More knitted goodness….


The shot above of that beautiful rugged beach was taken by KB today at Makara, a tiny rural area a 20 minute drive from the city centre… I grew up in the next valley and tiny rural settlement over, so Makara Beach has been a well-frequented place in my life!  Makara Beach is gorgeous, today it was so windy there we could barely stand up, on a perfectly still day the ocean is turquoise, on a stormy day the waves are ridiculously big… no matter what the weather, it’s always a beautiful spot to visit and recharge…..

The grey skies in these photos are lying, it was another lovely day mostly… the weather here right now is just perfection…. yesterday it was overcast but still warm, and I wonder if you will hate me for saying that it was nice to have a break from the fierce sunshine??!!! He he he!

So I thought today I’d show you my latest pair of arm warmers…. remember I’m addicted to knitting on my DPN’s now, my latest trick…. although, I’ve actually knitted myself out for a while and this will be my last pair for a bit!  Sensible being that we’re on our way into summer!

I knitted these, as I said before, in the round!  (I can’t stopp saying it, such is the deep excitement of learning a new skill!!!) Also, this time, I did little stripes without cutting the wool each time I changed colour, but instead twisting it up the back….. I think I did a reasonable job, at least for a first time…. shall I show you the inside???

OK then…. I’ll lay it all out there for the world to see!!!

It seems ok, but I’m no expert, so have no idea if this is how it is supposed to look!!!!  Despite having no seam, it does still have a distinct line where the colour changes…

So, like I say, not bad for a first try!!!!  And as per usual, they are my favourite pair ever! Perfectly matching my pink clothing!

So back to Makara…. KB and I went to a market there which turned into a total non-event….

But it was a great excuse to hit the beach…..

Plus there was a lady there (at the market not the beach..) selling wool……  And not just any wool…..


Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally lovely wool!

My wallet is empty until payday but that’s ok because I am on a wool-buying high….

This lovely lady sells NZ wool which is just amazing… let’s face it… NZ is a sheep country and I’ve rambled on about how wonderful sheep are in many a post, but despite all this, it is difficult to get your hands on the best, most deliciously perfect NZ wool as most of it is sold on the internet and not in the shops!  So when she pulled out these big juicy 200gm (yes… 200gm!!!) hanks of wool I just about fainted…. I was throwing my money at her before I’d even picked my colours!

This colourway is called Sunset and is perfection in pink and purple….

This is Perendale wool… I love Perendale wool, I think if I remember correctly that Mum told me Perendale sheep were bred by Lord Perendale and they’re naughty sheep, they are good jumpers and jump out of their paddocks…. nevertheless, they produce amazing wool which I’ve bought when I can find it and love using!

So all these hanks of Perendale has me on a fibre-high….

The next colourway is called Bazaar…

Teal, coral and lilac are not a colour combination one comes across frequently, but I quite liked it and am quite keen to knit it up just to see what it looks like!

The last one is watermelon (oh how I love this one!!!)

Just look at how the colour changes in that bottom pink section!  Amazing!

So that was our Sunday!  It’s actually the last day of my holidays as I’m starting summer school tomorrow…. I’m only doing one paper, my first third year paper in fact… apparently third year papers are hard… well that sounds great seeing as first and second year papers were not what I’d describe as easy!!!!!!!  It’s called “intimate relationships” so is set to be fantastically confronting!  Bring on the self-awareness and personal growth!  I can take it!

Thank you for stopping by today!!!  I hope you’ve had a fun visit and potentially have an itch that only some beautiful new wool will scratch…. I give you permission to indulge!!!

I have to go… I have wool that needs to be lovingly stroked urgently!!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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24 Responses to More knitted goodness….

  1. frou-frou says:

    Going to the beach and finding someone selling yarn there???? Wow that’s brilliant luck!

    And the yarn looks beautiful. I particularly love the Watermelon shade

    Fiona x

  2. Carol says:

    The colours in the arm warmers are great, you’ve got an eye for colour.

    The colours in the hanks of yarn are yummy, particularly the Watermelon but Sunset is you!

  3. tejehannah says:

    Good morning Alice! Back to ‘normal’ – I have my Sundaymorningcoffee with you – great! And what a lovely post! It’s so nice you see your photos from the nature there! About the sun – it’s so nice – but too much is too much – we have now clouds and small rains after 6 months and we love this weather!
    Your arm warmers are lovely and so well made, colour changing couldn’t look better! I’m sure your wool and yarn in NZ is the best – hope to be able to get some ‘someday’! Beautiful colours – my favorit is ‘pink-green Melon’!
    Cloudy, relaxing wishes from Crete, Teje
    Ps. I loved your baby-kimono!

  4. Karen says:

    Fab wool hunny!
    Have fun….
    Your beach looks gorgeous!
    x x x

  5. carol says:

    sun, beach and wonderful yarn sounds like heaven your one lucky girl!

