Grandala goodness!


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  It’s the fourth day in a row I’ve done a post… but yet I still haven’t run out of things to talk to you about or more importantly, to show you!

I wanted to save the reveal of the grandala square cushion which I finished last night, wait until at least tomorrow, but now I have the photos I took this afternoon loaded onto my computer, I’m so excited to show you, I just can’t wait!

Between two appointments today, I stopped off at a beautiful part of Wellington called Wilton Bush.  It’s just out of the CBD and it’s amazing.  I sat in my little car having a hook break (so much healthier than a ciggy, but so much more addictive!) taking a load off my busy mind, then went for a wee walk into the bush to commune with the faeries and other bush dwelling creatures.

I love New Zealand native bush… I’ve told you that before, how much I love it, it’s more amazing than I can show or describe to you even though I wish I could.  The energy is so… so… clean and strong and cleansing….

Just what I need right now, as I am having a bit of a stressful time, trying to get a few different parts of my life sorted out in regards to my studies for the next 18 months.  It’s been preying on my mind, so I walked into the bush with the intention of letting it all go and handing it over to the higher powers that be, and trusting that everything is going to fall into place. 

And let it go I did.  As soon as I walked into that bush, and took my first cleansing breath of that oxygen rich air, the healing powers of the bush permeated my mind and soul and all of my worries literally evaporated.

There’s magic in our bush….

It’s a sacred mix of old tall trees, the living hosts to so many other species of plantlife….

And the lush green ferns covering the ground…

Even just looking at the greenness of that photo makes me take a deep cleansing breath….

Did I commune with any faeries today?  No… no faeries, but a naughty pixie caught me by surprise…. I saw him, the size of a child just down to my left as I took a photograph.  I got such a surprise I actually jumped in the air and gasped, but when I looked with my human eyes he wasn’t there!  The little rascal then covered me in tickly tingles and I could feel him laughing with the excitement of actually giving a human a fright…

I felt him giggling and tingling for about five minutes….


I took my grandala cushion here too… thinking I could get some great shots in a different location to KB’s chair and my downstairs outdoor studio!

Do you love?

I was a tad sceptical about the colours of this one… I unpicked a lot of the second round and changed it to grey to mix up the colours instead of blending…

And I’m glad I did…. I am thrilled with the end result.

If you love the mandala effect in the centre as much as me, click here and a magic box will open with a photo tutorial!

I’m having the afternoon off to relax now, the sun is shining and Raymond is in a mouse (toy) hunting mood, so lots of fun to watch…..

oh yes… and I get to really get into my next project.  The colours are divine.  I’m completely thrilled with it already.

Lots and lots of magical, bush faery, pixie-tingling love to all of you,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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30 Responses to Grandala goodness!

  1. Annette says:

    What a lovely post Alice, a fantastic place to show off your beautiful cushion and get your thoughts together at the same time. Love the colour combination, the blue really jumps out of what I call hilary green. Thanks for sharing, off to have a look at your tutorial now. Enjoy the rest of your day. Annette :0)

  2. tejehannah says:

    Dear Alice, I do love the cushion, and the photo is perfect with the colours!
    It’s so nice to have your company again with my morning coffee! The forrest looks fantastic! Here we don’t have much forests and I miss them from my homecountry and lovely ferns has been always my favorite! I’m happy you have so lovely nature where you can rest your mind and ‘fill your battaries’! Wishes Teje

  3. wendy says:

    Just new to your blog and loving it!! Oh i do love your cushion and as having been to nz many times can just picture your beautiful walk. Only been to the North Island
    and love all that I have seen.
    blessings to you

  4. Planet Penny says:

    Wow! What wonderful pictures! It’s all so exotic when compared to the English countryside. Your cushion is set off perfectly by the soft grey of that weathered bench. Great stuff! Penny xx

  5. Linda says:

    you have such a beautiful nature around you, and the pillow on that bench looks so lovely…🙂

  6. marion says:

    Dear Alice,
    ohhhh…so lovely photos…and yes, yes, yes, i love the “Grandala” !!!
    Your Blog are so beautiful and inspiring – very, very nice Work.

    Have a nice and sunny Week and enjoy,


  7. anka says:

    The colors are great and the scenery is to take your breath away. Lovely choice of colors, I have to learn to work with such strong colors, I am always a bit afraid when choosing them.
    Glad you didn’t wait until tomorrow to share your lovely work🙂

  8. Lovely!!

    Do you also have a crochet back on the cussion?!

  9. The pillow looks wonderful in those gorgeous surroundings.
    Does Raymond like all these pillows he has to choose from to lie on?

  10. Bianca says:

    ooooohh I LOVE!


