Shady tissues….


It feels like AGES since I’ve posted…. days and days and days, but it hasn’t really, only two I think!  I’m so pleased that you loved the Spring Explosion tea cozy!  Thank you for all of your lovely comments here and on Ravelry!  I may have even blushed at some of the sweet things you said!  I hope that you’re inspired enough to make your own lovely tea cozies because mine is brightening up my table perfectly!

I had some “fan mail” on Ravelry the other day, and wow, what fan mail it was!!!!  I almost want to cut and paste it on here, such a work of art this letter was!  This particular lovely lady even quoted me from dated posts about a particular matter, and wow, what a blessing!  Thank you!!! (You know who you are!!!)  She asked me about how I pick my colours and shade my wool to create the beautiful colour effects that I am so fond of….. so as I was about to start a small project which required shading, I thought I’d photograph the process of colour picking.

Warning…. you must have an extensive stash for this!  Go and buy more wool immediately!  Then come back and read this post!

Yay!  A pink project!  (My favourite!)

I have a newish colleague and she is just a legend.  (Yes you are!!!!!)  She is a quilt artist, a knitter of beautiful baby clothes and just all round fabulous person and the other day she came into work and gave me a bag FULL of beautiful wool (not just ends, whole balls happening here!) plus some pattern books, then had the cheek to ask me if she could PAY me to make her a tissue box cover like the one in my office!  Pfffff!  Like I’ll take any money after you just gave me a months wool allowance!  Of course I’ll make you one, Lovely!  Especially as she wanted a pink and purple one!  (see why we get along so well?)

But the interesting thing is…. how did she know that I had a granny tissue box cover in my office?  (My office is chocka block with crochet bunting, cushions, mandalas…. it’s gorgeous!)  I’ve never shown her this box, and I didn’t blog it because I didn’t read the pattern properly and it turned out all saggy, then I ran out of one colour wool and the colours got all fuggly, so I hid my shame from all of you!  This really proves, that this fabulous colleague DOES sneak into my office to stroke the crochet when I’m not there!  (She admits it too…. such a deep love for craft she has)

So I was thrilled to make her a gift as lovely as this, and set to work that evening!

First I laid out my entire collection of pink and purple wool and had a good look.  Then, decided how many colours I wanted to use and laid them out in shade order from light to dark.  When you are into shading colours like this, you need to have lots of shades of the same colour instead of saying “no I won’t buy this one as I have a similar colour at home!”  Buy them both and use them together!

So I put my colours together in the order I wanted, leaving out three which just didn’t blend enough to pass muster.

And then I hooked away, using the lightest colours first, moving into the dark colours.  See how it looks after each row, you may want to add an unusual shade for a cool effect, or you may want to drop some colours…. halfway through this I dropped three shades of purple and worked my way back to the dark pink…. and ta da!

It looks perfect in her office and matches her decor perfectly… the only problem is, that I’m jealous of her beautiful tissue box cover and covet it…. especially when I go back to my office and see my stink saggy blue one with fuggly colour shading…. plus I now miss having one on my tissue box at home, so I do believe I’m going to have to get hooking and suss myself out with a new one!  Or two!  Promise I’ll show you this time too!

If you want to make one too, and I bet you do!  Michelle (Patron Goddess of Crochet)  from the Royal Sisters has an easy to follow, fantabulous tutorial happening here:  OK, that’s it… I’m over this WordPress link bother…. I’m contacting them now!  I promise!

OK then…. I am off to visit my favourite blogs, plus a few commenters from the last post I’ve never visited before!  *excitement*

Raymond sends you all truckloads of love and smooches…. he had a trip to the vet yesterday because his conjunctivitis got so bad I started calling him zombie-cat… he looked a little bit dead in the mornings you see, but he’s all better now!  And apparently you can use optrex for cat’s eyes, so file that little bit of info away!

Have a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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22 Responses to Shady tissues….

  1. becca says:

    love love love LOVE it! you did a great job with the shading and i adore that hint of shell stitching at the bottom! i wonder…would you be able to do the same pattern but just adjust it for the square boxes instead of the rectangle? i’d love to do that for all of my tissue boxes!

  2. Dorothy says:

    To use an expression of yours, I love love love your tissue box cover and will just simply have to make one of my own. However, will have to wait till I return home as I’m spending a few days ‘down at the coast’ at Batemans Bay at the moment. Brought several UFOs to keep me amused. Love reading your blog.

  3. Planet Penny says:

    Oooh! I want one. Love the colours, shaded beautifully! Penny x

  4. Planet Penny says:

    P.S. Get well soon, Raymond! xxx

  5. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! It’s really beuty! I love to see colours like that!
    Have a sunny day! Teje

  6. Terrie says:

    Ahhhh thank you Alice, I’m in love with your shading but never seem to manage it myself – it all seems so obvious now you’ve said it! x

  7. Alice your tissue box is a marvel, such nice colours. I’ve made one from a varigated ball of wool that looks like the ocean, the sand and then the land….I love it. Its on The Royal Sisters flikr page if you want to see it.

