The day my knitting became my Frenemy…


Well there we have it!  Christmas is over for another year!  Now the big decision is to be made….What to do on New Years Eve… I have given myself two choices… pick one of the parties happening among my wider circle of friends, or stay at home and knit.  Do I sound like a total nerd when I say that the second option of staying home and knitting sounds nice?  Maybe not a nerd…. maybe more like a 90 year old….. I’ve got days to decide, so we’ll see! 

Yesterday was the first day of my three week holiday and it was blissful!  I spent the day alternating between relaxing in my rocker and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards…. I sound so industrious cleaning the cupboards on my first day, but my motivation was to change things around so I have a nice display area for my tea pots.  In order to achieve this display area, I had to find a new home for the plates and bowls, which meant I needed to tidy the tupperware and find a new home for that, and then move the toasted sandwich maker somewhere completely different (It has been relegated to the bottom of the airing cupboard as we have not used it in aaaaaaaaaaaaages and it is too crusty to give away)… It took quite a while, but my tea pots now have pride of place in the kitchen along with our mugs and coffee plungers and KB can no longer complain about too many tea pots taking over the bench.  It was quite a fascinating process, cleaning out all of the cupboards, (and drawers while I was at it!) I found 4 beers that a friend left here last Feb, my size 10 knitting needles (?) and a multitude of loose lentils….. no chocolate though…. as if!

Apart from the cleaning, I spent a large portion of the day knitting my second garter stitch  cardigan….

And I am wondering now, why am I knitting a second garter stitch cardigan?

Have you noticed that I seem to have a compulsion to make things in two’s?  It’s all here on my blog as evidence!  it’s like I get so enchanted with something, I just want to experience the fun all over again.  However…. the second one usually becomes a bit of a bore and I get quite sick of it, quite quickly!  This is what is happening with this cardigan.  The relationship between us is a bit frosty right now and I really want to hide it in the piles of Wool Mountain to be re-discovered in months to come… if ever….. But there is another part of me that wants to finish it and be done with it… that can’t just let days and days of knitting go to waste because I’m bored and a little bit sore in the arms!

Oh and speaking of sore…. I’ve been using my new needles, the ones I showed you, made from casein that are good for pain free knitting?  Well…. I LOVE them and the sales pitch was right, I will never use another type of needle again.  if you knit a lot, I recommend them as they really are as good as they tell us!  The only drawback is that they are super-fuggly and I wish they would create rainbow coloured knitting needles…. any colour really, apart from opaque beige with flecks of brown….

So back to my cardigan…. Another reason I want to finish it so badly is because I have these cutie little buttons…

I have a vision, and it is going to be super cute.  If only I can make my way through the miles and miles of garter stitch.  When I was knitting my pink version, I fell for this pattern, completely and utterly.  I loved making it and even though I had an order for a tea cozy I had to fill, I still kept on going as I couldn’t put it down.  This time around, I’m noticing that knitting in one piece means that there is none of those mini-gratification moments when you finish a sleeve or the back…. “yes!  One pice down, four to go!”  it’s just knit knit knit and no cut-off point where I put it down and go to bed. 

OK…. I’ve had my whinge moment… I feel like I’ve been bad-mouthing a friend behind her back and now I’m about to go and meet her for coffee…. A bit guilty but also a bit relieved…..  My eyes keep getting drawn to my little cardigan, sitting there so innocently on my little table, next to my rocker, waiting to be finished so it can reach it’s full cuteness potential…..

Please.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease I beg you…. next time I knit something and love it so much that I write something along the lines of:

“I loved making this so much I want to cast on another one in green right away” or,

“Can you just see this in purple?” or,

“I have the perfect colourway in my stash that would look amazing in this pattern”

Please leave me a comment telling me not to be so ridiculous, that there are thousands of knitting patterns in the world, that there is no need to make the same thing twice.  Then, please leave me a link to this post so I can be reminded of what knitting the same pattern twice can do to my sanity.  It is your duty to do this as fellow knitters and bloggers.

I had a bit of company yesterday, some very fun company who goes by the name of Yarn Harlot, or Shephanie Pearl-McPhee.  Mum gave me one of her books for Christmas and it was so good I finished it in a day!

She is utterly hilarious and I thoroughly recommend her books, they are great reads.  Her blog is too!  Reading about a knitting obsession made me put down the book, pick up my knitting, put down the knitting and pick up the book again…. it was a vicious cycle that ended with a finished book and a sore right arm!  Lots of fun though, make sure you check out her blog!

One thing she talks about a lot is that it’s OK to have a HUGE stash.  I said to KB “do you know… I am nowhere near as bad as these knitters, my stash is only here (I point to Wool Mountain next to my chair), oh and in there (I point to our big storage cupboard which has been taken over by wool)… Ooh…. and that Perendale in my wardrobe…”  Ummmmmm….. I think it has happened.  My stash is out of control and I am thrilled with it.

