Bunting my arms off…..


Here I am on a boring grey Friday morning… I’m quite excited about uploading the colourful happy photos I have for today’s post to give me a bit of a morning lift!  If that doesn’t work, another coffee might, but I’ll try the colour first!

Last week when I arrived home from my Tongariro Crossing trip I was pretty down… In fact, it took me about three days to re-adjust to being back and I was walking around my life with a big yuck, empty feeling that whole time.  I’m not sure what caused it, it was wonderful to be back with my beloved KB and little Raymond, but the trip was so life-changing and it was so great to hang out with my Mum and my Aunty, plus I was upset at the flooding in Australia too, that going back to work and endless commitments just didn’t appeal!

I think feeling yuck at times is quite normal for us people and we all have our ways of dealing with it… I chose to knit.  I dug into my stash and pulled out THIS wool and began to knit myself a tea cozy.  My mum is a genius, this wool knitted up as beautifully as Noro with those perfect colour changes, it was like having magic wind itself around my needles, and was a reasonably effective anti-depressant too!

It turned out just beautifully and I love it.  I was thinking about embellishing it,  but just don’t know how to embellish it without taking the attention away from the beauty of the wool itself, so I’ve left it for now.

What I love the most about it is that it is a co-creation, made half by my Mum and half by me.  It made me think about what would happen to it, and in fact other things I’ve made when I move on from life… I have no plans to have children of my own, so there won’t really be anyone to hold on to the things and treat them as precious family treasures…. I get a bit nostalgic at that thought, but then I remember that I’ll be far too busy in heaven to think about tea cozies I knitted when I was 30!

It has been funny old weather in Wellington, really burning hot sun but windy too, so we can’t open the doors and let the fresh air in without creating a cyclone!  The other day I went outside and found a spot that protected me from both the sun and the wind with my tea pot brewing with a mixture of green and rooibos tea to finish stringing together some bunting.

That’s an excessive amount of bunting isn’t it!  The pattern is in my sidebar if you want it, but I am working on a new tutorial as I went back and revised a bit of the pattern and thought I should redo the pictures too.

The bunting is to sell in my Mum’s flower shop, she just re-opened this week after a lovely long summer break, so I’m going to string them up in the window and make the place look fabulously inviting!

This is my favourite set by far… I nearly kept it, but it’s too long for my front door.  KB was a bit relieved at this, as she describes our kitchen as being “quite flaggy,” I agree with her but I am a woman possessed and will not be able to stop until my entire house is full of flags!  (Sorry Darling)

And my day is instantly brightened by these happy flags…. 

I’ve been getting a few questions on ravelry and on here re the stitch htr……  Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to answer everyone individually when they don’t understand a stitch or something in anything I publish… It is my understanding that htr is the stitch below tr, which is like hdc but with one extra loop.  I could be wrong, but then a conversation on ravelry ended when someone googled htr and found an explanation that fitted with my understanding of the stitch, so that’s good!  Thank you Dennis!  I’m sorry about some of the unanswered questions, I have to remind myself that blogging is a hobby and not something I’m doing for financial reward, and that it already takes up a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of time in my life, and that google has all the answers.  All of them!  I find that if I don’t understand something, I google it and get about 1000 answers, all of which are very helpful.  So I’m very sorry for the confusion that has occurred over this!  If I have the time at some stage I’d like to do a list explaining the stitches in the way I use them in my patterns, but right now I’m quite busy and involved with making things, so that will have to wait!!!!!

OK then… I’m off to write some essay(s)  *boo hoo* then it’s off to work for me!  Wishing you a lovely day and a brilliant weekend, have fun!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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29 Responses to Bunting my arms off…..

  1. Katie says:

    Gorgeous bunting! And I LOVE the Crayola mug too🙂

  2. Pammy Sue says:

    Absolutely gorgeous tea cozy! Love the flags too, of course.

  3. Melissa says:

    Your tea cozy is lovely. That yarn is amazingly gorgeous! Between that and your bunting, you should be disgustingly cheerful! Shame you have to use it to write essays! Have a lovely afternoon!

  4. katja says:

    hello, i hope that you will settle well very soon again. your crochet is very lovely as it really always is, its such a pleasure to look at; thank you!
    best wishes from katja

  5. Penelope says:

    Oh girl, you have done it again Alice, pure genius with all your colours and mesmorising bunting goodness. I love your jointly made teacosy a real treasure to enjoy. I’m sure your mum’s shop is going to be wonderful and colourful with her flowers and your bunting.
    ps. I know how you feel about that “coming down” feeling after such magical experiences with the ones we love, glad yarn has been good therapy for you xox

  6. Maria says:

    Love the colours in the tea cosy – they flow together so well. Would seriously love to see a photo of the bunting with one of each colour scheme – magic

  7. Gail says:

    The color is amazing I love it! The tea cosy looks like a little pixie hat, do you have the pattern?🙂

  8. Rachael says:

    That bunting is just juicy! The pictures have cheered me up no end – thank you🙂

  9. Casey says:

    eee! I love all the bunting!

