A floral brew!


And how are you lovely people today?  Thank you so much for the links to your favourite blogs in my last post!  I had so much fun following these links and meeting some great new blogs, my blogroll has definitely expanded and I’m feeling deeply inspired by some of the beautiful things created by these clever ladies, I hope you had a fun look through them too!

I had an exciting moment today when I opened my letterbox… A parcel had arrived all the way from Planet Penny!  Remember I told you I won the lovely Penny’s giveaway while I was away?  Well… Penny, we just love it.  KB says that it is gypsy caravan styles and she wanted me to especially tell you she loves it very much.  ***THANK YOU!!!***  Want to see Penny’s gorgeous needle felting?

It arrived in the most beautiful little embroidered bag, which I just love as well, Penny, you are just lovely!  Have you visited Penny’s blog?  Click here, and you will be guaranteed some colourful goodness…..

Speaking of colourful goodness, I’ve been sloooooooooooooooooooowly working on another spring explosion tea cozy over the last week or so… I thought it might be a gift, but then I thought if someone wanted to buy it I would be able to part with it, but then if no-one wanted it, I’d be more than happy to keep it for myself!   I must have cut the flowers off and re-sewed them at least twice each… I had a hard time getting the composition right on this one!

But it turned out beautifully, and I love the happy colours… if you remember, my last two have had red and pink flowers, so it was fun to get out the coloured beads and make a rainbow bouquet!

Ready to see?????

(Of course you are)

Wouldn’t that make a happy cup of tea?

I’m still not sick of making these lovelies!  I hope you’re not sick of seeing them!!!

I took it to the fibrecraft garden party at my Mum’s house yesterday, but got soooooo involved in dyeing, I never managed to have a cup of tea from it!  We were doing cold water dyeing, and I managed to do four 100gm skeins… these dyes need 48 hours to set, lying in the sunshine, so it’s not instant gratification!  I’m BURSTING to see what they’ve ended up like, but have to wait until tomorrow evening… I left them at my Mum’s to stop me playing around with them, willing them to dry faster!  I’ll show you the results next time, they’re going to be bright and bold fun!

Another exciting thing happened at this party!  I got chatting to the owner of one of my (many) LYS’s and as of February 21st, I’m going to be running my own little crochet class at her shop!  Weeeeheeeee!  I’m soooooooooooo excited about this new venture!  I’ll tell you all about it next time!

OK then, I’m off… I have to go and organise some easy-peesy patterns to start the class with!  Thank you for popping in today!  I hope you had a fun visit!

 Wishing you a fun and beautiful day!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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43 Responses to A floral brew!

  1. WS says:

    I saw that tea cosy at your mum’s. It’s as pretty in real-life as in your photos!

  2. Anne says:

    Very pretty….:)
    Lou got excited when I showed him Raymond picture….:)

  3. Nikkole says:

    That is so fantastic that you get to teach a class Alice! I know you will do fantastic and everyone is going to walk out of that class inspired. I hope to see some of your students fabulous creations! Your tea cozy is so amazingly beautiful! I just want to keep staring at the loveliness of the flowers!

  4. Joyce says:

    I love your new teapot. Congrats to you Teacher Alice. You are going to have a wonderful time meeting new people and sharing your lovely talent with them. Ohhh how wonderful there are going to be more crochet-ers on the planet because of you. Woo hoo – I just know that one day we will take over the world!! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Sandra Draper says:

    Yay count me in for the crochet classes, time for a new jag!!

    I have a buyer for the very stunning “Floral Brew” so no, you cannot keep, you will just HAVE to make another,
    then another, then another……………………………………………….

    Wishing you and your awesome KB an everso groovy week ahead:)

    Love & hugs to you all
    Sandra :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Maria says:

    I’m thrilled to bits for you, teaching a crochet class will be such fun. I drop by here every day and take a peek at all your lovelies, really enjoyed the volcanic trek post too. You are such a positive inspiring individual, and a peek into your life with your beloved KB and handsome Raymond is always a treat, thank you.

