    I don’t envy you working on dpns. I just couldn’t get the hang of it so I’m sticking to crochet.

    Your days are getting shorter and in the UK ours are getting longer… Yipee

    Fiona xx

  2. Megan says:

    I agree–no matter what colors or what yarn you use–Granny Squares always look retro (although it is a little upsetting to know my generation is now considered “retro”). But I do think granny squares look cool when joined with black.
    Your DPN project looks downright frightening to me. Knitting needles scare me–but three of them–each double pointed–EEK!
    Good-luck–hope you’ll post a picture of them when you finish.

  3. Pati from London says:

    Hello Alice, here in London the days are getting longer and I can’t wait for the change of the clocks in March for the days be even longer!!! Raymond looks so soft and cute…. It’s true what you say about the granny squares looking retro… I love them! Enjoy your long weekend, x Pati

  4. Amanda C says:

    I love your choice of colour once again Alice!
    I’m a big fan of grannies, though they do look a bit “old school” retro when I think about it. Still, colours are amazing and the pillow looks great.

    Good luck knitting on your DPNs. I just learned to knit in the past few months and quite enjoy using my DPNs – once I got over the fear and clumsiness of using them. You’re a more advanced knitter than I am though, and so far I’ve only used DPNs for hats.

  5. Yep those DPNs get you every time…..I am trying to make a beanie for a little rabbit I have just made so I am starting with 3 stitches doing an icord and then increasing to 6, i’m using sock yarn so its a bit fiddly to say the least! Lots of aaaaahhhhhh’s going on here! Have a great long weekend 🙂

  6. penelope dubois says:

    I just finished one fingerless glove and posted in my projects. Tomorrow I will do the mate. The whole thing with DPN’s is that I dislike them so much that I have a whole bunch of lovely little circular needles (as small as 9″ round). This works great until you have that Thumb! So I use 2.
    That is how I do socks too. Actually with socks when I can’t go any further toward the toe, I use the DPN’s. My solution would be to learn the Magic Loop needle which I have been threating myself to learn (a class).
    Your colourways are so pretty. Nice Dye work!!

  7. Shell says:

    Ahh .. the dreaded DPNs, the bane of my knitting life. Considering I’ve been knitting since I was about 8 years old I thought ‘yeah, I can do this easy’ .. bought a sock knitting kit and my 80 something year old gran knit my socks for me .. lol
    I love the colors used on your granny squares x

  8. Love the cushion, Alice. And I love that you have a day bed!!! xxx

  9. Pammy Sue says:

    I love everything you’re doing, and especially your latest granny cushion. I’m about to finish a new granny blanket this weekend. It’s different. Please stop in and see the Ta-dah Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. I’m not sure when your classes are starting, but good luck with them. I’m sure you’ll be a fabulous teacher with your infectious enthusiasm! Wish I was close enough to come and sit in.

  10. Sandi says:

    I picked up my DPN’s the other day and after a couple of frustrating (and colorful language) trys I gave up, I have lost the art of dpn knitting!!
    Think I will find some smaller length circular’s.
    Once again your color combo is , ah dare I say it, groovy!! lol
    x Sandi

  11. MeredithJean says:

    Sunday is fabulous with you and your musings and doings, thank you Alice. We are off for a walk in nature.

  12. kiwiyarns says:

    Poor you! I’m sorry you’ve been finding it frustrating working with DPNs. Once you get the hang of it, they’re really not that bad. Just think – once you’re done, you’ll be very pleased with youself! 🙂

  13. Sarah says:

    Dropped a stitch? That is why you should stick to Crochet, don’t have to worry about dropping a stitch! I don’t know what brand of camera you have but, it takes
    great pictures. The sunset is so beautiful and that loveable “pointy faced” cat is so photogenic. I love your blog.

  14. Gleda says:

    Hello, Alice and Raymond! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I’m finally chiming in here to say I just love your blog. The colors, the projects, the photos…..fabulous! I’ve been crocheting for approximately 48 years now and it’s just been in the past year or so that I made my first granny square. It’s because of you and a few others that I find myself doing more and more granny squares. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  15. Linda says:

    Those colors are just so yummy…🙂
    btw I’m a fan of green + turquoise together as well🙂

  16. Love Raymonds face in this photo, perfect snooze.

  17. Penelope says:

    Hello lovely Alice!
    Wow I just love anything retro and without even thinking about it as far as I am concerned no matter what colours you use a granny square is just retro in it’s own right! I was born in 1970 and lived through many a retro granny blanket and even bedspread that my mum made for me and my sister and lasted well into my teens in the ’80’s. I think the colours of your latest granny cushion are DIVINE, the blue centres look like jewels in the completed cushion photo ;0)
    Alice, saw Raymond’s ears popping out in the bottom of my screen before I moved it down and when she sawhim she wanted to comb his gorgeous fur. How is Mr. R’s fur all fleas gone I hope x After reading some ofyour comments about DPN’s it looks like it’s not much fun for most people…. it’s really strange as I got my 1 and only set of DPN’s down from our snug yesterday so I could look at them and contemplate using them sonetime soon, it will be a very slow and nurtured relationship I am sure. Ok, so now you think I’m crazy haing a relationship with my needles !!!
    I agree with you about clicking and finding/hoping oh so much to see a new post, a real buzz and no-one must disturb me! I get into ‘the zone’ and am unavailable for a few minutes (hee hee). Now, about that flower diagram…. well when I got to creating the space for the petal round it all seemed back to front for me, so I just decided to do a slip stitch into the top of first treble, chain 5 and then slip stitch into the top of the fourth treble to complete the “loop” making the space for the petal round. Then repeat this all the way round and you now have spaces for doing 8 Tr in each “space” for making your petal round. Eeeeek hope this makes some kind of sense?????
    ps. I found this good blog the other day where she uses/creates diagrams quite a lot and has a great explanation in one of her side bars on interpreting symbols. lots of love and happy sunsets to you and K xxxxxx

  18. Hahnsmum says:

    The grannie squares look good..Like the colours..
    l am onto my 65th square for my memory blankie..l love the grannie squares.. And Raymond is still beautiful… Cute cat..

  19. I love granny squares, now that I’ve gotten over my initial hate of weaving in ends. I’m 40 (imagine that!) and I love the 70’s. I do like the retro look! The pillows look awesome to me.

  20. Joyce says:

    Oh I love retro, I love the granny square in anything. It’s emotion = cosy. No matter where it’s placed for me.
    I love the knitting you have going now. All the best with it. I still haven’t finished that beanie I started last winter (!)

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