Alice VS Garter Stitch Cardigan


I did it!  I finished the garter stitch cardigan and I’m so relieved…. and pleased at the cuteness factor too!  It lay on top of wool mountain for a couple of days, looking forlorn, until I picked it up and finished it at the request of my good friend Sandra who wanted to see it completed.  I’ve had the most fabulous afternoon today, soaking up the sunshine with two of my dear friends… we got together to knit but I’m sure that more eating and drinking occured than knitting, but I’ll tell you about that in my next post!  Today is all about the completion of the garter stitch cardigan.

Oh, and the cleaning too…. I’ve been going crazy cleaning my house.  It began on Boxing Day when I started on my kitchen cupboards and I haven’t really stopped since.  I had no idea I had hoarded so much CRAP!  Bags and bags full of junk are in my car, waiting to be discovered at the op shop by some crafty upcycler who will be thrilled to find a bag of random granny squares I made when I was learning to crochet, or knitting needles that I can’t use because they clatter when I knit with them….

I’ve been so intent on my mission to declutter my home I’ve started nagging KB to sort through her things, and today as I was telling her my plans to wash the bedroom walls and weed the garden, she said with a concerned look: “I hope you’re not going to declutter me and Raymond from the house…”  We shall see…..  I believe that our internal world reflects our external world, and vice versa, and I’m feeling the difference in my own personal energy vibration as I clean and cleanse all of the corners and nooks in our home…. getting prepared for the shift into 2011… I’m excited!

I’m not going to show you before and after shots of my mess and crap, but I will show you my corner…. my special spot in the house which I overhauled after Wool Mountain erupted and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I dissembled it, bagged it into sock wool, variegated, 10ply and “special” categories and stashed it in my wardrode in big click-clack containers, and now have two modest baskets containing my crochet wool.  And sitting in the corner now is blissfully peaceful.

Raymond agrees.  I love catching him sleeping like that, in that tiny tight little ball!  He looks soooooo cute and has no idea I’m even in the room, let alone taking a picture of him to show all of his loving fans…

OK.  Enough yacking about cleaning….. Onto the garter stitch cardigan.  I wanted to put a little bird on this one because I couldn’t put picot edging on…. I wanted this one to be right for a boy or a girl, without being tooooooo gender specific!  I love these little birds, the pattern is from Debbie Stoller’s book “the Happy Hooker” and I’ve made so many of them! 

Long legs or short legs?

Long works…. But I’m not the best embroiderer, so it has a bit of a limp!!!  tee hee

This is going to be a veeeeeeery warm cardigan… I knitted it from Ashford Tekapo 8ply wool, which is my second favourite wool after Perendale, I love Ashford but it looks a bit rough when it has been knitted up.  I mentioned this to Mum and she said that it’s a strong wool, so good for outdoor garments, rather than wool like merino which is not as hard-wearing.  I’ll agree with that!  So hopefully it will be a long lasting well loved by somebody cardigan!

I get sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many comments asking which Debbie Bliss book I got the pattern from, and the pattern for the Raglan sweater too… well…. Today I was given a Christmas present from my friend Sandra (remember her from a few posts ago?) which was truly amazing.  Lucky me!!!

We call this the Bible and I highly recommend you get yourself onto Amazon or wherever you buy your books online and order one now!  It is such a great book, full of simple patterns for beginner knitters like me…. (thank you Sandra!)

OK then lovelies… this is my last post for 2010 and I’d like to end it by saying………………………******THANK YOU*****……………………..

I’ve been blogging for 8 months now and have been having a blast.  I love the interactive part of blogging the most I have to admit… Getting to know so many like-minded people (by that I mean obsessive compulsive yarn addicts) has been great and I love reading your comments about your own craft, families, cats and lives as well as your appreciation of course too!  Relationships and sharing the love and good feelings is so important for our well-being and by opening myself up here in crochet blogland, my life has become much enriched by all of the personalities that have popped in.  I checked my stats for the month just before, and the total was 35,000 visits for December…. I hope that all of you have had fun visiting Raymond and me, and left with some happy vibes, colour therapy and inspiration! 