  7. Mrs Twins says:

    Good Morning Alice from the UK!
    Lots of lovely things making you smile today!
    Love Suex

  8. tejehannah says:

    Good morning Alice! You are lucky to have that beauty from Penny! She makes lovely things! As you also, your new tea cozy is wonderful! I love to match grey with colours!
    I’m waiting to see those yarns you made at your mother’s!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  9. Planet Penny says:

    Hello Alice, I’m so glad the parcel arrived safely and that you like it.I adore your teacosies and it’s made me want to crochet flowers again but I’ve got so many other things planned. Which I had another set of arms!
    lots of love, Penny and Higgins xxx

  10. hawthorn says:

    Well done with your floralific tea cosy – beautiful! Wish was a bit closer to join the crochet class, commuting might just be a bit of a bind from the north of england every week – although I am sure it would be fun. 🙂

  11. I’ve just been enjoying the tales of your knitting progress on your last post, after letting out an involuntary aaahhh! on seeing Raymond stretched out in your first photo. KB does sound like a saint! What you’re knitting does look fabulous, and I love the colour, but I wonder if it’s more difficult because you’re using a dark yarn, they’re always harder to knit an intricate pattern with because you can’t see what you’re knitting so easily. And when you follow a chart, you start at the bottom right, work left, and then zig-zag back and forward. Good to see you’ve put up a notice about people pinching your photos etc, maybe it should be in a separate little box, because it’s very subtle at the moment, and I only looked for it after reading what you said on your last post. Just a suggestion. I’m so pleased folks are starting to put copyright notices up on their blogs, it’s quite a serious thing when you’ve spent ages working on something original, and then someone just pinches it, takes all your hard work, and claims it as their own. Cheerio Alice! Love Vanessa xxx

  12. I love the daffodil on that one! I am going to have to make some as new owners of the coffee/tea shop opposite my shop are going all retro so they want some tea cosies 🙂 Don’t know when I am going to find time to do that??? Congratulations on your classes! I was supposed to do that this school holidays for the kids but Shingles put paid to that, hopefully next school holidays 🙂 I ordered a Debbie Bliss baby book and now just have to wait for the mail man….Hooray! Love that needle felting too, so pretty!

  13. Bianca says:

    yay! happy teaching! love the tea pot cosy -beUdiful!! Fibercraft garden party? such wonderous awesomeness exists?!!! Bestill my beating heart! I have 6 months to wait until the fiber art convention here in Brisbane..hhhhuuuhhhh. Garden party envy. Have you ever noticed how similar Mazzy Star is to the doors sometimes? That was such a random thought, i had to write it down… ahem…i really should hit delete….


    PS. KB is right, gypsy caravan style makes everything better. Beats Antique (GC style band) are playing in Mullumbimby (near Byron Bay) which is two hours from me here…..in 2 weeks,…..at ten pm….on a school night……I am totally contemplating going regardless!

  14. Karen, UK says:

    Soooooo excited for you about teaching your own class. It’s wonderful and well deserved.

  15. Debi Y. says:

    Love the tea cozy – very pretty with all the flowers. Good luck with your teaching. 🙂

  16. Terrie says:

    Congrats on the classes Alice! They are very lucky to have you!

    Loving the new tea-cosy!

  17. Penelope says:

    Lovely, clever Alice, wow what a stunning tea cosy, I like the natural brown contrast with all those floral beauties! I am in the process of planning what flowers to make for a tea cosy I am making for a work colleague and you certainly have once again inspired me. I think it’s just wonderful for you to be doing a crochet class in one of your LYS’s that is just brilliant / superb / fabulous news… they will be ever so lucky to have your talent and enthusiasm for hooking.
    Raymond looks like he is in a perfect yoga position … something for me to aspire towards! xox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPenelope xxxx

  18. Amanda says:

    Never before have I wished to live in NZ like I do now that I know you are going to be running crochet classes… how jealous am I of your “students”😉

    Very exciting news… and I cannot wait to see how your yarns turn out xx

  19. rozemie says:

    what a lovely blog you have. I’m so glad I found it, bloghopping away as usual. Now I have ended up in New Zealand, you can’t get any futher away from my place on this globe. I really enjoyed reading your blog, and the pictures are so inspiring. Good luck with all your projects and a huge caress to Raymond from another cat-mum way over in Belgium, Europe.

  20. lancek1 says:

    Wow, Alice. What a gorgeous post. Your creations are seriously inspiring. I’m so glad I found your blog (via kiwiyarns) and I’m looking forward to visiting often.
    I’m always amazed at the never ending flow of creativity, its wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Okay, that is IT! I have been resisting the knitted tea cosies because I know it’ll take me all spring to make all those flowers…. but this is so beautiful that I am going to do it. I’ll start it after work tonight! Thanks for brightening my day again.

    -cold and wet in the Southeastern US

  22. Virtual Lintu says:

    ooh, gorgeous, gorgeous tea cosy!

