Boy Beanies


I’m not really into the whole gender specific business that society thrusts on us these days…. as I’ve told you before, I’ve recently started a summer paper at polytech, and my tutor for this paper is very much involved in opening our eyes to gender roles and how they affect us as individuals in society.  So, when I titled this post “boy beanies,” it’s more about me making a big effort to make little hats for boys…. I’m sure you’ll agree that the shops are sadly lacking in cool little boy clothes! 

I can kind of understand this…. being a major pink lover and maker of crochet flowers, it is sooooooooooo much more fun to make little gear for little girls, but as I make a lot of little beanies and sell them at my Mum’s shop (in exchange for wool) I am always aware that there are as many boys out there and try to cater for them too! 

Enter “bird hat.”

If you’ve been regularly catching up with Raymond and me for a while now, you will have seen a lot of my baby hats (there is a whole category devoted to them in my category cloud now!) as I love making them.  They’re instant gratification as they can be finished in a day, and babies have no idea what they’re wearing, so I can make them as fun and colourful as I like!  One of my best sellers of all time has been the bird beanie for sure. 

To make it, I knit a little beanie, then crochet a little flat bird, I found this pattern in Debbie Stollers stitch’n’bitch Happy Hookers book and it is super easy….

Sew the bird on the hat….

And give it some legs and a beak…..

So back to gender roles…. how are you affected by gender, and how do you affect others?  I’d love to hear your musings on the topic….

And the bird beanie is finished…. It sat on my side table, legless, for about a week before I couldn’t take it any more and sewed it’s legs on while I was standing up, so determined I was to get it off my table and into my knitting bag!  I love the finished result and fingers crossed it sells soon (despite the weather!) as I’m in need of a vast quantity of wool very soon…. I have an urge to make my first big blanket…. I’ve decided on the way I want it and the colours, now I ust need to get started on the million and one granny squares it will need!

Speaking of granny squares…. I needed to take a break from the second raglan sweater I’ve been finishing and have fun with some colourful granny goodness…. I’ll show you the FO soon!

OK, I’m off!  I have far too many places to be today, but had to pop in to say “Hello!!!!!” and “thank you for coming in to visit!” My stats are showing an increase these days and I hope that all of these new visitors are having and fun and colourful time, and that my older friends are too of course! 

Are you noticing the days are speeding up a lot?  They’re FLASHING by for me, and we’re motoring through December…. how’s all of your Christmas shopping going?  I have to admit, I haven’t given it a thought in weeks!  Eek!!!

Have a beautiful day,


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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33 Responses to Boy Beanies

  1. Andrea says:

    Love the beanie! You are so right…I remember walking into a major baby shop when I was pregnant and being horrified that one side was for girls and was totally pink, the other side was for boys and was grey, navy and camoflage. Horrid.

  2. Christine says:

    Hi there!

    That beanie is super cute!! I’m sure it’ll sell in no time🙂 I love that it’s red! I’ve known so many little boys that love red, because it’s a bright bold color no doubt. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is people who assign colors to genders. Honestly forces me to admit that there’s no point fighting perception of pink and blue, but all other colors should be fair game!! I got so outraged at work the other day when my office mate said that it was wrong for little boys to like orange, and that orange was a “girl” color! Little kids should be able to like whatever colors they like!

    As for the days, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this mad acceleration of time. I’m trying not to panic about all the Christmas crafting I have yet to do, and just focus on one project at a time.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Amanda C says:

    I love the beanie. What pattern do you follow for baby beanies? We’re headed straight into the dead of winter here in the States and I’ve love to make some for my little ones! Right now, I’ve been working on crochet beanies but would love to switch to knit beanies, but I’m having problems determining size!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree! It is awful. I have two boys and the clothing is so limited for them. Especially if they are not into sports or army stuff! And I think orange is a great boy color, mine wear it a lot. Boys are also more difficult to craft for, I think – no pretty flowers for one thing. Little birds are good for the little boys – that hat is adorable!

