The Gratitude Tea Cozy


I thought I’d begin today’s post with some Raymond appreciation… Isn’t this a gorgeous picture of him reclining in the sunshine against our slab of Rose Quartz the image of a happy cat?  He’s not particularly happy right now I must admit… well…. he is happy at this very moment because he is on my lap after being outside all day, but in general he is feeling a bit neglected because we are sooooooo ridiculously busy and have hardly been home lately, so he has been spending a lot of time on fur patrol outside.  A co-dependent cat does not generally enjoy being outside for long periods of time, and I got a facebook message from his downstairs family today mentioning that Raymond had told them we hadn’t been home much lately…. which means he has been in their place being a bit of a bully to their cat…. So send him some love today, to make up for this DREADFUL neglect he is experiencing!  He is a very psychic cat and will receive your kind thoughts!  Oh… and if you noticed (of course you would have) the wool in the background, that is the bottom of what KB calls “wool mountain.”

So I am going to show you my latest tea cozy today and I have been DYING to show it to you for a couple of days now, but had to restrain myself as it was a gift for a friend and she did not get it until this morning!  You have no idea how much I wanted to show it to you….

I’ve been naming all of my tea cozies, and didn’t think of a name for this one, and couldn’t really, because it is such a special one….  I made it for a friend who is an avid “follower” of Crochet with Raymond so will be reading this post going “awwww Aren’t you just LOVELY!  No YOU are!!!” as she reads…. (YOU are Sandra!!!)  So as I went to title this post, I thought about what this tea cozy and the making of the cozy represented to me as a gift to this lovely lady, and I decided it represented gratitude.

There are some people in this world who are just amazing, and when you meet them, they bring awesomeness into your life, and my friend and colleague, Sandra is one of these people.  I have only just met her but feel like I have known her always and each week at our work, I watch her transform the psyches of women whose lives have fallen apart, who have lost hope or whose hearts have broken into a million tiny pieces.  I watch her talking to these women sometimes, and notice that within approximately 30 seconds of being in her presence, they start to stand up a little straighter, start to entertain the idea that they too might have rights and deserve to enjoy their lives too and start to recognise that hope might exist.

Sandra gives and gives and gives on so many levels and is kindness and generosity personified.  She is a fabulously amazing person and when I made her this cozy I wanted it to be perfect and to represent the awesomeness she is and the gratitude I have towards her, not only for myself, but for the community of women facing terrible oppression and degradation.

OK, now that I have painted such an amazing picture of Sandra, shall I show you a picture of her???!!!




Psyche!  I wouldn’t do that without permission!!!!!  I’ll show you the tea cozy instead!

Despite the underlying feeling throughout the process that nothing I made would be good enough, I really enjoyed this cozy!

I wanted it to match her pink vibe, but also be not sooooo pink that it was too pink, and KB suggested that I make it grey… I wasn’t sold on the grey until the end, but as usual, she was right!

I busted out my bag of sparkly beads for this cozy of course!  But this time put one in every flower and it was magnificent!

The other night I walked past it where it was sitting on the table, and the light was making the beads sparkle like crazy…. It was so lovely, I had to pick it up and marvel at it!  Stroke it lovingly and remind myself that it couldn’t be going to a more deserving home!!!!

I’m wondering if I’m sounding a bit narcissistic here…. But I do love the things I make and marvel at them without considering that I made them if you know what I mean???

It was a very well received gift, and you are soooooo welcome Sandra!

There are some amazing, amazing people in the world, doing incredible things…. Who amazes you?  Who are you proud to know and/or work with?  What do they do that is so fabulous?  And what about you?  What wonderful things do you do to help and inspire others?  This is a free for all trumpet blowing post and I’d love to hear your feedback on wonderful people and your wonderful selves!  I love hearing good news, we so often dwell in terrible sad stories, so give me some good stories to energize me as I finish my last two days of work before my THREE WEEK HOLIDAY!!!!!

Sending you lots of love and blessings, as usual…..


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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28 Responses to The Gratitude Tea Cozy

  1. You and I must be on a similar wavelength. I also own cats, only six now, down from 24 (no, I’m not completely crazy, I was going to open a no-kill shelter), crochet, knit, sew, am into healing and crystals (I have an amethyst point that has an eight inch diameter and is ten inches tall). I am a Reiki II, a spiritual and physical healer (doing both aura and laying on of hands) and Healing Touch. My cats are feeling blue right now because this is not my favorite time of year (I’ve lost so many friends and family members in the past Oct thru Dec) and like your kitty have been lazing around and leaving me little hairball presents.

    I wanted to say that your tea cozy is just beautiful and inspiring. I long for spring when I look at it! I am also a fan of your flag swag and am going to make one for our meditation room to represent those in spirit that we most love and revere.

    Have a wonderful rest during the holidays and remember your kitty needs some extra love for being so patient with you! Cats truly can see into our hearts and minds.

