That’s soooooooo GAY!!!


How many of you out there have teenagers or young people who say “that’s sooooooooo gay” about things they think are dumb?  I had never heard of it until I met KB’s nieces about three years ago when they were aged 10 and 13.  About 100 times a day they would utter that phrase about anything they thought was lame, stink or stupid, and about 100 times a day, we would ask them to clarify what they exactly meant by the word “gay”…..  which drove them a little crazy!  Maybe this is just something that teens in New Zealand say…. if it is, you’ll possibly have no idea what this post is about!  (Sorry)

I would just like to offer the opportunity here, for people who are not comfortable with “GAY-ness” to probably skip this post, I know that there is a large part of society who struggle with the life choices of others as it goes against their personal or religious beliefs, and that’s (sad) OK, but please know that this post is about having a bit of fun with “gay”….. I’m having a laugh and I hope you do too!

It’s funny how words change over time isn’t it?  KB and I were in the op shop this morning and found a stack of retro craft magazines….

Gay rugs!!!  I checked the date on the magazine and found that it was printed in 1973…. now in 1973 homosexuality was still illegal (sad sad sad) so I’m 100% positive that these rugs were not especially for gay people’s homes… or a little too fond of each other (nudge nudge)…. and being that “gay” was still at this time “happy,” so had not changed into “stupid.”

I kept looking through the pile and found another!

A collection of gay puppets!  This I had to see…..

OK, so it’s 1973 still, but I think the magazine publishers were having a little laugh here…. gay puppets indeed… in fact to be more specific, they look like a little gang of butch and femme lesbians…. see that one with the short blonde hair and the scarf?  A little too Ellen DeGeneres if you ask me, plus, that one on the right with the bow tie looks remarkably like KB, but you’ll have to take my word on that one…..

So the word “gay” became “gay” and has become “gay” and to tell you the truth, I just don’t dig it…. homophobia is rife in our society and even though more and more hetrosexual people accept gay people, there is a long way to go before we reach equality, if that can ever happen.  Homosexuality was a classifiable mental disorder until 1987 (I diagnose you with schizophrenia, and YOU with homosexuality… yes… it’s true) and even though young people are using the word “gay” innocently, as they have no clue of what generations before them suffered by being “gay” it creates stigma.  A friend of mine made me laugh when he told me that at the University in Wellington, the gay rights group there were pushing a new trend of saying “that’s so hetro” (using a disgusted tone when saying hetro) which, if you say it, certainly sounds discriminating.

So, I’ve said that I don’t use the word “gay” to describe ugly things…. but if I DID, I would certainly be using it here….

A festive granny square top!


Don’t get me wrong, I am president of the granny square fan club, but that is taking things a bit far….

Want to take it further?

Add a fringe…..

*sigh*  That’s enough from those magazines!  They’re headed back to the op shop after a little feature here on Crochet with Raymond!

Onto things that are not “gay,” “gay” or “gay”….. I finished my second Raglan sweater finally!

It is knitted with Stitch Nation wool which was so lovely and snuggly to work with, and soooooooo warm… I had it on my lap and it has super thermal powers for sure!  I whipped up a wee motif from Edie Eckman’s “crochet motif” book…

Which is actually quite festive don’t you think!

Then I made a cutie matching beanie in green, to ensure maximum snugglyness next winter…..

I’m getting a bit clucky making all of these little clothes, but then I remember that if I had a baby I wouldn’t have time to knit the little clothes and give myself a slap on each cheek (“get yourself back into reality woman!” I say to myself) and pick my next pattern!

Speaking of my next pattern…. I’ll show you tomorrow!

I hope you’ve had some laughs today and a bit of fun, wishing you much love and many wonderful things,


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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44 Responses to That’s soooooooo GAY!!!

