Queen Anne and the Blossoms

Hello and welcome!!!!

I hope you’re having a great day, or have had one and are about to head off to bed!!!  It’s 10.30am here, and I’m sitting in the sunshine, wearing *gasp* a SUMMER DRESS, feeling deeply relaxed!  I’m seeing so many beautiful pictures of the seasons changing in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves, the frosts, the fires being lit, and I feel a teeny bit guilty at posting pictures of beautiful spring blossoms and talking about the gorgeous sunshine, but remembering that in six months time, the tables will be turned! 

Aren’t these blossoms just amazing????  I took these pictures in Turangi, where blossom trees are in abundance and the blossoms are just so thick and luscious I was amazed and couldn’t stop taking pictures of them…..

I love the way the trees which have been bare for months are now covered in little eeny-weeny light green leaves…..

The Count enjoyed hearing the comments about how good he looked in his cape…. He seems to have recovered from the ordeal, however the cape is still downstairs, so I’m sure this is not over for him…..

Do you remember me starting the Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf a couple of weeks ago???  Every time I pop into Ravelry I see it there, listed as a WIP even though I finished it a while ago, so today, in honour of this blue, blue sky, I thought I had better post the finished result!

Remember I made it from some delicious Touchyarn wool that I bought with a gift voucher from my sister?

It was a nice big 200gm hank and I had no idea what to do with it, but was completely captivated by the colour, so was compelled to buy it and have had it in my stash for a couple of months.

I finished the scarf and still have HEAPS of this wool left, oh JOY!

I’m thinking now…. that would make some great arm warmers!  (Somebody stop me with these!!!!!)  So that leftover is back in the stash bag of “special” wool, and the scarf is happily around my neck frequently!


I’m lucky I still have it actually, I wore it to Turangi and noticed KB’s mother stroking it a little too lovingly one night when it was hanging off the chair!

I made it super long because I wanted it to wrap around my neck three times….. 94 motifs in total, and I’m so pleased I lasted the distance with it, because I like it much more than my shorter red one…..

If you haven’t started one yet, pattern is HERE and I can’t wait to see yours!

Loving that green view from our deck right now……

OK then wonderful people and lovely commenters!  I’m off, I have to pop down to the mechanics…. some lovely person tried to pinch my car on Saturday…. popped the passenger lock right out and now theres a big hole there, I’m hoping our favourite mechanic might be able to magically fix it without calling in the panelbeaters!!! 

Wish me luck!  And don’t even ASK what is up with me and cars right now please!!!!!!!!!!

Sending beautiful thoughts your way,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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32 Responses to Queen Anne and the Blossoms

  1. Ana says:

    I have been ogling your scarf and had decided to make one myself. The same thought occurred to me – what armwarmers would go well with this? Knitted ones with the bottom edge picked up and crocheted with the same lace motif? I’d love to know what you choose! And that blue is amazing!

  2. Peeriemoot says:

    Love the blossom (just what a northern hemispherer needs to see just now!), and the scarf has turned out great!

  3. Bobo Bun says:

    Love that scarf. I felt tempted to have a go and then reminded myself before the thought really left my head that I’d better finish all the other stuff I thought I’d just start first.

    Also adored Raymond’s cape, he wears it well.

    Lisa x

  4. Dorothy says:

    Your scarf is amazing. What ply is the yarn please. I’ve just finished making one in Noro Taiyo and am pleased with the result. I have a pic on my blog if you’re interested. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos. Give Raymond a big hug from me.

  5. sandiart says:

    What a beautiful color blue, my mum would love that!! it looks gorgeous on you.
    You are in a summer dress and we are here with the heater on, it has been cold and raining here for four days, it has filled our water catchments to 50% which we desperatly needed and my garden is loving it. But today it is the ‘Melbourne Cup’ and it is dismal for them. But the race goes on.
    Have a great rest of your today.
    Hugs Sandi xx
    Oh my crystals look rejuvenated since being outside for two days and a night in the rain.

  6. Birgit says:

    Lovely color that scarf and also looks like so much fun to make.. will definitely put this on my list to try … I think my daughter in law would love this with a matching hat and arm warmers.. Which by the way would go wonderful with it especially because of the color.
    Such beautiful plants and bushes all in bloom… And here its getting a bit chilly now…But thats ok it never gets that cold here in South Texas… not like in the northern states…
    Off to feed my babies……..Hugs from South Texas.. Birgit

  7. Nicole says:

    Your scarf is gorgeous!!! I’m totally going to have to make one!

  8. Jorunn says:

    Springblossoms… beautiful! Here in my part of Norway we have had a little bit of snow already, but it’s gone now. But soon I hope it will snow more😉 I like winters. And I have already started with crocheting for christmas :))
    Your scarf is beautyful and have a lovely colour!!

  9. Terrie says:

    The scarf is just gorgeous! You are such a lucky girl to have thos views!

  10. Lindsey says:

    First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your car! I hope it ends up ok.
    Your scarf is so very pretty and it looks wonderful on you. It’s starting to get cold here and I think it might snow soon so I’d better learn this pattern fast and get hooking! I have the perfect yarn too.
    Hugs and kisses for you and Raymond, all the way from Canada!

