Cozy Progress…..


That’s the view of our hills today…. it’s drizzling heavily and lovely and misty, it’s a cozy morning here at my house and I’m pleased about it!  KB headed off to work at 6.45am, Raymond is asleep in bed under the duvet, and I’m relaxing here at my laptop, planning what I’m going to do this morning before I head off to work at 2pm.  I’ve been complaining a lot about being tired lately, and I’m pleased to announce that I had a great sleep last night (no dreams about being a roller derby girl and chickening out just before my race, like the night before last!) and am feeling greatly encouraged about the next week and the million, billion things I must do before hitting Christmas Eve, when at 6pm I officially start my three-week Summer holiday!

I just caught myself dreamily staring out of the window, thinking about these three weeks…. I can’t even remember the last time I had that much time off…. for those of you who work in retail, you know it’s impossible to get time off at the busiest time of the year, but somehow, thanks to the stat holidays falling on quite a few of my shifts, plus the fact that my bosses are total legends and said that of course I can have early January off….. despite the fact that I have been extremely unhelpful over December and not picked up any extra shifts because I’m so busy with my counselling work!!!  In some ways it seems so far away, but then I just remembered that it’s one week today, which makes me remember that I haven’t even bought KB a Christmas present yet, so must add that to my to-do list!  Oooooooooooooh!!!

I’ve had a lot of queries lately about which Debbie Bliss book I’ve been knitting from… It is my friend’s book and I’m 99% sure it’s called Easy Baby knits or something like that?  She does have a million books out doesn’t she!  I’ll triple check that for you, but when I added them to my Ravelry page, that was the title of the book that popped up when I did a search for the pattern.

So on this cozy, drizzly morning, I’m working on my cozy!  The cozy my lovely friend asked me to make for her daughter for her birthday after she fell for the Spring Explosion tea cozy!  Guess what…. this one is nicer than the first one in my opinion!  In fact…. I want it!!!  But I think that about pretty much everything I make, then I make something else and I like that more, so I’ll just enjoy the process of making this one and take lots of pictures to share with you!

The deadline for this cozy is Monday and I’m getting there…. probably 70% of the way there in fact, so I’m doing well!

This one is a rose themed one, and do you love the little sparkly beads?  I’m experimenting with them at the moment… I aquired a large stash of stunning sparkly glass beads the other day by doing a trade with my friend who owns a shop…. she loves my felt badges and I love her beads, so we swapped and both felt as though we were getting a great deal, so yay for trades!  I tried to photograph my sparkly bead stash but it just wasn’t happening today, so you’ll have to take my word for that!

They’re gorgeous and I have such big plans for them…

I’ll show you the FO in a couple of days!

So I’ve had a couple of requests from people regarding using my patterns to make things to sell in their etsy shop…. they ask, is it OK to do that, do I mind?  I hope they’re reading now because I haven’t had the time to e-mail them all individually!  I’m very careful about what I post on here, especially personal pictures and details of my personal life, even though I love the relationships I have built with blog people and commenters, and would love to share more of myself and my life, I’m very aware that anyone can come and read this blog, and that once I’ve put it out there, I can’t get it back!  I never post pictures of my family, friends or KB, and rarely of my fairy god children and only ever with their mother’s permission, and anything I DO post is carefully considered, and as I see it, as soon as I hit the publish button, I have lost control of it and it has become public property.  It’s all about sharing as I see it…. My intention by publishing instructions on how to make things, is to share the joy with others, to assist them in bringing into their lives, the fun and excitement I get when I make something colourful and delicious, and while I can’t stop people, and wouldn’t want to stop them selling things I’ve given instructions for, I would hope and like to ask that they carry on the sharing vibe and be transparent about where they got the pattern from in case someone else wants to make one too!  Does that sound fair?  What do you all think about that?  I love seeing how people interpret my patterns and ideas and make them their own…. it annoys me when people make direct copies of my colour schemes…. we all have our own creative energy and must embrace and enhance that…. but as with the patterns, once I post things, they are there for the taking and I have no control over people making exactly what I’ve made and selling them as their own.  I see little point in feeling negativity over this, as the negative feelings I feel only affect me, so just try to let it go and focus on enjoying what I’m making next!  So!  The final word is….. of course make them and sell them!  I hope that you find much joy in making them and sell them for a great profit, and that the people who buy them find joy in them too!  Spread the joy, but please continue the sharing attitude and be transparent with people about where you got the pattern so they can experience the joy of making one too if they choose!

