Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a lovely ending to 2010 and beginning to 2011 no matter what you were doing!  As I write this post, it is 11.11am on the 1.1.11 so I’m quite thrilled and chose this time to post so it would always be marked on my blog… 11 is my favourite number so I’m quite excited by today’s numerology!

As it is New Years, I have to mention my New Years craft resolutions.  They are:

1.  Knit my first garment on circular needles.  (A vest)

2.  Knit my first cable. (A teacher must be employed for this!)

3.  I’ll tell you about that in my next post as it is quite an involved craft resolution!

I’m starting as I mean to go on this year (In most respects… I don’t mean to eat ginger crunch for breakfast like I did today for the rest of the year!) and in today’s post I am featuring lush crochet…Crochet that makes me feel a bit weak at the knees I love it that much….

As part of my decluttering and renewing of my home’s energy, I began a bedroom makeover.  When you’re renting, there’s not so much you can do in terms of painting walls and putting new curtains up, two things that I’d love to do in the room, but I decided to change the colour scheme in there and it’s lovely.  I did this quite by accident, as I moved my favourite cushion (this one!- gosh, I can’t believe that was all the way back in September!) into the bedroom as I was getting a bit “anal” about the way it was getting out of shape.  If it lives on the bed it’s not going to be pulled around and sat on (I am SOOOOOOOO crazy sometimes but who cares- not me) and will stay beautiful for longer!  As it is purple and red, it didn’t match the cushions already living there, which were all yellow and orange, so I moved them and NATURALLY, had to make one to match my favourite cushion!  If only KB knew the of the sacrifices I make to ensure we have a beautiful home….

 I used the grandala square pattern for this cushion… (tutorial found here!)

I went to my friend’s house the other day, for an afternoon of knitting and crochet, and had a lovely time!  I took the half completed cushion out there to finish, but somehow, I discovered, I only had 8 centre circles instead of 9!  I hunted everywhere for that circle, determined that I hadn’t miscounted… I even wondered if one of her many mischevious Chiuhuahua’s had run away with it for fun!  (Do four Chiuhuahua’s become a flock?)  Eventually I had to admit defeat… I had only made 8 and as I had only taken the purple to edge the circles with, and not the three centre colours, I just could not finish the cushion at the meeting.  Do you understand my frustration???

Fortunately my lovely friend who was hosting the stitch’n’bitch had about three baby sized raglan jersies to sew up (startitis hmmm????  he he) so I was not empty-handed for long!

(Isn’t her wool gorgeous???!!!)

Once I got home, I made my last centre *yay* and hooked the squares together…. I love these colours so much, I never seem to tire of them…. they thrill me!

And the bed make-over is complete.

I love the way these two look together, and I am now officially on a cushion “jag.” Stephanie Pearl-McPhee over at Yarn Harlot describes jags as the state where you are so enchanted by the thing you are making, you cannot stop making them and end up with many of the same object.  I get on jags a lot.

I got a beautiful shot of my bed, at my favourite time of the day, when the sun is shining in through the window and making everything look all magical….

Good enough to sleep in, and the incentive I so desperately need to make the bed every day!

OK then lovelies, thank you for popping in today!  I hope you enjoyed your visit…. We wish you a beautiful day and that many wonderful things happen to you at the beginning of the new year!


p.s Ooohhh… Please excuse the spelling errors in this post!  It published itself without offering spellcheck!

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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25 Responses to 1.1.11

  1. Casey says:

    I so love those colors together!

    Happy New Year! I’ve still got 7 hours to go until midnight here. and I might actually be awake for it thanks to a sick kid!

  2. Fiona says:

    Happy New Year (although we’ve got about another 6 hours to go till 2011!).

    I love your crochet – the colours and patterns are fantastic. 2010 was the year I learned to crochet and I’m starting to prefer it to knitting (which I’ve been doing since childhood – a very long time!!). You really don’t need a teacher for cable knitting – it’s so easy – I promise you, you can look up any online tutorial and you’ll have it down in a very short time indeed. Cables are easy and fantastic fun too!