    I still need to make a tea cozy, I haven’t been able to find a decent sized tea pot yet, all I find are tiny ones.

  10. Terrie says:

    Alice that wools is gooooooooorrrrrrgeeeeeeousss! It works so well as a Tea cosy =]

    Google is my best friend. If my internet ever goes down (which it does sometimes!) I feel completely lost not being able to google everything – not just crochet terms either!

    Good luck on the essay writing – I feel like I am drowning in uni work at the moment =[

  11. Nikkole says:

    The tea cozy is gorgeous! The color is amazing and such a special thing for you and your mother.🙂

  12. That’s the funny thing from being half a globe apart from one another: I’m just finishing thursday while you’re starting friday! But I am finishing up as happy as you (eventually….) are starting…..because I just finished my first flag made from your tutorial and I love it! And seeing your collection of flags is an even happier site. Hope you have a good day, while I have a good nights rest…
    X Floortje

  13. Louise says:

    Amazing tea cosy! The colours are so beautiful. Fabulous bunting too! It’s going to look fantastic in your Mum’s shop.

  14. penelope dubois says:

    Oh, the Buntings are so cheery! I started mine after Christmas and now have to string them. I love your picot edge, I’ll do that on my next one.
    The yarn for the tea cozy is “Lush”.

  15. Ursula says:

    Hellooooo Miss Alice and Kit-ten Raymond…. I love your post but had a quick question. I couldn’t help but notice the greenery behind your bea-u-ti-ful (!!!) flag bunting and was wondering if these might be African bloodflowers. I have inherited some from my grandmother and was wondering if that’s what i’m seeing ? XOXO Ursula and the Monkey-Doggie Cowboy in New Mexico USA

  16. MeredithJean says:

    Alice you are adorable, you honest sharing young thing. I love how special your mother and your aunty are to you, and they obviously both adore you too. What a fabulous time you shared. I think you will have a dream soon which will impact on you in a big way. It will be what your sub-consciousness has made of the entire experience of the tramping expedition. It will inspire and direct you to what you do next. We humans really are amazing creatures. If we pay attention well to ourselves and our instincts, we naturally navigate a wonderful life. Good girl for knitting ‘with your mum’ to get through the downs. It’s so important to be mindful of caring for ourselves. hmmmm actually I’m having a down day myself and I’m contemplating a ridiculously big steep walk up Adelaide’s highest ‘mountain’/’hill’. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll take water and rest as I need to. I KNOW this will be a good thing.
    Cheers xxx

  17. Robin says:

    Love the buntings!!!!! Your mums a lucky lady to have such a talented daughter. Happy you cheered up. Good luck on your essays. xoRobin ❤

  18. Louise says:

    Lovely as always Alice. I am going to make some of your bunting for our Royal Wedding celebrations.

  19. Nanita says:

    Wonderful teacosy, Alice! I wish I could knit… And I’ve spotted some brilliant little pair of scissors I am now quite jealous of, lol – they’re lovely!
    Have a beautiful day

  20. Ahhhhh I saw those on your blocking board and wondered what you were up too 🙂 They look fabulous Alice and I’m sure they will brighten up your mums shop a treat. BTW did you ever do that cushion exhibition in your mums shop?? Did I miss the photos? I am making baby pilchers or soakers as they are sometimes called but I am stuck with what to make the fasteners out of??? I want to be green and userfriendly as well….any suggestions (I mean babies are right up your alley right 😉 ) Maybe your goddaughter’s mum has some ideas??

  21. Pati from London says:

    hello Alice!!
    That’s a lovely bunting and tea cosy (feels like a bit of a wintery one to me!) and the scissors… so cute! We all go through gloomy days sometimes but I think they are necessary to enjoy the brighter ones…. Once you are feeling down, the only way is up and it’s true that we all find ways to find some comfort and cheerfulness on those occasions. I will be making one of your buntings in the spring for my garden…. am now busy with other projects plus essays on the pipeline to research and write….(so I know the feeling….). Have a lovely weekend, Alice, Pati x

  22. Anne says:

    I love the colours on the tea cosy……..:)

  23. Anne says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog……:)

  24. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh come on KB a house can never br too flaggy! You can always send KB to spend some time with Mr TB I think those sentiments may sound a little familiar! ;o)
    Glad to see your January blues are lifting it’s on of those horrible things that seems to turn up in my life each January hence me asking you the crystal question a couple of weeks ago. Anyway chin up sweetie.
    I love the tea-cosy.
    Tickety-boo xxxxx

  25. I love the tea cosy! Those are my very favourite colours! I’ve only just learnt to crochet, but I’d like to give bunting a try one day, yours is ace! Laura x

  26. LOve your teacozy!!! but I love all your tea cozy’s! You are so creative!

  27. Carol says:

    Wonderful bunting and tea cosy.

  28. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    Alice I wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a little play with your bunting pattern, ,,,,,,,its FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my flags one round smaller in the end, am so happy with how they come out, the edging is genius. Will make up a few more and photo them when the light improves, will link back to you directly.
    lots of love to you

  29. PaisleyJade says:

    Love your bunting!!!

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