Our friday


It’s lovely to have you pop in to catch up with us tonight on this unusual friday night…. We’re having some funny weather in NZ at the moment, actually, funny everything.  First there was the big Canterbury earthquake I posted about last week… can you believe they’re STILL having aftershocks down there?  The Earth is doing some changing underneath the surface in that area.  Then we had an earthquake here in Wellington, and now we have extreme weather warnings for the entire country for the whole weekend.  Auckland- at the top of the North Island is bearing the brunt of this storm right now as I type… lots of suburbs have no power, trees are being blown down, windows blowing in, it’s rather intense!

KB and I have just arrived home at the very late hour of 8.20pm, you might think we were out socialising, but we’re not the most social people especially as neither of us drink alcohol, there’s not much sober fun happening in town (!) No, we both work on Friday nights and are both extremely pleased to knock off and walk through the front door of our lovely cozy home!  Raymond is usually pleased too, as he spends Friday night doing fur patrol outside, come rain or shine.

Raymond and I had a fun morning hanging out together… He spent some of it sleeping in the sun on my chair…

Then he had a roll around on the floor for a change of scenery…

I spent the morning pleasantly blog-surfing, hooking my latest project and writing an essay… I’ve been working on this essay all week and it is becoming a monster… there is no stated word limit and I’ve already hit 6000 words and have only finished 3/4 of it….

I’m beginning to feel sorry for my tutor who has to mark it…

Then off to work for a 2pm start and here I am, hours later, and apart from sore feet and a mild grumpy mood, it’s like I never left!!!

I had a lovely surprise two days ago when I cleared my letterbox… there was a letter from Birmingham addressed to Alice and Raymond!

Birmingham…. Birmingham…. who knows Raymond in Birmingham I’m thinking… so I rip it open and YAY!!!!!!


Thank you lovely!  What a great surprise!  I have stuck it on the fridge in amongst all my favourite photos and special things and I just love looking at it in the morning.

It got me motivated to send the other squares I have had sitting by my computer for a while now….  remember the popcorn flower granny squares?  That lovely pattern from the delightful Julia Crossland…

Plus a couple of others, the one on the left I made from my lovely crochet motif book… those patterns are stunning… mildly difficult and a bit frustrating at times!  But just gorgeous!

Then….. I read on Mrs Twins’ blog about the new themed blanket and I was in!  Firecrackers!!!!!  Fab!  I made a couple which look a bit funny on their own, but I’m imagining them as part of a big poppy blanket and I can’t wait to see the result!

So they’re on their way to Mrs Twins as we speak… Mrs Twins, they’re going to take a while… I do believe they’re coming by sea… I thought that might make their journey even more special… the lady at the Post Office kept telling me “it’s the same price to get there up to three weeks faster” but I wouldn’t have it!  Sometimes we don’t need instant gratification and these squares have a fun journey to go on, all the way to Birmingham.

Just don’t make the firecrackers blanket before they get there Sue!!!!!!

Have a look at all the lovely blankets here!

Now… I remembered that I have been kindly and sweetly given the versatile blogger award by more than a few different people in the last few weeks and I’m sorry and a bit embarrassed that it has just popped out of my mind on each of these occasions… you see, I am not the most computer literate person ever and I’m not sure how to move pictures and add them to my blog and then I get distracted and I truly hope that I have caused no offense to the lovely ladies who have so kindly thought of Raymond and I and thought us worthy of an award!


There he is….. wanting to give you lovelies a big cuddle… one that will leave lots of white fur all over your clothes… purring and dribbling on you, he’s a lover he is!!!!!

Lots of love and blessings to all of our friends!  From Alice and Raymond XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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13 Responses to Our friday

  1. Mrs Twins says:

    Good Morning Alice and Raymond!
    Wow! This is a wonderful surprise this morning!
    I am so pleased you received the official ‘SIBOL’ thank you card and letter.
    Glad you are officially a ‘SIBOLETTE!’.
    The Squares are wonderful. I will definitely be holding back until I receive your Squares be assured! What firecracker squares these are! It’s definitely made our
    Ladies on SIBOL think about the Challenge and to see what explosive colours they
    can come up with!
    This is a lovely post full of wonderful photographs and It’s a sure pleasure to visit you this morning Alice and Raymond!
    Thanks alot for your contribution, I am so….grateful to you!
    Hugs Suex

  2. tejehannah says:

    Dear Alice, how lovely crochet squares you have made! I have visited Mrs. Twin’s blog and she makes fantastic work! I hope you don’t have problems with all that stange weather! Nice to see you Raymond, I had missed you! Wishes Teje

