Harvey Kimono Status Update 03


I hope you’ve all had a fab Saturday, or are GOING to!  Normally on a Saturday night I am recovering from working two days in a shop, dealing with customers all day, parked in my chair feeling completely worn out!  However, I took this weekend off to recover from my trip to Turangi and it has been great… three whole days all to myself!  I’ve still got one left too….

Thank you Lovelies!  For all the kind messages about my shoulder and the concern for the impact the accident may have had on my crafting!  I’m feeling the good healing vibes coming my way and I’m soaking them all up.  It’s quite sore today but not as bad as I thought it might be, I managed to hook this for Mum today to say thank you for taking me out for lunch…

Not my usual colour palatte, but it will match her recently renovated kitchen perfectly AND fit in with her passion for natural fibres!  Hooking this was painful however, my shoulder stops me fron attacking my crochet projects with my usual passion, however, knitting seems to be OK so I’m practicing my knitting in the round…. more of that later!

Meanwhile, it’s time for a Harvey Kimono update!!!!!  It has been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages!  10 days since I showed you where we were up to last!

In the last update I was halfway through the second sleeve, and now……

 Remember Mum had mutinied at this point, but here she is now….

Gosh, I can’t even tell what she’s up to there!  She was waaaaay behind me, but not anymore!  (That’s not surprising being that she knows how to do a 3 needle cast-off so I had to wait!!!  he he!) 

I’m going to do TWO updates here (oh you are soooo lucky aren’t you!!!) and since that day, she finished the front and did the three needle cast-off and here is starting on the sleeves!

I, meanwhile, have been struggling with the front pieces.  I was going fine until I needed to shape the neck and things started to turn a bit… well… shite really!  I had to frog the first bit three, yes… THREE times before I finally got it!!!!  At that point I just wanted it to be vaguely similar to the pattern, and after much perseverence, I did it!

And there we have it so far!  I sent Mum a text today that said “I am so over the Harvey Kimono.”  But I will persevere and it will be finished!!!!!!!  Wish me luck!

Carrying on from yesterday’s crystal discussion….. you just never know when a crystal is going to arrive into your life, and this morning I was lucky enough to have a spare 10 minutes to pop into the People’s Market in Newtown.  (Sounds like a good market, but unfortunately it has never really got off the ground)  I walked straight up to a stall and found this in a clear plastic bag!

For a measly price of $10!  Lucky me!  The lady said “would you like to hold it first?”  “No thank you!”  I said, “I can see it and I’ll take it!!!”  Oh the joy of finding a beautiful crystal…. Crystals are my other great passion, a much more long lasting passion I must admit, than woolly goodness!  Clear Quartz is my special stone and I love finding all of the amazing configurations they grow in, each with a different energy frequency, each for a different healing purpose.  This one is tabular and has a particularly sweet vibration.  It’s outside in the elements being cleansed right now and I’m dying to bring it in and have a “hold!”

OK, that’s enough from me for today, just one last shot though, of what could have been the last ever picture of Raymond as he was being a dick and walking along the decking of our top flat balcony….. He thought he was pretty clever until he tried to turn around and his back legs fell off… KB caught him pulling himself back up on the corner railing…..

It’s all about those sparrows who have a nest up there…

OK, have a lovely day, lovely people!!!!!  I hope you’re not as bored by the Harvey Kimono as I am!  never mind, not much to go!!!!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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13 Responses to Harvey Kimono Status Update 03

  1. Tickety-boo says:

    The Kimonos are looking lovely! What beautiful colours you have both chosen. I take it you won’t be knitting an adult size for yourself????? OMG at Raymond, I am not scared of heights but that gave me a funny feeling of panic and wanting to lift your gorgeous furry friend down lol. Have a great weekend. xxxx

  2. Naomi says:

    I love your mum Knitting needles! your Kimono’s are coming along lovely, i have enjoyed following your projects, looks like you are nearly there keep up the good work.

    I collect crystals i love them especially Rose Quartz.

    Have a good weekend :o)

  3. jacey conroy says:

    What a wonderful photo of the crystal.x

  4. Mrs Twins says:

    Gorgeous work Alice,
    Have a good weekend, and I’m pleased you aren’t too bad after your accident.
    Love Suex

  5. Aaaaahhh!! I nearly had a heart attack seeing Raymond on the rails…. Tell Raymondo to stay off those railings he is not a young thing any more and it is so easy to fall…..Cats do not have nine lives, that is a lie. Tell him Aunty Jenni said to go inside and play with his catnip mouse and forget about those sparrows!

    I love those little Harvey Kimono, so sweet. You are doing well, not far to go now. Is that 3 needle cast off for the shoulder seams? I love the little picot edging on your mums!

    Lovely crystal, fab photo 🙂

  6. Debi Y. says:

    Great work on the Harvey kimono and the madala. I’m sure your Mom is gonna love it.

    Glad you’re not feeling too bad from the accident. Heal quickly.

    I had a laugh when you “cued the silence”. Of course there should never, ever be any food touching that beautiful mandala potholder. 🙂

  7. Penelope says:

    I’m loving the natural fibre element, I think your mum is on to one there :0)
    Enjoy all your free happy times and look forward to more kimono beauty xox

  8. Sucrette says:

    I love the colors of your mum’s mandala! Take care of ur shoulder and
    Have a great evening🙂

  9. Clara says:

    You must give yourself a little break Alice to recover. Do not crochet if you are feeling pain. That way you will heal much faster. We’ll all wait for you and Raymond will be around I’m sure to keep everything in line! Be well.

  10. Amanda says:

    WOW… I love it when crystals just find their way to you like that. Tim once found a piece of Red Jasper on the floor in an empty house he was working on (in his previous incarnation as a plumber, before the career change to health-care). I remember because we had just started going out and he called me just to tell me that! Crystals are one of my favourite gifts when people need a little cheering up, I love going to seek out a piece perfect for the recipient and writing a little “basic information” on its properties for them. I also quite enjoy it when it becomes clear that a crystal I own no longer has a place in my life and suddenly someone close to me needs the healing it can offer and I know that the crystal came into my life just to be kept ready for when it was needed… do you ever get that?

    Ok, I am going to stop talking about crystals now… I really could go on forever about them.. especially when you keep sharing pictures of such beautiful pieces xx

  11. sandiart says:

    I can’t believe you got that crystal for $10 (someone just said crystal on the tv!), it was calling out for you. You just jogged me to go do the same with mine, put them outside in the rain.
    The kimono is so sweet, I have never heard of a 3 needle cast off, will have to look it up.
    I didn’t realise how high up you live, its on top of the world, Raymond certainly was focused on the birds to get up there.
    Your mums needles remind me of my mums.
    Have a great day…..Sandi xx

  12. I love your work and I’m glad you’re not hurt worse when you ran into that car door!

    I fell in *LOVE* with your Mom’s knitting needles!! Where could I get some like that in a size 7 US? I just adore fancy hooks and needles. I use a beautiful sterling silver crochet hook, myself.

    Hugs, Teresa from Corbett, Oregon

  13. Just a note – I found a pretty set of tortoise needles on eBay and bought them! Thanks for showing your mom’s needles, as I just love vintage things and will enjoy these immensely. Teresa from Corbett, Oregon USA

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