Colourful goodness


I hope you’re all well and having a lovely weekend!  We’re having a three day weekend here in NZ to celebrate Labour day… it’s quite nice!  I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep but have not been achieving this unfortunately…. I can thank a rude Siamese for waking me up at 5.13am today for a start, plus I’m finding my mind is just chattering, chattering, chattering!  I think it is because all of a sudden I don’t have anything to focus my thoughts on, now that I’m on holiday, and my mind is going a bit crazy with the lack of structure!!!  And consequently, it chatters right into the night and is keeping me awake with its utter nonsense….

Thank goodness for crafty happies!  Sitting in my chair focusing on the colourful wool in my hands is such a great form of relaxing!  Yesterday I had the whole day to myself as KB is away yet again…. I gave Raymond a flea treatment and banished him outside for the day, and had the best day ever at home, by myself. 

It turns out that Spotlight had a big Labour weekend sale on… surprise!!!  I wouldn’t be THAT excited, except for hearing they had 60% off all yarn……

Normally I don’t buy yarn from Spotlight… I’m really into supporting NZ-made for environmental purposes mainly, plus, New Zealand sheep are just the coolest sheep in the whole wide world!!!  Remember my Mum’s sheep??? (You’d better go and meet them if you haven’t already!!!) Anyway… I’m biased, and that’s not true, all sheep are just the coolest.  Plus… I’m going to admit, that I’m an eeny-teeny-weeny bit of a closet yarn snob.  *GASP*  Did I really just admit that????????????  Just a little bit….. and I prefer 100% wool because it’s just so…. sheepy!!  I love putting on a hat made of wool and feeling it warm my head and thinking how amazing it is that I’m wearing the same wool that kept a sheep warm.  This post really is turning into a “shout-out to sheep!”   I love sheep, they’re awesome and without them, we could not be yarnophiles. 

ANYWAY………… I’m getting the blog-babbles here…. I went to Spotlight because of the 60% off yarn, and found this!

You know of Debbie Stoller right?  That fab feminist Bust editor lady who wrote the stitch’n’bitch books?  Well, it turns out she has released her own line of wool and it’s not bad!  It’s 100% peruvian wool which I am quite partial to, as it is spun so differently to NZ wool, it’s more like knitting with felt or Noro Kureyon.  At $10 for 100gms it’s not exactly the cheapest wool there, so I stroked it and walked away…. then remembered…. 60% OFF!!!!!  $4 PER BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that purple ball became three…. which then became a rainbow….

I only bought the wool, but there is a range of yarn too, either mixed with alpaca or bamboo….

It wasn’t until I got it home that I realised that it’s a lot thicker than my stash wool which is 99.9% 8ply, so it’s not really suitable to mix into mandalas or anything… why don’t I ever check that in the shop?  I was carried away by the colours and the price I tell you!!!

So there was the excitement of my morning! The rest of the day slipped by in a haze of hooking, cleaning the house, baking a cake and reading a mindless novel!  The bliss of holidays…..

I’ve been saying that I’ll show you my latest cushion for the last couple of posts, so today I am actually going to get around to it!  I can tell I’m not that proud of it, because if I was you would have seen it by now!!!

It’s my first attempt at an african flowers cushion (pattern for flowers HERE!) but to be honest with you, I didn’t follow the pattern properly around the edge hee hee!!! And also, it wasn’t until I had sewn half of them together that I realised that hexagons don’t become squares!!!  So I persevered, and filled the gaps with single crochet, and the result was a pretty cool retro-looking cushion that despite its flaws, still gives me a red buzz every time I look at it!  (Which is frequently!)

One thing I really love about this is it’s Pacific styles…. a bit of “flava” you might say….

Don’t look too closely!!!!  You’ll see all the stretchy and lumpy bits!!!!  Ah who cares… it’s still awesome, and a great learning curve!  My next african flowers project will be a bit more carefully thought out!

Do you know… I counted all the cushions I have made recently and it totalled NINE!  And I’ve only just begun!!!

Yesterday, as I told you, I hooked the afternoon away, and made something so exciting….. I am sure you will want to see how I did it, so I’ll put some pictures together for the next post…. (and make a few more before then… I’m addicted already!)

OK then…. I have to stop myself from babbling your day away and go and ice this cake, finish packing my bags and catch a bus!!!  See you in a couple of days!!!!!


P.S In answer to your question Melissa!  I am most definitely a good witch!  100% through and through!!!

P.P.S Raymond sends you BIG LOVE Jenni and hopes that the sadness in your heart is finding peace XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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21 Responses to Colourful goodness

  1. Mrs Twins says:

    Good evening Alice its 9.1opm here in the UK.
    Hope you have had a good weekend.
    OOh I am sure you will find plenty to do, one way or another!
    This yarn is gorgeous. Such wonderful colours, enjoy!
    Love suex

  2. Debi Y. says:

    Beautiful pillow – great colors. 🙂

  3. Fiff says:

    I loooove the colours! It’s like a raspberry-medley, or something like that😉

  4. Tickety-boo says:

    You have got to love the bargain of good wool! I wouls have bought it for the gorgeous retro label around it alone! Love the cushion. x

  5. Annette says:

    Hi Alice, just went and checked your mums sheep post, how cute are they, no wonder you are so addicted to wool ;0) What a glorious piece of countryside your folks live in! Well your new wool purchase is definately the bargain of the century, well done, look forward to seeing what you create with it and love all the rainbow of colours. Your African flowers cushion look fantastic, the flowers really pop out at you and doesn’t look like too many lumps and bumps to me, looks great – do we get a photo with all of your 9 cushions together? Have a happy day. Annette :0)

  6. etcher101 says:

    Gorgeous colors! I wish we could get that brand of yarn in the States. And the flower pillow is amazing!!