  3. Kate says:

    Ah, your Friday nights sounds remarkably like mine…cat patting, crocheting and probably heading to bed before 10! Hope your wild
    world calms down a little, earthquakes, storms, etc it all sounds very dramatic. I love visiting your blog and checking out your beautifully coloured crochet and gorgeous shots of Raymond, so I am glad to hear your sweet blog has been winning awards!! Congratulations, well deserved,

  4. Penelope says:

    Lovely Alice from far down south in the world I hope mother nature starts to be kinder to the NZ folk. I think your fire cracker grannies are superb and think I need to contribute to SIBOL too. Such a worth cause!
    As for Raymondo (sorry i had to call him that as one of my work colleagues is called Raymond and I have to smile every time I see him as we all call him Raymondo and he is quite feline like too!) what a beautifull pussy kitty cat he is. Siamese cats always look wise I think.
    Have a fab weekend, my friday afternoon and eve are just about to start xox
    ps. Not sure if you got my comment about the changes to my give away? (see my comments on the give away post) but I would feel heart sore not to include you in as you have always been ever so lovely and have uincluded me into your blog roll x

  5. Melissa says:

    Oh! I am so looking forward to a quiet Friday evening. I always get a little thrown by the time difference. I’m going to have to go to Mrs. Twins blog and read up. I have some squares that were done with scrap yarn while I was trying to learn new techniques. This sounds like the perfect place for them…rather that a tote bag in my basement. Hope your week-end weather calms down. Our coast is getting prepared for some tropical storms/hurricanes. Fortunately, we are far enough inland that we don’t bear the brunt of it. Just high winds and LOTS of rain. Have a wonderful evening. I’ll be totally jealous while I’m at work😉

  6. Lyndsey says:


    I just discovered your blog last week and I am hooked. (hee hee hooked). I am just teaching myself how to crochet and I find your blog inspiring and helpful so thanks! And I also have a feline muse, named Maude!

    Anyway, cheers and thanks for hooking!


  7. Annette says:

    Hello Alice and Raymond :0) I can’t believe I was over at Mrs Twins blog and then low and behold your post came through about Mrs Twins too!! I am not entirely sure how I got there but am hoping to crochet up some squares, what a wonderful project she is doing. Raymond looks very comfy snuggled up there, I hope your weather gets better and doesn’t cause any more havoc. Good luck with finishing your essay, I’m sure your tutor will be happy with it. :0) Have a lovely weekend. Oh and thanks for your encouraging words, I AM going to finish my blanket, was onto it last night :0) Annette :0)

  8. We are in for some wild weather as well this weekend…there is a huge cloud right across Queensland so that should hopefully mean lots of rain….the farmers are thinking so as my hubby is out all weekend spreading fertilizer on all the pasture around here!

    My Minnow dribbles as well when she is being cuddly, you get to learn when enough is enough 🙂 Nice Firecracker squares!!

  9. Debi Y. says:

    Love the squares – they look great.

    Take care in that crazy weather you’re having. 🙂

  10. Planet Penny says:

    Hope the weather calms down soon. Raymond is so obviously a sunshine cat! Penny x

  11. Amanda says:

    I have missed far too much crochet and Raymond goodness (and letting you know I have been thinking about NZ and the earthquake and the earth realigning herself)… I just have been taking time to just be and trying not to be so connected to my laptop all the time (and more connected to myself, you know?)… but I have truly missed catching up on all your news… like look at your success at dying yarn for example… and those beautiful mandalas as bunting… *sigh* so I’m just popping in to say “hi”, “I’ve missed popping by more frequently” and “I love Raymond SO much!!!” ;o)

  12. sandiart says:

    Well I hope your Sunday is a lot calmer than your Friday with all that weather. I have been in another world since Friday morning, looking after my granddaughter, so haven’t watched the news or anything. She is such a sweet, loving child and funny too.
    It’s funny sometimes I get your blogs a day or so later than when you post and I didn’t get the one about the ‘Friends/followers’ or the one about the ‘Canterbury earthquake’ very strange. Am loving all your beauties, when I am happy with my grannies and learn a few more different ones I would love to send them over to ‘Mrs Twins’ to help out.
    Ah cat dribble, mine at 14 has just started, she actually came and sat on my granddaughters lap last night, much to her delight, so lots of pats and giggles going on. My gd is three and a half and says to me “Doesn’t Meggs love me, I love her” I think Meggs loves her now.
    xx Sandi

  13. That (and yours) crochet work is beautiful! Love your Raymond too!!! I have a Siamese too, a foreigner white. They are so lovely!

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