  11. sandiart says:

    Oh that looks just like our forest and we have faeries and pixies too🙂 I love going for my weekly walks to hear pixies laugh and to fill my lungs up too. My friend never hears the laughter, she is never still enough (in her mind) She thinks I’m a nutter and that’s ok.
    I love your colors in this cushion (as I have every other combo), such a foresty cushion don’t you think. The green of the forest, the blue of the sky and the grey of the seat.
    I am just sitting here crocheting more granny’s to finish off my purple and cream (small) blanket.
    Have a great day tomorrow, xx Sandi

  12. Debi Y. says:

    Hi Alice – I love the pillow – colors are perfect together. 🙂

  13. Brianna says:

    Love that pillow… and the walk looks rather enticing. I wish we had better weather here so I could go for one!! Again… cool pillow!

  14. Penny says:

    Alice, what beautiful colours! You are super speedy with all your projects which turn out gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. As for all that NZ green goodness, well all I can say is that I am GREEN with envy! I miss tropical Durban in South Africa where I was brought up. Almost finished my cushion… xox

  15. Casey says:

    oh wow, that place is gorgeous! and the grandala cushion looks great

  16. Penelope says:

    Oh Alice, what green lushness, it makes me miss South Africa when I see this southern hemisphere beauty. I am GREEN with envy needless to say x As for yur cushion, stunning as ever. How fast at crochet are you ! Wow, thanks for sharing xox

  17. Maria says:

    Great photos Alice. I have similiar feelings for our bush, not always as lush as yours look, but still feel that pull to them.
    Perfect backdrop for your Grandala cushion – beautiful greens

  18. Kari says:

    Oh, what a beautiful setting! I too love the magic of the countryside and am fortunate to live in a similarly refreshing part of the world (Scotland).

    The cushion is gorgeous and that bench makes for a perfect backdrop. Love.

  19. Patz says:

    WOW!! (*again??*) Not been on your blog for 5 mn, and heaps of posts to catch up on!!! Man; you are going to have to stop wondering about your future, and do this full time instead!!!! ;-D Loving bush photos, of course, and feeling like I might have to take one myself very soon. Sometimes very difficult for me to choose between bush and beach… **Aaah New Zealand, how you spoil me so!!!**. Enjoyed the previous post too about dyeing wool… You are a crafty queen, my dear! XOX

  20. Joyce says:

    Good Morning Alice, what beautiful photos. I just love the sky post, I so love the shadow of the huge palm against the sky. Your cushion colours are perfect. So lovely and your cushion would have loved the walk.
    All the best with your decision making re your studies.
    Have a lovely day, and a snuggle to Mr Raymond from here too. Bless.

  21. renee says:

    Oh yes I do love!

  22. Dorien says:

    As always a beautiful post! To thank you there is a little surprise for you on my blog.

  23. Alice, it’s amazing how you can get these projects finished so quickly! Your pillow is just beautiful – and in that lovely setting – it looks just divine. (I just love ‘crochet in the wilderness’ photos!) I also love the pictures from your walk – the trees and ferns really do look magical. It’s so different from the trees in my neck of the woods!

  24. Isn’t Tallulah GORGEOUS! What a cutie, is she a Yorkshire Terrier? Not sure, ‘cos her tail doesn’t look like a terrier’s tail. Your latest crochet is fabulous, I’m in awe of the speed with which you produce things, it makes for fantastic blog viewing. And the dying of the yarn looks very interesting, another hobby for you to take up? Love Vanessa xxx

  25. Pearlin J says:

    what a breathtaking beautiful place! It is our dream to one day visit NZ.Love the colours of the cushions too.

  26. Oh yes there is magic in your bush and your cushion is magic as well! Love the colours and the location 🙂

  27. Melissa says:

    I think I’m going to have to come visit just so I can take a nap in your forest and visit with the fairies and pixies🙂 My sister and sister in law have both been to New Zealand and raved about how beautiful it is. Your photos prove it. Can I borrow the cushion for my nap? I’m sure to have pleasant dreams.

  28. Pingback: Frogging… |

  29. Gorgeous color combo! Do stop by my blog sometime and join us for Craft Schooling Sunday, a blog linking party, we’d love to have you! I very fondly remember a year living in Wellington on Wade street with my family when I was 14, wonderful place! All the best, and hope to see you!

  30. Mary Zelenka says:

    I have looked and looked and cannot find the directions to make this gorgeous bed blanket. Is it posted here and I am missing it? I have bought what I think I will need and currently having back surgeries so would love to find the pattern to crochet the squares and join at the same time. If you have not made a pattern yet I can wait till you do and find other things to do. Your work is so beautiful and this page is to die for. Love to all and my Remington sends purrs to Raymond.
    Mary Zelenka

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