A day at the markets….


How does the saying go?  “Red at night, shepherd’s delight, red at dawning, shepherd’s warning?” Something along those lines….. Being that we were off to the markets today, I was pleased with last night’s sky…. a beautiful pink sunset and a tiny toe clipping moon…  This morning was beautiful, right from the beginning when I dragged poor KB out of bed at 6am to make the weekly trip to the vege market, then back home for some desperately needed coffees before heading out again at 8am for the Khandallah markets.

Khandallah is one of Wellington’s more affluent suburbs, and yay for the market being on a Sunday when I’m not working!  So my friend and I set up shop and I settled in for a long day in the beautiful sunshine!

I was selling my handsewn felt badges as usual, plus some knits of Mum’s and my own…. no surprises that the knits didn’t sell as we were coming into summer!  But my stall was probably the brightest one there and that  makes me pretty pleased!

For once I didn’t buy much… usually I’ll spend like mad at markets, but this one was quite small in terms of fun handcrafted goodies…. Wellington markets have changed a lot over the last few years, I was discussing it with some other stall holders…. people used to love handmade wares, but now hold a different attitude along the lines of “you want $10 for something you MADE???!!!”  I find it amusing that people will buy the same badge in a shop for $25, but leave it at a market for $10…. the recession over the last few years has changed people’s attitudes towards money and what they deem valuable in a big way….. not to worry too much though!  My badges are still well appreciated, we had a great day and are feeling pretty abundant now!

I wanted to buy this….

This is made by the Driftwood Guy… you can google him and find his cool stuff!  He’s at all the markets and is incredibly talented, his driftwood animals are almost alive in terms of personality and I always want to buy this dog for my Dad….

My one purchase today was for my Dad…. three packets of heirloom seeds sold by an awesome couple who had all sorts of fun things!  Read the labels…. have you ever eaten purple carrots?

So much thanks to the weather angels and the abundance faeries!  And also the girls at the stall next to us for providing me with sunblock!

So it was two weeks until christmas yesterday…. and I have to admit, I’m getting a bit excited…. the shop I work at is getting busier and christmas trees are for sale all over the place…. I’m feeling the Christmas tingle that happens, when life suddenly speeds up, but that’s OK because Christmas and much celebration is going to happen, and then hopefully a long, hot summer holiday.

I absolutely loved the christmas decorations that the gorgeous Lucy (need I say from Attic24!) just gave us lucky people the pattern for, and knew that I’d have to have a go at some of them, being that I love mandalas so much!

I picked the most festive colours I could that didn’t involve red, white and green….

And on my friday morning off, whipped up a set of six beautiful decorations which I love very much!

So thank you lovely Lucy, for sharing yet another beautiful creation with us!  I’m loving seeing so many popping up on other blogs, it’s fun to see how people interpret a pattern and give it their own personal spin.

Now I need some important advice from all of you… I have decided that I might just knit myself my first cardigan and I was flicking through a knitting magazine which my lovely colleague gave to me and found this…. now have a look and then read the changes I’m planning, then try to imagine what the cardigan will look like, and let me know what you think!

OK so changes:

1.  I won’t be putting that fuggly ribbon on it, I’ll find a groovy toggle or something similar…

2.  I’ll flag the garter stitch bottoms because I’m not a fan of the garter stitch edge, and in this pattern it makes the cardigan look a bit like a Santa jacket

3.  I’ll leave the collar because I don’t think it will suit me, but crochet around the edge and do something a bit fancier and quirkier which will suit my style, like picot in a similar colour, or the same….

I’m thinking about this colour which will be fun and this Perendale wool is inexpensive and knits beautifully….

It seems as I type this, that I don’t really like the cardigan so am going to change it all around, but what I DO like is the raglan style and the nice long sleeves…. it looks like a nice easy one to begin with and I’m quite excited.

So what do you all think?  Be honest now.

OK then lovelies!  I’m off for a shower to wash the sticky, hot sunny day off, then get some much needed sleep!  KB has succumbed to a nap on the day bed already after the day’s activities and I think I need to follow her lead!

Wishing you much happiness and joy for the week ahead!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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31 Responses to A day at the markets….

  1. Clara says:

    Thought you ought to have a peek here in case you have not seen it yet! Great post and glad Raymond is on the mend! Scroll down under the coaster set to see your mention!


  2. teegan says:

    Hello! I have just unsubscribed to your posts and I’m worried wordpress will tell you this and you will think I didn’t enjoy your blog. I love your blog, it’s just that I have decided to actually come to the blog to read your posts. I get notified of when you post through my own blog so I don’t miss anything. I really like your colour choices for the attic24 decorations. Hope you don’t mind if I have a go at making some in similar colours to gift for christmas.

  3. Joya Roy says:

    “Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning. Red skies at night, sailors delight.”
    That’s how I remember it anyway. 🙂

  4. Denise says:

    We always said sailors, but I could how in NZ would be shepards. Glad you had a fun day. Handmade things don’t have much value to people here in the US for a few decades. All the craft fairs I’ve been people gather around the jewelry and incense booths. It’s sad really.