  1. Bianca says:

    hahha!!! my grandma still doesn’t understand the connotations of the word gay have changed since her day.
    My little brother (gay) (little as in 27, as in, just littler than me) and I have a private joke whereby I call him a fag when he is being overtly ‘precious’ a personal joke between the two of us that makes everyone else intensely uncomfortable. (something we find intensely humerous) I know people who don’t know ‘us’ and understand how close we are (and know that if anyone else called him that in my earshot would risk serious bodily harm) could find it offensive. There is a real power in words. Even more power in the way with which we choose to use them. A little less hate, a little less seriousness would lower the blood pressure of the world i say. I also say that granny square cardigan is gay. Tip toe through the tulips gay. I have a very similar patttern circa 1970’s that is a full dress!!! I will have to share!

    Loving the raglans!
    Take care!


  2. Denise says:

    I remember looking at magazines from the early 70’s when those things were considered hip. Yeah, I’m that old.

    I’m a live and let live type of person and I really don’t like labels. Teens say that in US too.

    Ok, I’m going to reveal something here. Back in the 80’s rainbows and unicorns were popular with the teen girls in my area. My MIL made me a plastic canvas rainbow key chain, coasters and a tissue box. Somewhere along the way I lost them.

    Fast forward to 2000 and I find that rainbow pattern book on ebay. When it came in the mail, my sister and her friend (who is a lesbian)(teens, 17) were there. The friend started harassing me that because I like rainbows, I’m secretly lesbian and I need to just come out. Pretty much if I wasn’t I had to give up rainbows because lesbians now owned them. My reaction was seriously? I have to stop liking something I like for over 20+ years because it was now claimed.

    I still like rainbows and I have nothing against lesbians. I really believe there is more to people than their sexuality, color, religion etc.

    Hope I didn’t offend you, I didn’t mean to.

  3. Denise says:

    Oh and you did a great job on that second sweater. Did you block that one?

  4. bloss90 says:

    Teens say the same phrase here. It drive me nuts & I drive them nuts when I say back to them that it must be happy! Now having said that, the granny square vest is so gay!
    The little raglan sweater is cute! I can see why it would make you clucky! Wake up woman! Wake up NOW! You can’t deprive yourself of all that enjoyable knitting time!

  5. Marla says:

    When I was a kid, gay still meant “Happy”…. now it has a number of meanings. My only comments on the subject…..

    Great job on that sweater!! The hat an sweater are so cute!

  6. Peeriemoot says:

    Ah, tht bugs me too! Teenagers here (Scotland) say ‘that’s so gay’ too – seems like a (English-speaking) worldwide niggle.. I don’t think that the majority of times it’s actually meant to connote gay as in sexuality any more (though I’m sure it was initially), as you say it’s often used quite innocently but it’s just so overused! Bloody teenagers, eh😀.

  7. Minniemack says:

    No offense to young people, but as far as I’ve heard, it’s young people who use the word gay to mean lame, but it’s not new–it goes back at least 15 years. I guess it must be still in use, because there are public service ads on TV where Wanda Sikes chews out some young people for using it. It is used with fairly wild abandon among all kinds of people to mean feminine, or things women (and I guess gay men) tend to enjoy. In 1973, in the US, at least, I can imagine that gay rugs or puppets were just fun, light-hearted, and that no offense to gays was intended.

  8. Kate says:

    Ha, ha. I love the little Ellen puppet, and kb was famously gay even way back then, who knew?
    I too find the word gay common(teens) here in australia and it bloody annoys me. I recently did some craft workshops with teens and made quite a few observations. Negative or mean and critical attitudes go hand in hand with the use of those kind of words (retard, lame, spaz, gay)
    Whenever anyone used one it was to put another person down, who was being creative or expressing difference. I simply have never let my kids talk like that, ever. I had the UN bill of rights up above the kitchen table and always instructed my kids that words (and hands) are not for
    hurting. They are best buddies and very creative and most encouraging for me is that they really nurture eachother. And I guess that is the saddest thing- while anyone is practicing putting someone else down, they are missing the opportunity to learn how to be gentle on others and themselves.

