Knitting in the Round…..

Hi hi!!!!!

And happy Sunday to all of you!!!  It’s Halloween as I’m sure you all know… I don’t celebrate Halloween at all, mainly because it was a complete non-event when I was young, and other reasons, but nothing in particular!  However,  Raymond has two downstairs children named Jack and Ruby who he loves dearly. (Jack lets him sleep under the covers in bed at night, such is the friendship these two have!)  They only live there part-time and today I discovered they are hosting a Halloween party for the other kids in the street.  So I thought it might be fun to get Raymond on the Halloween buzz to give Jack and Ruby a real kick at their party……


Count DRAC-u-mond….. mwaaa haaaa haaa haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

 Oh yes… your eyes did not deceive… that is a crochet cape……

By the time I FOUND the Count and got him in his cape the kids had all gone off on a kiddie mission somewhere until 6pm, but their parents loved it!

You have nooooooooooooooooooooooooo idea how hard it is to get a photo of him when he doesn’t want one taken….. I took about 1000 of them before he got really grumpy and has now run away…..

The little bugger even tried to bite me, but I suppose what else do I expect?  Today he is….


Lock your doors tonight people, Count Dracumond is out and about

I wish I could *insert blood-curdling scream* right there and give you all a BIG FRIGHT!  Maybe I need to start celebrating Halloween, this is quite fun……

OK, enough of that.  

As I’ve been mentioning (have I mentioned it yet???) I am currently digging knitting on double pointed needles.  Now we’re on speaking terms I feel like I can call them by their nickname, DPNs, and I’ve been quite excited about showing you my second pair of armwarmers!

I knitted these with Touchyarn 8ply 100% Merino, and what a dreamy experience!  It’s funny though, I knitted the green pair from the same wool on the same needles, but these are a lot tighter, and waaaaay better.  No holes!  No dropped stitches!  Minimal laddering!  I’m thrilled with the results!

Raymond’s Aunty Jenni asked how I made them, and being that I am only just getting the hang of gauge and tension, this is HARDLY a “how-to!” But I cast on 40 using rib cast on and transferred onto DPNs, then knit tightly until I reached desired length and cast off.  I then did single crochet around each end and at the bottom end did a round of picot!  Pretty simple!

I’m still not sure of how to do the whole changing colour business, but I thought this effort was much better than my usual “tie a knot and keep knitting” way of doing things!  I showed Mum who showed me a different way of doing it, but I’ve got so many new things running around my head I couldn’t take it in!!!!!

I wove in all the ends quite neatly I think!  Meanwhile, any advice on how this is done properly will be appreciated!  (Possibly not understood, but I’ll try!!!!!!)

And Ta-Daa!!!!  Oh the joy of learning a new skill!  I’m thrilled with all of the new potential and possibilities that have opened up and felt quite spesh when Vanessa who I deem the Goddess of Knittage said she was quite proud of my efforts!  *Blush*Vanessa, Raymond was wondering if his two canine cousins did anything special for Halloween???  Knitted halos perchance?

OK then, that’s my news for the day!  I’m back into life tomorrow after my few days off, so am going to go and enjoy my last evening!  Read a book or knit?  That’s the dilemma I’m facing right now…….

Have a lovely rest of your weekend…. what did you all get up to?  Something fun I hope,


P.S.  Do you know what?  I had an odd comment waiting for moderation this morning!!!!  It was from a URL completely unrelated to anything fibre-ific commenting on an older post saying that it would have been better if I had changed the title of that post to something more generic that would have fitted the post’s content, but that it was OK because the writing was still alright……..



Ever had one of those?  I had a bit of a laugh and wondered how much time this person had on their hands that they could critique some random person’s blog about knitting and crochet!!!  Do you know, I forget that lots of people come and read this, not just the 20-40 people who regularly comment and I get a bit of a surprise that anyone in the world can pop in, not just those who subscribe to the Church of Woolly Goodness!  Anyway, no offense was taken, but I found it quite odd!!!  What funny comments have you had???!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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20 Responses to Knitting in the Round…..

  1. Minniemack says:

    Just gotta dig deep and find compassion for these types, or else just laugh your ass off!

  2. wendy says:

    love the little cape on count dracumond lol
    also those knitted mitts are great, i have not tried knitting in about
    10yrs, so just might inspire me to give it a go again. this old hag
    may just be able to do crochet and knit lol.
    keep the great blogging going and goodness knows what that person was on
    about lol lol.
    wendy ☺

  3. Hi Alice! *Loved* the Halloween photos of Raymond! How did you ever get a photo of him yawning like that!? LOL

    As for the sterling silver crochet hooks — go here and click on crochet hooks.

    I just can’t use anything but my silver H hook! But I also have a D and an I in silver and a C and an H in bronze. AND.. a set of bronze DPNS! 🙂

  4. tejehannah says:

    Morning….how great that cape and Raymond – perfect for the calebration!
    Your knitting is going so well! I have been knitting … more than 30 years (can’t believe) and mine is never so even and smooth. When you use several colours you can just leave the other one to wait when knitting the other colour. But remember when you chance the colour, cross those two yarns with each other to avoid a ‘hole’ (you see this when knitting).
    Have a lovely start for a new week! Teje

  5. Birgit says:

    love the cape on Raymond…. and him running to funny… I have 4 cats so I know how hard it is sometimes to take a pic of one when they are not in the mood…
    Love the arm warmers….. great colors…..
    hope you have a wonderful sunday
    Hugs from South Texas

  6. Tickety-boo says:

    Well done on your knitting in the round! It’ sreally addictive, the possibilities are endless, socks, hats, tea cosies ………………………………………. (you can tell I only just learned as well). Socks are truly addictive! I love your isea of mixing knitting and crochet in one, what a lovely finish. xxxxxxxxx

  7. sandiart says:

    Yay, ya got ya knitting mojo on!!!!! Tension looks spot on, yay go Alice…..:)
    Loooovvvvveeee Raymond in his cape, what a cat, he has the eye teeth for it “I vant to suck ur blood mwahhha”
    Yep I’ve had random comments like that too, I just delete…oh and ‘laugh my ass off’
    My weekend consisted of knitting for stall and cooking ahead for daughters 20th birthday dinner on Tues night. She’s an All Saints baby.🙂🙂 Sandi xx

  8. frou-frou says:

    Hello and Happy Halloween! Love Raymond’s cape!!!