    Also – when you have time take a look at my little blog and read it’s description just below the name – you’ll see why I said we are on the same wavelength. lol

    Cathy in Fenton, Missouri, USA…just outside of St. Louis in the heart of the midwest

    • Alyson says:

      Cathy, I read your post above, and it sounds as though you, Alice, and I have a lot in common. I’m just right across the river from you- on the IL side of St. Louis. As for your cats, I definitely don’t think you’re crazy. My husband and I have 6 cats and 2 dogs- all rescues. We take care of so many strays around our city, feeding them daily, providing shelter. Keep up the good work, and keep crocheting/knitting. Blessings to you this holiday season!

  2. leah says:

    That is one amazing tea cozy. Can I just say I know exactly what you mean when a person walks into your life and just clicks. I’ve had the same thing happen recently. Good on you for reconising Sandra. And the amazing job she does, and I’m sure u do too.

  3. Minniemack says:

    I was looking for a pattern for a last minute Christmas pattern in a store where there is no one to help you anywhere. An older woman came by and asked “is there anybody working in this department?” and the only other person who was there said “No, but I can probably help you.” The woman was looking for a pattern for doll clothes for her granddaughter and the other woman took time to show her which section of the book to look in and helped her pick out a few patterns that would be appropriate for her granddaughter to sew. I knew my way around, but couldn’t find what I was looking for, so before leaving I asked her if she had ever seen a pattern for a martial arts uniform. She said she had, and then started looking for it for me. When we couldn’t find one, she spent about 15 minutes explaining to me how I could go about fashioning them myself. I decided to pass, but luckily enough she gave me her business card, and it turns out she not only sews, but also knits and felts, which are actually more interesting to me. After the holidays I’m going to call her and invite her out for lunch for her RAK with the older lady.

  4. Josie says:

    The grey is perfect, setting off that beautiful spray of flowers – exquisite. Sending lots of love to your fur-baby, Raymond. Have a lovely holiday, Alice.

  5. jacey conroy says:

    Beautiful, absoloutly beautiful, what a very lucky friend you have.
    Have a fantastic holiday.xx

  6. Elaine says:

    that teacosy is a MASTERPEICE Alice, beautiful! lucky old Sandra!

  7. Elaine says:

    sorry, MASTERPIECE that would be…

  8. Hahnsmum . says:

    Now that is really the flowers..The sparklies set it off..One very lucky friend l would say.. l`ve just had a close friend ( friends since we were tiny tots in Wagga Wagga in 1949- now THAT is a long time ago- ) visit & we exchanged homemade crochet gifts ( without the other knowing what each was thinking ) . But sadly RL has returned to the big smoke & l am here with lovely thoughts of long ago , of 2 little girls being friends & lots of other precious memories..
    Have a happy Christmas you three..Lotsa luv,
    New England,
    NSW, OZ

  9. MiA says:

    That’s really an amazing tea cozy!
    Wish you a very merry xmas!

  10. Linda says:

    wonderful tea cozy!
    and much love for Raymond!🙂❤

  11. sandiart says:

    The most amazing people are the ones that don’t come from EGO, and just do what they do from the heart naturally…..and have no idea how much they touch people. Earths Angels.
    I did voluntary work as a facilitator (one to two weekends per month for 7 years) with some amazing people supporting others to empower themselves and work thru old baggage, I loved it so much. I also learnt Reiki type body work, and about the Ancient Mysteries and Tarot, it was such an amazing time in my life and I have made some amazing lifelong friends.
    It makes your heart swell when you work with some one (who is completly shut down) who has the courage to trust and face deep issues and begin to peel back the layers and are then able to walk out at the end of a weekend more aware and empowered.
    My kids all came along and joined in when they wanted to, they were quite young when we started, and it has been a wonderful journey for us all.
    Your tea cosy is gorgeous and full of colorful energy.
    Loves and more loves to Raymond, we all love you.
    x Sandi

  12. Siobhan says:

    I love that tea cosy, the flowers are amazing! The grey works so well as it’s a great contrast. Plus I do rather like grey. Sandra sounds like a very lovely person to know and totally deserving of your cosy. Now, who do I find inspiring? Well, I volunteer for a small charity which recycles and delivers furniture to the newly re-housed, who often have literally nothing to put in their new homes and would be sleeping on the floor. The whole thing is run mainly by 2 people. The first inspires me because she is truly amazing. She is 82 years old and when she takes a day off everything goes into melt down! No one else can keep up. It is only then that everyone realises how much she does. She takes in all the requests and referrals for furniture, deals with health care professionals etc, arranges collection of donated furniture, helps to prepare grant applications, deals with all our volunteers, helps co-ordinate a drop-in, arranges itineraries and maps out routes for van drivers and even hops on the van to help out with deliveries. She is a down to earth person who cuts through all the nonsense and gets things done. The most amazing thing I love about her is that she has reached 82 and has not got an ounce of cynicism about anyone or anything; I find that lovely. She is very quick of mind and has the best memory of anyone I know. She is also partially sighted (which doesn’t stop her using the computer) or doing anything at all – it is just more difficult, yet she is determined. She is also a carer for a friend (non related). She is the best person to work with. I also work with another woman who has a family and who has no free time but yet she gives us tons of time at the charity. She works shift work in a high-pressured profession and sleeps little. We give her all the things to do that we can’t. She has amazing drive and a will to do. She has a full life already and doesn’t need us – we desperately need her. They are good people with no ulterior motive but to give something in life. That helps me no end to see that. It also helps to see that age is no barrier and life is what you make it!