  11. Erin says:

    The blossoms are absolutely lovely. I would have taken tons of pictures too. And the landscape. It is so green. So beautiful. Things are cold, grey here at the moment and those pictures perked me right up.
    I love, love, love that blue color. The pattern suits the color well! Very flowing.

  12. Planet Penny says:

    That scarf is gorgeous! I think I’m going to put it on the list, once I get to the end of my UFOs! Thanks for the blossom pictures, I really need them at the moment. Higgins thought Raymond looked REEEEELY scary in the cape, those teeth!
    Love Penny and Higgins xxx

  13. PaisleyJade says:

    Just discovered you – loving your creations!!!

  14. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! What a wonderful scarf! I want that too! I know I shall enjoy making it. Lovely photos also – how amazing full of flowers that tree can be! You haven’t been very lucky with the car lately – I hope it changes….
    Wishes Teje

  15. 94 motifs!!!! How many in your smaller one? I was thinking of making one for my mum for xmas?? She is so hard with colour tho so I may make it for me 🙂

    Those blossoms are amazing and your view is nice and green isn’t it!
    Is your stud new? Haven’t noticed it before, looks nice 🙂

    Hope your car is OK?

  16. Linda says:

    true – it’s worth to make a scarf longer.. it looks so much better and bolder when you can wrap it around more than one time (thats where I usually stop😀 )🙂

  17. aeonie says:

    Love your scarf. And what a fab view from your balcony! Hope it works out ok with your car!! x

  18. Emma says:

    OK. The scarf. The blossom. It’s too much loveliness. My eyes need a little lie down.

  19. Penelope says:

    Your scarf has turned out so stunning Alice, what a beautiful colour! I did attempt the queen anne pattern and did about 8 motifs but frogged it because by then I had sussed out the pattern after making numerous mistakes! and will now put it on my ‘to make’ list when one day I will find the time and space to do it.
    All the pink, blue and greens of your post today have given me divine colour therapy as i have unfortunately found myself suffering a bit from the blue’s :o( , thank you, it has cheered me up somewhat ;0)

  20. MiA says:

    Uh… those trees are just lovely!
    We left summer behind, leaves have fallen off the trees, sky is grey, it is cold and raining almost constantly and days are getting shorter and shorter…. toooo boring! .. but, I can cuddle inside with my knitting projects without feeling bad for not going outside😉

  21. Siobhan says:

    Oh my goodness, how I do love blossom! Spring is my very favourite time of year, so your lovely pictures are most welcome. And how green! You see, that is what rain is for. Love your scarf – it looks effortlessly elegant on you; great colour and pattern. Queen Anne would be proud! I hope the Count is now resting from his nocturnal endeavors and is back to being the Raymond you know and love (isn’t he just such a handsome kitty though? ) Loved your pinky striped arm warmers too, more gorgeous colours. Hope you get your car fixed!

  22. 'me' says:

    I really love too see your springpictures at fall here !!!!!! Thanks !

  23. Melissa says:

    Love the beautiful blooming trees. Fall is finally decided to show up. It was 80 degrees F last week and 55 degrees F today. Give us a month and we’ll have true winter cold. The scarf is gorgeous! Arm warmers with a lacy edge would look great with it. Can you add the motifs as trim? Have fun with it!

  24. Marla says:

    Hi Alice!! you did a beautiful job on the scarf- I’m tempted to start one myself! Just think yourself lucky- you are getting warmer weather there- it is fall here, coming upon winter probably shortly. Have a great day and love Raymond for me!

  25. wendy says:

    That scarf is awsome Alice!! and those views, wow.
    Glad raymond appeared back too lol, perhaps he was off testing
    his new cape out lol.
    New Zealand is a beautiful place and looking forward to my annual
    visit around may next year ☺

    wendy xo

  26. renee says:

    Love your scarf! Beautiful!

  27. sandiart says:

    Hi Alice, I came across this blog and saw her Oct 26 post and thought of you because of the blue color I guess. A rather cute idea I thought.
    xx Sandi

  28. Your scarf looks fandabidosi Alice, it looks very glamorous, thank you for the full reveal, and it’s so nice to see it being modelled. Knitting uses less yarn than crochet, so your remainder yarn will go further with your knit mitts, and they’ll match your scarf, very dapper! I’m looking at that blossom and dreaming about when it’s our turn, and actually, it’s really nice to see spring photos when steeped in the onslaught of winter, so do post more. Sorry to hear about your car, that’s awful, that sort of thing feels like a violation doesn’t it? Hope it’s not too costly to repair. Take car, and a kiss for Raymond on his chocolate brown ears. Love Vanessa xxx

  29. Wendy says:

    It looks so beautiful on you that I am definitely going to have a go. I definitely have some special stash yarn that would do the job. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. froukje says:

    What a beautiful pictures you have on your blog! Amazing the blossom, and of course a beautiful scarf! Here it is authum, with early darkness at the and of the afternoon. O I wish it is spring right now right here!

  31. Lizette says:

    Hi Alice,
    the scarf is just gorgeous, so is the wool. You have inspired me to give it a go.
    i am a beginner crocheter so any other tips uou can give me will be appreciated. can you please tell me what ply is the wool you used and what size hook did you use, and what colour is that beautiful wool?
    Thanks so much

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