Day of the Dead


Welcome to Sunday morning!  I have to say, I’ve been reeeeeeeeeally excited about posting today’s FO, but have had to wait and wait and wait as it is a birthday present for my youngest sister, so I’ve had to wait until today just in case she looked on here randomly!

I’ve used this day of the dead crochet skull pattern heaps before and I love it!  It’s raveled HERE if you’re keen to let your inner bogan out!  I’ve found that people think crochet skulls are really funny, I suppose it’s breaking their vision of crochet being about doilies and lace water jug covers!  Oh and I used the base pattern for the spring explosion tea cozy to sew the skull on to.

Ooh this was a hard gift to part with!!!!!  I decided to make her a tea cozy instead of what I had originally planned, as KB was beginning to notice that we had too many tea pots.  I have a vision of my future kitchen which is going to be a lot bigger than my current kitchen, that has shelves and windowsills and nooks and crannies where a tea pot and tea cozy collection can live, and it is going to be fabulous.  Here, however,  I have one shelf and it is getting very full of tea pots I’m rescuing from second hand shops, like the above teal tea pot!  I found that at a second hand shop called Trash Palace and paid $3 which was a bit of a bargain!  I got it home and discovered a tiny paint chip on the spout, but remedied this with a very careful smudge of black ink from a pen and a dab of teal nail polish, and now that little paint chip is invisible! (If anyone is scandalised by my second hand giving, don’t be, second hand shopping is a religious practice in my family!) So I’m quite proud of my upcycling and handmade giving, and believe that this gift fits Resolution Number 3  perfectly!

Thank you all so much for your gorgeous supportive comments about my crochet classes!  It makes me feel all special on the inside!  I have had so many people saying they wish they lived in Wellington so they could come, and I wish you could too!  I wish, wish, wish that I could have a big knitting group with bloggers and blog appreciaters, it would be so much fun… but then, aren’t we lucky to have the interactive internet that helps us all meet and get to know each other… it’s so lovely to have hundreds of people understand the excitement of finding some gorgeous wool at half price, or finishing a project that makes me so excited I spin out from it all!  I get a lot of blank looks when I talk about having a blog!  So I’m slowly getting all of my patterns written out and making samples of things, and I’m very much looking forward to imparting my obsession onto unsuspecting victims!

Something else I’m excited about today is of a mosaic nature!  I have total photo mosaic envy and love seeing them on other blogs, and have wanted to make my own for months now, there are lots of bloggers whose photo mosaics I love, but the queen of this has to be Sue from the Quince Tree! Her mosaics are just lovely and she does them monthly, and even has a page you can find HERE which showcases her mosaics month by month.  I hope she doesn’t mind me adopting this tradition because I loooooooooooooooove it!  And KB downloaded a programme for me yesterday which made me love here even more!  Theeeeeeeeeennnnnnn…. she made this just for you!

 A Raymond fix!  Thank you so much lovely KB!  You are the best!

After a bit of jiggling around on photoscape, I managed to make a mosaic for January, which looks so lovely and summery, it’s brightening up my grey drizzly day, so I hope you get a summer hit too!

OK then, I’m off to clean out my stash and organise my wardrobe, which within a month, has become out of control again!

Wishing you a beautiful day and thank you for popping in!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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37 Responses to Day of the Dead

  1. Andrea says:

    That is a truly funky tea cosy! Just brilliant! And the mosaics…..gorgeous. Clever KB and clever you x

  2. Penny says:

    Oh Raymond, you are a classy pussy cat! Penny and Higgins x

  3. Sue says:

    Beautiful mosaics Alice. Thank you for the compliment :o) I feel a bit embarrassed at getting all the credit because I pinched the idea from Lucy at Attic24. She has a page showing her mosaic although she hasn’t been doing them so much lately.

    Love that skully tea cosy.

    Sue x

  4. penelope dubois says:

    I love the whole mosiac thing and want to do it. So I guess the first step is get with Photoscape. Raymond looks so sweet!
    I bet your classes are alot of fun!
    About the Tea Cosy! I am not too crazy about skulls, but I tell ya, that looks Awesome!