    Looking forward to watching you work on that sweater. I don’t much care for the garter stitch border either. I usually like a seed or a moss stitch border for something like that.

  5. Planet Penny says:

    Yes, you obviously have exactly the same problems when selling as I was complaining about the other day! I do love the idea of the cardi with your changes and like Denise, I would prefer a moss stitch border to the garter stitch. Penny x

  6. marigold jam says:

    Here in UK I have always said shepherds too although of course for a tiny island like ours sailors would also be very appropriate. Love your little decorations – must have a go at some myself and I like the colours you have used. I’m with the others in using moss stitch rather than garter but do check your tension first as I did this once and the border was way too wide.


  7. Fiff says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to tell you that yes, i have eaten purple carrots. My dad grows some carrots, and one year he had the purple one as well🙂 They look kind of black…and when you peel them they’re orange🙂 Now you now what to expect (if it’s the same kind). We have a very cold and white winter here (lovely), so it’s a bit strange to se your summer-pictures! Nice decorations btw

  8. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful and so well made!
    I think your jacket is going to be wonderful with the changes you make!
    Have a lovely week! Teje

  9. where to buy the best gifts for christmas? i want to buy something that is online..so i can save my time.

  10. Debra says:

    Hi Alice. I love the look and sound of the cardi you are intending on knitting with your additional changes and the cherry colour wool is fab. Look forward to seeing the finished article at some point in the future. At least you have given yourself all summer to knit it up, so if you do get that ‘fed up with this’ feeling it will still be done by the time you need it! Good planning! I keep thinking about making myself a garment but have yet to find the courage to go for it. I know the worst that can happen is a lot of frogging, but I’m not there yet. I am feeling more tempted to get the knitting needles out again after reading about your latest knitting projects; and there lies a conundrum – do I knit myself a cardi or do I crochet it?

  11. Carol says:

    Hi there!
    I subscribed a while ago to your blog and I just adore it =^.^=

    I loved the cardigan just the way it is shown, but I would change that garter stitch too… I prefer garter stitch or something similar.

    I definetly adored the color you picked up!

  12. Hahnsmum . says:

    l wish you werent so far away , so`s l could give yr beaut stall the ”once over” & buy some cute things.. We were taught growing up ((but then l am from the dark ages !!! )), Rainbow in the morning-Shepherds Warning.
    Rainbow at night- Shepherds delight..
    So there you go, another version.. Oh yes, LOVE that doggie made from driftwood.. Keep up the great blog so`s old granny here has something beaut to read every day or so..
    Best Wishes,
    Pam Clarke..
    New England..NSW..OZ..

  13. Siobhan says:

    Hi Alice! Love your Christmas decorations and your stall looks really lovely – aren’t you supposed to be a beginnnerish knitter? Your work is beautiful! I would definitely buy it. Isn’t it mad how funny some people are about hand made (prefer hand crafted). Do they not realise that it costs more to make than to buy a lot of the time, and the skill involved? Wish I could do the gardening thing but I just can’t, for some reason. Animals yes, plants no!
    The cardie: love the colour you’ve chosen, perfect in fact. Collar could work, but on balance, yes do leave it out. Raglan nice, length good, plans for edging sound interesting (always love knitting with crochet anyway). However, just a little bit worried about the bottom border (I do get the Father Christmas association, but is that just as much to do with the colour used in the picture?). It probably stops it from curling up. Probably a couple of rows would still do the trick – or maybe a different solution for that? Someone has suggested using a different stitch – but maybe it is the border itself you really don’t like? Perhaps ribbing? that would be nice.

  14. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, Gosh I have missed you. So ok, I just typed a huge post to you, my computer rejected me and so I have lost the post. lol, lucky you, less reading. Will take the hint and keep it short(er) this time. I love your changes for the cardi, and look forward to seeing your completed project. It looks very cosy.

    We are excited about Christmas as well, holidays begin in 4 sleeps time and I so look forward to long lazy days with my 2 darling boys.

    Re the markets, it must be the same in alot of places, handmade items are becoming less around these parts too, and it’s very sad for me for a few reasons. People will stop making them and doing markets, and it also then gives over to the big chain stores stocking their mass produced crap that I so dislike. Chatting to the stall holders would have to be the most wonderful part of visiting the markets and meeting the very talented people that are so creative.

    As for gay, yes, I have heard this expression at school and think it’s rather quite funny. Cause when I grew up ‘gay’ did and as far as I am concerned still means ‘happy’. Enid Blyton books that I still love so much caused some controversy because of her use of words – pah! ridiculous. I have 2 x siblings and many friends who are. My brothers both have the most wonderful partners, and I am very proud of them and love them dearly. I have little tolerance of anyone who is negative and disrespectful to another human or animal in any way, whether it be sexuality, religion, or whatever else bothers these bored/rude people. I just don’t understand why people don’t mind their own business.

    oh and apparently I am ‘straight’ – whatever that is supposed to mean. Sounds a bit predictable and ‘boxed in’ to me.

