A sunny Sunday off!


As you can see from the above pic, the sun was blazing yesterday…. It was summery perfection and I had the day off!  I’m in the middle of a busy couple of weeks and I’ve found that I have so much that needs to be done that when I go to bed, it all starts whirring around in my head and I can’t sleep!  I was determined yesterday, to banish all thoughts from my mind and have a day of relaxation and I’m proud to admit that I did and it was just lovely!  It’s funny how sometimes we have to work to relax isn’t it!  My downstairs neighbours were away too, which was lovely, I noticed how quiet I try to be when I’m walking around so that I don’t bother them.  Because they weren’t there, I stomped around all weekend and felt like quite the rebellious naughty neighbour even though they weren’t there…..

After a few things I just couldn’t not do (readings for class, assignments and vege markets) I had the rest of the day to indulge in whatever I felt like doing…. which naturally involved wool, a hook and needles!

Remember those skeins of perendale wool I showed you a couple of weeks ago?  Well I’ve mentioned that I was knitting a little Raglan sweater from this colour, and here it is!

If I ever teach anyone to knit, I am going to show them how to knit this instead of the boring garter stitch scarf we all begin on!  It was ridiculously simple and is very satisfying for the amount of effort!  One thing I don’t like about this is that it is curling up so much at the bottom, stocking stitch bugs me how it does that, so I’ve started a new one, this time for my fairy god daughter’s first birthday… I’m using Stitch Nation wool which is so lovely and snuggly and so much fun to knit with, and instead of casting on with 5mm needles, I used 4mm then began knitting with my 5’s to stop that big swell in the centre…. plus I’ve made this new one a bit longer than the pattern says… I’ll give you an update in my next post!  Oh, and with the above sweater, I crocheted around the bottom and sleeves to bring them in a bit, and for the first time ever, I prefered it without crochet!  (*gasp*) 

Remember these grannies???  You might if you’ve been visiting my blog for ages!  I made these when I began my blog with the intention of making a blanket…. well I got as far as 52 squares and gave up because the colours weren’t quite right!  (or the fact that I have no staying power, you choose!) So I made a granny cushion out of them a while ago and still had heaps left, sitting in a bag, a WIP that was in danger of becoming a UFO…..

I LOVE the cushion I made from them, the natural fibre makes the colours pop out like beautiful bright jewels, and I’ve been meaning to make the rest of the squares into two more cushions, so with a little help from a furry friend….

I set about hooking the small squares into two big squares!

Because the sun was so delightful and there was a lack of neighbours, I decided to take myself downstairs into the gardeny area and even out the singlet tan lines I’ve been getting from running in the sun…. Raymond and I missioned downstairs with pillows and blankets and other happy things to make a sumptuous relaxing bed in the sun…. although it was so sunny he wouldn’t even let it touch him and I’m not surprised!

I managed to finish hooking the last of the squares together as I sat out there, which took approximately 15 minutes before I was sweating…. SWEATING!  And had to go back indoors to take a sun break!  (And before you ask, I am a responsible sun worshipper and never let myself get burnt… in fact, rarely sunbathe!)

So the small squares are now two cushion cover fronts and while I’m not motivated right now to finish them, they’re less of a WIP than before and are now sitting on top of my stash basket looking beautiful.

Do you know what?!  Somehow, Crochet Pattern Directory found my granny tea cozy tutorial and added it to their database…. I found out when I was pottering around behind the scenes of my blog and looked at my stats and just about fainted when I saw that three days ago I had 1978 visitors!  I’m amazed that this directory has so many people coming and going!  Hello to all of the hookers popping over from there!  I hope you’re enjoying having some colour therapy!  And speaking of behind the scenes…. I’m making myself more at home here at WordPress, and have been slowly going through my old posts and putting them into categories more specific than “crochet” and “knitting” so if you are hunting for an old post, there is a well ordered category cloud in the sidebar which will make things so much easier for you to find!

OK then Lovelies…. KB is off today on another trip to visit her family, so I’m going to go and have breakfast with her before I head off to class….

May your day be full of blessings!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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23 Responses to A sunny Sunday off!

  1. Denise says:

    I love your little sweater, I love that yarn. If you block the sweater it won’t roll as much.

    Nice work on your cushions.

    Wow, 1978 visitors. I think I would fall off my chair.

  2. Andrea says:

    Goregeous sweater…I love raglans. Lovely to see how warm and sunny it is on the other side of the planet. All is white here and last night it plummeted to -9 degrees!

  3. tejehannah says:

    Jipppiiiiii !!!!! Vow Alice – congratulations!!! I defenetely would have fainted – I’m really really happy for your succee! And the total number of your visits … I don’t dare to see it again… I think have to go to do something…
    Your small sweet sweater is lovely and I love those grannies with the grey!
    All the best and keep going! xxx Teje

  4. marigold jam says:

    I am not surprised you get so many visits with that beautiful cat on your blog!! I think the cushion covers are really great do finish them and let us see. Lovely to hear about anyone being too hot as here we are all freezing! Isn’t blogging great!