  9. lovestitch says:

    Oh la la!!! Alice, you never stop to inspire me! So beautiful, love the raglan sweater! I also have this Edie Eckman book, but have not tried this motif, you make it awesome! The hat looks super cute!!!!

  10. sandiart says:

    Yes my daughter used to use that word, and I would always correct her, she also used a lot of sarcasm, which I cannot tolerate. I get a bit on my soap box regarding the rights of homosexuals, who in this world is so perfect that they can judge anothers life choice, as long as its not hurting anyone. There are a lot more important things in life to be focused on……love, happiness, abundance, tolerance etc. etc.
    Now I am loving crochet more and more, however I’m not liking that top!!! I had a crochet bikini in bright yellow/orange (puke) when I was a teenager, it stretched when it got wet….oops!
    Love the little jumper and hat, so cute, and the motif.
    x Sandi

  11. Sue says:

    My teenagers use the word ‘gay’ to mean anything lame, stupid, not cool as well. it certainly isn’t an NZ only thing -I thought it was a UK only thing. It drives us insane. Our 13 year old is the worst culprit. My husband had a real go at him about it recently and said ‘how do you think it makes gay people feel when they hear the word being used in such a negative way?’ , ‘maybe we should start using the word Tom (his name) for things that are a bit rubbish?’ He took the point but it still slips out. The thing is he is completely accepting of the gay people he knows and he really doesn’t connect the two. It still drives me mad though.

    I had a waistcoat made of granny squares when I was a child. Not to mention several crocheted ponchos- thanks mum! Anyone in the UK remember Golden Hands magazines?

  12. Andrea says:

    Love the post Alice! In my circle of friends, which includes people of all sexual persuasions, the word ‘gay’ is used to describe something very ‘camp’, or overtly ‘feminine’ or glitzy etc; for example those little garden tools with floral handles were described by a gay friend as ‘gay’. It is used in a very knowing, funny way. I wasn’t aware that the word was used to describe something lame….mmm not good. During my academic years, when I was submerged in feminist theory, I learned that we are limited by our language and that labels do constrain and constrict us. But target groups most often adopt and ‘reclaim’ words intended as abusive and defuse them with humour and/or power…such as ‘gay’. I think lesbian women have it harder in some ways in that they have to battle with stereotypical and often sexist views of women (as all women do) as well as homophobia…….gawd
    PS Love the little jumper by the way! x

  13. marigold jam says:

    Have to admit IU haven’t heard the word gay used in that way but then I don’t converse with many teenagers these days. When I was a teenager it was square that was the word used for anything not hip!! I have a pattern for a full length cost made from granny squares which I wanted to make but never did – never will unless that sort of thing comes back into fashion. Love your little jumper and that motif is great on the front shall you put a pink one on the little green hat?! I like some of your other visitors am all for live and let live as long as what a person does isn’t harming anyone else and find it very odd that so many people are homophobic even in these more enlightened times – is it fear that makes them so do you think. Do they think it is infectious or something. It is worse to try and hide it as one of my friend’s daughter’s husband did and he caused so much unhappiness by trying to be what he was not both to his wife (friend’s daughter) his children and himself and even now his parents will not accept the reason for the marriage breakup. “This above all – to thine own self be true” I’d say!


  14. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh I hate that phrase “that’s sooooo gay”! It’s so nasty. If my kids came out with that I would hit the roof. I hate when my daughter raises her voice at the end of a sentence to make everything sound like a question???? But at least it’s only offensive to my ears and not to other people.
    Loving the photos of the magazines. I have an old craft book that was my Grans that has a pattern to knit a swimsuit!!!!! Two things that just don’t go together wool and water. eeeeeuuuuuwwwww can you imagine?
    Raglan sweater is gorgeous by the way! We could use some super cosy in UK right now it’s -8 here. xxxxx