    All the best for a happy, healthy 2011!

  3. Sandi says:

    Oh yes, 1.1.11 @ 11.11am, lots and lots of new beginnings, we in this household LOVE that too. When ever the clock shows 11.11 my daughter and I stop what we are doing and start putting good thoughts out.
    Love the light coming through your window, gives your room a lovely color, along with your new cushions.
    Have a wonderful year x Sandi

  4. Daniela says:

    Dear Alice and Raymond !!!! Happy New Year !!!!! I am in Argentina and I am still living in the 2010 …. it is amazing how far from each other we are and still felling you all so close, thanks for sharing your life and your knitting, and I hope there is so much more for this 2011.
    Good life for everybody !!!!!

  5. Sara says:

    Happy New Year! It’s just past midnight here in the UK.
    I’ll remember to take note of the 11.11am, 1.1.11 in the morning, won’t see another date like that ever again!
    Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me, here’s to 2011!

  6. I’ve been waiting for that number to come up on the clock to post for today…great minds think alike! Love the purple cushions. I saw a blanket last night that is so colourful and fun I think I will have to try it for 2011, along with all those other lovely ideas that I’ve been having…..Love new energy 🙂

  7. Shell says:

    Wishing both you and yours a very Happy New Year.
    My crafty obstacle is knitting socks .. luckily my Gran (in her late 80’s) .. sorts them out for me. By sorting out, she thinks its faster to do her self. Years ago when trying to show me how to crochet a granny square, she was way too fast and I never did get the starting off thing from my Gran.
    This year I want to actually knit a pair of socks ( this may be abit too ambitious )and learn something completely different craft wise
    Wishing you an excellent New Year

  8. Dorothy says:

    Happy New Year Alice (and Raymond of course) .. I hope 2011 brings you everything you wish for. Your new cushion is gorgeous – I also love those colours but have never made anything using that combination. I’m motivated to clean up my yarn stash and see if I can find some of those yummy colours and perhaps cover the tacky old container I use on the desk for my pens.

  9. Hahnsmum . says:

    Hapy New Year..Okay, Wheres the new Purple & Red Stipey quilt for your bed ????? l was up till the wee hrs this AM..Talking to my daughters by SMS..They both would like a tissue box cover..Youngest wants her cover crocheted in DARK purple edged with black..l cant imagine wots that going to turn out like.. l`ll prob have to send you a pic when its finito.. Best Wishes to you three.. XXX Pam C..
    New England, NSW, OZ..

  10. Andrea says:

    I love the way you use colour…..really inspirational. I look forward to a new year of gorgeous posts from you both! Happy New Year Alice and Raymond! xxx

  11. Tickety-boo says:

    Happy New Year Alice (and of course your family) What a lovely bright start to the first day of the year. xxxx

  12. tejehannah says:

    Hello alice! Perfect name for the forst post…think…1.1.11 ! voW!
    I love your cushion and now the bedroom looks very inviting! Sadly I can’t use crochet cushion because they would have too much hairs from my dogs and cat…
    I’m making now one new with patchwork and it’s going to be nice!
    I’m happy to hear that your Christmas time went well! I would have prefered to knit at home but we had to go out New Year’s Eve.
    All the best for your 2011! Teje

  13. Ollie B says:

    Happy New year to you and Raymond…..Looking forward to many more emails of your blogs. Beautiful colours..beautiful crochet!!

  14. Mrs Twins says:

    Happy New Year Alice!
    That little birdie would be gorgeous crocheted on a square for our
    spring challenge.
    pop over…….www.sibolchallenges.blogspot.com

    New blog for 2011!
    All welcome!
    Love Suex

  15. Terrie says:

    Happy New Year Alice =]

    This year my Birthday is the 11/11/11 and according to my mum I was born at 11:01 – so 11 is my favourite number as well! My mum tells me that 11 is a ‘special number’ too – although she could just be saying that to me! The odd thing is my daughters birthday last year was 10/10/10!

