Travelling tales…..


I’m back from my travels…. I got back last night however the internet was not working!  Shock horror!  Luckily I was so tired I just didn’t really care and just fell into bed straight away…. It’s always lovely to come home and sleep in your own bed isn’t it?

I went on a quick trip to Turangi for a flying visit on a family related mission…. If you look on the map below, you will see Wellington at the bottom and in the centre of the North Island there is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge lake called Lake Taupo.  Just below Taupo is a teeny-tiny town called Turangi which is where KB was born and raised. 

I got the bus up there on Monday which  took 6 hours and managed to snap some shots of the scenery of the lower half on the North Island for you all!!!!

As I have made this journey from Wellington to Taupo about… um… one million times in my life, I find it particularly boring until we hit the central plateau, however, thinking of what my bloggy-type friends would think of the lush green-ness, I began to look at it through fresh eyes, and really appreciated the beauty!

Remember I took these from the window of the bus, so we were whizzing past!

This next shot shows the viaduct where my Nana and Grandad would stop every year on our New Years trip to Taupo for tea and Nana’s home-made christmas mince pies…. I always think of them when I go past, naturally!!!!!!!!!!!!

We stopped at a cafe/farm for refreshments…. Think greasy tea rooms circa 1980 with overpriced, badly made coffee, but toilets!  So who cares!!!!  Plus…. Flat Hills is home to many lovely tame farm animals!  I love tame animals, they have this beautiful innocence and trust that has been fostered with so much love….

I met the cow who told me her name was Daisy (she’s not so original huh?)

A funny one horned goat….

A very cool sheep with a black tongue!

An incredibly good-looking rooster….

And a really stinky pig…. this pig smelled like a rotten, dead pig, but he was really happy looking and was lying in the sun grunting, so I couldn’t help but love him!

Do you know what was funny?  I made this journey alone, and when I arrived at Turangi I showed KB the pictures and she who has made this bus trip 6 times since August RECOGNISED all the animals!!!  I think she needs to drive next time and skip this farm all-together!

So we were herded back onto the bus and that was great because we then only have 90 minutes to go, and we were about to reach a part of New Zealand that I love passionately and have since, well, forever!  The central plateau is home to three active volcanoes, Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe and Tongariro, and I managed to get a few decent bus shots!

First is the biggest, Mt Ruapehu, which last had activity in 2007 and before that, in 1995 it had actitity happening for 9 months!  It’s just amazing….

I love these volcanoes….. their energy and power makes me feel alive and…. I’m trying to find words to explain the feeling of power that flows through me when I’m there…. the connectedness…. it’s incredible.  My sun sign and moon sign are fire signs, so I am deeply attracted to geothermal activity….. I love it……

In this next shot, to the far right of the picture is Ngaruahoe…

Cone shaped perfection!  It is a very volcano looking volcano!  And thanks to the gods of cropping, I have a lovely close-up shot too!

Tongariro is further on and not as visible as the others, but to the left of Ngaruahoe….

We stayed for two nights, during which we got to see KB and my nieces, one of whom we haven’t seen for three years…. I was shocked that she is now a TEENAGER and I was expecting her ten year old self to be climbing all over me, wanting piggy back rides and playing horses, but no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I forgot they had gotten older!  It was lovely to see these beautiful girls and have a bit of hook/ knitting lessons with the younger one!

As I spent a grand total of 12 hours on a bus, I decided it was the perfect time to teach myself how to knit in the round on double pointed needles as there were no distractions of other projects!  There was also no Mum, no instructions, no google…. I had to work it out or I would be bored to death, and work it out I did!!!  I cast on and sat there looking at it…. contemplating…. then realised that as a lefty I should turn it upside down and inside out, so I did, and I did! 

And completed a pair of arm warmers!

It’s funny how knitting the Harvey Kimono (update coming soon!) has made me expand my knitting horizons!  I bought this beautiful merino wool and found myself thinking “I don’t want a seam in my arm warmers!  I want some seamless beautiful tubes!” So there we go, they are by no means perfect, and they have a HOLE!!!!  it has been sooooooooo long since I made a hole in my knitting!  But the next pair is on the needles and much better already!