    Thanks for your lovely post, have a wonderful week at your place.

  15. Joyce says:

    oh gosh, hullo again Alice, I do hope I have not offended anyone or said anything ‘out of line’ here. Please, if you don’t like my post, delete it, this is your blog after all and I tend to not be able to stop once I begin. Bless.

  16. Casey says:

    lovely decorations! I might whip up a couple if I can’t find another pattern I like better for my kids Christmas ornaments this year🙂 They’ll be in the typical ‘red, green and white’ though! lol

    I really think that cardigan you want to make is going to look lovely! I like that you don’t want the ribbon

  17. Louise says:

    LOVE the changes you are making to the cardigan, I am certain it will work out perfectly as your explanations for making the changes make so much sense! Beautiful decorations you’ve made, wish I had time to make some before Christmas.

  18. Robin says:

    Hi Alice, Love your post and that sweater. I do love all your changes, although for me I like the one shown too. But I’m a huge fan of clips and clasps so a toggle would be fun. Great blue shade…..it looks like a fun easy pattern. Good luck! I can’t imagine anything you make not being GREAT!! Have a good day, Robin❤

  19. Kate says:

    Glad to read your market day was so gorgeous! Is it odd that I would like the presents you are getting for your dad; heirloom seeds are pretty cool and the driftwood dog is just amazing!
    Your tweaks to the pattern will bring that cardi to a good place, how liberating to be able to
    chop and change patterns to get to a garment that is just right for you. Happy knitting,

  20. Elaine says:

    well done on your market success – you know my opinion on the meaness of people when it comes to handmade! Still can’t get my head around Christmas meaning long hot summers, isn’t it amazing how blogging can unite people from the other side of the world! I like the cardi a lot, and being a bow fan, would leave the ribbon on!! Wishing you a wonderful build up to Christmas Alice – Elaine xx

  21. Jill says:

    I’ve enjoyed my first visit to your colourful blog. The market in the warm sunshine sounds lovely. Best wishes Jillx

  22. Jenni@Baame Kniits says:

    Love the Xmas deccies! I like that style of cardi too but like you without all the extras. Did you see the Tea leaves cardi? Kate over at Foxs Lane finished it recently and she is a new knitter so you would be able to manage it… It’s knitted in the round too I think!!! Work regards to prev post which I couldn’t comm on self esteem=for me. Yoga, training horses, blog buddies. I am shocked at the body image in the city, the pressure to look right is very obvious and sad. As someone who has suffered until recently with fat issues this really hit home how happy I am in my skin🙂. Tell Raymondo aunty Jenni sends healing hugs. xx

  23. sandiart says:

    Love the color and cardi nad I am with all on the bands. I do like the collar as it is quite small and neat, so to me its not too intrusive, but it’s as you say, if you think it won’t suit you then don’t do it.
    Yes my market was not a great success and my friend went back a second time and it was even worse, and here’s me thinking that handmade was becoming more appreciated especially when you are offering things that you cannot buy in shops – re your kimono jacket. Go figure!!
    xx Sandi

  24. penelope dubois says:

    I just posted on the wrong area! Anyway, again, I will say that I simply love that cardigan. I would do without the ribbon and keep the collar and do seed stitch also on the sleeves. Would the pattern be available? How about a KAL?

  25. Sara says:

    LOL!!! Sound like you will pretty much be starting from scratch.🙂

  26. Pati says:

    Hi Alice! It sounds to me that you have a clear idea of what you want to do with that cardi already!!! I don’t know a lot about knitting but the idea of mixing it with a few crochet motifs sounds interesting.
    It’s great to see your lovely weather over there… here is freezing and I’m much more of a summer person! Have a nice week! Pati from London x

  27. Melissa says:

    Hello Alice! Just popped in to catch up. Glad to hear Raymond is doing better. There’s not much worst than a sick kitty. I’m sure that your stall at market was brimming with beauty, color and good vibes and I like what you want to do with the sweater – I agree about the garter stitch Santa look. The color you picked is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  28. Penelope says:

    Hey Alice
    So glad your market went well, good for you on going out there and showing thejoy of handmade goodness and don’t under price anything you make, it’s not worth selling for less than cost in resources and TIME !!! It makes me mad when people find out you can knit/crochet and they start “putting their orders in” thinking you can just whip it up in no time and for very little! OK rant over… I love the colour for your pattern and think a pretty picot crochet edgewould look superb, so go for it….. xxxxxxP

  29. Sheila A. says:

    I just love coming in here. The colors, words, observations, pictures, projects, inspiration… it’s like a secret muffin recipe for your soul🙂 So yummy AND good for you!

  30. kiwiyarns says:

    What gorgeous Christmas decorations! well done. I can see why you like the cardi – it’s a good style. Your changes sound like they’d suit you very well.

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