Lotus mandalas and wee cuties!


It’s so great to be posting today… I was planning to post tomorrow as I thought I would be busy finishing my CBT assignment tonight, but it turns out that I had done a lot more than I thought I had, so didn’t really have much left to do… joy!  I love it when that happens!  Less work, more fun!

It is certainly warming up here in New Zealand… I haven’t worn my big wool winter jacket in days and Raymond is shedding his glorious white winter coat all over my black clothing!  In spring, I take him outside for daily shedding sessions which involve him being de-furred with fingers and his brush until no more fur comes off him!  He loves it (usually) as he cannot get enough of being brushed… he purrs and closes his eyes like he’s in ecstacy… I’m thinking “wow, I’m glad you’re enjoying this, but it’s actually all about me and my carpet, not your pleasure!”  Anyway….

So I have been working on my latest “thing” which I’m calling my “Lotus Mandala Prayer Flags,” and I am so deeply in love with these… I photographed this set this morning and I actually got overwhelmed with happiness because I love them so much.  I was inspired by the pattern I made for the ends of my bloster from the last post, and immediately started working on this new idea.  I hope you all love it too.

I noticed that when looking at the photographs on the screen, the photo will be in focus, but the mandalas themselves are a wee bit overwhelming for the camera colour-wise… I hate that!  I think it’s because the colours are so similar from row to row they confuse the camera.

Want to see them finished?  Of course you do!

I backed these with felt so that they wouldn’t flop when I hung them and I love the effect…. they’re so puffy and complete….. I hung them outside for a decent photo shoot…..

Oh I love…

I had trouble deciding which photos to put on here today, so I put most of them!

I love the way the pink loti are floating in the mandala….

I’m going to do a tutorial on the weekend in case anyone is inclined to make some!  I finished these last night just before bed, then early this morning I photographed them, just in time as they are already gone!  I made this set for a specific purpose you see… they’re now hanging in a special room, a room in which much healing will occur… so I’ll see them again next week!  But as I’m already missing their healing presence, I’m going to start my next set tonight… I’m thinking I might try purple loti this time….

Do you remember my little buddy Django and his newborn sister Sofia who live a long way away from me?  Remember the hats and elf booties I knitted for them way back in June?

My friend sent me this picture of my little buddy wearing his rainbow hat

Man that is one little cutie!  Apparently he loves his rainbow hat and the other morning he went into his bedroom to get his hat to wear at the breakfast table.  Awwwwwwwwwwwwww  YAY!  Here’s another shot of him which is too cute, I had to show you… he’s wearing the hat but you can’t really see it…

That one totally makes me laugh.

Do you remember his sister?  You first met her here ….. man that photo still makes me amazed at the cuteness!!!  Well… I can’t believe I haven’t even told you this, but I am officially, her….





Oh yeah…. KB too!!!  (It’s all about me)

Am I the luckiest person ever?  Yes I am.

Here she is now a few months later, also sporting Pixie knits!

Beautiful baby goodness.  It’s good for the soul isn’t it?

Hey so how about all these lefty hookers?  I had so many comments from you left handed goddesses!  It has never occured to me that left handers hook differently to rightys… that may sound strange, but I rang my mum at 7am yesterday after reading some comments and said :

“Mum, when you make a granny square, do you go around the circle clockwise or anti-clockwise?”

“Anti-clockwise” she says, like DUH “I’m right handed.”

Well, well, well!  I was talking about it with some of my classmates too!  I gave one of them one of my hand sewn felt badges for her birthday, and she said that every time she puts it on, she remembers I’m a lefty because the pin is sewn on the wrong way!  I feel like I’ve had an epiphany!  My mind has opened!  We really DO do things opposite to each other!

OK lovely people,  I’m quite excited about starting my new batch of loti, so I’m off!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Lots and lots of love to all of you, from Alice and Raymond XXX

Raymond loves you all XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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26 Responses to Lotus mandalas and wee cuties!

