Felting with Raymond


I have to begin this post by telling you that I have had one heck of a day!  One of those days that start off busy, continues to be busy and involves NO KNITTING BREAKS at all, or ANY time for crochet goodness, which makes things faaaar worse!  And do you know what?  it is soooooooooooooooooooooo nice to come home, switch on the computer, eat some chocolate and lose myself in the blogiverse for a while!   I hope all of you are having a lovely day, or have had a lovely day… it’s only 5.30pm here and the sun is beating down still, so after this I’m going to go and sit in my chair and do some therapeutic hooking before KB serves up dinner… a lovely evening for sure!

Raymond is having an equally full-on week…. we discovered that he has fleas, so for the last few nights he has been sleeping outside (lovely for us as we have more leg room) and enduring flea treatments, a change in diet involving garlic powder in his jellymeat, and the flea comb, which is slowly but surely becoming the flea comb of doom.  He really is the most patient cat in the world, as yesterday he lay still with minimal struggling, for three half hour sessions with the flea comb of doom, and this morning, despite much protest, another half hour was endured.  He has the patience of a saint.  KB went to the health shop and bought some diatomaceous earth powder and smothered him in it, apparently he was walking around with powder puffing off him this morning, so fingers crossed, I have eradicated them!  I have to admit here, that I am slightly neurotic about fleas, maybe you picked that up… I suggested shaving him but KB would not allow it…. I kind of agree because he would lose all of his street cred in the neighbourhood, but it would make the flea problem so much easier!!!???

OK, enough blabbing about busy days and fleas…. I’m going to show you another of my beginnerish, clumsy attempts at felting today!  I have a funny feeling I’ll look back on the early felting and wonder why I posted such beginnerly attempts, as I do with my crochet (don’t waste your time reading my first few months of posts if you like looking through archives!!!) but I loooooooooooooooooooove the felting so much that I just want to show the whole wide world!

On Monday, I snuck out of class at lunchtime, and came home to play with this piece of felt, my sparkly beads and some delish slubby cotton I picked up at one of my fave shops Minerva  and god it was fun!

This piece of felt was one of the first pieces I made, so not so fantastic, but still beautiful in terms of colour and the fact that I made it myself, which is still a bit mind boggling!  I had it in mind to make a needle case with it… when I was in Taupo I bought a needle case made from a recycled blanket, but obviously I was caught up in a shopping storm and now that I have it at home, I don’t love it so much and it is now living in my wardrobe amongst my craft supplies, empty of needles!

So I cut a piece of lovely dark pink felt to fit as pages of my needle book, and sewed a spine, embellished of course, with sparkly goodness!  Then, because I needed, really neeeeeeded to use my slubby cotton for something, anything really, I sewed french knots up the spine…

And it was ready to be my new needle home, so I no longer need to dig through my fish pencil case for them, because that is dangerous!

(Gosh, I just previewed the post and saw those needles, they’re like torture equipments aren’t they!  i wonder if I’d be let on a plane with a needle felting kit?  I doubt it!)

I love the fact that it looks like a magical fairy story book, like you open it and there is something soooooooooooooo special inside… even though I know there are just boring old needles in there, I still get quite excited at what could, or really SHOULD be in there…. don’t you agree?

OK, well that’s enough from me today, I’m getting all inspired to go and have a play with my fleece now, after looking at the pictures!  Also, I have a lovely stack of granny squares waiting to cheer me up with their colourful retro goodness… I hope you’ve had a fun visit today! 

Wishing you a wonderful day or night!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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17 Responses to Felting with Raymond

  1. MeredithJean says:

    It’s so lovely Alice. And to read your enthusiastic words endows it with even more beauty. Haahahhaaaa Raymond with a shave, would have made the comb pale into insignificance! Can you even imagine soaping him up?

  2. Hello Alice and my lovely Raymondo, I am finally back to the world with power 🙂
    I love what you have been getting up to Alice, very productive and beautifully creative! The felting is gorgeous and your skull teapot cosie LOL I want to make some of those skulls…..maybe a headband??

    Is that pencil roving?? or did you make the felt rope? I have been looking for that everywhere. Figured I would have to make some myself but haven’t got around to it yet.

    So nice to be able to read and comment on your lovely posts,

    Hugs Jen xx

  3. Penny says:

    Love the colours in that felt, like a sunset! I think you’re right about not getting on a plane with a set of felting needles, I have been using them whilst watching tv with disasterous effect on my fingers, they are lethal! Penny and Higgins xxx

  4. PS from someone else who hates fleas and who has been vet nursing for 20yrs trust me when I say that the only thing to get rid of fleas is unfortunately chemicals from the vets, the stuff you put on the back of their necks works fine because it treats the fleas on Ray and the fleas in the environment because when they bite him they become sterile and then finally die so no more re infestation which is always the big problem with natural therapies. Sorry if it sounds harsh, I’m not meaning to lecture. I hate the chemicals and have tried everything and finally come to the conclusion that if there are to be no fleas then you need the hard stuff. You could shave him if you dared 😉 but you would still have the fleas in the enviroment 😦

  5. Debs says:

    I agree with Jenni; only one way to solve the flea problem, much as I hate to use anything chemincal. Raymond will thank you for it. Your needle case is super and it reminds me of mine. I got carried away (as one does) some years back with a skein or two (!) of a beautiful dip died, hand spun, purple, slubby wool (thick in some places, very thin in some places, knots and so on) and I wove it into a needle case. Mine is quite large as I wanted it to take the packets as well as single needles and to have a place to keep my essential screwdriver for tightening and loosening tambour rings.