  15. Ainara says:

    Hy Alice!
    I vome from the north os Sapain (not the most liberal country) and I think that things are changing fast here and I tell you why: I´ve never heard that terrible expresion here and on the other hand. I´m a science teacher and I work with tennagers between 16 and 18 yerasr old. I have few students that are gays and they don´t have any problem with that, everybody knows that and it´s not a problem in our class. Furthermore, mores than a problem sometimes and depending on the subject their point of view, more liberal, helps the others to understand differents points of view. I think “gayness” (does this word exist?) won´t be a problem for the new generations.
    I spent 2 weeks in New Zealand 2 years ago and I thoght it was quite a liberal country! (despite a incredible-fantastic-amazing one)

    Ah! Thanks for your wonderfull blog, is nice to see your creations fulls of colour. I also have 2 cats (Txankla and Zapato) and I think there´s a big conection between cats and crochet, because I never knew how to crochet till I had my cats, andd all the great crocheters I´ve seen in internet have cats!
    A big hug for you and Raymond!

  16. Louise says:

    Oh Alice, I have a bit of a thing for retro granny, well any kind of crochet patterns. Man they were uuuuugleeeeee!!! The kids in the Midlands of UK were using that saying 10 years ago. As we moved around the country I used to collect regional sayings from the kids I taught that meant the same thing.The thing I realised is that they are not giving much thought to the words. If they did, would they act differently?

  17. Siobhan says:

    Loving the little jumper – glad you found such a pretty use for your little motif; they are great to look at and make but eventually you have to either stop or do something with them. Love the colours!
    The word gay; well it certainly has changed is usage over the years. Those who now use it to denote something is rubbish or bad are often too young to know what they are saying – it IS just a word to some of them. Older teenagers I think know full well what the connotations are – they know how it came to be used to describe something as rubbish or not very good. As time goes on, hopefully it will not have those connotations attached, because those views will no longer be held – not holding my breath though. I don’t like it because I believe it came about from people thinking that being gay (in the sexual sense) is a negative thing and so it’s origins, even if well removed for many people are pejorative. Most offensive words are inoffensive by themselves – it’s the meanings, which change and/or get added to over years. Sometimes things get so bad that people come up with new words to replace the offending old one but if people have the same negative thoughts it will just take on the meaning and negativity and offensiveness of the old one. Evolving language is interesting and can be fun too but when it shelters or camouflages societies hang ups it gives bigots a canopy to hide under. There are still people around who will argue that words are not offensive by refusing to see that it upsets people. An example would be shortened names for people who come from different countries. This can be very friendly and affectionate for some nationalities and no one minds at all. Do the same for other countries and it is different. It starts off as an abbreviation just the same but it becomes a term of abusive because of the hatred behind the usage of it. Then people throw it back and say ‘it’s just a word – why is it so offensive’? I guess it’s because words are how we communicate – they are pretty much all we have and can make life pretty miserable if we use them unwisely or harshly. There are words I do not like and try not to use and hear all the time. I suppose that is all we can do – keep our own words in order!

  18. Terrie says:

    *Raises hand in shame* I have got to admitt we used to say that Oooooo around 20 years ago. It was pure ignorance on my part. Being older and wiser now I can see how offensive it is and am hugely embarressed about how flippantly I used the phrase. In my house I have tried to educate my children, I am as honest and open as possible with them. To be honest I think it has paid off so far as my son recently came out to me (I am the first person he has told) and I love that he felt comfortable with talking to me about it. I do worry about homophobia for him though. It’s very sad that there are still people around who can’t get their heads around other peoples sexuality. I guess it makes me that little bit more protective of him and I will fight homophobia vehemently. I think for the most part, education is key.

    Ohh I love that jumper Alice! What size is it?