  5. Casey says:

    cute hat! it’s definitely hard to find good boy stuff, you have to really search! I love the colors in your grannies, can’t wait to see what they turn into🙂

  6. Melissa says:

    The beanie is adorable and as a mother of two boys, I know that there isn’t a lot of cute boy’s clothes out there. The days are flying by on this side of the world too!

  7. Terrie says:

    Obviously biologically, there are differences between males and females but I feel that ‘gender’ is a social construct for sure. It’s society that places the restrictions on what boys and girls should be interested in and wearing. I mean would a baby boy really care if he was dressed top to toe in pink? What I don’t understand is why it’s cute for little girls to be dressed as ‘tom boys’ but as soon as a little boy reaches for a Barbie eyebrows are raised. As children become more socially aware this whole thing is perpetualized by them trying to ‘fit in’. I have often thought who came up with the ‘blue for boys and pink for girls’ thing. I should add as a parent I am absolutely guilty of heading straight for the dolls and pink for my daughters and action toys for my son. But I do try and keep the whole gender thing neutral as much as I can.

    Sorry! Have no idea where that came from! I’m loving your birdie hat! x

  8. marigold jam says:

    Dear little hat – love the bird!


  9. Sherry Buenrostro says:

    I so enjoy your posts!! The first yarn project I made in the 60’s was a crochet granny square afghan. It was a lage one square! LOL (lots of laughs). I love the granny square patterns that you post.
    Thank you and Beat Wishes,

  10. The beanie hat is so gorgeous! I have two little boys, and they would each look sweet in it. It’s certainly nice to see something for small boys that isn’t blue and/or striped! What a lovely blog. Laura x

  11. Maria says:

    Gender colours have been in my thoughts lately. I have 2 friends of my daughters who have just found out they are pregnant and are not finding out the sex – Yeah!!!!!
    But I now have a problem about which colour to use to make a small pre-gift as I am not too certain about the parents thoughts on colours for babies. I don’t want to do creams or whites but may have to. I have been thinking leaf green/celery or red (but even that may not be suitable)

  12. Siobhan says:

    You have just solved a problem for me! I’ve been looking and looking for a little bird pattern for days and not found one that I like enough. All the time it was in one of my books. I had completely forgotten about them. I love your little birdie, he is gorgeous and could be made to look very Christmassy I think. He is perfect for my needs,(talking about gender, little animals are usually ‘he’s’ for some reason.) Anyway I can see that this cute little hat will be flying out the door of your mum’s shop (pun intended).
    I do think little boys are short changed, they have less choice of (in my view) not very interesting clothes for the most part and most books are geared up for girls – it’s no wonder boys like reading less. I would not find it nearly so much fun to make little brown trousers as a pink frou frou skirt! I think creativity is held back where boys are concerned – we don’t encourage them to enjoy colour or flowers for instance, either directly or even in things we provide for them. I don’t think we are all the same though – I do believe that our biology makes the genders different in behaviour, and gives us different responses to situations. There are stereo types of course which are sometimes just stupid and unhelpful but sometimes we do fit into our gender typing too. However, we also cross over a lot and can be feminised in some areas and quite masculine in others – or at least some people can and that is what makes life difficult, as we like to label everyone and put them in clearly marked boxes. I’ve noticed that even animals are noticeably different in character, in ways that I think is due to their male or femaleness. Does this mean there should be enforced boundaries? No, I think we should each be accepted for expressing ourselves in whatever ways we ourselves are comfortable with. A long way to go though. Equality between male and female for me is accepting difference, while acknowledging equal worth.

    I’m doing other things to have a break from my granny blanket – need to get back to it. Yours looks great – very neat! Just starting to think of Christmas.