  23. Hesian says:

    goo luck on your class. I’d recomend fingerless gloves for the class, i always feel better coming out of those classes when i have something useful to show for it. plus you can do them with just double crochet

  24. Joanna says:

    Hi Alice, I have recently found your blog and enjoy reading it very much – Raymond is gorgeous. Your tea cosies are AMAZING, i have been telling my friends to have a look as they are so great. Congrats on the teaching classes I am sure they will be great. I really enjoyed your blog about your recent trek – what absolutely stunning scenery. xxxx Joanna (UK)

  25. amelie says:

    love this gorgeous, wonderful cosy!!

    also the beautiful needle felted gift from Planet Penny….so lovely ♥

    and the delectable poser at the top of the page =^.^=
    our Owly is stealing the limelight on my blog today too.

    warmest hugs xxx


  26. Kris says:

    Hello there. The tea cozies are adorable. I am dying to make one. I have been making flowers by the kaboodle, and now I know what to do with them!!! Do you have a pattern you use for the cozy? Good luck with your class. You will be wonderful!

  27. Sandra says:

    So loving your tea cosies! Would love to have a go at the flowers, feel a next project coming on!

  28. Karen says:

    Have so much fun with your class!
    I adore your tea cozy, I’d love to have a cuppa with ya!

  29. julia says:

    l’ve been an advid reader of your blog for a while now, your work is stunning and the tea cosy is lovely, l log on every day to see what Raymond is up too and when l saw him at the start of this post l just had to write Julia >^..^<

  30. Pati from London says:

    Alice, that tea cozy is gorgeous! I never ever ever get tired of your creations, they are so pretty and cheerful! Well done on getting to teach your new crochet class… I wish I could go but you are sooooooo far away! I missed your last post so will check it now and have a look at the blogs you mentioned….. x Pati

  31. Patz says:

    Alice, this is beyond amazing… I am not a fan of tea cozy, never have been, but I want one of yours!! And I don’t drink tea. But I want one!! Pure art… **Envy in my heart a little bit here! :-D**
    Enjoy the classes, and if ever you come over to the beautiful Bay, sign me in ;-p

  32. Thisorthat says:

    Hi …I just love those flowers on top of ur tea cosy …they are beautiful ….love ur work…happy making the world even prettier by making beautiful things

  33. MeredithJean says:

    Gorgeous pressie, gorgeous tea cosy with gorgeous bead adorned flowers, your Gorgeous Mum dyeing with you, and WICKED that you are taking a class in a LYS. On a roll here Alice, this is a Good Year xxx.

  34. Marie says:

    I just discovered you blog (what took me so long I don’t know but nonetheless VERY happy!) So “fresh” are your tea covers! Nice to look at while pouring my daily herbal tea in our 20 below weather (in Celcius that is). Speaking of our Siberian weather in Montreal, my lovely Jack Russel Lili needs a new coat. Would you happen to crochet any? With flowers perhaps…..she is a real girly girl…..hmmm! that would make me one too!!!
    Merci beaucoup!

  35. Melissa says:

    Beautiful tea cozy. Love the ornament and gift bag! Aren’t you a lucky lady!

  36. Dawn Marie says:

    Your blog is a joy to read.xx

  37. Congratulations on your teaching job, you will do great, I’m sure, since your tutorials in here are so clear and easy to follow. Good luck! The tea cosy is lovely again and I love the felt ornament you won, lucky you! Have a nice day, Floortje

  38. Casey says:

    It’s so very pretty!! Congrats on the classes🙂

  39. Leah says:

    Your tea cozy is utterly adorable – you clever girl! I was in Cuba Mall today and stopped by the little wool shop and picked up a stitch holder in the hope that one day I’d try knitting again. Then I stop by your blog and see this vision of gorgeousness – your pattern has totally inspired me to give knitting another go. I’m a fellow lefty who has been taught to knit/crochet righty so it all gets a bit confusing! Thanks again for the wonderful pattern. And thank you for the potholder pattern – I love it.

  40. Julia says:

    I’m having tea cosy lust – that’s one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!

    J x

  41. Oh my, what an explosion of colours! I must bookmark this page since I am crazy about knitting, crochet, colours and of course Siamese cats! I´m a breeder in Sweden. It´ll be fun to follow you, best regards from Pia.

  42. Sara says:

    I never tire of seeing your gorgeous tea cozy’s. They are a work of art! Teaching a crochet class. How cool! Excited to hear more about that.

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