Harvey Kimono Status Update 02


Lovely to see you today!  It’s a fabulously magically wonderful day for me today, as I am off to polytech to hand in my last essay for three months… There’s nothing like those first few days of feeling no pressure at all to do anything except what I feel like doing… not having “things to do” lurking in the background of my life!  I love studying, I really do, but this year (second) has been a big one and I’m looking forward to a bit of a break.

The Harvey Kimono is coming along nicely!!! 

If you’ve just discovered my blog, click on the icon on the right headed “the great mother-daughter knit-off” which will explain the process!!!

As you can see, I’ve finished the back and LOOK AT THAT!  My knitting is on a big safety pin!  So many new and exciting things happening… and thats the first sleeve I’m knitting there…. Remember Mum frogged hers?  Well that’s it re-knitted to perfection.  She has actually mutinied and said that she was going to finish Dad’s Christmas socks before she carried on with the Harvey Kimono as she was getting confused and making too many mistakes. 

I’m noticing that as I get my way through this, I’m getting more confident with pattern following and it’s not so scary once you’re in the middle of it, as it is looking at the whole pattern from the outside!  It’s quite fun and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process!

My creative controller did a quality check…

And stated that it isn’t perfect, but not bad for a first try!

So I snuck to the shops the other day and somehow ended up at Minerva… Wellington’s most delicious textile bookshop that I avoid because it is amazing.  A big shop full of books on everything to do with knitting, quilting, hooking, braiding… then the felt and quilting supplies, not too many though… it’s mainly books.  They always have an exhibition happening, and I tell you, if you ever make it to Wellington, let me know, and we’ll go and have a coffee and spend an afternoon of joy at Minerva.

Luckily for me, they don’t stock too many crochet books (!) however, they did have this one….

Do you know what?  I just could not stop myself from buying this once I saw these beautiful colours… oh the rainbow of happy flowers on the cover….

The I opened it to this page and nearly fainted with joy…

Pink happiness!

So I decided to justify this purchase by saying that it was a reward for me for finishing second year at polytech and that I wasn’t allowed to even OPEN it until I had handed in my last essay due today.

Yeah as if!

I just HAD to embellish this little hat as a gift for a friend with one of the butterfly patterns, I had no choice!

Well, I’d better fly, I have to proof read this essay then go into town and hand it in, have a celebration coffee with a wonderful friend, then get home and make some flowers!!!!!!

Lots and lots of love to you all!  Thank you for popping in today, I hope you have a fun visit!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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22 Responses to Harvey Kimono Status Update 02

  1. Louisa says:

    ahhh I love that book – I always look at it whenever I am in bookshops. I don’t own it though – yet!!

  2. Denise says:

    Your coming along on the sweater. Tell Raymond, I think it’s looks perfect.

    Love the hat with the butterfly. Congrats on finishing your essay. I hope you get an A, or whatever equivalent scoring system they might have there.

  3. Tickety-boo says:

    I have had said book in my Amazon.co.uk basket for two months and I will order it when I get paid next! So many lovely things. Good luck with your last essay, I am glad my student days are behind me now. x

  4. Angie says:

    I ordered this from Amazon this year and love it! I like the butterfly on the hat. Hello to Raymond..

  5. aeonie says:

    Congratulations on finishing your 2nd year!!! What a great feeling – enjoy your celebration coffee!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create from that wonderful book. x

  6. That looks like a book for the christmas list!! Your Kimono is coming along nicely 🙂
    Is Raymond eating his food??

  7. Casey says:

    that butterfly is perfect on the hat!

  8. Jorunn says:

    I think your Kimono is quit nice🙂 Soon you are an expert on knitting to!
    I have the book you have bought, and I use it a lot!! There are so many beautyful flowers to knit and crochet there. It’s sometimes hard to choose what flower to crochet.. I’m sure you are going to love this book as much as I am.

  9. Maria says:

    Congrats on finishing your 2nd year!!!! Harvey is looking very well

  10. meadowlark says:

    I wanted to buy that book, but was afraid I wasn’t skilled enough. Looking forward to hearing some reviews and checking the difficulty level.

    Kimono looks great. I got the cast/splint off yesterday, so might have to start move towards knitting!!!

  11. sandiart says:

    Oooh, I have that book, I ‘surfed’ the internet and got it $10.00 cheaper than most prices. I attempted to crochet the Meconopsis on page 72, but don’t understand what ‘2-st’ means, so I stopped!! I just keep looking through the book at all the gorgeous flowers. I received the ‘Crochet Bouquet’ yesterday and had a quick look last night at work. I so want to crochet some flowers for Christmas pressies.
    Your knitting is coming on really well, it is going to look so cute when finished and I love the butterfly on the hat.
    What a relief to hand in your last essay for the year, I am sure you will pass with flying colors. Bless Raymond he does look lovely on the pink.
    Have a wonderful day, Sandi xx

  12. Daniela says:

    Dear Alice and Raymond,
    I just discovered your blog and I looooooove it, I´m from Neuquen, Argentina and also fan of crocheting, so thats why you are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your life and knowledge.
    LOL Daniela

  13. wendy says:

    Your knitting is going very well and love the butterfly on the little hat, so cute.
    Glad raymond approves of the knitting ☺
    As for THAT book, I may just have to have lol
    That shop in Wellington sounds great, have not been to Wellington YET, but
    just might have to lol
    All the best with the essay too.

  14. eda says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd year! And a lovely book too…

  15. Louise says:

    Well done you. Get that book shop told that they NEED crochet books, better yet write your own!!!!

  16. Joyce says:

    Alice loving your little butterfly, what a cute little gift it will be too. Woo hoo, the handing in of the last essay – what a wonderful feeling it must be – and of course, an appropriate self-gift as well. Love it.

  17. marion says:

    Dear Alice and Raymond,

    i love this book – i look inside from Time to Time and find always little nice Suggestions.
    Enjoy your Day and many Greetings,

  18. clare o says:

    great to finish your second year… oh my I want that book, will have to check amazon and see if I can justify it as a belated birthday pressie to myself…

  19. Melissa says:

    I am so jealous of your knitting. I manage to end up with a lot of mess and frustration, but yours is coming along beautifully…even Raymond agrees. The hat is adorable. Don’t you just love the way flowers, butterflies, etc. add that special something? Can’t wait to see what else you get into now that you have some time off from writing papers!

  20. Penelope says:

    I LOVE that book Alice, isn’t it heavenly. I don’t own a copy but have borrowed it from my LYS and have made many a beautiful flower from it xox Such good news about your 2nd year being over….enjoy the freedom and I am on your side regarding having a treat waiting in the wings after all the hard work is done. Enjoy ! xxxxxxxxxx

  21. greedy nan says:

    That is a lovely book; I managed to get the library to find me a copy and had to renew it because I couldn’t try all the designs I wanted to in the usual loan time.

  22. Just had to go and buy that book to cheer myself up 🙂 It was a good excuse and my hubby bought it for me, he hates seeing me sad. I am a lot better now because my horse-riding buddy came over and she had made me a little crochet ‘Hamish’ to sleep in my bed with me and insisted I went for a short ride with her as she knew quite well that a bit of animal loving was just what I needed. Isn’t it amazing how they are so tuned into us!

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