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Christmas Shopping on Lambton Quay….

Hellooooo!!! We survived our trip into the city shopping yesterday!  I don’t know how we did it, but we left home at 9.30am and didn’t arrive back home until 4.45!!!  What a day!  The above photo shows you the weather … Continue reading

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Rosy Tea Cozy!

Good Morning to you!!!!!! It’s very early on Sunday morning as I type this, I had to get up early as I have such a fun day off planned!  As usual I’ve been to the vege market, and very soon, … Continue reading

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Cozy Progress…..

Hellooooo!!!!! That’s the view of our hills today…. it’s drizzling heavily and lovely and misty, it’s a cozy morning here at my house and I’m pleased about it!  KB headed off to work at 6.45am, Raymond is asleep in bed … Continue reading

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A picot edge obsession….

Helloooooo!!! Last night we had a beautiful sunset… not quite the purple and pink of my garter stitch cardigan, but certainly beautiful in its own orangey, yellowey way….. I finished my garter stitch cardigan this morning before heading off to work … Continue reading

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A Sunset in Garter

Hellooooo!!!!! It is getting soooooooo close to Christmas!  Do you love this tree?  It belongs to my fabulous colleague.  Last night we had our volunteers christmas party which was so much fun, and this awesome tree was there at the entrance … Continue reading

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A day at the markets….

Hellooooooo!!! How does the saying go?  “Red at night, shepherd’s delight, red at dawning, shepherd’s warning?” Something along those lines….. Being that we were off to the markets today, I was pleased with last night’s sky…. a beautiful pink sunset … Continue reading

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All better now!

Hellooooooo!!!! Raymond wanted me to quickly let you know that he is feeling much better now and he thanks you all very much for your healing thoughts! We’re off to a market tomorrow…. (Me and KB, not Raymond) so cross … Continue reading

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