Getting some Mandala action….


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!  Raymond and I spent Sunday at home together, lazing around (as you saw from yesterday’s post) for a little while, then we went outside to do an extreme garden makeover…..

Remember we live in the top flat, so we have a small triangular flowerbed by the car port, then a little space measuring almost 1X2 metres cut into the hill where our wind chimes and compost bin lives…. so really there wasn’t much to do, but it was very satisfying once it was done!  I love composting, I love the way that all my food scraps left in 4 old stacked tyres for a few months creates rich, nutritious dark soil that you couldn’t even hope to buy in a garden centre….. I know there are lots of ways of dealing with food scraps in a enviro-positive manner, how do you get rid of yours?  I’d love to hear some of the ways.  My old tyres work a treat, although you have to be wary of rats when composting in the city…. lucky for us we have a “rat killing Ninja” living with us (Raymond) but that’s a story for another day!

Not much has been happening in terms of craft however…. I mentioned that I’m in a bit of a creative slump and I really really am!  I’m struggling to work colours together and have been doing an awful lot of frogging… my eyes are tainted by this slump and nothing looks good enough!

I did however, get my Mandala on the other day because I suddenly decided the other day that I just could not have the purple one (in the sidebar) on my little side table anymore… I took against the colours vehemently and just had to create a new one to replace it!

As I said, I’ve been struggling with colour combinations, but decided to take inspiration for this mandala from my kitchen mat which has quite a Mexican look to it.  It uses much more vibrant and dark colours than I usually do, so is quite different to my other ones but I’m liking it!

Now I’ve made it, it doesn’t resemble my Mexican rug at all, as it’s not pink enough and I left out the black, but I used natural stone coloured wool for the first time ever!  I couldn’t bring myself to use white, it’s just not me…..

I am still looking at it, hmmmming over the stone and having weeny regrets about using it!  (See what I mean????  Slumped.)

I showed you that picture to give you an example of my frogging!  After I blocked the mandala, I popped it on my table and it was TOO BIG!!!!!  So I frogged the edging and the orange and yellow rows to make it smaller, then added detailing in dark pink.

Ta daa.

It is beyond wonderful to have that purple away from my personal space!!!!!!!

Because I haven’t been furiously hooking for the last few days, I’ve been sitting, staring at the centre of this mandala, and it is quite a spiritual experience!!!  When I sit and look at the centre, become deeply involved with the colours and the pattern and achieve 100% focus on this, the rest of the world DOES just melt away… it’s like, CROCHET MEDITATION!  Crochet induced transcendence!  If you’ve made a mandala, have a go!

It’s quite handy to have this sitting next to me then!

If you spied my DPN’s there, yes… I’m starting another pair of arm warmers…. I still have a pair I haven’t even shown you yet (tee hee) and it seems that I am addicted to knitting tubes.  Maybe it’s not a creative slump after all?  Just a different and slightly unusual creative tangent…..

OK lovely people!  I hope you had a fun visit today!  if you’ve made something fantastic you think I’d love to see, which might give me a colour buzz or make me go “ooooh!!!!” let me know!

Sending you all blessings for the week ahead, I hope it’s great,


p.s This is for you Aunty Jenni, Raymond loves you this much……

(That’s his “big love” face….. his, come and pick me up and love me look….. know you all want to!!!!) XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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21 Responses to Getting some Mandala action….

  1. Pammy Sue says:

    That’s a lovely mandala! And I like your idea of using it to meditate. Will give that one a try.

  2. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! Wonderful and Colourful Mandala! It’s a Rainbow!
    So nice to see Raymond enjoying himself with all that delicious yarn!
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  3. Cathy says:

    I love your mandalas- so sunnily bright- they exude positivity, even on a computer screen!
    I am the opposite to you at the moment, loads of creative juices but having to shelve it for dull reasons( clearing out a drain blocked by my sons (with sticks, stones, tent pegs and conkers!) very smelly! )Changed all the sheets/covers and cut the boys hair- oh and loads of laundry….my poor hooks are feeling neglected!
    I don’t think creativity leaves you, it is just regrouping and will come back stronger than ever…like cats- there is no forcing it to do what you want!

