Playing with colour

 Greetings Darlings!

What a day I’ve been having here!  Sometimes things just don’t work out as you planned, that’s for sure!  Today (Sunday) I was going to get up early and go to the vege market, as I do!  Then study all morning for my exam on October 5th, go out for lunch with KB, come home and do more study, then relax all evening and do some BLOGGING!  And show you my latest and definitely my favourite ever cushion!


The vege market went as planned, the morning swotting went as planned, but somehow… SOMEHOW… we managed to lock our keys inside when we went out for lunch. %*&”@@£!!!!!!!  Yes, that was indeed both sets of keys……

So we bussed into town to find our landlords who were conveniently having lunch at a restaurant in town to pick up the spare key….. alas…. after much kerfuffle, it turns out the spare key is in Dunedin with the third landlord.

Where’s Dunedin you ask?

See Wellington?  At the bottom of the North Island?  Well, travel your eyes down the right hand side of the South Island, right to the bottom there…. there!  There’s Dunedin!  And those keys won’t be back for a few days!

I’m not going to let you in on the details of what happened after that happy little meeting where jolly suggestions such as “you’ll have to go to the soup kitchen tonight!  ha ha!” were made…. one friendly locksmith and a stinging hole in the bank account later, we are officially inside!!!!  It’s now 4.15pm (Already!!!) and I’ve given up on the study for now, thinking that blogging and a spot of yoga might just be good for my soul right now!

Enough!  Enough about the door!  Let me show you my latest cushion!  As you probably know if you follow my blog, I love making cushions… they’re like little square canvases to create pretty things on and I love having beautiful colourful cushions lying around my home.  The other week I took a couple into one of my office spaces and replaced the cushions I had on my two chairs there and they totally transformed the room.

I love the artwork of Loretta Greyson and was so excited when I discovered her blog a couple of months ago……  I love her use of colours in both her painting and her crochet… you know how it feels when you find an artist whose work just resonates on your vibe totally?  That’s how I feel with her tree pictures… I love them… I’ll put links to all her bits and pieces at the bottom of this post so you can go and enjoy them too.

So with her beautiful colourwork in mind, I tried making a cushion, inspired by her babette blanket.  I used (of course) Ashford Tekapo wool and am thrilled with the results!

 My only problem was how to put it together!  Option A, B, C or D????

I hope you chose the one I chose!!!


I took it downstairs to my outdoors photo studio early this morning… the wind was blowing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera still!!!!!

I am so utterly thrilled with it, I’ve started another one already in different colours…. I think I’m onto something exciting here….

And probably more exciting for you all to look at than Ted wearing baby hats!!!  tee hee

I hope you enjoyed that burst of colour….

For more colour explosions, go and visit Rett’s blog A Shoebox of Photographs or enjoy her flickr page too!!!!!

OK, I’m off to do some yoga and some cooking… study can come a bit later!

Thank you so much for popping by today, I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Lots and lots of blessings and happy thoughts coming your way, from Alice and Raymond XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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29 Responses to Playing with colour

  1. leah says:

    Sorry to hear about your keys. Locksmiths are a rip off! Love the colours u have used in the cushion. Looks yummy.

  2. Pammy Sue says:

    Another fabulous cushion! Love it. Yes, I picked the same one as you.

    I’ve been busy making lots of Granny Mandalas. Going to have a giveaway full of them very soon!

  3. Denise says:

    Love the colors of your cushion. I think you picked the best arrangement.

  4. Minniemack says:

    Is this what the colors really look like?!? I don’t believe we have colors like this in the U.S. Is it the sun or the NZ wool???? Very nice 🙂

  5. tejehannah says:

    Yes! I would have chosen thee same – it’s fantastic! The darker colours feels now very good and it’s lovely with different size of squares!
    I’m sorry about your adventure with the keys! It feels terrible to be locked out! Our cousin experienced the same last week and my h helpped to brake the door…
    Thank you for your lovely company with my Sunday coffee! Now I’ll go to meet Loretta…and then cleaning even I want to go to make a pillow like yours!
    Wishes Teje
    Ps. If you have time come to see my almost ready t-shirt carpet.

  6. Louise says:

    Wow I have no idea how you fit it all in. My parents have vizited NZ and Dunedin was one of their faves. One day me too thats the dream.

  7. Planet Penny says:

    That’s a gorgeous cushion. Love the colours, they glow! Glad you managed to get in at home in the end! Penny x

  8. Merchy says:

    Just gorgeous!
    Really nice cushion in the end. I also like the photos you have made… With the grey background, the cushions seem much more stunning!

  9. Sandi says:

    The start of your day was great, so I hope the end of your day is great and that the middle just pales into the background. I so love your new cushion, I also picked the same one it just looks right. I spent a couple of hours out in the sun hooking to my hearts content. Today (after taking your advise…basically one stitch at a time) I started a shell square. I can’t believe how satisfying it feels and how happy I feel being able to do this. I can see, once you are proficient at crochet, how quickly you can get something made, I am about to continue on, if I can, Meggs is sitting almost on top of me and keeps giving me the sweetest loving looks, awww.
    xx Sandi

  10. Beens says:


    I found your blog on Lucy’s group in Ravelry, I’m really pleased to see another New Zealand blog on the list as I only moved here a couple of months ago (living in Rotorua at the moment)

    Looking forward to reading about all your projects!