  6. Planet Penny says:

    What a lovely piece of coastline. Wild and primeval. The arm warmers are fab. I think I’m going to have to make some as my latest favourite sweater has short sleeves and I need a bit of woolly hugging round the forearms! I’m envious of those lovely yarns. Can’t wait to see what you conjure up! Penny & Higgins xxx

  7. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh I need that Watermelon wool in my life. Reeeeaaaalllly badly. If you check out my blog and the post called 15 Years you’ll see why! Mr TB gave me jewellery that would match perfectly and those are so my colours. Whatcha goin do with it??? Can’t wait to see. x

  8. Claire says:

    I love your armwarmers! I went to the shops yesterday and saw some vibrant, stripy armwarmers as I walked into a shop and went over for a look. They were thin and floppy and the thumb was sewn on so badly. Yuk! And for the price you could get some seriously yummy yarn to make kick-ass ones like yours.

    Loving the new yarn too!

  9. Oh that wool Alice!!!!! I am drooling and green with envy (not a pretty sight) 🙂 Perendale, sounds lovely but if they jump fences 😦 Hmmmm is that what they call a woolly jumper???? I love that Teal, Coral and Lilac Yummo!

    I saw an answer to the question of a jog in the stripes but can’t remember where, I will have a think and send you the link when it comes to me, it was a great little tip too!

    Good luck with summer school and what are you knitting there??? They are not DPNS??

  10. Minniemack says:

    Must be quite fun to knit with yarn from naughty sheep😉

    I like your techniques for changing colors–it’s not just the tedium of weaving in the ends , but that they can tend to pop up–they are never really hidden. There are several simple techniques for avoiding the bumps in stripes. I always forget exactly what they are, but there are articles available on jogless stripes.

  11. Ana says:

    Ooh, that Sunset colorway! You are one lucky ducky – a beach that beautiful and yarn that beautiful in the same day! Your color changes are really nice, and if the line doesn’t bother you, don’t let it bother you. There is a technique for jogless stripes but if you are twisting the yarns at the beginning of a round for micro-stripes (I almost wrote mice-stripes) you will still get some sort of line because of the difference in tension and thickness at that point.

  12. Terrie says:

    That watermelon yarn is amazing – what a good find. I love your arm warmers, I am seriously tempted to try some knitting after seeing this funky goodness! As for the beach (and I’ve said it before) I am utterly jealous of your surroundings, every shot looks like heaven! x

  13. Casey says:

    You always have such a great eye for color!! I love your arm warmers!

  14. Love those wrist warmers. Making a pair for myself soon!

  15. Sandi says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm, love that wool, must see if I can find it on the internet when I have a spare moment (and money) Love your arm warmers.
    We had a roasting Friday and since then it has been cool and raining, but I welcome the rain, we need it and my garden is in heaven.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  16. Melissa says:

    Oh wow!!! Love that yarn. The colors are amazing, especially the watermelon. I’m going to have to search out and see if I can find that one. You’re beach is breath taking, but then I’ve heard that most NZ is. The arm warmers are adorable.

  17. iamteocalli says:

    What a delight…what an inspiration YOU are Alice!!! I am just learning… although have been crocheting for about a year now… A new friend in town is telling me also about using natural yarn from local producers here… so that is where I am definitely be heading! Now, I am just most concerned and so focused on my Sacred Geometry and mandala patterns that I shall use as prototypes … as I intend that they be recreated by ‘homebound’ people here and in the Philippines for a very worthy cause…to give as gifts to people in our local nursing homes! You very well know how uplifting it is to look at something so beautiful…and still could use it to help keep oneself warm….
    Anyway…what a GIFT you are by unselfishly sharing your talent, your beauty as a person and your wonderful surroundings there in New Zealand!!! I tried sending you a mandala outfit I did for my puppy, Duchess….I am not so sure how to go about it…
    Anyway…Thank you once again for such a delightful visit!!!

    Love always from,

  18. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice, what a lovely weekend you have had. I love your new handwarmers, and I think the colour change looks perfecto! Your new supplies are also very beautiful. I think the watermelon skein is my favourite. Have a lovely week and all the best with summer studies at your place. Bless.

  19. Kate says:

    Great arm warmers- i am a sucka for stripes in just about everything and these pink
    stripes knitted in the round are gorgeous.
    Sounds like a great market, well at least for wool! That watermelon wool is just ohhh- nom, nom, nom! I await the results now! Happy studies and take care, xxoo Kate

  20. Denise says:

    Love the wool. I’m looking forward to see what you decide to make with it.

  21. Robin says:

    Love Love the wool, especially the watermelon too!!! Such fun to see!
    Blessings to you too, Robin

  22. Nancy says:

    Wow, those yarn colors look beautiful! I always love your color choices! And I love reading your blog so much!
    Stop by my blog, you’ve been named for an award! :):):)

  23. Het Kabinet says:

    Oh wow, I loooove your wristwarmers! They really are the best🙂
    And the wool too, what a great find!

  24. gemmipop says:

    I think I might need to make some of these lovely arm warmers myself, I just started learning to roller skate, and they would be some serious sassyness to cover my ugly wrist protectors!!

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