  7. Hee hee… you’re a Kiwi and you’re going on about how sheep are awesome… ha ha😉
    Naaa… I’m just jealous coz I would DIE if wearing/using wool – sad fact about living in the tropics. By the way, Debbie Stoller’s wool at Spotlight over here is (I think) AUS$6 a ball full price – does that match with the exchange rates or are you getting ripped off (I have no idea!)? Great colours, aren’t they? Enjoy your new stash. 🙂
    From your fellow crochet-lovin’, Aussie mate across the pond,
    P.S. Your African flowers are beautiful!

  8. sandiart says:

    Oh that wool is simply delish, I am going to have to take a trip to Spotlight and have a lookie and then wait for a sale, we actually had a sale last weekend but I didn’t go. There will be another one. We don’t have a lot of yarn shops here, pity, so Spotlight it is for most of what I purchase, although I am finding more on the internet which is a good thing.
    I too would love a photo of all your cushions together, what a photo that would make.
    Have a fun jaunt away.
    Hugs to you all, Sandi xx

  9. wendy says:

    Hey checked out your mum’s sheep, real neat and so many of them.
    Love that colourful little cushion of yours, great job and also the african
    flower one, it really is beautiful ☺
    Must do more crochet….. also those debbie stoller balls look wonderful, such
    a good range of colours.
    wendy xo

  10. tejehannah says:

    Good morning Alice! Great shopping – I love the colours! Always I fell in the colours and then I think what can I make with them…I’m sure you think something special!
    Your new cushion is just beautiful and perfect! and even it wasn’t so exact shapes it’s more creative and handwork but yours is perfect work! I’m crocheting hexacons for a blanket and later I thought how I manage the outside because they are not squares….I shall finish it like you have. Thank you!
    Best wishes Teje

  11. I love those colours! I do agree with you about the whole pure wool thing and love to use it where I can. I had to come down off my high horse when I started on blankets etc, just couldn’t afford it! I’ll have a look out for Debbie Stoller in the UK and see how it compares. The African flowers are cute, very retro!
    love Penny and Higginsxx

  12. Louise says:

    Woo hoo! No idea how long its been there bu just noticed the apple in your title. Weee this is somuch fun Alice. Have a good week.

  13. Kate says:

    Sheep are lovely and thier wool is awesome, whilst making a flower today I used an old scrap of acrylic- so plasticy and rough against my skin and it kept on splitting. It was such a pretty colour but I was honestly grumbling and thinking, ‘never again’ even though it was the smallest area, a tiny centre of a flower!
    My love for wool is immense- it’s perfect, and organic wool is extra special too. I am usually against snobbishness in any form but hand on
    heart, I confess, I am a yarn elitist!! ;0)

  14. Siobhan says:

    I love wool too – but only from well treated and cared for sheep and many of them are not! It makes people cross when I say that but it is true – we should care; they give us a lot! Incidentally some of the really expensive stiff can be full of knots, bits of old twig and have the texture of a scouring pad. It’s not the price tag that makes it. If it looks good, feels good then it is good. Some acrylic is nice. Not eco friendly? Well how eco friendly is sheep dip? Happy sheep though = happy wool, the best kind of all yarns! I love your cushion and yes I enlarged it and had a good old look but you know what, all I saw was one stunningly beautiful cushion. I totally love your colours. You should be 100% thrilled with it and pleased with yourself for having the skills to put it all together – even if it deviated from the pattern. You made it your own! Your new wool is a collection of wonderful colours, they will just have to be worked together if they won’t fit in. Who could resist those colours?

  15. I think your cushion looks really cool, I love how the SC makes the African flowers just pop out 🙂 NIce wool from Spotlight, any idea what you are going to make with it??

    Give Raymond a big hug from me and tell him I thank him for his warm furry whiskas love and he can come and sleep on my bed any time he likes. xx

  16. Melissa says:

    Ha Ha Ha! I knew you were a good witch. You just have that aura about you…besides, Raymond loves you and cats are VERY picky! I think I’m going to have to check out the exchange rate because the Debbie Stoller yarn is normally about $4.00 a skein, give or take, here in the states. She does have some lovely colors though. What weight yarn do you normally use? By the way, love the pillow!

  17. Linda says:

    mmm… gorgeous colours again and again🙂 love you new yarn.
    I’m a yarn addict, too🙂
    and btw – here in Latvia Labour day is on the 1st of May. it’s interesting to find out that yours is on October (it is October over there, right?😀😀 )

  18. lovestitch says:

    Oh I love the colorful yarn, it’s hard for me to find such a yarn in my country! And your cushion is so special and beautiful, I just love, love and love it!!!

  19. Louise says:

    Love your new yarn purchases! Wish we had a Spotlight over here because it would be better than the nothing we currently have. I do visit them when I am home (Perth, WA), but I always find the service is terrible.
    Fabulous new cushion and blog header! Very clever.
    Hope you had a lovely long weekend.

  20. Hi there! I loved that yarn in the photo – and today I got an invitation to attend a workshop with Debbie Stoller for a bit of a lesson and you get her new book by attending! I might have to go! Here in Portland, Oregon USA.

  21. Lyna says:

    Where can i buy these beautiful wool?

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