Sunday Love


Gosh, I thought I’d never get here!  What a morning!  It is such a stunningly beautiful sunny day here… later I’m going to be cursing the sun as it is windy which means I can’t open any doors and windows becuase that will create a hurricane in my home, so I’ll be slowly baking in my lounge… I’m sure to many of you up there in the Northern Hemisphere that sounds like bliss!  (It is, I do love it!)

This morning I officially finished my big essay I have been working on solidly for two weeks!  Hurrah!  There is nothing like double spacing and hitting the save button for the very last time, and tomorrow it will be handed in and that is all of the course work for that particular summer paper finished!  That’s one of the reasons I am arriving in the blogosphere later than usual…

The other is my camera…..  Did you like the sepia picture of your friend Raymond?  I had to wake him from a very deep sleep for that!  (oooh MEAN!)  It took me calling him about 5 times before he lifted his head, but he looks lovely in sepia so it was worth it!  He is back asleep now, don’t worry about the long term consequences of that interruption!

Last week I bought a new camera, I didn’t tell anyone because I was feeling a bit guilty, (I tend to sometimes) my old one was packing it in, so I decided to upgrade.  It wasn’t an expensive camera by any means, but is 14 megapixels, so quite a jump  from the 10.2 in my old one!  The only problem is, I haven’t a flipping clue how to use this camera as it has manual settings and needs this colour tone and that light setting and blah de blah blah, it’s quite challenging to use and I’m not happy with the pictures it is taking!  So this morning after two failed atempts at crochet photoshoots (that sounds ridiculous doesn’t it!!!) I rang Andre at the camera shop and asked if I could bring it back and swap it for another one.  He then helped me (because he is said to be an expert) find ‘macro’ which has changed everything and now I am happy(er) with my new camera.  So if you notice my pictures looking a little different, that is why!  I’m still getting used to having to put more of an effort into taking the pictures instead of just editing them on my computer!

So after editing essays and taking faaaar too many failed photos of crochet, here I am, finally, saying hellooooooo!!!  I hope you’re having a lovely day and here I have another tea cozy to show you!

I’ve named this tea cozy the Columbine Tea Cozy because of this flower….

This is the columbine flower from Suzanne Thompson’s Crochet Bouquet book (which is the best ever!!!) and what a mission!  I was exhausted when I had finished making it!  But I am completely in love with the result and it will be a regular embellishment from now on for sure!  I thought I had better try some hard patterns in case my students ask me to show them something tricky!  Ooooh!!!

I know I say this about pretty much everything I put on here, but I love this cozy… It was such a joy to make…. the last two I’ve made have been harder, I’ve been having issues with flower placement and colour mixing, but after I cut the flowers off this one twice, then decided to make completely different flowers and put the other ones in my ‘spare embellishments’ box, I just let it flow and the result is so much better than when I force it!

Ooh, now I told you I’d show you my exciting project that I have just started!  It is super retro and as I knit it, I wonder how many people had one of these when they were kids, when wool was less available than it is now!  I’ve been saving the ends of balls and frogged flowers in a bag, and am now making “Django’s waste-not, want-not vest” which is going to be his second birthday present. 


Django (who has featured here at Crochet with Raymond plenty in the past!) is my fairy god-daughter’s older brother and I just love him to bits, he is the cutest little thing.  I was knitting him the Fisherman’s jersey, but I just don’t think it will be completed in time!  This vest is much more at my competency level!

Ok, well, I’ve got a few hours left before my friends come around and we finish getting prepared for our presentation tomorrow (aaaargh!!!)… we have an hour long presentation to do for our couples therapy class… oh god I get that sick feeling just thinking about it!  The topic has to be an issue couples commonly bring to therapy and ours is quite a heavy emotional issue, so I’m going to spend my time until they get here indulging my creative self… and having a play with these soft fluffy lovelies!

Oh yes…. I’ve been thinking about making time to learn how to needle felt for a couple of years now, and have finally been ultra-inspired!  I feel a new obsession coming on! 

