Knit-Off Status Update 01


Gosh I wish I had the button that made that numbery hash symbol… my laptop likes to play tricks on me and the @ key is actually ” and vice versa… I noticed that the numbery hash symbol comes out as a £ and I don’t know where the £ is to find the numbery hash symbol!  I never thought I’d actually need it, so didn’t take it back to the shop to get it reprogrammed, and here I am… wishing I had it finally!  Finally finding a use for that little symbol!

Oh well.

So as you will have guessed from the title, it’s Harvey Kimono update £1 day today!

There we have it…

By this point, I have already made a mistake… not reading the pattern meant that I did stocking stitch for 12cms FROM the first garter stitch rows instead of 12cms INCLUDING the first garter stitch rows… oops!  Never mind… mine will be 2cms longer than Mums…

Mum however had a terrible knitting day the other day… she has four projects on the go… the Harvey Kimono, a baby vest to sell in the shop, some cable knit socks for Dad for Christmas and something else I can’t remember… all in one day she had to frog the baby vest as the wool she was knitting with turned into 2ply in the middle of the ball (not great spinning there A**ford!!!!) then she made a mistake in her daily four rows of cable and had to frog them, THEN she decided the picot edge at the bottom of the Harvey Kimono needed to be done in smaller needles as it was way wider than the rest of the back.  Frogs galore.

So she is a bit behind now, having needed to re-start the process!  But it’s not a race!

Next update will be in a few days!

So KB is back staying with her family for a while and Raymond and I are home alone together… I thought the other day that he hasn’t been on here for a bit… he got very camera shy after the whole birthday business and stopped letting me take pictures….

Raymond is a bit camera shy… It could be because I often forget to take the flash off and the first picture blinds him… (sorry Raymond) then he won’t open his eyes again… he’s a smart one isn’t he!

But yesterday was a great day for lying around in the sun and having your picture taken unawares.

OK Lovelies!  I’m going to have a quick surf around and say hello to my bloggy friends….  I hope you all have a fab day and show yourself some kindness in many ways!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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12 Responses to Knit-Off Status Update 01

  1. Denise says:

    It is 10:16 pm here, according to Blogger about 25 minutes after you published. Sorry about your Mum’s bad knitting day. You are making great progress though.

    I don’t blame Raymond, the flash always makes me blink and there’s hardly a picture with my eyes open.

  2. Sandra says:

    Just subscribed to your blog and need to tell you how motivating you are!! Your pics just oooooze color and personality. Your blog is a truly a work of art in progress!! I have recently come across some really cool gorgeous yarn in all these bright colors and I’ve decided to crochet up a blanket – using your blog as an inspiration!! My grandmother taught me how to crochet ‘years’ ago…so fingers crossed.I am a painter (artist) – thus, my love for rich colors. Brilliant work!! Kisses for Raymond too. Sandy XX

  3. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice, these kimonos are going to be so lovely and qute!
    Nice to see Raymond after a while! My Hanna (dog) gets nervous when I take photos, she looks often so worried in photos!
    Have a lovely day! Wishes Teje

  4. eda says:

    Dear Alice,
    Such a lovely blog you have! I check on your blog almost everyday and start reading from where I left last time. I admire your work; love your tutorials.
    take care,

  5. Mar says:

    AWWWW how cute Raymond looks!

    Your Kimono is looking good, I hope your moms has a better knitting day from now on!
    Here is just 7:03am, I just got to work but could not resist to visit you before start the work load.
    xoxo from Toronto, Canada

  6. Sandi says:

    Nice to know it happens to the best knitters, it is quite frustrating to have to start over. Ohh lovely sun,we had a some warm sun here today, but will be gone again tomorrow and for a few days after that. Good crochet weather. Raymond does look quite content here in the sun.
    Hugs Sandi x

  7. Andrea says:

    Your progress looks good! You’ll be done before you know it. And boy, do I wish I were Raymond and could spend the rest of my day lounging🙂

  8. To get the # sign – use the shift key and the number 3 key.
    To get the $ sign – use the shift key and the number 4 key.

    Hope that helps.

  9. I think you may not have the option for English keyboard selected. Are you on a PC or a Mac?

  10. Melissa says:

    So sorry your mom was having a rough day. I’m the world’s worst knitter and had a day similar to that (frogged the same project 4 times – I was just learning) and learned how to crochet instead. I’ve decided that when I die, I want to come back as your cat. Raymond looks thoroughly content. I promise I won’t keep you up at night….

  11. Marla says:

    So glad to see Raymond back!! I’m in love with some of your patterns- keep it up girl!!

  12. Penelope says:

    Kimono Quick! No I know it’s not a race but what are you secretly thinking ? My mum is a kamakazi knitter / crocheter too and would leave me behnd in a trail of dust xox
    Sweetest Raymond , the life of a pussy cat is an enviable one at times xox

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