    I just can’t ‘get’ knitting in the round. That’s one of the reasons I love crochet so much more than knitting now. Its much more versatile and doesnt require the contortionism that I found with using dpns.

    Well done
    Fiona xx

  9. Debi Y. says:

    I just love your arm warmers Alice – the colors are my favorites. And I love the Counts cape – too cute. 🙂

  10. LOL at Raymonds cape!! Did he lose his balance with it???? If you put a cat in a coat (or arm warmer) they will just sit stunned for a while and then when they try to first walk they can’t figure out the balance….Not that I am giving you permission to try this on Raymond….he may bite you with those fangs!! Great Photo of his teeth and tonsils 🙂

    Very neat sewing in of the ends, you can carry the colour up the inside if it is only narrow stripes then there is no sewing in 🙂 I’m going to have to make myself some of those now! I am loving the combination of knitting and crochet, the creativity is endless!

    Well done mastering the DPNS now there will be no stopping you! Have you tried felting any of your flowers in the machine yet??? 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    Raymonds cape is adorable. Love the photo with him yawning.
    I just have to tell you, your knitted wrist warmers are so cozy. I really enjoy making up fingerless gloves, etc. nice projects that are always appreciated as gifts

    strange comments? no, but I’ve received links to sites in my comment section that have nothing what so ever to do with knit or crochet and I wonder ??? why.

  12. Happy Halloween! Raymond looks spook-tacular in his cape!
    I have been *very* tempted to dress up my cats. But since a) they wouldn’t appreciate it at all and b) they are already black, I’ve never done it. (Although I really want to make one of my cats black dragon wings because he looks just like the dragon from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.)
    I love those arm warmers. I am in awe of your knittage abilities!

  13. Debby says:

    Brilliant!!! After a difficult(!) week your post made me laugh out loud-your sense of humour and your Dracumond photos just caught me out and gave me just what I needed,a damn good laugh. Thank you so much.Debby.x

  14. Denise says:

    Love Count Dracumond. If I tried that with my crew I would have a few more scratch scars that would last for decades.

    One thing I did to keep ladders from showing in my knitting on dpns is I would twist the first stitch on each needle. Knit from the back loop to twist the stitch and tighten the knitting, just the first stitch on each needle. I think you did a great job at hiding your ends. Pretty soon we should see you with some socks on the needles.

    PS. My post today has a picture of my kitty with her toes and a link to poly-dactyl cats in Wikipedia. I’m still trying to get a good picture of Butterscotch’s catcher’s mitts, he keeps biting and scratching me when I try to hold his paw.

  15. Penelope says:

    How funny is Raymond… I love pets when they remind you that they are animals! Alice tried to befriend my mum and dad’s dog by making a princess crown for him, after chasing sammy boy round the garden for 1/2 and hour she gave up and realised that he wasn’t having any of her girly fun!
    You are genius to use DPN’s , my one and only set are still lying low low low in my stash basket and I guess it’s a bit like fair isle, the fear comes from the anticipation rather than the doing, I think you may well have inspired me ;o)
    I am almost finished Alice’s hat and hope to post soon. (ps) did I ever say how lovely you are popping into my blog, I know it sounds a bit naff but I look forward to your comments. Right enough sentimental hoo haa … take care have a good week xox

  16. Kate says:

    This is hilarious! I love count drac-u-mond! I wish I had dressed Basil up as a pea and taken some creepy Anne Geddes style photos.

  17. Louise says:

    Alice such a hoot!!! Been away in the lakes so I havent chatted for a while. Raymonds cape!!! Well. I loved it. I am also very envyous of the knitting. I try but I am so uptight and it all goes wrong. I love the wristies. Very pretty.

  18. Melissa says:

    Poor Raymond! Car Guy threatened to get Oreo and Smokey costumes but I said no dice. Those poor kitties grew up with my boys and have very little dignity left. I thought it was very important to to let them keep it. The kimono is looking great and I love the arm warmers!

  19. Amanda says:

    Oh how glorious Raymond looks in his cape… I bet he stole the show last night!

    Thanks for the link you left over on my blog, I had a quick look and shall be delving into older posts later on… you know me well ;o)

  20. This post made me laugh out loud Alice! Count Dracumond you are so dashing despite being a rather blurry clothes-horse (cat). Count, do you realise how fortunate you are to have a cape crocheted for you? I wonder who got to have you sink your fangs into last night? Anyone special. Oh! Alice of course! My two are looking aghast at me for neglecting them on the dressing up front, or are their expressions one’s of horror at the thought of being dressed up? I must admit, we did absolutely nothing for Halloween, and I feel strangely un-embarrassed about it. A round of applause on the knitting front! Well done Alice, those mitts are a triumph! And they look fantastic! Well done with the colour changing, they are beautifully sewn in, and I think you’re probably ready for Fair Isle! I genuinely love to see your progress on the knitting front, it’s very satisfying to watch you progress in leaps and bounds. Righty-ho, must be off. Love Vanessa xxx

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