  13. Debi Y. says:

    That’s a cute little hat – it’ll sell in minutes. 🙂

  14. Katie says:

    Love the birdie hat🙂

  15. Penelope says:

    Such a sweet birdie hat Alice, I’m sure you will be needing to knit more and more for your mum’s shop xox Simply don’t knowwhere the time is going, I have a new strand to my job in helping to set up a service and am knee deep in work a the moment. Wish I could say I had finished something beautiful too.
    Really look forward to seeing your granny FO, the colours are very fresh and exciting xxxxxxxxP

  16. Linda says:

    it’s always a chalange to figure out gifts for men… ;D
    the beanie is really cute🙂

  17. sandiart says:

    When my eldest son was a toddler I dressed him in my fav top, it was a bit brighter than pastel, the colors were, blue, green, lemon and pink and he looked gorgeous. I used to knit jumpers in red and blue and bottle green for both the boys and Kaila. When ever I sewed anything for the boys they would always have a mix of colors, purple, pink etc. James was prone to nicking my white satin cami and putting it on over his tops, he has grown into a loving boy who has great taste in pressies. I used to play cowboys and indians and marbles etc. with my brother and he would play dolls with me, so I guess we grew up without ‘boys are boys and girls are girls’ It was the peer pressure and body image that were bigger issues, and adults always telling me how skinny I was that had me with huge body issues for a long time. I look back at photos now and yes I was tiny (and still am) but skinny…no not skinny and can only assume they were a little envious.
    Love that little beanie and the bird is so sweet, my boys would have loved that when little.
    x Sandi

  18. Anne says:

    I love your hat …:)

    I find alot of boy clothes are dull and aggresive with skulls and super heros fighting on them.
    I always tryed not make gender an issue in my household when it comes to colours and toys. My kids have a mix of things I have a girl and 2 boys.
    A freind came over and was talking about boy and girl colours, my six year old Son looked puzzled he said to her “you can like any colour!”
    When it has come up with the kids I have said” It’s what you like, boys and girls can like any colour.”
    As we are renting and have moved a lot over the last 10 years. My house is a mix match of furniture and colourful things. I love rainbows and colour.
    My daughter 10 years old and likes Green and light blue
    My son 6 like Gold
    as for my 3 &1/2 yeard old son ?????? He like wearing his green shirt with a monster truck on it and his orange shirt with a monster truck on it and his sister bright pink sunglasses.

    My boys do have mostly blue , green, brown and red clothes they do have a few tie-dyed t-shirts with pink purple and blues most of their clothes are hand me downs or from the opp shop( I do try and stay away from light colours because they stain easily and they don’t get much wear out them I got sick soaking clothes all the time. Playing more important than worrying about getting their clothes dirty!) But I do find there much more girls clothes in opp shop then boys clothes. I try and stay away from clothes with brand labels over them my kids aren’t walking bill boards but my boys have a few Thomas the tank engine tops that have been present from family.

    My 3 1/2 year old boy love wearing his sister bright pink sunglasses that she out grown and playing her my little ponys and carebear as well as his trucks and wooden blocks.
    My six year old son likes playing dolls with his sister and he love drawing monsters and playing with trucks and diging hole in the back yard playing in the mud, well the 3 of them like doing that…lol
    My 10 year old she like climbing trees and wearing jeans t -shirts she find dresses get in the way of climbing, she not into clothes she hates clothes shopping and hate trying things on. Its like pulling teeth when shopping with her LOL. She has a hand full of clothes that she like wearing and that how she is, which is a good thing, saves me alot of money she not fussed wearing 2nd hand clothes either but she like going to opp shops she like finding toys and books.

    We live in the upper Blue Mountains where there is a big creative community up here so people are a bit more layed back up here than down suburbs of Sydney where we use to live….:)

  19. Dorothy says:

    The birdie hat is soooooo cute !!!! I also love your ways with colour – wish I was talented in that area😦

  20. lovestitch says:

    You are talented as always! Love the cute birdie beanie, it’s adorable!

  21. Louise says:

    Very, very sweet little hat!
    When my oldest boy was seven I taught him to do basic crochet, my husband was absolutely mortified that I would allow him to crochet in public! I have to say, it did cause some strange looks. I’m certain if he was a little girl crocheting in public people wouldn’t have thought it odd at all.
    Have a lovely day!

  22. Debra says:

    Hi Alice. LOVE the beanie hat! I remember a story my sister told me of her son when he was about five and just starting school. He came home one day very sad and when asked what was the matter he said that a boy had been calling him names because he had worn red trousers (only girls wear red!). A long chat was had and he seemed satisfied at the answer my sister gave him. Next morning she asked him what he wanted to wear to school and he replied he wanted to put on his red trousers. My sister, pleased that her talk had hit the spot, sent him to school in them. A few days later she found out that he had marched into school that morning, straight up to the boy who had been calling him names and punched him! It wasn’t at all what my sister had suggested her son do, but it appraently did the trick and he was never picked on again!!!!!!