  4. Denise says:

    He is soo cute! I love him! Love the mandala great colors!

  5. Claire says:

    Love the mandala!!

    We used to have a compost bin, like a black container with a lid and a hatch at the bottom. I don’t think we had it in a warm enough place as all the stuff just stayed the same so we cleared it out and moved it. In the meantime the council gave us a brown wheeled bin for compost and they come and collect it. I have left the old black compost bin where is as it is used for shelter by a lovely ginger cat, he sleeps inside it. He doesn’t live anywhere but everyone in the street feeds him and makes sure he is ok. I think he’s been outside for too long to trust anyone enough to move indoors.

  6. Melissa says:

    So pretty, like a sunny rainbow! I always enjoy seeing what you’ve created.

  7. Debi Y. says:

    I love your new mandala – the colors look great together. 🙂

  8. Lesley says:

    Hello Alice,

    I love your new mandala…………. just as I love all your projects. I wouldn’t worry too much about choosing colour combinations as you have a gift for putting colours together……… you have inspired me greatly with your colour choices and after rooting around in my attic, I found some ‘vintage’ Rowan ‘Designer Collection’ & Liberty pure wool yarn from the 1980’s (ahh, I’m giving away my age!) in similar colours to yours and am in the process of doing a cushion similar to your large one. I’ll take a photo when I get some decent light.

    So Alice….. trust your instincts, they have served you well!

    Many blessings,


  9. One of your mandalas is on my To Do List as soon as I finish this monster Rainbow Granny Stripe. Gads, it’s a long haul to do a blanket!🙂 My kitty Lucy sends a me-Yowl to Raymond!

  10. Sandi says:

    This is the great thing about crochet, you can change the look or feel of your home just by changing the cushion covers or a rug thrown over a chair, or as you have done, your mandala on your little table. I can quite understand how your mandala could draw you into meditation, color therapy at its best.
    Hugs to you and a big smooch to Raymond, he is getting a dose of color therapy too.
    Sandi xx

  11. wendy says:

    Hi Alice, As always love any pics of raymond, he is one beautiful kitty ☺
    The mandala turned out beautifully and perhaps I should get around to doing one
    myself, but have so much else on the go lol. Also the hat the other day is really cute
    and you dont look fugly lol, and bet anyone would love wearing that hat. I know my
    32yrold daughter would love it ☺
    love to you and raymond.
    wendy xoxo♥☺

  12. lovestitch says:

    Gorgeous mandala! How great it turned out!
    Every time I am here, I am not just reading your post, I am really enjoying it!

  13. Oh yes I sure do want to!! Adorable Raymondo, as adorable as ever 🙂 I haven’t told you that I had a siamese when I was in my 20’s….she was a sweetie and ended up living with my mum for a few years while I went to London. She developed some bad habits there while I was away and was an awful pain when I came back so she ended up going to a friends house in the country. I still have a big soft spot for them though 🙂

    What is wrong with purple in your personal space??? I thought it was one of the higher colours on the vibration chart? ,I did like the natural white in the mandala as well, that colour comes under my earthy colours in my book!

    PS have you checked out Inside Crochet??? I have subscribed to the digital version of the magazine and got the copies of all the back issues for subscribing…..WOW what inspriation if you are looking for some. I’m even learning to read those danged crochet patterns, then I will be able to read those lovely Japanese crochet books……

  14. kate says:

    Hello stranger, I have been soooo stupidly busy I have missed visiting yours and other lovely blogs, so good to be back here tonight!
    I love your shot of Raymond-awwww, he is in a rainbow ring of love too :o)
    …he looks truly the most contented cat in the universe. Perhaps if I show my cheeky cat Tripitaka this picture he will somehow become calmer-‘Raymond send healing peaceful vibes my way because my cats quite a handful!’
    Sorry to hear you’re a bit creatively slumpy, or perhaps not, in any case maybe you just need some more kick ass yarn! Just call me your enabler!
    Enjoy your week,

  15. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice, I do love your new mandala, I think the colours are just lovely. Snuggles to Raymond – oh he just looks so comfy here.