  19. Pati says:

    What a gorgeous jumper Alice!! You are a fast knitter, woman!! I love the fact that you’ve added a crochet motif on it and love the colour combo with the hat. Am a Spaniard living in London and perhaps because I don’t deal with teenagers at all, I haven’t heard the expression before. When I was younger and was studying English, I did learn at school that the original meaning of the word gay was “happy” or “cheerful”, though! I believe that teenagers probably don’t think too much of the real literal meaning of what they are saying when they used that expression. We do have some expressions in Spanish that are racist (Example: me pone negra – literally: it’s making me black, but meaning, it’s driving me nuts). They are old fashioned and linked to the daily usage of the language so when one says them, one doesn’t really mean them in the literal sense but if you really think about them, you do feel bad about saying them… I think you have similar sayings in English, don’t you?
    I love your blog and your creations… that granny tea cosy you made recently was gorgeous!! Have a lovely sunny day in NZ. London is gloomy and grey today and my kids are sick in bed so not great fun but your post put a smile on my face and I love the old fashioned crochet books… some of the creations are hillarious. Pati x

  20. Ruth says:

    I do think it’s sad how a word has gone from meaning something that is happy and jolly to a completely different connotation and it’s not a word I like personally. I’m astounded and amazed about your comment that the practice of diagnosing one person with schizophrenia, and one with homosexuality has gone on – I can’t get my head around that at all – it just shows you how narrow minded the world is where matters of sexuality are concerned.

    My daughter who is 10 came home from school yesterday saying that some of the kids were saying that other kids were faggots (this is a term that I know to describe a gay man in the UK) but the kids were saying it was a person with duck testicles (?) Go figure that one?! I actually told her that it was a type of food (which it is here in the UK) but I did also tell her the other meaning and explained that the use of such words really is wrong – especially if you don’t understand what they mean in the first place. For me, if you can educate your children how to address their own and other people’s sexuality and to accept that the world is a huge, diverse place to live in and that we should be accept everyone for what they are and stand for then you can only hope that your children grow to be the type of person that can then educate the next generation and so on. 🙂

  21. Debra says:

    Hello Alice. I’m now conscious of the fact that I used the word ‘gay’ in a recent blog post, without giving a thought to what it may mean these days. I meant it as ‘happy’ but now realise just how it can be interpreted in other ways. Naiive or what?! This not-quite-half-centurian has a lot of catching up to do!!!!!!!!

    Loved the raglan sweater. Such a fabulous colour and with the green beanie makes for a fab outfit. Debs xx

  22. Right on, Alice!! I also hate it when young people say, ‘that’s so gay’. Words can be so hurtful when they have multiple meanings and people just don’t recognize it sometimes. (Although, I have to admit, I miiiight be interested in a gay rug ;D !) I also meant to comment on your post about gender yesterday (I am totally with you on that one), but I’m carpooling now, and my time is so limited in the morning!
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. LOL my brother made himself a granny vest in the 70’s, I can still picture him sitting on the bus on the way to school (public transport) merrily crocheting away. His vest was Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gold yellow!!!!! I wonder if he remembers it??? I will have to ask him, I’m seeing him in 2 days 🙂

  24. Nancy says:

    Wow I haven’t heard that phrase since I was a kid! I am in the USA, I grew up in Pennsylvania and when I was a kid in the 70’s we all said “that’s so gay!” Or “you are so gay!” And it meant stupid or dumb or something along those lines! It wasn’t until after high school that I knew the ‘other’ meaning of gay when my best friend told me he was gay! My daughter is 12 now and I’ve never heard that saying from her or her friends, so it must have gone out with the 80’s here!

    That sweater is just gorgeous Alice! Makes me wish I could knit! And I love the color!!!
    (burried in snowy NY!)

  25. The crochet vest is very tacky.

  26. I assure you , teenagers the world over say it. And I try to teach my students that it’s not an okay phrase to use. My brother is gay, and we laugh over how often that phrase is used… I mean, seriously, who sat down and decided THAT’S the phrase of the decade? When did the word in the dictionary (which means happy and joyful) turn into a derogatory comment?!? Who are we allowing to twist the English language? Teenagers?! Nah, I say. Nah. Let’s take back the English language and make proper use of it.