I’m off to eat ginger crunch now….

Have a beautiful day!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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27 Responses to Alice VS Garter Stitch Cardigan

  1. Thanks for inspiring, entertaining and teaching me.
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda o Gymru
    Happy New Year from Wales
    Heather xx

  2. Colette says:

    Best wishes to all three of you for a great and Happy 2011. Haveing lost both of my old cats at the end of 2010 I can’t wait to say good bye to this year. Just off to order that book now as we have a new bump due in our family at the start of 2011. Thank you for so many ideas, all of them achievable. Tea cosy for my cottage I think next.

    Best wishes.

    Colette (and now only Marmalade :0( )

  3. Hahnsmum . says:

    Well yr blog is my truly really really favorite & l have it up thee in my favorites file.. l come in most days to check out whattya up to !!!..Like the cardi very much ..l made one very similiar early 2010 for a friends new arrival..Mine was in a really pretty mauvy red..Caus we knew it was a little girl coming.. l used the Aids babies jumper pattern & just modified the front a bit.. Think l may have told you this b4.. Must be an end of year thing- as l am starting to clean windows..U know the kind from ceiling to floor..ABSOLUTELY HATE HATE cleaning windows..
    Best Wishes, Hahnsmum, NEW, OZ.

  4. tejehannah says:

    Dear Alice, I wish you and your family Happy and Health for the New Year 2011!
    Thank you for all the lovely posts with colourful yarn creations and your lovely thoughts and stories! Looking forward what the New Year brings….
    I’m happy that your blog is so beloved and also that you have found knitting!
    xxx Teje

  5. frederique Llensa says:

    Tous mes voeux de bonheur pour 2011,
    Thank you for your blog, I discovered last month.
    Everywhere in the world colours are a good therapy.
    My only wish for 2011 is ‘be happy’.
    Be sure you’re the first blog I open when I open my mails.
    I’m looking for a model of crochet baby slippers. (with measurement). Do you have any model?
    Til tomorrow,

  6. frederique Llensa says:

    your bird is lovely. Thank to the colours and te love you put in your stitching.

  7. lovestitch says:

    Oh my…. So amazing! Thanks for always inspiring me with your awesome work! Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year filled with all that is wonderful!
    Lots of Love,
    LS, xxx

  8. Thank you for a wonderful year Alice! I wish I had the energy to spring clean but kids take it out of you so I do mine little by little and I stopped stressing about it years ago 🙂 A clean slate would be nice for the new year tho…….

    Have a wonderful new year and enjoy the parties and then you can come home and knit 🙂 I think I am going to have to get that Debbie Bliss book, does it have any over nappy pants in it?? A friend of mine makes baby slings so we may be doing a baby section in our shop. At least baby knits and crochet is fairly quick!!

    Happy New Year to you, KB and Raymondo, hugs Jen xx

  9. Penelope says:

    Alice, I love your birdie cardigan and if my Alice was wee still I would promptly purchase it off you! Thank you for your friendship, inspiration and immense colour therapy this past year, I look forward to all 2011 has to bring in the land of blog and wish you peace and bliss (a bit of Debbie too!!) this New year, have a fab time at your parties and needle happiness to see the new year in xox Penelope

  10. Lee says:

    Happy New Year from across the way. Best wishes for 2011 to your little (tidy)household. You’ve got me started. Great way to bring on a productive year.
    It’s been fun visiting you here and thanks for the inspiration you share with us all.

  11. Aisyah Helga says:

    Hi Alice,

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog since I found it months ago and will always come and visit. Have a Happy New Year and all the best to you!

