Sunday Morning…..



Pull back those sheets a little further, and remember….. 9.45am!

I’m not even going to LIST what I had accomplished by this point in the day!

Sometimes I think he is a teenager in disguise….

Have a beautiful Sunday,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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13 Responses to Sunday Morning…..

  1. Denise says:

    He needs to have a talk with my Bright Eyes. She starts the wake up the humans routine the second the first rays of sunlight appear.

  2. Merri Duncan says:

    We call that “stinkin pigs” LOL! Cheers!

  3. Penelope says:

    Sunday morning brings a dawning….well maybe not in Raymond’s case xox

  4. sandiart says:

    ‘Cough’ mmmm, that was a bit like me this morningšŸ™‚
    Raymond looks so cuddly there, little sleepy head.
    xx Sandi

  5. 'me' says:


  6. Tickety-boo says:

    Oh wouldn’t that be such bliss on a chilly Sunday morning?? Warm and snuggly and snoozy under the covers. My children have never learned the life lesson that Sunday mornings are not for noise! :o)

  7. I love him Alice!!!! Thanks for sharing xx

  8. Andrea says:

    Treasure him…my beautiful little cat died this morning…..

  9. Mar says:

    AWWWW, I’m thinking the same about Raymond, I have two teenagers @ home & trust me, they do almost the same things
    Greetings from Canada

  10. Melissa says:

    He’s taking cues from my boys. Make him some breakfast, that seems to work here. I wish I could still do that.

  11. My kitty also sleeps under the covers, especially as the autumn nights get crisper and cooler over here in Connecticut. Does Raymond spoon you at night? My kitty is notorious for spooning when she’s cold!

  12. Angie says:

    Oh, this is such a funny post. Raymond makes me smile, for sure. I love kitties! — They have such personality!

  13. hesian says:

    Uhg. I envy you I cannot get up that early. If I’m awake before 10 is a bloody miracle

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