  1. Planet Penny says:

    Oh wow! I don’t know where to start! The crochet! The gorgeous babies! The cute hats! AND Raymond looking fabulous! Lovely post, started my day off nicely, Alice. love Penny x

  2. tejehannah says:

    Oh dear Raymond you are so beautiful! And Alice you make so lovely colourful crochet! I think I need also this new one for my creative room. My ‘Nelli’ also enjoys brushing and I make those hairs from the brush ‘felted balls’! Wishes Teje

  3. Annette says:

    ooh they look beautiful!!! Love the colours, look forward to reading your tutorial :0) They are 2 cute kidlets, with lovely special hats, enjoy the rest of your day. You make me want to go crochet instead of cook dinner ;0)

  4. leah says:

    Just stunning. Love the pink and green combo. Can’t wait to see the next lot.

  5. Louise says:

    I wish I could pursuade my dog that brushing was joyous. She has been having winter shed all year and it turns out that NOW I am allergic to her!! I am loving the circles. I too have gone a bit mandala mad thanks to you. I’ve made a bag. Pictures to come.

  6. Joyce says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond, I missed one of your posts, so I have just gone back and read it. I don’t know how I missed it. Ok so I am caught up now, and I am thinking this is going to be a long post reply. I so love your lotus prayer mandala and I am glad it is bringing plenty of healing to a special person for you. Is this yarn from your Mum’s store? The colours are just so full of life. They are lovely.
    Congrats for being Fairy Godmother, such a beautiful honour. Those little hats are beautiful too. I am still yet to use your recipe for a beanie.
    I love your cushions also, gosh you have been so busy. I love the little ‘star’ effect you get in the middle of yours, they are beautiful. As for round cushions, do you sew? I struggled to find round cushions myself, but ended up making some many years ago, they were gifted. I just used a regular square cushion measurement size to guage the size of the circle cushion, purchased toy stuffing and did the basic cushion with a cotton canvas fabric, then did the cover which was a pillow slip style/envelope fold over cover (mine were fabric).
    As for left-handed, I write left-handed, but hook with my right hand. My eldest really struggled up until he was 5, as he was left-handed one minute and right-handed the next. I automatically thought the poor kid was confused as he was copying me, however, I later found out this was not the case and after much observations done at home and at preschool, it was suggested to me that for the benefit of my darling boy and him being able to cope at school we ‘help’ him. At preschool and home we aided him by putting utensils to the right of his body, he would then automatically pick these things up to work with in his right hand. To this day, I am not sure I did the right thing (mother guilt), as I am a mixture of both for different tasks, and I seemed to have survived. He was decidedly right side dominant for all sports and physical activities, however, when it come to craft, turning pages in a book, eating and all the little things, he was all over the place. My darling boy, he struggles still at school, but has a wonderful and dedicated teacher that he adores, so as long as he is happy and retains that beautiful sparkling smile that melts my heart, then all is well. My youngest was born right handed, right footed, and it was clear as a bell from day dot. It’s funny how we all have our special little gifts that are totally unique to us and us only. That’s the beauty of humanity.
    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful love of crochet, and the lovely photos of your boy.
    I need to get over to Ravelry and check out other that are making your beautiful mandalas.
    Have a lovely weekend if I don’t chat to you sooner. xx

  7. Joyce says:

    oh gosh Alice, I just saw how big my reply was, please accept my apologies. Just delete it, it’s way too long. I need to learn to stop talking so much.

  8. Your loti mandalas are sooo beautiful! Lovely drops of colour. (You always make such wonderful colour choices – how do you go about doing that?)
    And your fairy god-children are just precious.

  9. Penelope says:

    Hello Alice

    Wow what delicious jewels your loti are, you really are so inspiring! As for the babies , they are just heavenly, it makes me broody just looking at them… the rainbow is just perfect for little tots as it’s so much of a wonder for them at that age and colours really matter too. I have been making some of your grandala’s and have been loving it.
    Raymond’s eyes are real jewels too xox love Penny

  10. Chandrima says:

    I have seen Lotus painting in Tibetan temple. Your Mandala is the true color of the lotus I have seen. Beautiful. Waiting for your tutorial.

  11. I missed your bolster!! and it is beautiful, I really like the mix of bright colour with the natural wool. I am really loving the lotus mandala bunting….all my favoutites in one go! Please do a tutorial for me I HAVE to make one of those!!