    B x

  11. lyn says:

    oh dear, hope you have calmed down now?
    the cushion is gorgeous, the colours so vibrant.

  12. Fiff says:

    How lovely, lovely those colours are! Mmmmm….

  13. What an annoying drama that you didn’t need in the middle of your day 😦 Wonder what the universe was trying to tell you there?? Dunedin…goodness me that’s a long way from your house!

    Love the beautiful colours of your cushion….lovely as ever!

    I’ve been playing with a tissue box cover as hubby has had the machine going all day for his work clothes, felting will have to wait till tomorrow 🙂 Off to check out that link!

  14. Birgit says:

    I am sorry about your Door and the locksmiths etc… but so glad all worked out in the end.. Love your use of color I tend at this time of year ( autumn for us) love the color red…. in all its shades…. reminds me of falling and turning leaves,,,, lovely cushion…
    thanks for sharing and Happy weekend even though yours is mostly gone by now…
    Hugs Birgit

  15. Hi! I like your blog and your work very much. It is coincidence I’ve been knitting a blanket these days (I haven’t finished it yet) just like your cushion but in others colours. I was just thinking in what a hard work it will be. Until you have me a wonderfull idea, I will combine them like you did, four little squares and one big.
    Appreciate your patterns very much.
    Regards from Argentina, Rosana

  16. Louise says:

    Love the colours and design of your latest cushion! You’re like a crochet machine, I don’t know how you whip them up so fast!
    How annoying the key drama must have been. It sounds exactly like something I would do! In fact, I’ve done it so many times my lovely neighbor now has a key to my house.

  17. Elaine says:

    Hi Alice – thanks for your lovely comment on my blog – truely amazing to make connections with total strangers on the other side of the world! I love your cushion, the colour combination is really pretty – tell me, what do you use for the backing? do you crochet that as well? Hope you have a productive week on the study front! Elaine x

  18. Annemarie says:

    Oh no! What a terrible story about your keys!
    But… the cushion is GORGEOUS! It’s really lovely to combine squares like that. I really love it!

  19. Dorien says:

    The horror of lost keys!! I know all about it; even had my son knock in a window once because we were standing outside again. He knows how to do it and climbed up to the balcony to do it. The window is still temporarily mend, so now we only have to pull out some cardboard to get in!!
    I looooooove the colours of your new cushion, especcialy because of the purple which is really my favourite. Can’t wait to see what else you have up on your sleeve!

    groetjes, Dorien

    PS did you choose the red for your textlines to go with these fantastic colours ??

  20. Casey says:

    oh gosh, glad you guys are back in your house! I’ve dealt with being locked out quite a few times. There’s been a lot of climbing in through very small windows up too high, it’s always amusing for other people to witness lol. I actually had heard my mom did it once, my sister got to see it, I wish I had been there!

    The cushion is great! I love those colors! I need to find colors like them

  21. Maria says:

    My first thought as I read your post was “I hoped you were choosing the 2nd photo to make it up” ☺ And you did. Love the colours
    And I too have been admiring Loretta’s colour mixes – her Tetris blanket is amazing, but it was her trees that sucked me in first

  22. kate says:

    Oh my, sounds like a really frustrating experience all round…glad you chilled out with some crochet fun-the resulting cushion is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
    have a great week sweet-pea!

  23. Clara says:

    Tough losing your keys but I bet you’ve already figured out where you can hide an extra set that’s not the usual under the welcome mat. The cushion is just the best. The colors are spectacular.

  24. Loretta says:

    Alice – this cushion is absolutely delicious!!! I LOVE these colours🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words and links, too🙂
    I agree with you about the cushions – they’re such fun little projects. I have three cane chairs that share my colourful cushions and blankets (except for the rainbow coloured ones – they’re in my daughter’s room), and it’s such a happy spot in the house. I must share a picture one day!
    Love visiting your blog, it’s always full of such gorgeous colours and projects

  25. jarlov says:

    Hellloooo! That is the most gorgeous cushion! I’m a bit slow on the blog commenting – I certainly read it all the time, and even showed it to my mum😀 She’s going to teach me how to crochet when I’m back in Tauranga after this weekend, I’ve been very inspired by your amazing creativity🙂


  26. Melissa says:

    It goes without saying that the new cushion is fab. Car Guy saw it and I got “Why don’t you make those for our house?” See what you’ve started🙂

  27. becca says:

    i love love love this cushion! do you do the same pattern on the backsides of your cushions? or just a normal stitching? i’d love to know!! thank you for sharing your wonderful projects and photos!

  28. Sharon says:

    Hi Alice – what a gorgeous cushion, I love the colours and definitely would have chosen the same pattern as you! Hope you have a good week.
    Sharon x

  29. Camielle says:

    I love your pillow! Quick Question, did you use a pillow form or stuffing?

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