Sending you some healing crystal vibes….


Welcome to today’s post!  It’s a little different in that it is indulging my other deep and very long time passion (crystals) and a new and potentially life long passion (photography) and has little (sorry… no actually) woolly happenings!  But I’m hoping you’ll all be so mesmerised by the pictures of my beautiful crystal friends that you’ll forget this is even a crochet blog!

The sun was so hot and bright the other day I had a try at taking some pictures of these beautiful pieces, quartz is VERY hard to photograph!  I find that whenever I try, the pictures come out blurry or overexposed…. I think it’s either because my camera needs to be upgraded to something with more megapixels, or that the energy of the crystal is vibrating so high that a camera can’t pick it up so perfectly.  I noticed that one crystal in particular, a very precious one, didn’t come out in any pictures even though all of the others did at that time….. so I try in vain to photograph them constantly, but the other day I managed and am sooooooo excited to share them with you!

The first photograph shows an eeny-weeny laser quartz…. All witches and crystal loving people seem to have one crystal they really, really love and I am no exception.  My favourite crystal is clear quartz, it’s pretty much the only one I buy these days.  The energy of clear quartz blows me away on the inside and I am endlessly fascinated by the way that it grows in so many geometric configurations.  Each configuration (and I’ll demonstrate in these pics) creates a different energy frequency and has a different healing purpose, some are common and some are rare… That laser point is a particularly clear piece, so pure that when I turn it around and around it looks like it has a mirror on the inside.

I hunt down the purest, most clear of the clear quartz and this tabular piece is no exception to my tastes!  I was amazed at this picture, in that every little detail showed up, you can even make out the very thin lines on the back which are showing up right through the crystal.  I’m also sending you some light therapy here!  Sunlight filtered through quartz crystal, I’ll be interested to hear if your spirits have lifted after enjoying these pics!

While this point has no unusual geometry happening, it’s energetic vibration is so sweet and pure, it makes my heart feel all funny when I touch it!  As I practice energy healing, I’m quite sensitive to energy vibrations, so each crystal feels different in my hand, and when I pick up other types of crystals such as amethyst, I feel the differnece in their vibration quite accutely.  I am constantly amazed at how two pieces of quartz that look similar enough have “energetic personalities” that are as different as two people.  So this crystal above is so… pure…. that I don’t like to disturb it much by touching it as it feels almost sacreligious!

This is a double terminated phantom quartz.  It is quite amazing in that it must have grown in it’s cave right on the very edge of another bigger piece, as it has only the tiniest of “scars” where it was taken from the matrix, which means that it is almost a completely self-contained crystal.  It is called a phantom as it has in the middle of the crystal, two very faint “points” which occur when the conditions in the crystal caves change and the quartz stops growing, but then the conditions right themselves and the crystal carries on, businsess as usual!  Unfortunately these lines did not really show up except for a little bit, if you look in the picture, on the very left of the crystal above my thumb there, you can see two faint lines in that panel.

The next and final crystal is also a double termination, but this is a self healed crystal in that it was ripped off the matrix and then healed itself by growing more crystals on the scar….

You can see a couple of those little ones at the bottom between my thumb and fingers….  I’m sure you can imagine that a crystal that has healed itself has enormous potential for helping people heal their own wounds and scars!  (Emotionally, spiritually and physically) Also, can you see the meditating figure in the centre of the crystal?  The head is in the centre panel and the shoulders are below it a wee bit darker…. Many crystals have beings inside them, but this one popped out in the pictures and can’t not be noticed!  Oh my goodness I love them so much!  KB has said right from the beginning of our relationship that crystals are like my children and going into a crystal shop is like going into an adoption agency… ha ha…. maybe….

Well I hope you enjoyed that look into another part of my life!  Either you’re going to be fascinated, and mesmerised by this post, or think I’m a bit of a kook…. ha ha I’m not worried, I get it every day!

OK then, I’m off to a training day today, so I’ll leave you for now!  I admit, I’ve been so busy and addicted to hyperbole and a half (have you seen the cake post?  It’s in the sidebar, I died laughing…. or the sneaky spiral of hate?  I totally get that…) that I’ve not been doing so much craft this week, but still have some beautiful (pink) crochet to show you very soon!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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23 Responses to Sending you some healing crystal vibes….

  1. Terrie says:

    Thanks for sharing Alice. I have my own collection of crystals (Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and a collection of chakra related ones) but I have to admitt I mainly buy them because they make me smile. So your post was hugely informative!

