Handcrafted Happiness!


And how are you doing today?!  I hope that no matter where you are, the sun is shining in your world…  I’m in a pretty great mood today, these summer holidays I’m having right now are just the BEST and I wish they never had to end!  I just don’t understand these people who say “Oh I could never stop working, I’d be bored…”  Bored!  What the hell is boredom??!!  I could easily fill the rest of my life with fun and exciting things and never be bored, ever!  It has been a gorgeous day here in Wellington today and my bestie KB and I have had the day off together which always makes the day fun… We went into the city early and visited the Arts and Crafts market which is in Wellington every Saturday.  I have only been once, ever because I work on Saturday… it’s an OK market, I give it a 5/10… the wares are quite pricey and a few imported clothing stalls are creeping in there, undercutting everyone… I found myself longingly stroking a rainbow coloured maxi-dress at one of these stalls and realised that these stalls can so easily take business away from the artist across the way, selling her lovely badges…. ( I didn’t buy the dress!)

We did find a stall that we really liked, unfortunately the lady selling her gorgeous wares doesn’t have any pics online so I can’t show you her cool stuff, except for the one we bought!

I’m a big fan of beautiful glass mosaic candle holders, and I just could not WAIT for it to get dark so I could see those lovely colours light up….  We bought it to add to our altar… Our altar is our special magical place, where I keep all of my most sacred and beautiful healing crystals, where out Buddha statue lives, where we light candles with prayers for our loved ones on earth and above, where we put our wishes and manifestation lists and pray for wonderful things to come into our lives… it’s a much-loved and nurtured part of the home and this beautiful candle holder was just made to go there…

Want to see it all lit up???

Beautiful!  The Witch who made this was just lovely and KB was so enchanted by her wares, I had to restrain her from buying the whole stall!

The only thing was… this new and gorgeous candle holder did not match the mandala on the altar, and I just had to do something about that.  KB and I are both Leo’s, so very much into our decor, and I couldn’t have my candle holder clashing with my mandala!  No way!  So I got out my hook and some lovely coloured wool, and hooked us a brand spanking new mandala, full of new and enlivening swirly goodness, just like that!

It had to match the pinks and blues of the candle holder, the greens of the fern and the prayer flags, plus a bit of purple in the flags too, and it looks just fab!

I did a bit of a different edge on this one, I stopped on the increase row and edged it then and there, making it into a ummm… oooh… a 12 sided hexagon…. I only know up to deca- I’m sure all of you will remind me!  I attempted to make these very pointy, but succeeded in minimal pointage which was OK by me.  Oh, and then a picot edge.  Because I’m obsessed.

Would you like to see how I use my mandalas for magical purposes?

 Beautiful clear quartz points and apophylyte pieces, sending the healing vibes out into the world!  See if you can tune in and feel it too!  Hope you can!

Do you know, I was sooooooooooo excited about sharing the candle holder and matching mandala with you, I’ve bumped this post up to today, and put the Noro flowers off for next time… I’ve got posts backing up here, like you wouldn’t believe, so I’ll be back to show you my gorgeous flowers, which are so lovely I want to make something lovely for myself from the wool instead!  But I keep reminding myself, there was only one ball at the shop, that’s why I haven’t bought it until now, when I found a project that would work with that tiny amount.  *sigh*

I’ve got six more days of holiday left, before I’m back into it!  I’m trying to motivate myself to get some of the five (FIVE!!!  how did that happen??) assignments I have due in the next month sorted… Five sounds like a lot for just one and a half papers, so I’m trying my usual trick of “30 minutes of study, one hour of fun” which sounds a bit lazy as I type it here for the world to see, but in reality, works extremely well!  Who else out there is a student?  How do you keep yourself motivated to write yet another 3000 word assignment? 

Last word today is from Raymond…

…..Who has been having some very cat-like adventures lately that I’ll tell you about very soon!

Have a lovely day, and thank you for popping in!


Oh and another last word!  Sending lots of LOVE and thank you to my darling commenters who only leave e-mail addresses and not blog URLs, thank you for taking the time to say hello, I love and appreciate every single comment you leave XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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34 Responses to Handcrafted Happiness!

  1. Joya Roy says:

    dodecahedron! from The Phantom Tollbooth, of course!

    thanks for another lovely post ~ you always brighten up my day and leave me feeling inspired to create!

  2. devilkitty says:

    I love your study trick of 30 min on and 60 off– I am terrible for making myself get schoolwork done when I’d rather be working on a fun project! I am going to try it today!! Thanks for another fab post😀 xxxx

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh my, what a wonderful altar you must have! Ours is not so much an altar, as a random table we didn’t quite know what to do with… I must work on that!

    You know, today was sunny in my neck of the woods and I so wanted to take our crystals outside and take photos of them cleansing themselves in the first sun for weeks, but it didn’t seem to reach our garden😦 and I so wanted to take them, to share on the blog and bring a bit of sunshine and the promise of Spring to it. And then here you are sharing a photo of your crystals on a stunning mandala, and that more than makes up for it!!

