More Mum-spun wool

Don’t you just want to dive into that glorious colour and swim around for a while, soaking in that colourful goodness?

I felt like a spot of knitting the other day, and as I’ve been playing with all of those fun balls of Mum-spun wool, I thought I’d have a try with this ball!  Mum plied this one with a piece of red cotton and it’s just amazing…. all thick and thin, then parts are not even spun, just lovely long pieces of fleece with cotton wrapped around it….

Her motto is, if you want perfectly spun, even wool, go to a shop and buy it… spinning is about creating amazing textures.  However, I have seen some of her competition worthy wool and it’s amazing too…. I would show you but it’s cream, and to be honest, I’m not so excited by cream… if it was RAINBOW coloured I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It knitted up beautifully, into a perfect little hat for my fairy god daughter and I popped it into the post today…. fingers crossed we’ll get a blog-worthy photo soon!

I love that this is 100% merino wool, grown, dyed, spun and knitted in New Zealand, off to warm a precious little pixie head.

That beautiful wool is all finished now and I’m still waiting on my last three balls…. Mum!!!  In the meantime however… I went on a sneaky wool buying mission the other day… well, not so sneaky, I go to knitworld every saturday at lunchtime, it’s how I get through the boring working day… and bought this beautiful wool!

Aaah Touchyarn…. my favourite… luscious merino wool, so soft to knit and wear.  It’s not the most expensive wool around, but still, the same price as Ashforn for half the amount, so it’s not something I indulge in often….

I snuck it inside -although I have no idea why, KB tells me she doesn’t care what I buy- and stashed it in a special hiding place I have…. it’s where I hide the wool I feel NAUGHTY for buying and just can’t look at it for a little bit!  heeeeee heeeeee heeeee!!!!!!!!!  I love being naughty!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m thinking this will make a smashing pair of arm warmers…. much needed here as we are having an arctic snap and it has hailed no less than FOUR times today.

So that’s about it from me today, I hope you enjoyed your pink fix…. for more pink fixes, pop over to House in the Trees and see Aeonie’s beautiful garter stitch bunting!  It’s so delicious…….

Before I go…. Do you know what?

I clicked onto my blog today and scrolled down to check my (lovely) comments (thank you!  I love them!!!), and found a google ad between the post and the comment form.  I’d never seen it before, and I realised that I had been logged out automatically from WordPress, when usually I am always logged in.  I logged in and checked again, and NO GOOGLE AD.  I was pretty narked off about this, because I really don’t like ads on blogs… I’m sorry, but I don’t, they are so distracting from the bloggy fabulousness, and was quite upset that there has been an ad on my blog all this time without me knowing it.

So I visited WordPress and apparently they do put ads on blogs to keep something or other free and if I want the ads gone I can purchase a “no ads upgrade.”

That sounds like BS to me, and, well I’m not going to do that, mainly because I don’t know how… but I just want to apologise to all of you lovely darlings and say that I’m not an advertising blogger, and that it is not there for my personal gain, and I hope it doesn’t annoy you too much as you post all of your lovely, lovely comments.

A quick edit here….. Lots of my lovely friends have told me that they have not noticed ads on my blog so *YAY* thats a big relief for me to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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23 Responses to More Mum-spun wool

  1. Het Kabinet says:

    Oh wow that yarn is lovely! And so is the hat, that’s one lucky baby!

    (BTW, I never noticed an ad on your blog?)

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful wool that your mum spun!!!! Go on show me some cream stuff 🙂

    I haven’t noticed any adds on your blog but that is a bit rude isn’t it, I would feel taken advantage of….I hope there are no adds on Blogger??
    I think there is an add free button that we can choose, I will have to check.

    The baby hat is gorgeous, some little pink booties would be great with that!! Do you want the pattern? I can email it to you and then you can needle felt them when I have done my tutorial (working on it) 🙂 Hail and snow Brrrrr……I have a fantastic pattern for some arm warmers in lots of gorgeous stranded colour…have you done any fair aisle knitting?? You can have that pattern too 😉

  3. Joyce says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond, oh gosh, sounds cold at your place. It’s cool-ish here, but not too bad. I love your Mum’s beautiful wool and the darling little hat you have made from it. Snuggle down and keep warm. Have a lovely week.

  4. Dorien says:

    Hi Alice,
    At first I thought I had a new screensaver!
    What a gorgeous picture of your mums wool. I kept looking at it, the texture and the colours. There is so much to see there. You turned it into a very cute hat; lucky little lady who is going to wear that. The yarn is delicious. I can’t imagine myself going into a yarnshop every week. My husband would put me on a leash instantly!
    groetjes, Dorien

  5. Sandi says:

    Such talent to be admired, and the end result…..beautiful. Love the little hat, so, so cute. Ted looks a little coy when he models, but happy to raise a paw to show off the ‘naughty’ yarn. I feel very naughty too when I buy yarn, oh well it could be worse.
    Hugs x

  6. Karen says:

    Oh my, what beautiful yarn your Mum spun. Then I scrolled down and saw the hat on your teddy and wow, adorable.
    I haven’t seen an Ad on your blog, but I agree it shouldn’t be there without your permission.