  5. Marla says:

    Great job on the sweater- it’s adorable. maybe one day I’ll have the patience to try to knit something in the way of a garment. Very nice work on it- and I see you had some furry help. Meow Raymond!

  6. I knew Raymond would be lounging around on that crochet……..I have found that I love the look of natural tan with bright colors…Rustic , but yet cool and hip.

  7. Lin says:

    Hi Alice,
    I love your blog such gorgeous work and colours, and beautiful Raymond.
    Just wanted to say sometimes if you knit into the back of the stitch in the first row it wont roll so much, sometimes not at all.
    All the best.

  8. Beautiful squares – they really are just like little jewels! That sunshine looks so nice and warm … tell Raymond I’m living vicariously through his sunbathing. And the yarn you used for the baby sweater worked up so nice.

  9. Penelope says:

    Lovely Alice, what beautiful little granny squares just waiting for your crafty hands to make them into something beautiful. It’s quite good fun looking at stats, fascinating really to see who has been popping into your world. It’s about time you had some recognition for your fab tutorials! Next a crochet goodness book to be publised please :0)
    The weather man has predicted freezing temp this wee and more snow, so hopefully we’ll get some more sleighing opportunities. Your sunny, sweating weather feels a millions miles away … oh one can only wish , hope your week brings joy xox Penelope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Amanda says:

    I love the sweater made with the beautiful perendale wool. So gorgeous! I wish I had the courage to knit a garment, my 3 year old daughter would love it if I made her something to wear. She gets so excited over hats and scarves!

    The grey grannies are so wonderful as well, I love how your colours pop!

  11. Sandi says:

    Hellooooo Alice, oh it is so nice to be back, internet off since last Wednesday, then all day at my stall yesterday, having the day off today to catch up on all your lovely posts.
    Everything looks amazing, well done!!!
    You are clever with working things out in WordPress, it is beyond me, I have changed a couple of things and can’t get them back to how they were, then again I haven’t really had the time to fiddle too much. xx Sandi

  12. Hahnsmum . says:

    Truly really love that jumper wool..Colours are great..Also really like the grey in the granny squares.. l sorta like that puddy cat in the pics as we browse thru yr blog..HE is so pretty. Wish l could get another puddy tat..We have a rotten neighbour-enuf said- so its best l dont get another feline to love & then lose again in mysterious circs.. Raymond is such a magnificent model there amongst the beautiful crochet..l am at present making a mandala potholder for a friends birthday pressy. Luv, Hahnsmum, Bingara, NSW, Oz.

  13. marion says:

    Dear Alice,

    your little Sweater looks very, very beautiful…
    Send you many Greetings and a big Hug for Raymond,


  14. Clara says:

    Again Alice, sorry but Raymond is stealing your thunder again….he does inch up those stats! Lovely post as always.

  15. I love how Raymond is overseeing your hooky work!! They will be nice cushions. That little sweater is so cute, maybe if you try a provisional cast on and then do a picot edging with the knitting (its easy peasy🙂 ) it might help the bottom sit better?? I think the weight in the one you are doing in a bigger size will help it too!

    Congratulations at being added to the Crochet Pattern Directory, thats fantastic!! You will be getting an overloaded inbox soon from all your new visitors …..you’ve made it😉

  16. kate says:

    Oh-raymond looks so cute with his little legs poking out into the sun-it looks like he is trying to tan his legs for summer! :o) sweetness!

  17. Terrie says:

    I love the category ‘Raymond Appreciation’ bless him, he is gorgeous. Hugely jealous of your gorgeous sun at the moment. The frost hasn’t melted here all weekend and my tootsies are getting rather fed up with the cold! Congrats on you pattern – I was lurking here last night making African flower pot holders which will be photographed and put up on my blog soon-ish!x

  18. Richard Rose says:

    I’m glad someone is getting some sun. Over on this side of the ditch (Tasman Sea) we’re getting a lot of rain, which is good for filling up dams but not so good when farmers want to harvest crops or for spending time outside.

  19. Pearlin J says:

    Love the colour of the sweater.Its beautiful!

  20. Melissa says:

    Good Morning Alice! I so enjoyed catching up with my coffee this morning. Everything looks so lovely! I’m afraid I’ve been terribly slack and haven’t even been on the computer since last Wednesday, but things are wonderful on this side of the world.

  21. Louise says:

    Wow Alice , yet another wonderful post. More sun please, I am experiencing 6 inches of Snow. As for sweating…… Only when shovelling snow!!

  22. Planet Penny says:

    Wow! All those visitors, I would be SO excited, well done! Your projects look lovely and I feel quite warmed by you passing on your sunshine to snowy England!

  23. KiwiPurler says:

    Congratulations Alice! But very well deserved! Your posts have such lovely energy.

    I cannot help myself, but have to offer some knitty advice on the very pretty baby jumper – how about two rows of garter (knit every row) before you start the stocking stitch? The roll is caused because it’s stocking stitch with no welt. Garter stitch is an easy fix, and two rows won’t be so much as to look clunky. Someone might have already suggested that, so my apologies if I’m doing a repeat.

    I used to live in a house just like yours. It was awful! So much happier now I don’t have someone living downstairs. I admire your ability to cope.

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