  13. Casey says:

    beautiful as always!! KB was definitely right about using the grey, it is perfect!

  14. Robin says:

    Alice this tea cozy is supercalafragilegerlicous!!!! Sorry don’t really know how to spell the word from Mary Poppins!!!! BUT that’s how fabulous this is!!! Merry almost Christmas! xo Robin❤❉❤

  15. Penelope says:

    Oh Alice what a lovely generous post about your friend Sandra, and sharing your very beautiful made from the heart tea cozy. Such gorgeous colours and sparkle and warmth, I am sure she will appreciate it ever so much. I find that the wonderful women in my life are an ongoing form of inspiration and strength and it’s the kindest most humble of my friends that continue to be role models for me, especially my older friends who have that much more wisdom and just “knowing” than I am yet to gain.
    Thank you for all your fabulous, ever so encouraging comments about my blog and I shall be back soon (no doubt withdrawl symptoms will kick in sooner or later) Have yourself a merry Christmas with KB, family and friends and Thank YOU for all your inspiraion and colour therapy over the past 6+ months xxxx xox xxxxxxxxxxxxP

  16. Amanda C says:

    I love the grey, it really sets off the flowers. It’s amazing, as always! Keep up the awesome work Alice!!

  17. Angie says:

    Alice, I always enjoy seeing your tea cozies!! xx’s to you and Raymond.

  18. Nancy says:

    Oh, Alice, that teacozy is just lovely! You are a good friend🙂. I have been following your blog the last couple months or so and it always brings me such cheer. Enjoy your three week break; wow! Much love, Nancy

  19. that is one mighty fine tea cosy!

  20. Melissa says:

    Poor Raymond! Make sure he gets extra snuggles from this side of the globe!

    The tea cozy is beautiful! Love, love, love the beads in the flowers! Your friend Sandra sounds like an amazing and well deserving lady. All women should strive to lift each other up. There are enough events and people in this world that will try to beat us up. This life shouldn’t be viewed as a competition but a huge party where we recognize each others’ worth. All this (and so much more) was taught to me by my Sainted Mother – my hero. Who, by the way, is a licensed family counselor. I think you’d really like her.

  21. Pammy Sue says:

    Beautiful tea cozy, as always! That’s amazing. Have you seen this tea cozy shop on etsy?:

    They are all so lovely! I need to get myself some yarn together and make myself one, and I don’t even have a teapot! Ha-ha-ha! I don’t care! I’m getting one, so there.

  22. Loani Prior says:

    Now THAT is one EXUBERANT tea cosy .
    Bursting with joy.
    Embued with love.
    Big tick.
    Three big ticks.

  23. Alyson says:

    Alice- I LOVE the new cozy. Well done! And what a lucky friend is Sandra to receive such a beautiful gift! And for sweet Raymond- A *BIG SNUGGLE* from the States!

  24. Planet Penny says:

    Just been catching up on your last few posts, Alice. The teacosy is fabulous, love the slatey grey, it sets off the flowers beautifully. Also want to say thanks for cheering the world with your lovely colourful posts and inspiration, have a really Happy Christmas and I hope the New Year brings all that you wish for, love Penny and Higgins x

  25. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, I do hope he is feeling loved again soon when your holidays begin. Your tea cosy for Sandra is fabulous, the grey is just perfect to bring out the pinks and the sparkle, oh how I love the sparkle.
    People that inspire me, well firstly is my very own Mum and Dad, they both volunteer in various ways through the local school, and charity work for suppling food, clothing and shelter to those that need it. Mrs Twins is another person that I very much look up to also, along with some local women I have had the honour of getting to know through local volunteering and helping out.
    Wishing you, KB and Raymond a wonderful Christmas. Bless.

  26. Hi love all of your work you have truly inspired me thank you…………keep a look out on my blog and see a few of my crochet bits I need to take pictures of my mandala inspired by you …and other pieces ….will try and do in the next few days…I am a rug maker but love to crochet …the crochet grows much quicker than a rug!! I buy cream wool yarn and being a dyer I dye up the colours I need…………thank you again Cilla from a very chilly UK!

  27. Laetitia Botha says:

    I love the Rose tea-cosy!

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