  7. Ms C says:

    Love the yarn your Mum spun. Mumspun is such a good word! I also like the colours of yarn you bought. It looks like lovely merino. I have a habit of coveting yarn I have no hope of getting hold of! Look forward to seeing the handwarmers. I could do with some myself today, I’ve got the door open waiting for a delivery (bell is broken!) and I’m so cold I can’t type.

    I haven’t seen any ads either, but then who pays attention to ads with all the nice pictures you have?

  8. Mrs Twins says:

    Beautiful yarn! I love the colours!
    Hugs Suex

  9. Planet Penny says:

    Ooooh, PINK! Lovely, and I do love textured thick and thin yarns with nubbliness and character. Teddy looks quite put out when you’ve taken his hat off! P x

  10. That yarn is so yummy! I’m sure your fairy god daughter will look so pretty in it. You know, I don’t see any ad on your blog at all, whether I’m logged in or out. Isn’t that strange? It’s still mean of them to plop it on your blog, though.

  11. Teacup Lane says:

    Hi Alice, Love the colors of your Mom’s yarn. I wanted to tell you I tried to make one of your Granny Mandalas and posted about it here:
    I had to run my hands over it to get it to lay flat though so I wasn’t sure if I had made a mistake or not. Well, I did….Pammy Sue pointed out where I went wrong (thanks sweetie!) so now I know what to watch for when I make another one. They are fun to make – thanks for sharing your pattern.

  12. Casey says:

    that yarn is beautiful! I just love those hats you make, I so wish I had a baby right now so I could beg you for one!

    I never noticed the ads until you pointed it out, that really sucks that wordpress does that. You could switch to blogger to get away from them if you felt like doing that, blogger only has ads if you choose to have them on there.

  13. Birgit says:

    Love the colors of this yarn…its just asking to be worked up into something….I know my grand daughter Abby would love these colors in a hat and scarf.. I so enjoy reading about all of Raymonds adventures…Hugs Birgit

  14. Melissa says:

    Hi Alice! I’m afraid I’ve fallen behind. But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading the last three entries with my coffee this morning. It’s so funny that it’s been a cold spring there and warm fall here – we are supposed to get up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit today.

    I have never noticed any adds in your blog. In fact, I just went back to look and didn’t see any at all….Just putting them there without your permission is a bit rude. I really think it should be at your discretion and not theirs.

    As always, your work is beautiful and I am always inspired by it. Try to keep warm!

  15. Linda says:

    yummy colours…. 🙂

  16. becca says:

    i love the colors of the new hat and the new yarn! i wish i could buy yarn like that here in socal but it’s all big name brands around me =[! have you ever thought about doing a tutorial for your pixie hats? i’m sure most people who read your blog know how to knit but maybe for people like me who can’t use needles for anything other than chopsticks or hair accessories!!

  17. Penelope says:

    Hey Alice, thanks for your comment on my blog, I thought it was about time everyone got to see me ! We got married 2 and1/2 years go so I have aged a wee bit since then (an extra wrinkle of 2!!). I love your mumspun yarn how clever is she? I too have a place where all my new “naughty” purchased wool / cotton is stashed and it’s usually my little Alice that notices more than Andy ! Hope all that essay writing doesn’t drag you down ;0)
    ps I haven’t noticed any google ads , I too don’t like adverts on blogs xox

  18. marlene bullen says:

    Hi, loving the colours of your mum-spun wool and the hat is so cute. Thank you for mentioning the wool shop in your blog, I have just moved here from the UK and have been looking for a wool shop. Might have to do a bit of wool retail therapy as my stash isn`t due to arrive until early november………

  19. Kate says:

    I love hearing your mums description of her yarn…exactly perfect. And what a beautiful hat you made! I have never seen an ad on here either :0) not that I have a hard line on it because I promote the heck out of some markets and have links to etsy/madeit. Perhaps it is the overall substance and intention? Anyhoo what a wandering mind I have, hope you enjoy keeping your fingers warm working with your new wools, :0) xo

  20. pip says:

    Hey you… have a beautiful day too/two (you and Raymond🙂
    I love knitting with yarn that has big thickness changes… Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden Sock being two of my favs🙂

  21. Alice-
    I love the photo of your mum-spun wool. Could i have permission to use it on an advertising card for our Fiber Arts Festival? this is NOT a commercial venture. Check us out here:

    • hiya Kim, thanks for asking rather than using my photos without permission, I would prefer it if you didn’t use it as I have turned people down in the past for using my photos for advertising/ promotion etc. Once it is on the internet I have no control and I am aware of that, but reuqest that people don’t use them :O) hope your festival is awesome, it looks like fun X

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