Wishing you a beautiful day!  I’ve been negelcting my blog friends lately because of my (stupid) essay, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of your lovely works of art and reading about what you’ve all been up to too!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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25 Responses to Sunday Love

  1. Penelope says:

    Good morning Alice , I type this as I am just about to say good night! How exciting to get a new camera… hope it starts serving you well soon. I am loving the wast-not, want-not vest too sweet and very nostalgic from my childhood too x
    I am very excited to show you my next post which is once again been inspired by you and your tea cozy colony! I will of course be linking it to you and your pattern. I’ve kept the flowers simple but pretty, I haven’t attempted complex flowers yet… I did conquer knitting some lovely leaves though. What a relief it must be to have you essay done and dusted and now you certainly deserve some Alice time for creative chilling out. You defnitely have the knit factor going on in your summery home. Hope all goes well for your group presentation tomorrow too. Blessings and beauty for your week ahead xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Penelope

  2. penelope dubois says:

    The Tea Cozy is sooooo—pretty! Especially that Columbine flower!
    It must be so nice in all that sunshine. OMG, here in the Northeast of the US we are getting, yes, more snow. It just makes me want to create more woolie things!

  3. Margaretha says:

    Love your new Teacosy must make one myself with all of the other WIP! I have on the go, and Raymond looks like he just woke up!

  4. Nikkole says:

    Oooohhh Alice, Raymond looks so handsome in the sepia! The new flower on your tea cozy is gorgeous as well! I love the way it turned out. So much happiness🙂 Good luck on the vest! I am terrible at knitting. All of my swatches have holes and is terribly crooked. But I am determined to learn🙂

    Have a great Sunday!


  5. Patz says:

    Haha!! Love the word “obsession” One of my favourite, for sure ;-P… I also love the new cosy: I really think I’m gonna have to make my bestest friend one of these gorgeous flowery pretties… Will you share how? Or is it too good a secret to share…?

  6. New cameras are always tricky but once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you ever managed without it! Needle felting – Oh Goody!! Love that little vest and congratulations on finishing you big essay, enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

  7. Meredith says:

    I visit you often and want to thank you for such a wonderful blog. I love, love, love your new tea cozy, you are an inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. MeredithJean says:

    Hey Alice, this tea cosy is a turning point in your life – a Rubicon. It’s your Let It Flow mascot. Let It Flow is how you and your group will kick arse tomorrow in the presentation. Remember that you know what you know, and it won’t desert you, ever. xxx

  9. Pam Clarke says:

    Hi Alice, Really like yr new tea cosy..LOOOVE those flowers..l will get the hang of them soon l hope…But OMGoodness, that striped jumper knitted out of bits of scraps brings back so many memories..l made quite a few for my kids , plus rellys & friends kids in the 70`s .. l still have my sons ((he is now 33 )) coat of many colours jumper still hanging in his wardrobe..Cant near to get rid of it..l hope you put a pic up when this newest jumper is finished.. ‘
    Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.
    New England, NSW, Australia..

  10. Tickety-boo says:

    Nice to see you back Alice! Really enjoyed your post today with my Sunday morning cup of tea. Next week I will be casting on a tea cosy for my friends birthday pressie so enjoyed your beautiful creation very much. Loving the vest too what a great idea!
    Hope the camera doesn’t make you feel too stressy! I am sure it will feel like an old friend in no time ;o)
    Tickety-boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. lovestitch says:

    Hello Alice!
    I love your lovely post, it’s lovely and beautiful as always! I really enjoy your blog every time I come to visit you here!
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
    LOL, xxx

  12. Alice, that has to be the very prettiest tea cosy I have ever seen! You are one clever lady. I bet tea tastes much nicer from a pot warmed by that. I’m drinking lots of Clipper Assam with Vanilla at the moment, it’s yummy. Laura x

  13. Elaine says:

    Congratulations Alice for getting your essay finished – you can’t beat that feeling of lightness! Smart photos with your new camera, I’m working up to buying a new one soon too, the lack of daylight here right now is getting me down in the photo department. Enjoy your week and the lovely weather xx

  14. Loani Prior says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful cosy.
    You should be in love with it.
    Woo hoo.

  15. Pati from London says:

    Hello Alice!!
    Well done on finishing your essay!! OMG, I am struggling with mine (still researching…). I love your tea cosies, they are gorgeous…. The weather here in London is grey and unispiring today…. but wishing and hoping for my kitchen window sill bulbs to flower. Enjoy the sunshine! x Pati

  16. Well done on finishing your essay, that sounds like a mammoth task, and good luck with your presentation. Raymond does look splendid in sepia doesn’t he, and I love his fuzzy look, I should do a photo of Ellie just woken up, her fur goes all lop-sided, very amusing to see. I love, love, love the retro vest for Django, very, very cool Alice! And once you get the hang of your new camera it will be very rewarding. I had a Hugo to help me when I got my new camera. The thing about men is they love mechanical toys, that makes them very handy to have around sometimes!!!!!!!! Love Vanessa xxx