  16. Terrie says:

    Alice, I am in LOVE with your new mandala. If this is your slump then you are really very talented. You have such an amazing way with colour.

  17. Siobhan says:

    I love purple around me and wear it a lot along with green. I also love pinks and orange. What I like about things for the house is they don’t have to suit you – you just have to love to look at them. Not keen on white but it’s good for snow flakes and snowy Christmasy things. Love your new mandala, including the stone – it offsets the other lovely colours and stones are beautiful aren’t they? Even though they are not bright and happy; it’s their subtle tones and textures that cheer-leads for them . I saw the most exquisitely beautiful crochet scarf/shawl on etsy the other day and I kid you not, it was the colour of mud! Any one of your mandalas would make me happy – they are very harmonious colours. Not surprised they have magic meditational powers! Cats of course are natural meditators, the lovely Raymond is obviously in the zone in that picture. Sometimes there seem to be endless floods of things waiting to be done – with ideas coming out of your ears and not enough time, money or hours for them all. Or else nothing. Not one little spark. I tend to go with the flow – pack up shop and move on for a bit as it takes the pressure off. Then one day (hopefully quite soon!) you’ll see something and pop, it will all come back – you’ll want to make those gloves that you have seen, maybe in a shop or on a blog but in a different pattern, colour and shape – everything really! and then your mind will start buzzing all over again . Hope your creative mojo dip is just a very minor blip; I’m sure it is!

  18. Emma says:

    I have a really excellent and thrifty way to dispose of my food scraps. Minnie the dog eats them. It’s win-win!

    Your mandala has made me feel very tranquil. I’m off for a nap.

  19. YOU are definitely an INSPIRATION!!! A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT YOU ARE!!! I was drawn to your site the moment I headed inside my home office ( after wonderfully sunbathing with my morning cup of tea ) to do more research on crochet…and yours is the first website I clicked on…and voila!….the inspiration sent by the SOURCE of ALL LIFE!!!! INDEED!!!!


    I learned crochet during my elementary years… and never did crochet again since last year, after embarking on the most exciting journey my life… which I am into right now. Practically doing amazing things I never have thought of doing … like, crocheting on the scale I am doing now…whereby I am able to incorporate Sacred Geometry into it – some similar to Mandalas , composing amazing beautiful music on the piano, guitar, and the autoharp … and singing!!!
    Well… all these are truly amazing for me…for none of these activities I could do before! I credit ALL of it to the SOURCE of ALL LIFE…working within me to show forth the BEAUTY inherent to ITS VERY EXISTENCE! SO SIMILAR to what I SEE IN YOU!!!

    Regarding crochet…I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SHARE, and would love to share your site to as many friends as possible! I met someone who lost her hand’s dexterity after an airplane crush…and was healed through the practice of crochet. She crochets most of her time, and make at least 50 afghans a year and donates them all to a local nursing home anonymously to show her gratitude for being healed.

    My work now is centered on bringing gifts of BEAUTY to the elderly especially to the ones in nursing homes. To help lift up their spirits, bringing BEAUTY and JOY through music, art, literature, and other gifts like lap throws and shawls made through crochet. I am sharing this activity to both the young and the old in my community, to help develop their existing skills and talents in order to bring a deeper meaning and purpose to their lives by serving the less fortunate … living in nursing facilities. HEALING is the center of all these activities by sharing BEAUTY and JOY! This pretty much summarizes what this is all about! A win-win situation in all angles!


    I would love to correspond with you, and learn from your expertise in crochet and other stuff!!! You can also find me on Facebook under Marianne Valencia, Springfield, MO

    Blessings to YOU and Raymond!!!

    Much LOVE,

  20. Penelope says:

    Viva Mandala! very close to me crying viva Mandela! Thank you Alice for your beauties, I am loving the stone and am thinking field’s of wheat when I see it x Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create , otherwise you’ll have creative burnout and I certainly wouldn’t like that xox Take care and big love back to Raymond xxxxx

  21. Denise says:

    That’s a very pretty mandala. I loved the purple one as well.

    Sometimes creativity has shifts like that. I have a multitude of crafts I enjoy. The problem is I have mumble, mumble number of WIPs..

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