  6. Kazzie says:

    Lovely Alice, What goooorgeous stunning colours, and I couldn’t agree more there’s definitely a fairy story hidden in there somewhere, I absolutely love the fact that you made it from SCRATCH!!! Whoo Hooo! Clever Girl! Read your ‘gay’ post yesterday, made me laugh! Actually I have an older friend (in her late 60’s) and her NAME is Gay! Seems normal to us but must be odd for some people, I’ve never dared to ask what she feels about that! big hugs xxxxx ps fleas, rub plenty of powdered garlic into the coat and leave for a while then comb out with fine comb together with ‘dead garlic fleas’ they HATE it!!!! pps Hope you like the smell of garlic! you may need to sprinkle it around the cushions and carpets too because the little buggers get everywhere!!!! xxx

  7. Ah-ha! Do I see a whole new passion emerging here Alice?! Needle felting is probably addictive, but I dare not go there. Judging by your first attempt, you are going to go on to great things with your needle felting. I’m in agreement with you, a concerted campaign against fleas is the only way, and like you, I’m paranoid about them! Love Vanessa xxx

  8. Hahnsmum says:

    Hi Alice, We, suddenly out of the blue noticed FLEAS ( YES BIG FAT FLEAS-YUKKKK)).. Our doglets havent had fleas at all since we`ve been here ( 7yrs, so it was a shock))..So after spending a small fortune plus garlic every day in everyones food)) , we finally discovered the nicest smelling Flea powder ..So our littlies are dusted frequently..AND they smell nice.. And no sign of wretched Fat Fleas for some time..Am l allowed to tell you the brand name..Woollies stock it..Maybe l should privately email you the brand name, eh !!.. Yr felting is really groovy… Right word!!! l tried the felting bit when l did my Commercial Needlecraft course at Tech a few yrs back in Tamworth..But only finished one slipper.. So, other than wait until l met a onelegged scarecrow, l tossed the said slipper in the trash can..
    Keep up the good blog & all the great crochet & knitting..
    Luv, Hahnsmum..AKA Pam Clarke..
    New England, NSW.-Across the Ditch..

  9. hayley says:

    I love your needle book. I’ve only made a few felt balls so far, maybe it’s time to have a go at something flat!!!

  10. Shanti says:

    That looks great Alice! I’m sure you’ll make something really colorful and inspiring!!!

  11. Melissa says:

    Looks like you are having a blast. Love the beaded embellishments! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  12. penelope dubois says:

    Oh, the life of the Flea! The families go on for centuries! Annie is an indoor cat and hasn’t been out in 4 years. I rescued her from the shelter because she apparently didn’t along with other animals in other homes. Any way, I actually found a flea on her last Fall! So far so good!
    The needle felting is so homespun looking, love it!

  13. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh Alice I am so envious of your talent and choices of colour! Beautiful (between the itches now you’ve mentioned fleas ;o)
    Have a great week.
    Tickety-boo xxxxxxxx

  14. Bianca says:

    Awesome work!! love the colours -and the practicality. Having stuck myself with felting needles on a number of occasions….not to mention sitting on a 5 needle jabber one time that still makes my bum wince, a needle book is such a great idea!! -oooh, if you lanolise the wool, it will condition and lube the needles too. My mum is for ever running needles through her hair as she says the oils make them sharper. I am sure it does, but my ass still remembers its jabbing and my head wants to part of it.

    Don’t you love the word slubby? It sounds like it should be a naughty word….slubby!


  15. 'me' says:

    I think you have a new obsession :-)))
    ( and it’s true : it looks magical and mysterious ! It’s lovely !)

  16. Jan Quigley says:

    Ah yes we are treating the dreaded flea plague too. Apparently it’s very bad at the moment. Molly’s (Spoodle) had the vet stuff every month so only occasionally had a flea, unfortunately our new kitten addition, Zaphod, came with his own performing circus!!!! We’re using the vet stuff on him but apparently it takes a while to be affective so in the meantime he’s had several baths, which considering he’s a cat he’s been very good about it. He’s not overly patient so he won’t lie there for me to kill them with tweezers but I hadn’t thought of a flea comb. I have a nit comb, I’ll go in search of it & give it a go. I read up about using natural remedies but there were so many contradictions, one person saying use this, another saying, no that’s toxic to cat’s, so I took the easy, but very expensive, way.

  17. Pati from London says:

    Oh no! Poor Raymond, I hope he gets better soon!! ! The felting is looking lovely, the colours are beautiful and I can imagine you making lovely purses, wallets, handbags and things like that with that technique. xx Pati

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