I wore the finished warmers today and they’re the best!

So we’re home now, and it’s nice to be home, nice to see Raymond who spent the time at his downstairs family’s place, nice to come home to my chair….

I have a back-log of creative happies to show you!!!  Here’s a sneaky peek of my next post….

I’m excited about having a check around all of my blog-friends places to see what you’ve been up to now!!!!  I hope your week has been full of fun and creativity! 


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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27 Responses to Travelling tales…..

  1. Bianca says:

    oooh! love the pic, LOVE that amber ring (I have a v similar one) look at your perty self and HOW FUNNY is that sheep!!!

    PS> What is the go with rectangle pupils on sheep n goats? Ever wondered? apparently i am the only one, as there is no answer to be found on goofgle. Go figure.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.


  2. Katie says:

    Wow – love the animal photos! I love the mountains/volcanoes as well. Always disappointed if they are covered in cloud when we drive past.

  3. Bianca says:

    ooh missed that necklace! can we have a close up?

  4. Denise says:

    It sounds like you had a exciting trip. Your description of the pig made me laugh. My Sun and Moon signs are both Earth. I just love everyone’s pictures of green, so lacking here in the desert. Your chair corner looks very cozy.

    My bunny was very sick over the weekend. I was able to nurse her back to her spunky little self so now I’m very happy.

  5. marion says:

    Dear Alice,
    What a great Post…just wonderful.
    Love all of them Pictures so much…very, very beautiful!!!
    WOW…what a Trip and I hope you’ve had a lot of fun.
    Looking forward to the next Post,

    many Greetings and have a nice Day,

  6. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond. What a lovely trip you have just had, and such lush green-ness all around. It gets like that inland from our place, oh and I love it so. Just to take hugely deep breaths of lush green air, feel so good. I love your seemless warmers – so clever, yep, still have that beanie from April on needles, acting as a bookmark to the page the pattern is on *sigh* one day. Enjoy the weekend at your place.

  7. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice!You live in exiting country with great nature! Thank you for showing us lovely places around! I love to see animal photos – they are always so adorable! Cong. for your knittings! They are perfect! Earlier I was mostly knitting because then I could watch a good movie at the same time – with crochet it’s difficult. Now I mostly crochet! Inspired by you!
    Best wishes Teje
    Ps. I think my latest crochet has just ‘your colours’!

  8. Yay for seamless knitting!!! Love the arm warmers!! Is that a picot cast off and crochet trim on the other end??? Come on give me the low down on how you made those 🙂 I’m glad you liked the ‘paper chain’ scarf, I am making three for my nephews and nieces who live in London, as christmas presents. One down….two to go! Just the thing to look cool at school 🙂

    Those volcano’s are amazing! I bet Raymond was glad to see you both home 🙂

  9. Louise says:

    amazing scenary, just the job. We are saving for a huge holiday when my son finishes his exams in 2014. Pretty sure I know where we will go.
    Take care

  10. Leah says:

    One thing I can not do is knit in the round I’m so green with envy right now…. I want a pair. Whaaaa. Love the concentration on your cousins face what a crack!

  11. Jak says:

    What a beautiful country you live in, thanks for showing us.
    Jak x

  12. Peeriemoot says:

    Lush greenness much appreciated – it’s all a bit grey here today!

    I lived in Rotorua for a bit but never got further south than Hastings – do they still have the giant carrot in Ohakune?😀

  13. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice
    I have just got back from a beautiful trip to the english cotswolds with Alice to see an old university friend of mine and her kids. It was divine being in this picture perfect english countryside and catching up with her. Unfortunately I can say that there were no volcanoes but there were plenty of farm animals! Looks like you had a fab time too and well done for conquering knitting in the round. Your wrist warmers look divine xox

  14. I really, really enjoyed taking that trip with you Alice, you’re so much fun to be with! And I love your comments about the animals, especially the pig, there’s nothing like a happy pig is there?! Your arm warmers are a triumph, I feel rather proud of you for persevering with your knitting Alice, which is quite funny isn’t it?! It’s nice to have you back after your trip, I feel like I’m welcoming my house mate home! Love Vanessa xxx

  15. Emma Angel says:

    Such an amazingly beautiful part of the world.
    I love your wrist warmers and well done for teaching yourself how to do it.