    Also, when I was a student (which, for the most part, I hated), I got by only because I would write up part of an essay and then sign into a spiritual forum and start discussing something deep and mystical or I’d make myself work during the day, with the promise of an online Reiki share in the evening… if it weren’t for those things I think I might have lost my mind slightly with all the highly mental, academic stuff!

  4. Therese says:

    I always love reading your posts. They are fun & inspirational. The colors make me happy!
    I feel inspired to create my own altar. I don’t know why I haven’t done it already!

  5. Tickety-boo says:

    Love the candle holder. It’d be a good way to use up my stained glass off-cuts! Love the matching mandala too. I wonder if I can pick your brain and ask for a bit of your advice on crystals. Can you advise of a good crystal to get for emotional health/healing?I would very much appreciate it if you were able to advise me.
    Tickety-boo. xx

  6. Joyce says:

    Good Morning Alice, I so love your new candle holder and matching mandala.

  7. Andrea says:

    Stunning…the lantern…the mandala…all of it. I love the idea that you have a special, dedicated spitural place in you home. I live with a totally non-spiritual person and so all my witchy stuff is hidden away in closets…..mmm

  8. frederique Llensa says:

    dodecagone (dodeca=12 in ancient greek) is a flat form with 12 lines arrounding 12 angles

    dodecaedron is a solid form with 12 sides and 12 summits (tips)

  9. frederique Llensa says:

    I forgot to tell you that I understand quite well your happiness and

    I’m going to copy the form of your dodecagon!

    thank you for your post


  10. katja says:

    hello alice,
    normally i am just a silent-reader, but i would like to tell you, that i really really like your blog! and i just love your mandalas, so bright and beautiful and they makes me happy! thank you for all your posts, its just a pleasure to read and see the lovely photos.
    best wishes to you from katja

  11. penelope dubois says:

    I don’t have a Blog yet, one of the few! But I have ideas in my mind!
    LOVE the candle holder! and the matching Mandala! Such inspiration!!

  12. sandiart says:

    Noro!! I love the color, didn’t see that when I was buying and it will be interesting to see what colors pop up when I knit up the ball I have here.
    Your special place is tingling special, I bet that candle holder sends out beautiful colors all over your crystals.
    Your new background ‘waves’ in and out as you scroll down, had you noticed??
    x Sandi
    xx for Raymond

  13. Alice, I guess I need to apologize. I didn’t realize that leaving a blog url was something that you didn’t like. I’ll not do that again.


  14. Melissa says:

    Your alter must be stunning! I’m off to look at your cushions. I’ve decided I need to make one to go with the pretty new quilt for my bedroom. I love your half hour of study and hour of fun idea. Wish I’d known it when I was in school a million years ago. Enjoy your week end!

  15. MeredithJean says:

    hhahhahhahhhaaaaaaa minimal pointage. Oh my I know that outcome, brilliant terminology Alice. Raymond has maximum pointage on his ears eh? I spent a half hour on youtube watching all the clips on making picots. Interesting how many different ways there are to make them and they all end up looking… well pretty much the same. Do we love the picot because it reminds of the edging on babies things? Do we who are alive to See remember the picot from our very own wrists as they waved above us in the bassinet? What’s that… there it goes again…. what is that amazing edging on there!!!! Love the energy of your household Alice, thank you for your spiritual openness and all the blessings you send out, I gasped when I saw your crystals on the new mandala…

  16. esther says:

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for your lovely blog. I cannot tell you how much it cheers me up and inspires me.

  17. Pati from London says:

    Hello Alice!! What a lovely post, the crystals thing sounds very interesting, I know nothing about crystals and their healing power but I wouldn’t mind knowing more…. (tell us more one day!). I am doing a degree (art history) also and gosh, it’s difficult to combine it with 2 kids (plus one more on its way) plus hubby, plus time for lovely friends and family, plus crochet, reading, going out…. but I love my busy life and I love studying and learning all the time- it’s good for my brain…. but yes….., essay deadline time is VERY HARD. That’s a reason why I don’t have a blog… I wish I had the time but at the moment I feel I had enough on my plate but I love reading my favourite blogs and put comments on them…
    I have a very similar mosaic glass candle holder also; mine is smaller than yours and it’s blue and turquoise, we have it in the bathroom and I love it!!! I bought it in a crafts market in Spain a few years ago. Yours is very pretty too, very feminine…
    Have a lovely holiday and look forward to reading your next posts.
    x Pati

  18. Evelyn says:

    What lovely colourful happyness. Your pics make me smile.