OK then Lovelies…. I’m off to pick up my knitting again, I’m determined that I will show you this cardigan before the week is out!

Wishing you all a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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15 Responses to The day my knitting became my Frenemy…

  1. Fiona says:

    Ummm … did I read this right?

    You spent Christmas Day sorting out your kitchen cupboards? If so, you should absolutely definitely go to a New Year’s Eve party and steer clear of the knitting (but it’ll be finished way before then, won’t it?!).

  2. beautiful cardigan Alice. Hope you had a good Christmas- we did over here in Wales. Had a white Christmas and my girls had an amazing time.
    Love to you all

  3. Maria says:

    Know the feeling all too well Alice. So many lovely patterns out there and then there is Ravelry – oh dear!!!

  4. It’s looking good so far Alice but will remind you about the thousands of other patterns next time!

  5. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice, I think I am on the side of knitting my way through New Years eve, I normally take great enjoyment in going to bed before midnight and staying away from wild parties!!! I am sure you will find whats right for you and still enjoy xox I will try to remember to tell you off for even contemplating knitting the same pattern twice in a row! xxxxxxxP xox

  6. I would be sitting at home knitting in fact I probably will be 🙂 I hate new years eve partys, esp as we don’t drink…..seems a good excuse for some people to go overboard!
    Love the colour of that cardi, might have to make one of those, love the way there are only two seams 🙂 Did Raymond get any goodies for xmas??

  7. Hahnsmum . says:

    l did heaps of crochey over Christmas too..Just finished another Mandala ( thanks to your inspiration ) for the table as a placemat.. l am feeling flat today too, was supposed to go for a drive with my son to lnverell but when l got up, couldnt be bothered..Oh well, always 2mora.. l`m making a granny squares throw now.. Was given heaps of centres & cant wait to use them.. Go to yr New Yrs party .. Plenty time for knitting.. Trust me, when you get my age, you can stay home & knit..But GET OUT THERE girl & enjoy yourself..
    Luv, Pam Clarke.
    New England, OZ.. (( Yep we`re the ones getting a bollocking from the poms in Melbourne at mo..Oh Dear.. ))

  8. Hahnsmum . says:

    ”CROCKY”. oh dear- CROCHET..Sounded like l was out there with a stick chasing balls around the paddock..Cheers, P.C..

  9. MeredithJean says:

    Don’t go to the NYE party. You know what you want to do :))
    And… next time you have the urge to make #2, make it say two thirds or half scale. Now that would be a cute challenge, take less time, and still have the benefit of seeing the item in a different colour. So if you are mostly knitting for babies and toddlers, then #2 will be for either for premmies or dolls. Dolls eeewwww? Make sure they fit a popular doll and sell them on etsy! or… (full of ideas aren’t I?) donate them to a major maternity hospital for the premmies, or … ha! start an etsy shop for premmie gear …. LOVE your blog Raymond’s Mum xxx. I am Hazel’s Mum and Nellie’s Grandma, they both live with us. They have whiskers too.

  10. Melissa says:

    Go to the party. Car Guy accuses me of being a 90 year old woman with my crochet, so every now and again, I have to mix it up. You REALLY need to explore all the patterns on Ravelry. You’ll be so over whelmed with all the stuff you want to make, you won’t have time to make things in twos.

  11. Deanne says:

    Hi Alice,
    Personally, I’m all for staying home and doing some yarn work on New Years Eve and since we have been hit hard with Strep Throat (I was at Urgent Care on X-Mas morning and pretty much have no recollection of the day), a nice quiet evening with my family is exactly what I’ll be needing! You’re not as reckless as I am – I know you’ll get that cardi finished before moving on!
    Have a fabulous New Years, whatever you decide to do.

  12. lulu says:

    i love your blog, just found it..
    i love all the pics you share..
    Have a great new year.

  13. Heather says:

    Having a huge declutter in my life atm. Cupboards etc etc. Love your cardis. I subscribe to LETS KNIT a uk magazine and in the latest issue there is a womans cardi that is in SS and I’m going to give it a go. I ALWAYS read each post you put on but never take the time out to post a comment. You have been a real inspiration to me since I found you this year. I am going to be blogging so much more from now on. Thanks for sharing xxxxxxxxx

  14. 'me' says:

    why don’t you go to a party and take your knitting or chrocheting with you ?
    Then you don’t have to choose and sometimes it’s much easier if you don’t have to make a choice!

  15. Terrie says:

    I love the blue cardi Alice – Goooo onnnn finish it, you know you’ll get that giddy ‘At last!’ feeling when it’s done.

    I hope you had a lovely christmas – I recieved some much begged for knitting needles and so spent boxing day tangled in wool with a frown of concentration on my face! It feels soooooo odd to be holding two needles – kind of like juggling! But I will knit something even if it kills me! xxx

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