  2. Melissa says:

    Your crystals are so amazing. I have a “crystal ball” that I absolutely love….on a gargoyle stand – How perfect is that?

  3. Siobhan says:

    I am drawn to crystals but not in a major way – in so much as I have some, enjoy looking at them but have always left the most exquisite ones in the shop as being just too expensive. It also always tends to come back to amethyst in the end – a few years ago now, I bought quite a few of them. Strangely given your post, I have least compulsion towards clear quartz (or clear anything – I dislike diamonds). However I feel a bit under the weather today – literally. I’m not usually effected negatively by winter or anything but today with all the snow around, I feel slow, grumpy and cross. Just as I came across your 2nd picture I found myself thinking about photo’s and how I can ‘often feel’ energy coming through them. I realised that I felt a shot of uplifting energy. I then went on to read and you ask if anyone could feel the vibes from the photo; well the answer is yes!! In fact I still hold a picture of the light in my head – a bit strange actually. I once knew someone who swore by holding certain crystals when having painful tattoos done – she said the pain without was awful. I know you can also make essences out of them. This has started to intrigue me again as I have relatively recently found flower essences which I think are wonderful. People do think you are weird if you talk about any of this stuff (I have lots of secrets!) and I don’t generally. I’m quite excited by your pictures actually – I’ve had similar from flowers which is what led me to flower essences which I had always thought sounded a bit silly and improbable. I can also like or dislike people when I can only see a little of a picture of them – an arm maybe. My daughter thinks that’s weird! I just think that things, including people have energies/auras , which they give off. I do find it interesting that I responded so positively to that crystal because I usually like them because of their colours. It’s also fascinating that you, with your love of colour are so drawn to quartz . Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and telling us all about crystals, it was great.

  4. Emma Angel says:

    Absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  5. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous pics Alice! Really interesting post (and subject). I’m a great believer in vibrational healing and that everything, absolutely everything, has a vibrational energy. I think that is why I personally feel better on a raw, vegan diet. x

  6. WOW!!!! That meditating figure blew me away! I have never seen figures in crystals but I am going to be looking now. Lovely uplifting post Alice, loved your photos and your crystals are special 🙂 PS Check out Jelly Wares tutorial for a crochet star….you will love it and did you see Lucy’s Attic 24 totally adorable christmas decorations??? I’d better not check out that site you are addicted to I spend WAY to much time on the internet as it is! He He 😉

  7. Bianca says:

    gggglllllllleeeeeee!!!!! I don’t get people who don’t get it! Sitting here now with a laser point on a thong around my neck, a peice of Mangano calcite between my breasts and water melon tourmaline on each arm (chip bracelets) Bliss. I am not faithful to one type in particular like you, but clear quartz peices abound in my place and are certainly amongst my most special peices. I have a strange affinity with moonstone, I LOVE it, but I can rarely touch it. I have a number of peices of moonstone jewlery that I love, but just can’t wear as the resonance is wrong. I am content to just have them in my surrounds however without the need to touch. Your pictures are stunning! I think the self healed crystal is super special. No wonder they picked you😉


  8. Leah says:

    Beautiful pictures, love the third one especially. I have a clear quarts that I wear but am drawn to the moon stone, I wear it alot, and I have a huge chunk of amethyst my birth stone which I’m about to put out into the rain for a cleanse as it’s been awhile. Thanks for posting would love to know more about how to use them. Ta Leah x

  9. sandiart says:

    I am always mesmerised by the entities and landscapes that are present in crystals, I have other types of crystals but not a quartz, going to have to rectify that straight away. I got a tingle spread through me as soon as I saw your first photo. The fourth crystal has a face raised to the sun, above your thumb, and looks like the face is under a very pale pyramid, can you see it????
    Thank you for the sharing of beautiful energy Alice.
    xx Sandi

  10. nat says:

    You share two of my passions, crystals and crocheting! I only came across your blog last night and I love what little of it I’ve read so far. The crocheting that I’ve seen so far is just awesome, the colours are just the best. This post though has made my heart sing looking at all the glorious crystals! I have more than I can count and gravitate towards clear quartz also. Every crystal is so perfect and amazing! Thanks for brightening my day. Blessings, Nat x

  11. Dear Alice, love your crystal “babies”! I love them too. I have some really neat hand faceted real clear crystal beads that have the inclusions and just love them. When we were on our big trip this summer all around the middle of America, we stopped at a rock shop in the Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore and got some pretty rose quartz chunks for our grandkids and we got a BIG chunk for ourselves the size of a football! We have it laying by our little waterfall and pond in our backyard. They had a chunk at the shop that was the size of washing machine!! It was amazing!!

    Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

  12. Denise says:

    As one who moved the desert SW US to heal my back injuries and FM, I do have to admit I’m a bit curious about your crystals. I have learned over the years finally that I’m a bit of a sympath and have to stay away from negative and dramatic people as their energy just sucks the life out of me.

    I do love gemstones. Not the jewelry gems but natural state gemstones. My favorite are blue turquoise and opal with blue fire.

  13. ramya says:

    hello again alice,

    abso lutely mesmerizing crystal post alice!! being from india, i can totally relate to mysticism and healing thru any medium. its so true when you talk about the healing ythat come from these crystals. the light shining through actually touched me…..amazing!!
    the meditating figure is just so aweinspiring!! would givea lot to be able to just touch that crystal.
    you are als inspiring me to restart my reiki. i finished twwo levels and then was unsure about whether i had it in me to heal!! this despite my degree as a doctor !! no connection i suppose!! i purposely took a long break to raise my family and am getting back on track by doinga diploma in child an d adolescent cou nselling.

    sorry for boring you but i just felt i hd to share witha kindred soul cos we have so many common interests….crochet ,knitting, yoga, counselling and yoga!! how cools that!!

    would be great to hear your opinions… you also do distance healing?

    lastly, i will say on e thing. my hubby traeted me to an ipod touch fro havig passed my diploma with merit…..and guess what? the first blog i visited was yours!! felt quite good !! keep up the great work !!

    love to all inhating raymond -land


  14. ramya says:

    sorry alice, that was meant to be inhabiting !!! apologies


  15. kiwiyarns says:

    Absolutely fascinating. Those pictures are incredible, and it was very interesting to learn more about crystals. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Debra George says:

    Alice, I was so down in the dumps today that I took myself off for a longish walk in the snow to try and shift my mood. The snow was almost to the top of my wellies and I deliberately walked through the deepest (and most virgin) snow and became a child again for a while. It was fabulous and really helped me feel better. I get home, make a cup of tea and open your blog. POW! One BIG hit of energy, especially from crystal number three. I am feeling ready for anything now and believe that you were somehow meant to write that post for me and I was meant to read it! I still don’t understand how the Universe works but I know it does. Those crystal pics were as good as, if not better, than the colour blast readers usually get from your crochet pics. Please tell us more about the crystal world, now and then. Its part of your life and should be included in your blog. Sending you light and love, Debs. xx

  17. Wonderful post. My mind was buzzing annoyingly this morning with aaall the stuff I need to do today. I had a long stare at that first crystal and my mind was nice and calm. Lovely.

  18. jane says:

    Hey Alice
    can you contact me via email, i have something for you, but i need your snail mail

  19. wendy says:

    I love amethyst and have one very special one ☺
    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog and was so drawn by the
    clear quartz, what beautiful pictures.

  20. It’s wonderful that you shared this with us Alice, because it’s gone a long way to explaining the fascination of crystals, which I knew nothing about before, so this is really really fascinating. They are exquisite things aren’t they? I can see why you treasure them, and like to look into them, it must be very meditative, the whole process of appreciating their beauty and purity. And there’s the interest of how they grew, it’s very symbolic isn’t it? The crystals must draw things out of you. I think it must be very hard to explain crystals to people, like explaining the value of meditation. So I really enjoyed this post, and I think it shows just what an interesting and deep thinking (but very fun and busy too) person you are. Really enjoyed this Alice, thank you. Love Vanessa xxx

  21. Nana GoGo says:

    I have some of those hanging from my roof – and probably my nose as well when I venture out in it later! They`re called icicles here!lol

  22. Kazzie says:

    Hi Alice, only just got around to looking at this post and because of you (in the happiest possible way!) I have just today received 6 beautiful ‘hanging’ crystals to catch the light. Mmmmmmmmmm! Thank you for your lovely blog… I’m gradually working my way through it all! with loads of love Kxxxxx

  23. Lakshmi says:

    Hello Alice,

    The self healing crystal is really a marvel. I would like my daughter to make the lotus mandala prayer flag for my shrine . Hoping to send a picture soon.


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