  5. Misty says:

    Ha! I love that you put the skull on a tea cozy! It is so unexpected and fun!

    I’ve also made this skull with crochet thread. My goal is to make a garland of them to hang out for Halloween and Day of the Dead. I’m having trouble deciding whether it should be just skulls or if I should include some black and orange felted beads in between them.

  6. Elaine says:

    I made a few of those skulls last halloween -♥ the tea cosy, very cool!

  7. Penelope says:

    How fabulous Alice! Totally opposite to all your flowery tea cozies, it just goes to show that you can put just about anything on a basic tea cosy pattern. The skull looks so effective too, I love it! I’ve just jumped into bed with the lap top having had a really busy friday night, saturday wedding and then quiz night and ALL I want to really do is finish my last flower for my tea cosy but I am exhausted and hope fresh new energy comes tomorrow!
    I love mosaics too, I downloaded picassa which enabled me to make them. They look so lovely and as for mr. R well well well what a stud he is!
    Enjoy your sunday and I hope your sister loves her tea cozy xox P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. aaaah I just love the mosaic of Raymond, he has such a beuatifull wise face. The tea cozy is just the best, as for thrifting well that is a necessary part of making me happy, I can’t go by a charity store without going in, my friend Gina and I love it. We often take trips into Tewkesbury and other nearby villages and towns because they have be best charity and antique shops. Have a great day.

  9. gosh sorry about all the typos in earlier comment but is past eleven at night here in UK

  10. Nikkole says:

    Wow! Alice I love the Mosaics! The Raymond mosaic was so fluffy and full of kitty cat love🙂 I love the January mosaic too! I was able to get my fix of summer while surviving a balmy California winter. The tea cozy was pretty adorable as well🙂

    Have a great week!


  11. MeredithJean says:

    Haahahhahaaa second hand shopping is a religious practice in your family!!
    YES long live the inner gypsy, the positive human trait of being able to See Value and Prolong The Life of Things. Yay for families who share this thrill, and share it as a skill with successive generations.
    Resourcefulness feeds creativity for sure, creativity expands resourcefulness.
    Happy Birthday Alice’s youngest sister🙂

  12. MeredithJean says:

    Great link to The Quince Tree and Sue’s mosaicorama as storyteller, invigorating eye food, and KB’s are great too. Oh Raymond Raymond – adorable loving darling blue eyed boy xxx

  13. Pam Emerson Clarke says:

    l have a serious fettish re rescueing lonely teapots plus any poor old Teddy l see.. l truly woeship op shops & l certainly see anything wrong in recycled pressies.. My daughters get secondhand pre-loved stuff from me all the time.. l really like yr teacosies but have to be truthful, never thought much of the skull thing until l saw yours on the teapot..Very coooollllll. .. .You IS so clever Lady..
    Best Wishes,
    Pam Clarke.
    VERY VERY VERY HOT New England, NSW,

  14. Jo-anne says:

    Raymond is as adorable as ever!

  15. Melissa says:

    That tea cozy is so totally freakin’ awesome!!! Number Two Son is totally in love with it. Now I’ve GOT to learn to knit so that I can make one for him!

  16. Casey says:

    what an awesome tea cozy!!

  17. I so love that skull ! I would love a tutorial on that fella!

  18. Susan Wright says:

    Hi Alice and The very beautiful Raymond. He looks so proud and he should be.
    I have only just recently found your blog and i love it. I am inspired to make some tea cozys only i really must stop starting new things and not finishing them .
    I do like your crochet scull and it really is unexpected. Have a lovely week keep creating. Susan

  19. WS says:

    That mosaic idea is fantastic! It gives a real flavour for what you were up to in January.