    Hope Raymondo is not suffering too much with his eyes, cats hate drops don’t they ;-0

  8. kate says:

    Oh, I love seeing all the processing of ideas and colours behind the finished product! Great ideas too for laying out yarns in a colour wheel-I will defo use this suggestion. It could be confronting for me though-I bang on about consumerism and yet am the Imelda Marcus of wools. I swear lots were gifts and no orphans were harmed in my collections creation ;o) Enjoy your week and I hope you whip up a new tissue cover for yourself quick sticks, you can always donate the fuggly one to the local oppy or frog it(not that I really believe its fuggly!) xoKate

  9. pascale says:

    Chère mme Alice,
    Depuis dimanche, je visite votre blog. Il est magnifique. Il correspond parfaitement à ce que j’aime dans le crochet. J’aime beaucoup aussi votre façon de marier les couleurs entre elles. J’ai inscrit votre blog dans mes favoris. Je vous visiterai donc régulièrement.
    J’habite en France, en plein milieu du pays dans le département de la Creuse.

  10. 'me' says:

    I really like your blog !
    That’s why i put him ‘ in the picture ‘ : every 2 weeks i choose another blog to give a bit more attention and this time it’s yours. So take a look at my blog😉

    Thanks for all those joyfull writings and pics !

  11. Siobhan says:

    Totally love it! It’s no good though, I am envious – I know that’s bad but how can I not be when I see all these beautiful shades of colour? I haven’t got a stash because I have any yarn shops! That makes me quite sad actually; I have to buy on-line which is very hit and miss (I have ended up with bargains that were anything but). Sometimes I get beautiful yarn gifted, otherwise it is a major exercise – decide what I would like to make and then try and find some yarn for it. I can’t get all touchy feely with it first or see how it really looks like and that makes things quite tricky and definitely lacks spontaneity. I know there are people who are happy buying only online but I find it quite a spanner in the works. Anyway, your office sounds quite wonderful, and a place anyone would want to be in. Lucky lady who is getting your tissue box cover. Will remember that Optrex is OK for cats – handy to know; conjunctivitis usually looks worse than it feels but it can be painful too. Hope little Raymond is back to being as fit as a flea asap.

  12. Penelope says:

    How much would I like to have a sneak peak into your office space! I know how you feel about colleagues who are yarn-a-holics, it’s great lunch time chatter xox

  13. Casey says:

    super, super pretty! Your co-worker sure is lucky! that pattern’s on my to-do list, maybe after Christmas stuff🙂 mine most likely will not be as pretty, I have such a mod podge of colors to choose from

  14. Hahnsmum . says:

    OMG woman, THAT is SO pretty..l made a tissue box cover the other day for a Christmas pressy for a friend but not a patch on yours..Just adore yr assortment of colours..Clever girl..

  15. Ann Van Gampelaere (Belgium) says:

    thanks for sharing. love your blog, so cheerful and happy. Love Raymond too. x

  16. Melissa says:

    How pretty! Just an FYI, I have LOTS of fuggly stuff (mangled flowers and motifs from when I was first learning) I’ve attempted that will NEVER be seen in the blogosphere. (Don’t want to ruin my rep – HaHaHa!!) So don’t be too hard on your tissue cover. Use it to show yourself just how far you’ve come!

  17. marion says:

    Dear Alice,

    I love all these wonderful colors…Thank you for this Post!
    And thank you so much again … now I can go buy some wool without bad feeling … I need lots of colorful new colors…I would like a large mountain of colouful Wool.

    Enjoy your Week and a big Hug to Raymond!!!

  18. KiwiPurler says:

    How do you make a girl who already has a heap of yarn want more??? That’s a gorgeous box. But now I must run off and buy more colours so I can do pretty things like that too!!😉

  19. marigold jam says:

    Love the colours together – so vibrant and reminds me of fuschia. Thanks for your detailled comment on my recent post – I appreciate your taking the time to tell me and I’m sure you are right. Not sure about the bright pink cardi and matching hat though – can I have turquoise or chartreuse instead?!! Jane

  20. Audra says:

    Great tissue box cover.
    I have used Colordal silver, from the health food shops, when my pets get gunky eyes. A couple of sprays into there face, then a light rub/wipe, to remove gunk..
    Have found it even works on body lumps and bumps. You know their scratches, from telling the neibourhood cats to stay away.

  21. wendy says:

    That tissue box cover looks lovely. I made one for my mum for xmas in
    varying shades of blue and know that she will love it ☺ It is a great pattern.
    Give Raymond and extra pat for good healthy eyes from me.

    wendy xo

  22. Karen says:

    I would love to make some of your great patterns and sell the finished items. Is that something that you allow or are your patterns restricted? I just love that granny tea cozy, that’s the main one I have interest in making to sell, it is so cute!

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