  27. Gail says:

    Alice, Hi I am new to your blog, saw the link on the Quince tree, I have just started my own blog. Your crochet is fabulous looking I love the bright colors! Also the gay thing is everywhere I have 4 kids oldest 16 youngest 5 and if the word gay is mentioned they all giggle. Anyone on the telly or in magazines that looks odd to them is gay, if its stupid its gay and it goes on. Those magazine pics made me laugh, I think I have an old crochet book passed on from someone, and if I remember right there are some pics to give you side ache, I shall have to did it out. But if the kids get a look they will declare it gay! Ah well.

    • Gail says:

      I left a comment earlier and hope I didn’t sound to casual about the word gay being thrown around by the younger generation. I grew up in the 70’s-80’s and it didn’t mean what it does today. We have talked to our kids about the meaning of the word, todays meanining and how it was meant in the past. Kids will say it in school, playgrounds or where-ever. We can only hope that by talking about these things and getting them out in the open that we can make our children open minded and more accepting of others.

  28. Casey says:

    I remember people using that phrase when we were all younger, I think that kids use it because they don’t really see how it can actually hurt people and they don’t know that it has to do with sexuality. Not that some of the kids don’t use it to hurt others, but I think for the most part it’s just a kid thing. If I ever hear any of my children use it though, I will be sitting them down to let them know that it’s not right. Sadly, I don’t think I’m too far from it with the way kids are at my daughter’s school and she’s only 6!

    I love that sweater and the motif you added! it’s super cute!! I really need to get that book, there’s so many motifs I’ve seen around that I want to make.

  29. Melissa says:

    I think I’m going to have my boys read this post. They are of “that” age and sometimes throw words around when they shouldn’t. I told them the world has enough hate that I’m not raising a couple of homophobic punks. Then they found out that there are family members and friends (male & female), whom they like and admire, that are gay. That made them think and then car guy told the boys he was a lesbian….Wish you could have seen their faces! I could so get on my soap box about this, but I’m not going to. I’m only going to say that if you make that vest with or without fringe, we might have to come and take away your hooks and I happen to love granny squares. Those are an insult to all granny squares…ugh. The sweater, on the other hand, is absolutely adorable! Nice work!

  30. How did we get to use the word ‘gay’ in that way? Is it from Polari or what? I think it’s a real shame we have ‘lost’ a good word for describing bright and happy things… or maybe it still does?

  31. Maria says:

    Kids in Australia used to have that saying to – well over 15 years ago. And to add another meaning to the word – my grandmothers surname was “GAY” and my sister has “Gay” as a middle name.
    I love all the connatations for such a small word !!!! ☺ ☺ ☺

  32. iamteocalli says:

    Certainly was sooooo delightful reading your post! Gay and happy your posts make me feel!!!! May you, KB and Raymond have infinite gay ( I mean HAPPY ) moments forever!!!!! Love you guys!!!!

  33. jo says:

    hi, i just receently discovered your blog and enjoy it very, very much.
    here in germany kids use the term as well, it´s “schwul” pronounced “shwool”. even my sons who have amongst their friends all kinds of people – as far as race, religion, color and/or sexual preference – use it without thinking. but if you think that´s bad: for about the last 20 years (or longer?) the term “geil” pronounced “gyle” is used for stuff that´s cool, outstanding or excellent, even by adults (like me). it means horny! ahhhhh, language. i´m keeping up the struggle with my kids though! frosty greetings from snowed-in germany, xo, jo

  34. Sarah says:

    I am guilty of using the term gay to describe things that I think are silly or lame! I suppose it can be construed as an insult, a bit like calling someone you don’t like “fat” even if they aren’t (especially if they aren’t!)
    But really, I do find the term fits perfectly, and as an owner of a couple of those handicraft mags, I know that the expression just works lol
    And as for genetic structure, I don’t care if someone is gay, straight, Asian, Indian etc etc…..if they are good decent people they are OK in my book!
    Looking forward to your next colourful post!