  17. Gail says:

    Hi Alice! The teapot is just lovely, Raymond is looking nice as well in his pic, he looks so soft. I just read your previous post and I reeeally like, the wool you dyed it looks great all wound up, sometimes when you get wool in great colors, you just want to sit and look at them, don’t ya?! Be interesting to see what its going to look like knitted up! Gail x

  18. Robin says:

    Love it ALLLLLL……….I also have wanted to felt little somethin-somethin’s. Maybe small cute bunnies, ladybugs etc. I have a kit and have to get it going…….soon I hope. Love the cosy, and sweater vest wonderful colours, great to have had your stash. You must be so happy to have your essay done, congratulations, I bet it’s a masterpiece! Enjoy your creativeness and have a great week. xoRobin❤

  19. Dorien says:

    Hi Alice, by the time I write this, you will have had your presentation. I hope it worked out fine for you.
    The teapot-cozy is great, and I know exactly what you mean with colourmixing and placement of embellishments. It can be so hard. But it turned out well.
    Untill now I’ve loved all your ‘obsessions’, so I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.
    groetjes, Dorien

  20. Olubunmi says:

    Oh my, what a lovely tea cozy. I have never ventured to make one since I don’t own a tea pot. (Lame excuse, but a true one.) This one is soooo beautiful. I love the flowers on it. You say that one of the flowers were hard to make… what about them made it hard (I haven’t seen the pattern yet). Sometimes flowers make me nervous, just because you have to show their beauty and beauty is always expected from a flower.

  21. Melissa says:

    Oh my! Raymond looks so superior and satisfied! I know it must be that he knows you’ll be able to devote more attention to him now that your essay is done😉 I love all the little extras (beads & buttons) you put on your tea cozy. It’s the little things that make a difference. I also can’t wait to see the completed vest. I had a purple and pink striped one when I was little. You would have LOVED it!

  22. Loani Prior says:

    Oh and Alice
    I forgot to say – there are 3 tea cosy groups on Rav that I have joined. They are all very silly and fab.

  23. Debbs says:

    Hello there! I’m over here in the UK and due to long term illness can spend days or weeks in bed. When not sleeping I surf blogs and when stuck for a long time I take one of my bookmarked blogs and go right through their blog from their very first post. I love to see how they change, develop and find out more about them and their lives. I have just finished several days of reading your blog and it has been so lovely to log on to your colours, work and Raymond each day.

    Haven’t you come a long way since your very first post? I am amazed at how quickly you took to crochet and started designing your own work and writing up tutorials. I was taught to crochet by my grandmother when I was small but then completely forgot it all. About a year ago when stuck in bed and going slightly mad (I usually sew but this requires sorting out materials, thread, designing etc I wanted something instant) I grabbed some old wool, dug out a crochet hook and went on line. I’d previously tried to learn from books but didn’t get very far, but together with good photos and Youtube, I was away!! Attic Lucy’s tutorials helped tremendously. At the moment I’m currently nearing the end of a granny stripe blanket but for relief I’m making a ton of snowflakes for a garland for next Christmas! When well enough I’m going to go and buy some new wool and have a go at some of your projects too – incentive to get out of bed!
    Like when you finish a good book, I’m sad to have come to the end of my visit with you but at least I can read the ‘sequel’ with your new posts, I’ll just have to be patient for you to post one! A lot of blogs I find I like the writing or the photos, but I like both aspects in yours and it has taken my mind off things, so thank you.
    As for one of your ‘gay’ postings earlier – I wondered if you would find this funny – in the 80’s there used to be famous graffiti sayings, did you ever hear of this? I thought of it as soon as I read your blog, especially as your mum is a knitter….
    The first graffiti says “My mother made me a lesbian”
    The second graffiti says “If I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?”
    It always made me giggle, hope it’s not seen as offensive to anyone. I could just imagine some of the mums I know, saying ok dear, would you like her in 100% wool or mix for easy washing?!!!LOL
    Oh well sorry this has been so long, couldn’t see an email address to write to off blog so apologies for taking up room. Love and cuddles to Raymond – I have a large ginger tom called Reggie who stays on my bed all day – my work is 90% wool 10% fur! Have a good day and good luck for your teaching – you start on my birthday! Debbs x

  24. yavuma says:

    I’ve just discoveryour blog and it’s really wonderful!!! I like all the colourful things you’re making: The Tea Cosy, all the Grannys,and Mandalas and tutorial! I will take you in my linklist on my blog.
    Bye yavuma

  25. planetcoops says:

    Love that tea cosy! I can see I’m going to have to look through your blog to see your other creations.

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