  16. sandiart says:

    Haven’t you been on a lovely little jaunt, catching up with family. Yay for your niece learning to crochet, I wish my daughter was interested😦 I LOVE Daisy, she is kissable and the pig is even cute, although smelly. That rooster has a very unusual comb I must say. Love your warmers, nice color, love the country side,very beautiful and the volcano’s, I am a fire sign, so you know.
    I bet Raymond was a spoilt kitty too🙂
    Hugs to all Sandi x

  17. lovestitch says:

    Oh you took beautiful pictures of a very beautiful place and made beautiful handmade stuff!!!🙂

  18. Claire says:

    I’m trying to think whether a 6 hour bus ride would be a Good Thing or a Bad thing in my book. I think the scenery definitely would help it along!

    Love your armwarmers, that green is gorgeous!

  19. Amanda says:

    I cannot believe how much hooky, knitty, siamesey goodnes I have missed since popping by here last, but alas the wedding preparations took up the majority of my time and however sad I was to see the posts piling up in my blog reader I just could not pop by.

    But what a great post to come back to… those animals are adorable, I love talking to them and finding out their stories. And the volcanoes are magnificent, no wonder you feel their power as you pass by. And the arm warmers are lush (although I was ever so slightly distracted by the gorgeous crystal hanging around your neck!!)

    Glad to hear you had a good trip xx

  20. Mar says:

    AWWWW I love the pictures!!!
    My only question will be, where was Raymond while you were travelling?
    Hugs from Canada!!!

  21. Minniemack says:

    Would love to know if you really knit lefty–do you stick the left hand needle into the work on the needle on the right side? I didn’t even know such a thing was possible until recently, but why not??

  22. Dorien says:

    What an amazing country you live in! Thank you so much for showing us. Congrats on the armwarmers. Quite an achievement, being new to knitting-in-the-round. They look really warm.
    groetjes, Dorien

  23. Terrie says:

    Wow Wow Wow! What amazing photographs! I also love your warmers, ring and crafty goodness surrounded chair!

  24. Mrs Twins says:

    Good afternoon Alice and RAymond,
    Its nearly 4.00pm here.
    Just read your mail and looked at those gorgeous animals,
    Can I have ‘stinky pig’ please? So cute!
    Love all the photos, but once again nice to see some great photos of you!
    Love to you suex

  25. Siobhan says:

    I keep deleting my comments! I love coming here and reading your delightful posts first thing in the morning huddled up with my cup of coffee – I am all topsy turvy to you, being in England. You have some amazing things to see in New Zealand. Those volcanoes are just awesome aren’t they? Wow and wow! (Not many of those around here). Love all those adorable and beautiful animals. Lovely Daisy the cow particularly but I did find your dirty piggy rather cute too. I love your arm warmers – what a great job, they look really beautiful; loving the colour and the edging makes them – well done you! Your niece is concentrating so hard bless her, she must surely pick it up soon. I do knit and crochet but have never knitted in the round, it’s on my very long list of things to do but right now I am crocheting a blanket like mad. I am air Sun and fire Moon . I am fixated on knowing star signs (and even though it’s such a cliche, I will always ask – astrology works for me!) It’s been really lovely having all your sunshiny posts recently, I have loved them – so many beautiful things you share with us. Thanks!!

  26. Melissa says:

    I LOVE the arm warmers!! Don’t feel bad though…anytime I knit, it has holes…sigh….
    The photos of your travels are beautiful…so green. Don’t cows have the sweetest faces? I have to admit that you now have me curious to find out about my astrological info….I used to know, but like so many other things, I lost that info in the deep dark recesses of my mind…The one thing that sticks out is that I’m a Virgo. Looking forward to your next post to see what else you’ve been up to!

  27. I Love the scenery! Breathtaking.
    And you got a gorgeous pair of arm-warmers out of your long journey! I especially heart the edging.🙂

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