  12. penelope dubois says:

    The cardi is just the cutest. I got that book from Amazon, should be here today.
    New Years Day I am starting my cleaning frenzy and sorting out yarn.
    Have a wonderful New Year with KB and Raymond!
    Your blog is so awe inspiring!

  13. Melissa says:

    Love the Cardigan…Too cute! And see Raymond curled up there in the chair makes me want to do the same thing. I hope you, KB & Raymond have a phenomenal New Year!

  14. Louise says:

    Thank you for a fabulous year filled with beautiful colours and fantastic creations! I absolutely adore visiting you and Raymond each day. Can’t wait to keep coming back in 2011!
    Happy New Year!
    Louise x.

  15. Queen of Whatever says:

    Love the bird….

  16. Amanda says:

    Oh how I hate it when so many days/weeks flash by before I find the time to pop in and catch up with all your colourful, siamese goodness…

    Happy Christmas (first of all, slightly late, sorry). Secondly, how cute is Memphis the cat, you are so blessed to have such wonderful feline friends all around you (even if they do vie for your attention!) And thirdly, that cardigan is so cute! I would love to be better at knitting but I just never seem to find the time between all my other craft projects to sit patiently and hone my skills so I can knit more than a very basic hat. One day… one day!

    Have a lovely New Year, I look forward to hearing far more from you in 2011 xx

  17. Virtual Lintu says:

    Hi Alice,
    I’m new to your blog but already, after less than 10 days or so, I’m hooked. I feel inspired by your work and your photos and of course, by Raymond. Happy New Year from the U.K. x

  18. Elaine says:

    your finished cardigan looks great, I have added ‘learn to knit properly’ to my 2011 wish list…Impressed at your cleaning efforts, my cupboards are too an utter disgrace, I am also a total hoarder ! My energy levels seem to come with the sun…cleaning will have to wait another few months. Love to you for a great 2011!

  19. Robin says:

    Thank you Alice for the months that I have been reading your blog.SOOOOOOO happy I found your blog of inspiration, fun, and humor! Happy New Year! xo Robin❤

  20. Sandi says:

    Wishing you, KB, Raymond and your family and friends a very Happy 2011. Sharing a part of your life through your words and your colorful crochet and knitting certainly is a wonderful way to spread more love vibrations into the world, thank you.
    Have a great night x Sandi

  21. Sandra Draper says:

    Haha, Methinks that you like Raymond curled up in a knot like that, because he resembles a lovely hank/skein of wool, or a ball of yarn!!!
    He is so cute, nearly as cute as a real skein of Utuku wool, shame he is not pink and purple though, then he would be almost perfect and highly original! Thanks for all the illuminating blogs of 2010; they light up my day and I’m sure thousands of other knit demons lives, they are ALWAYS such a delight to read, the soul and spirit rejoice after perusing such lovely words and scrumptious photography, you are AMAZINGLY GENEROUS to the global knitting and crocheting fraternity of sisters.


    Love & Hugs

  22. Joyce says:

    Happy New Year to you – thank you for your lovely blogging and looking forward to more in 2011. We are having NYE at home, family, friends, neighbours in and out of our place, just the way I like it. Music, chatting, sharing, games, food and drink, oh and lots of laughs. Blessings to you for a wonderful 2011.

  23. Happy new year. Best wishes for 2011…

  24. Ubercute cardigan! And the birdy is just great!
    All the best wishes for 2011!

  25. Debi Y. says:

    Very pretty Alice – have a Happy New Year. 🙂

  26. Sarah says:

    I love your blog and want to thank you for blogging on a regular basis. I hate it when I start to get into a blog and there are days and days between blogs. I wish the best year for you and KB and of course for Raymond.

  27. MeredithJean says:

    Happy New Year. Can’t believe you were only bemoaning the cardigan a few short days ago and now it’s done and looks fantastic. You are entering the new year in a very determined mode aren’t you? Might take some inspiration from that. May as well start as we mean to continue xxx

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