    Anyway your cushions look fabulous! I love those colours together – you have a real eye for colour. Can’t wait to hear what the third resolution is =] x

  16. Debs says:

    Hello Alice. Love the cushion. The colours go so beautifully together. Wishing you a Happy New Year and I look forward to reading your blog during 2011. Debs xx

  17. ganxetades says:

    Happy new year!!! Lovely bed!

  18. Happy New Year to you and yours!


  19. Sandra Draper says:

    GROOVY AS CUSHIONS, Alice, a bedspread of the same ilk would just set it off completely, you may never get out of it then though, and that would be unfortunate! I am so trying to summon up the mood to get into spring cleaning mode, but its just not working, though have been gardening at sons home and a little around here, and doing LOTS of knitting for new grandchildren coming this year, with a little help from a very dear and kind friend (aka the happy hooker) ; with your wonderful assistance, the baby jumpers have turned from bland into WORKS OF ART; your kindness and support has really touched my soul, with gentle touch, you quietly crafted away for hours, for me and mine, out of the goodness of your HUGE heart, it is very reminiscent of something my long~departed, darling Mother would have done for me and her great~grandchildren if she had been here, your compassionate spirit is extremely admirable, especially in one so young.

    What a stunning day we have been gifted today, time to go and hang some washing out in the lovely summer breeze, and to make some passionfruit and blueberry icicles, yummy…

    Wishing you and KB & Raymond an enchanting & magical day of daliences…………

    Love & Hugs
    Sandra XOXOXO

  20. Melissa says:

    The cushions look so beautiful! I am currently working on a bedroom make over myself. Pictures soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope that this year is wonderful!

  21. Patz says:

    And a very happy new year to you, KB and Raymond!! Just spent quite a little while catching up with ALL the creativity, and oh wow: feast for the eyes!! J’adooooore le tea cosy!!!! I just can not bring myself to play with yarn in these temperatures (and so am currently playing with fabric), but when cooler months come to our shores again, I shall try to emulate, coz I want one!! Just gorgeous… I shall pop again soon. Have a wonderful year. XOX

  22. Penelope says:

    Happy, wonderful New year to you Alice, KB and Raymondo, thank you for the colour feast once again and I am with you about relouting to make one’s bed each and everyday, something Andy doesn’t seem to understand! I can’t sleep in an unmade bed andI need pretty happy colours and pure cotton linen to inspire me too xox
    I am soooo looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations and inspiration in 2011. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxP (ps. cables are oh so much easier than they look…i promise i do ) xx

  23. Karen says:

    Yes, the cushions really do look lovely together. Your bed looks very inviting.
    A make over is a great way to start the new year. Good luck with your cables. Once you start, well. lets just say another jag may be on its way.

  24. Heather says:

    another gorgeous post. Happy new year to you all!
    I so love the colours of the cushion and I’m sure I really must have some quite similar love purples and teals myself….yum!
    I am going to start a grandala tommorow pink black and grey….you might think yuki….but its too put my soap and glory goodies on….
    Heather xx

  25. Amanda says:

    I know that “not being able to change much in a rented home” feeling all too well, but as we have moved every Spring for the past 3 years we have never managed to make a home feel like “ours” yet. This year is different… at the end of last year we framed some Susan Seddon Boulet prints I had from an old calendar (do you know her work? It is gorgeous). Then at Christmas we finally printed out over 200 photos and have many more to print out and frame in all the frames I picked up in charity shops over the previous year. I’m fed up of blank walls! But the biggest thing I decided to do was an idea I had at uni… we’re going to buy a couple of notice boards and then I’ll cover them with some of my recycled fabrics and one will be on the living room wall as an “inspiration board”, where we can pin anything that inspires us onto and the second will go in the bedroom as a “prayer board”. I cannot wait to get cracking with this project🙂

    Good choice of timing for your first post of the new year! I love looking at numerology… I wonder, what is your number? I have a book by Dan Millman and I discovered that I am a 36/9 and reading the traits of 36/9ers is just so spot on for me, it makes everyone I read it to laugh! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets excited when I notice a certain number somewhere!

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