  23. Richard Rose says:

    Did you know that once upon a time (up to the early 1900s) pink was considered to be a boys colour because it was much too bold for girls? See

    I get a few strange looks from people when I get out my crochet in waiting rooms and other public places. People seem to think that it’s unusual for a guy to crochet, but I tell them that it was a man’s craft long before women took it over.🙂

    Where do people get these strange ideas about what is suitable for each gender?

    ps: I like the beanie. I might have to try making one myself.

  24. Robin says:

    Hello Alice, Love your beanies!! You do such nice work. Love the bird, it could fit in my nest! I am so in love with things like that. Gender? Yes, it has a big affect on people….unfortunately! AND yes a big lacking in little boys neat clothing, thanks for trying to correct that. I have 2 sons and 3 daughters and 2 grandaughters, so I know it is alot more fun to shop for girls then boys. Oh my, gotta go to work…..hope I’m not late….got carried away!!!! Happy day to you xo Robin

  25. Can’t wait to see a blanket Alice! Such a big job to start, lets hope it isn’t too hot when you are on the final stages in will be warm on your knees 😉

    I have tried not to be gender specific in this house but the guns and the fighting creep in no matter how hard you try not to let it. We always had a huge dress up box full of exciting girls and boys stuff and I used to be a day care mum and all the kids liked trying it all on whether it was male or female wear. I think the biggest obstacle is the Father!!! My hubby comes from a typically very male chauvinistic household so you can imagine his reaction to his young son wanting to wear a pink nightie all the time 🙂 BTW the nightie won and Dad was told to get over it! Ethan was just wanting to be like his mummy for a while, all little boys hero worship thier mums at some stage in their development so it is quite natural to want to dress like them too. 🙂

  26. Kate says:

    Wow, I am enjoying the comments here so much too, thanks for creating such ‘comment friendly’ posts alice. Beautiful pictures as always and I love the birdy( un surprisingly) on the hat :0) one of my sons had a secret fave colour which he shared with me(I will let you guess) and a ‘public/false’ fave colour. He was only 5!
    Cultural norms are constantly evolving and shaping us, and we are all interconnected so I accepted this as part of socialising;
    but I am glad I was trusted enough to be the
    favourite colour secret keeper! :0) happy studies and good luck with your beanie sales

  27. Nanita says:

    Ooh, love the bird, the granny goodness, and the colourful vibration of your entire blog! And I love Raymond, although I’m quite a dog person actually (don’t tell him) :p
    Nanita (from Ravelry)

  28. Wendy says:

    I have two boys and I agree with Jenni, it doesn’t matter how neutral you try to be they will find a way to create weapons, it just seems to be part of their genetic make-up. They do love their cuddly toys though and my youngest’s favorite colour for a while has been red so good hat!

  29. corry says:

    Hoi Alice, you have a beautiful colorful and inspiring blog, truly a feast for the eyes. Thank you for all those wonderful tutorials. I just love your teacozy joy!!
    Groetjes, Corry

  30. Deanne says:

    Love the Boy Beanie, Alice! Having two boys, I still find myself making all girlie things, so I really appreciate the need for boy stuff out there. My 6 year old loved the color pink until his little friends started teasing him about it (at the ripe old age of 4!). Sad, really.

    Anyway, I’ve been following you for a few months now, and you inspired me to start my own blog. Check it out if you get a chance!


  31. iamteocalli says:

    Great beanie!!! You are INCREDIBLE!!!! A sheer GENIUS!!!! An ARTIST at HEART!!! A GIFT to the WORLD!!!! You must be cloned!!!! Love you guys dearly!!!! Sending lots of hugs, smiles and love!!!!

  32. Seren says:

    oohh. love your work, colorful blog and raymond so much🙂

  33. Thank you ever so for your post. Continue writing.

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