Waves and happy surprises!

Hello to you all today!

Welcome to my happy place today!  It’s so great that you make the time to pop in and see what Raymond and I have been up to, we love it and hope you enjoy your visits immensely!

I wasn’t going to post today… being that I have my exam tomorrow, but I just can’t do the studying thing today… it’s just not working for me.  I’m wondering if maybe I’ve done too much?  Two weeks to study one subject is a lot of time, and I’m finding that when I look at my books I just feel gloomy….

I felt the need just before, to tidy and organise my stash…. KB said that was a sign of major procrastination… I do not agree!!!  I see it as a sign of a woman who has had enough!!!  I love the subject the exam is on, love the clinical side of mental health, so have no problems with the idea of sitting the exam tomorrow, in fact, in a slightly nerdy way, I’m quite looking forward to it… it’s fun looking at case studies and working out case plans for them… OK, enough about that…. this is a crochet blog, not a bore-your-visitors-to-death blog!

So as it is another beautiful (although slightly nippy) day, KB and I went for a cruise beachwards to enjoy the views and breathe in some ocean goodness.

I love the beautiful blueness of the sky and the beach…. the waves were not huge today, but were breaking in a satisfying way!

Now in this next picture, I zoomed riiiiiiiiiiight in close…. see those white cloudy things in the background?  They’re not clouds, that’s the South Island (I have been fascinated with the fact that you can see the South Island from Wellington since I was a child) and that’s SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow on those mountains!  No wonder it’s been a bit chilly here in the last few days!!!  The snow wasn’t there last time we drove around here about two weeks ago! 

Lovely smashing waves, sunshine and ocean air…. it’s so rejuvenating…..

One of my favourite things about Wellington is how close it is to the beach and the bush…. it’s a beautiful city.  As soon as I finish studying I’m job hunting elsewhere though… as lovely a city as it is, it’s still a city and I’ve lived in some incredible spots in New Zealand….. and there are more to discover!

Another lovely thing happened today!  A parcel arrived by courier all the way from England, LUCKY ME!  I won a giveaway held by the lovely Penelope!  I love presents,  unashamedly…. I love giving and getting them, they’re like fun love-parcels!

It was beautifully wrapped…..

full of buttons….

Other fun goodies….

Do you think those pegs will come in handy next time I’m hanging out the washing, Wonderwoman styles???  (wink wink)

And some lovely linen, which I classify as “nice ladies things!”  I’m a total ethnic, Indian inspired hippy so have never ever owned something with roses and spots, the types of things bloggers are so passionate about!  I’m very proud of my first lovely teatowel!  I love it so much that it will never ever dry a single dish ever!

And I love the breakfast tray embroidered linen, it reminded me of my childhood… Mum teaching me how to embroider and make dressing table covers, so sweet!

So thank you so much Penelope!  What a lovely treat!  Make sure you all pop over to L is for Love, Penelope’s lovely blog and say hello!  I love stopping by for a visit, she is a fabulous writer and makes some wonderful things… plus her daughter is named Alice, so she obviously has extremely good taste!

Meanwhile…. I’m off to maybe sort my stash, maybe read some of my notes from class, or maybe have a coffee and eat some cake!  Possibly all three!

I finished my latest project this morning… knitted with some of this handspun wool… beautifully hand dyed NZ wool spun by my lovely Mum, and what a treat!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what ‘ve been up to!

Think smart thoughts for me as of right now!

Lots and lots of love from Alice and Raymond XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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19 Responses to Waves and happy surprises!

  1. Planet Penny says:

    What fantastic photograqphs! I have wanted to vist NZ since school when I had a geography teacher who had lived there for several years teaching us geology. (I wasn’t very good, could never remember the names of everything!) but he made NZ sound incredible. Good luck with the exams, I’m thinking of you. Penny x
    PS. Your parcel of goodies is so lovely, lucky you!

  2. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! Wonderful photos, you have beautiful places around you! Water is always so facinating – like an Art! It’s so nice to get a packet full of suprises!
    Waiting to see how that lovely yarn is going to inspirate you…
    I do hope your day has been ‘sharp’ and good!!!
    Best wishes Teje

  3. Louise says:

    beautiful shots. All the best for the exam.

  4. Louise says:

    Hi Alice. Good luck for the exam and thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of New Zealand! Surely it can’t all be that absolutely lovely there because that just wouldn’t be fair! Would love to see NZ but could never ever do the flight😦 Guess I’m stuck in europe forever!

  5. Het Kabinet says:

    Oh wow, it sure is beautiful where you live!
    And what a lovely giveaway you won, you’re one lucky lady!
    Good luck tomorrow🙂

  6. Jak says:

    Lovely photos, so blue and refreshing. Just drab, dull, rain, rain, rain in the UK at the moment. Fab giveaway. Good luck with the exam.

  7. Sue says:

    Fabulous photos Alice.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :o)

  8. Thinking smart thoughts for you Alice….good luck with the exam 🙂
    Snow on the mountains still….bbbbrrrrr!

    Love the beach and that handspun and dyed stuff is yummy, can’ t wait to see what you have done with that!

    Lovely present, lots of creative goodness in there 🙂

  9. Alice, I just love it when you post pictures of the outdoors around Wellington! It just makes my jaw drop.
    Good luck on the exam, it sounds like you’re totally ready for it. When I study for exams, the feeling that you need to do other things instead of studying is usually a good sign your brain is saying, ‘I’m full now. I know it.’

  10. sandiart says:

    You are certainly blessed to live where you do. I would love to live by the sea with the bush behind me near a country town. Grow my own vegies and fruit and have chooks again…..heaven.
    Best of luck for tomorrow, however I am sure you are going to breeze through it.
    Love your give away surprise and your mums handspun, quite the delicious color…similar to the color of the sky and sea. Mother Nature is amazing in all her glory.
    Sandi xx

  11. devinder says:

    can you let us know where you get your wool from the colours are lovely and i wondered whether it was on the web

  12. Tickety-Boo says:

    Aw so amazingly beautiful to be near the sea. I love looking at photos of NZ since my first love was from NZ and I always wanted to visit. Maybe one day with my DH who is the love of my life! What a talented Mummy you have spinning yarn for you. You are a lucky girl. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos they have really brightened my day! xx

  13. Great pics! Love the ocean pics…. reminds me of where I was this weekend. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Beatiful blog!

  14. marion says:

    WOW…wonderful pictures …
    I wish I was there … I love the sea and the sounds there

    And now, I wish you all the best and Good Luck for the Exam!!!

    Many Greetings from Germany and have a nice Week,

  15. Melissa says:

    OK, I get the time difference confused, so if I’m late with this, I sorry, but I wanted to tell you to “kick butt and take names” on your exam tomorrow (today?). I’m sure you’ll do great but if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll take all the luck and well wishes you can get. Can’t wait to see the new project!

  16. Tatyana says:

    Absolutely wonderful pictures, thank you very much for sharing!
    And congratulations with your presents😉

    Best wishes,

  17. clare o says:

    just found your blog recently, it brings a smile to my day, love your crochet, good luck with your exam x

  18. aeonie says:

    I am sure you will blitz the exam! x

  19. Penelope says:

    Sorry for the late response, yesterday slipped away from me. I am so glad you like all the bits ‘n bobs xox You certainly deserve a treat ! xox

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