  35. Jus says:

    Hello petal, how lovely to meet you! Thanks very much for your comment, I too get very excited when I come across a fellow Kiwi blogger. I’m in Auckland on the North Shore so have my pick of beaches, however my go to beach is always Long Bay… do you know it?
    I quite like the gay puppets… especially the one at the back who looks like Kathy Griffen, however I do agree that using the word gay to denote stupidity is pants. I also dislike intensely the way my teenagers randomly throw the word Oi in at the end of a sentence. x

  36. Pssssst…I dont care about if someone is gay or not ….I knew right when I got to your blog…..It says so on the very top right. I am ok with it …
    I thought it was funny that it was plain as day. I even wrote about your blog on my blog…..I love your crochet stuff, and the color choices you use are scrumptous.
    I love new and interesting blogs and yours is one of them…

  37. Monica says:

    Great post and great job, Alice!🙂

  38. Cathy says:

    I think,with the puppets, “gay” clearly means ” over lipsticked, zombie eyed , bad hair day”!!:P
    The new use of “gay” I see/hear a lot with teenagers here in the UK, I have put a stop to my daughter using it; mostly because it is offensive, but also because using some latest trend word is a sad excuse for self expression or description! I just kept on asking her what she actually meant about whatever she was describing, until she gave up on the stupid undescriptive words!
    She also uses “chav” for anything very fashionable( clothes/ hair /makeup) or just things she doesnt happen to like!

  39. Hahnsmum . says:

    l have only just returned home from hosp visit for hubby at Sydney..Had withdrawals all week not having a puter with me.. Firstly yr little jumper is really nice..And the granny square vest-jumper thing..OMG..l LOVE crochet & actually was finishing off my scrappy granny square rug whilst in Sydney..But those tops are woeful.. And as l havent any teenagers around us l`ve never the term ”gay” used that way you mentioned..
    l have quite a few friends ( GOOD friends whom l`m very fond of ) who are gay- both men & women..l JUST WISH the general public would live & let live .. One is what one is, & nothing can change that.. But unhappily peoples attitudes will always have the bigots out there .. l can only wish you & yr partner all the very best wishes for yr future together.. You said you have a lovely caring Mum..You are so fortunate Alice but l reckon you know that..MINE would never have approved Darling..Wouldnt even aprove of a disabled grandson so god forbid, being gay wasnt on her agenda..(( BUT hey, we WONT go there !! )) Oh well, you cant win `em all.!!
    Best Wishes,
    Pam Clarke..
    New England, NSW, Australia..

  40. Hahnsmum . says:

    And l forgot to mention- when someone was ”gay” back in the dark ages ( in the 50`s & 60`s ) when l was a kid, it meant one was very happy & enjoying life..So there you go, another twist on the word ”gay” Best wishes, Hahnsmum..
    New England, NSW, OZ..

  41. Karisma says:

    Oh that sweater is adorable! I popped over on recommendation from Anne at Loopity Lou’s, she tells me your crochet is to die for! I see it is! I shall have to stalk you now🙂

    This post made me laugh as we were having the same discussion about “gay” and how its meaning has changed over the years. Yes, kids say it everywhere, our teenagers say it also. Cracks me up as one of my daughters is GAY as luck would have it. Ah the universe works in mysterious ways. Her daddy was a bit of a homophobe when he was younger you see! He has since learned to be far more accepting! There is hope for him yet!

    Lovely blog! I especially love your back ground.

    Hugs xoxox

  42. Dez says:

    ARGH!!! Change the “festive” granny Square yuckness to the colours yellow, black and cream and you’ve the to top my Mother wore for a few years in the 70s!! And even worse she has a photo of her wearing it! *dies*

    But I’m with you on the whole “That’s so gay” crap. I’m not but I believe everyone should be free to love whom ever they please. It’s not an illness or a disability, the goddess has not made a mistake and hell there is even evidence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom…is that a mistake also…I think not. The sooner people learn to live and let live the happier everyone will be….won’t hold my breath though, my lung capacity isn’t that good. Well that’s my 2cents worth.😉

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