  19. amelie says:

    oh i do so love your crochet and cats and crystals (three great loves on mine too, though i am a newby to actual crocheting i have always, admired the craft).

    i am altar girl myself and am in awe of your beautiful beautiful light vessels…they are gorgeous!!

    i have a little tiny baby one week old blog at the mo, not much exciting happening there yet though, i am finding it so much more fun curling up with my lap top and a mug of tea drooling over other peoples blogs, your is one of my absolute faves xoxox

  20. I love all you’re posts. This mandala is beautiful as always. I just started a blog and you can connect to my flicker account. I made a group called crochet inspired by crochet with raymond. I hope this is alright with you, I am very inspired by you’re work and you’re lovely attitude. Check it out and maybe you might like to add some photos too.

  21. Siobhan says:

    Hi Alice. I really love your new mosaic candle holder – really pretty. Love your new mandala too. Having an alter is a very lovely thing – my neighbours have one which sounds quite like yours and it looks really lovely – they have some beautiful crystals, a buddha and other things too. They have other smaller special places all around their flat; it’s lovely. I have some similar items but not in one place. Your crystals look beautiful on the mandala. It’s nice to have time out isn’t it? and Christmas is a lovely holiday. But when you know you’ve got stuff to do and deadlines to meet, they kind of lurk in the background don’t they. I was a mature student once and I left everything to the last minute; it was all very hectic though as I had a young daughter at the time. Now she is the student and she does exactly the same ‘bad’ things as me – sometimes staying up all night (I did that too and I can’t understand how – the thought now starts me hyperventilating, as I need my sleep!) It doesn’t matter how much time she has to begin with, she always ends up just meeting the deadline – she says if she starts early she doesn’t get the same ‘flow’. I know what she means, so I try and leave her to get on with it – she gets great results so it works for her. Can’t stop the nagging though sometimes. It must be really tricky for you too, fitting in study with work and other commitments. I’m sure Raymond can only have been having gentlemanly adventures as he looks so angelic all curled up.

  22. Sherry says:

    Such a delight to read your blog. I loved rainbows when I was a kid. I really forgot how much. Thank You for reminding me how gorgous they are. Mandala’s are off the charts too. Plus tea cozys… So pretty

    Have a Great Day!!

  23. Emma says:

    Oooh. I have a lantern addiction I do. Yours is stunning. Raymond looks as though he’s very tired from his adventures. He has the smartest cat blanket in all of blogland (if not the world).

  24. jo says:

    awwwww, raymond, :*…. love your candleholder, too!

  25. Cathy says:

    Another ray of sunshine post to cheer up a raining day in Liverpool UK( although we have had so much snow recently, everyone is glad it is warm enough to rain- sounds odd to hear of it being summer!)
    I really thought no-one could be as colour obsessed as me- I love that you just had to make a mandala to match the gorgeous glass…I have benn known to make myself a necklace to match an outfit I have put on in the morning…that morning…because it just has to be the right colour!!
    PS your healing does reach me all the way round the world!

  26. Fiona says:

    Hi Alice. I love your colourful crochet and your inspiring posts! I’ve been learning to crochet and your patterns and enthusiasm have been very helpful! I’d like to nominate you for the Stylish Blogger Award – details on my blog.

  27. Dawn says:

    You’re right. Life is too full of ‘swirly goodness’ to ever be boring!

  28. Just found your blog—LOVE IT!!!! Beautiful photos and the excitement is fabulous!! I also wanted to thank you for the free tutorials. I know from experience how much work it is to write and photograph a tutorial. I am very excited to start one of your projects! Thank you🙂


  29. Planet Penny says:

    Hello Alice! Pop over to Planet Penny for some nice news! love Penny x

  30. Mopo says:

    Hi Alice!Nice to meet you🙂
    Your blog is very nice. I love crochetting. I knit also but not so good🙂
    I like very much the colors that you use into your creations.
    And Raymond is lovely🙂 I love the cats, but I cannot get one😦
    If you want I wait you into my hole😉
    Mopo – http://www.latanadimostropolpetta.blogspot.com
    P.S. (Sorry for my english…I’m Italian.)

  31. Julia says:

    Hello my lovely!
    Oh your post just vibrates with the most amazing energy!! And its not just that amazing candle holder, or your fabulous mandala crochet, or those beautiful crystals…I loved this post, uplifting, refreshing, energising, inspiring!

    Thank you for that, I shall look forward to the next installment!

    With love from UK
    Julia x x x

  32. Robin says:

    Hi Alice, I gave you an Award. Check it out at my nest! Congratulations xo Robin

  33. Terrie says:

    Love your new mandala Alice =]

    I’m also a student and I am seriously lagging at the moment – so your 30 mins study 1 hour fun sounds perfect to me!

  34. Vicky Bock says:

    Hi Alice, I stumbled onto yourblog site, while googeling new crochet yarn projects…Just fell in love with your Mandala’s…I actually went to the store today and bought some colorful yarns and am half-way through my first one:) Then started reading your blogs and see that we have quite a bit in common..I also have an alter and Buddha statues and candles and 2 cats..Sheba and Bello have quite a few cat adventures of their own, so I enjoyed reading about Raymond..I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and lovely pictures…Have a lovely day:)

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