  20. Tickety-boo says:

    That tea-cosy ROCKS \m/ ! There’s nothing wrong with up-cycling at all. I have just bought a teapot from a charity shop so I can make your gorgeous flowery explosion tea-cosy for my friends birthday. :o)
    Loving you homage to Sue’s mosiacs you done a great job.
    Love Tickety-boo xxxx

  21. sandiart says:

    Finally got my computer back from my daughter, she is doing an online photograpy course. Oh Raymond what a feline, what a great idea of a mosiac on him, I should do one on Meggs. Wow a scull on a teapot, would never have thought of that, happy birthday to your sister.
    What?????? $16 + for Debbie Bliss and I was complaining about $11.50, we do have great wool here and I can’t wait to save up and buy some Ashford goodness.
    Take care x Sandi

  22. Terrie says:

    Ohhhhh I love the tea cosy!

    I am also a big fan of mosaic’s and yours are wonderfully cheerful and bright – just what I needed on this cold and breezy Sunday afternoon! x

  23. Heather says:

    Lovely mosaics Alice!

  24. Robin says:

    ALICE, I laughed out loud when I saw the skull on the tea cosy!!!! That is fantastic and I can only imagine how much your sister will love it!!! There is no end to your talent!!!! I love the mosaics and never knew how to do it, sounds like I need to try photoscape!?! Loved what you did : )
    Take care and Enjoy. xoRobin❤

  25. Pati from London says:

    What a cool tea cosy with the skull! It’s brrrrrilliant! I will have to pop into ravelry to have a look at the pattern. Sue’s quince Tree is one of my favourite blogs and I love her mosaics and I think it is great for you to do them as well. It’s a lovely way to see the passing of time and the seasons. Back to my research now……. the life of a student….. See you soon, Pati x

  26. Loani Prior says:

    Hello Alice
    You are very welcome to join the Wild For Tea Cosies blog
    can you send me your email address so that I can “invite” you from the blog.

  27. Louise says:

    Oh Raymond is such a sweetie! I love your skull teapot, it rocks! I remember the first post I read of yours I believe had skull wrist warmers (I think). If you can believe it, I’ve finally made your awesome granny tea cosy. Alice, it’s amazing! Of course I’ve blogged about it already and been told by various family to stop carrying the teapot around! Yes, I love it that much!
    Hope you had a fab weekend.

  28. Brenda says:

    Lovely, We have 2 siamese cats, a chocolate female, like Raymond and a seal point male, aren’t they the best! Love the crochet too what a change to flowers

  29. Hugbuggal says:

    Very cool and creative – it really is AMAZING! 😀

  30. Joyce says:

    ohhhh I LOVE your tea cosy gift. This is fabulous.

  31. Hahnsmum says:

    So sorry Alice, Having heaps of probs with this new fangled laptop..Getting the old faithfull back this wk l pray..Will talk to you tomorrow..l have typed TWO full page meassages to you tonight & they both got swallowed up in the great big bowels of cyber..WOOOOMMMMMMPH & they were gone..SO frustrating..So here she goes again trying to get this thru..l think b4 l had a few probs sending comments in as AKA Hahnsmum.. Never mind l will get the hang of it one day soon.. Luv, Pam Clarke..New England, NSW.. Oz..

  32. Nanita says:

    The mosaics are absolutely gorgeous!!

  33. wendy says:

    LOVE the pics of raymond and i do like very much the tea cosy ☺☺

  34. Your blogpost always give me a happy summery feeling….must be the explosion of colours you poor out on the web…. The mosaics are a great way to show a lot in less space, well done. And your teacosy must make your sister happy, what a wonderful gift, made me grin….

  35. Hi there, I came across your blog when searching for some nice tea cosies to crochet. Absolutely love your blogs and patterns, all very inspirational and puts me in a happy mood. Your Siamese cat Raymond is an absolute darling, I do hope you are letting him sleep inside again, they just love cuddles and loads of attention. Take care and thanks for a wonderfully inspiration filled crochet + blog.
    Lv Janine, Johannesburg, South Africa

  36. I love your sense of color combination. It inspires me to try some of these projects and try to come up with some of my own color combinations.

    Brenda H

  37. Michelle Berry says:

    Do you give out patterns? I would love to try the skull pattern! My daughter and sin-in-law collect day of the dead art and I think they would really like this.

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