I haven’t made it around to visit many people lately, but I definitely popped over to see the Crochet with Raymond appreciation extravaganza at Tangled Happy the other day!  Thank you Sara for making such a beautiful post of my work, you were so kind and it made me feel good for days! 

Also, my Wellington blogger friend Wei Siew at Kiwiyarns Knits has posted some hilarious stories only a yarn addict can understand and appreciate! Visit her for a good giggle!

OK then!  I do believe that is quite enough from me for today!  I have this strange compulsion to cast on another garter stitch cardigan…. I’ve never made such a big project that I didn’t want to finish and wanted to make another immediately…. what is up with that???!!!  I’m not going to though!  It is holiday knitting and I have cozy making to finish, plus a few last minute christmas presents!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!  May it be filled with many blessings and much joy


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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9 Responses to Cozy Progress…..

  1. Penelope says:

    Hello Alice
    Your cozy looks ever so beautiful and I am really looking foward to the FO, such lovely flowers and sparkly beads. A true Alice designed beauty!
    Regarding your amazing patterns I am on you side about ensuring that there is some recognition that the the pattern is yours and that the joy is spread equally and in a balanced way across the web.
    You must be looking so very forward to your lovely long summer break, just the word of summer makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy again. We are due some more snow in the next 24 hours , so the thought of warm sunny days is a happy and reassuring one to know that the seasons will come and go. Well, I’m off to sleep now, have a wonderful weekend xox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxP

  2. Alyson says:

    Alice, I’m so glad that you are so passionate about your work that you freely share it with (literally) the world! I have been so inspired by your patterns that my hook is rarely out of my hand. Your pattern directions are easy to follow, and I LOVE the photos you put with them. I am in the middle of making a cushion cover out of grandala squares. Thanks for the tip about using white or black to make the mandala pop. I am alternating my squares with black and white. It is very brightly colored!

  3. sandiart says:

    Hi Alice, yes we do so need to be careful with what we share on our blogs, I have lost one of my blog ladies because a porn site found her and hacked into her blog and did some rather disgusting things with her site and photo’s etc. so she has stopped blogging. Sad that there are such disrespectful folk out there that spoil it for people.
    As to your patterns, I think it only right, out of respect, to always give credit where credit is due and we should be very grateful that people are happy for us to make and sell ‘their’ creations.
    Love all your happy colored creations and woo hoo to 3 weeks off.
    x Sandi

  4. Terrie says:

    Oooo I love the blue you have used on your cosy. You’ve seriously inspired me to try knitting Alice, although I’m avoiding the yarn shop until after crimbo! Isn’t it always the way that when you *can’t* try something you see billions of things you *want* to try?!

    I agree about being careful with you with what you share on blogs or the internet in general. Although I am sooooo very pleased you share your patterns with us. If it wasn’t for the likes of you and a few others I wouldn’t have been inspired to ever pick up a hook! x

  5. penelope dubois says:

    The little cardigan is adorable! Looks fun to make. I wonder if I can whip one up before Christmas!

  6. Minniemack says:

    What an amazing attitude toward sharing :-))

  7. Alyson says:

    Alice, I changed my mind on my grandala square cushion. I’ve decided to do this one in white and then make a mate in black. Either way, the neon colors I chose are a beautiful explosion! Also, I am traveling to my in-laws’ this weekend for an early Christmas, and I think I am going to ask my mother-in-law to teach me to knit. Your cardigan inspired me to give it a try!

  8. Pammy Sue says:

    Hi Alice! Thanks for your comment on the yarn doily. I wrote up the pattern and it’s being tested now. Should be up very soon!

    Can’t wait to see the finished teapot cozy. It looks like it’s going to be gorgeous.

    Love & hugs…

  9. Sara says:

    Hi Alice. So nice of you to mention Tangled Happy in your post today! I have had some new visitors thanks to you. And so pleased to hear my post brought a little joy to your week!🙂 I have to tell you it is very strange to me when you refer to Christmas and summer in the same paragraph. It is always cold here at Christmas and I can’t imagine it any other way. But I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. It is getting so cold here!

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