    Your little ones are rather gorgeous as well in all their knitted gifts, you crochet on your blog and I forget that you are a brilliant knitter as well, that strawberry hat is so cute!!!

    My old cat always loves a good brush when the ‘shedding’ season arrives, they must get awful fur balls if you don’t help them shed 🙂

  12. sandiart says:

    Once again, beautiful crochet lovelies, no end to you and your crochet wonders.
    I received a little pressy from my cat this morning, a chucked up fur ball…..on my crochet book…….arrrrh. I guess I was lucky that it wasn’t something from the other end ewwwww. She also loves being brushed and purrs like crazy, then all of a sudden she will have had enough and scratch me, what sort of thanks is that I ask. I keep telling her to just get up and walk away when she’s had enough, no need for violence.
    Raymond does have the most spectacular colored eyes and the blue cushion brings out the colour more. Congrats to you and KB on becoming Fairy Godmothers, they are two very cute littlies.
    Hugs to you all, Sandi xx

  13. Andrea says:

    Another post with some beautiful projects! Well done. I love the prayer flags. They came out just lovely.

  14. Melissa says:

    Do you sleep? I just had to ask because you manage to get sooo much done. I feel like such a lazy bum. Love the Lotus Mandalas. So pretty, bright and cheerful. If I ever get my Christmas list done, I’ll have to make some of these for a couple of little girls’ room. These will look wonderful in their princess room. I see what you mean about enjoying other people’s children…It’s so wonderful to be a fairy godmother….She will see you as the coolest because you get to spoil her and give her right back🙂

  15. marion says:

    Ohh… your mandalas are so beautiful!
    Beautiful Blog – i love to look here, thank you for sharing all the nice thinks!

    Many greetings,

  16. Atmara says:

    Crocheted mandala prayer flags. Another first. Love it!

  17. I’ve really enjoyed catching up on these last two posts, and I love the way Raymond rules your roost! But the bolsters! WOW they’re brilliant, what a fabulous idea, I’ve not seen that in blogland before. Your mandalas colours in this post are to die for, I just love them, the poppiness of the colours, they’re like beautiful little songs of colour. Do like your description of brushing his royal highness, very funny. King Raymond, or Master Raymond, do you ever address him like this?! Love Vanessa xxx

  18. Tania says:

    Simple gorgeous !!!!

  19. Gabriella Ferlazzo says:

    Buongiorno Raymond, mi dispiace se scrivo in italiano. Complimenti per i tuoi lavori ,sopratutto per le tinte dei colori e per il modo in cui li accoppi .
    Auguri per il tuo lavoro e in modo speciale per i tuoi bambini ,belli come due angeli

  20. Heather says:

    love them and I will be making some as soon as the tutorials arrive. I’ll have to put off updating my blog post till I’ve made some. Then I will share my photos of what I have made from your tutorials. Thanks xxx

  21. niki says:

    you do beautiful work! love the babe pic!

  22. Ximena says:

    Hola! pase por tu blog y me encantó! me encanta tu crochet y los colores!!!
    Uso el traductor de google, espero que me entiedas.
    Saludos desde Uruguay.

    Hello! stop by your blog and I loved it! I love your crochet and colors!
    Use google translator, I hope you entiedas.
    Greetings from Uruguay.

  23. Ilona Harris says:

    Hello lovely,
    Wow, I’m ~so~ stoked to see my little cherubs on here! Thank you for the privilege of having their little faces on your beautiful blogginess! (“cluck, cluck, cluck”, goes the proud mama-hen)
    I actually took a photo of Django having breakfast in his favourite hat, so must get that to you too sometime.. he he. (btw, did you see the shots I put up of Papa-Bear posing with Sofia’s pixie knits too… I thought you may find them funny – that’s why I love him so, always so silly!)
    It’s so cool to read peoples comments about my cuties too….. warm, warm fuzzies!
    And my soul is soooo happy to see you write so excitedly about being her fairy godmother too…. !!!Mwah!
    But enough about me!
    The mandalas are ~beautiful~ ! sooooo beautiful. I love how you photographed them outside.
    Raymond, that last shot of you with the cushions is such a great one of you.. as mentioned earlier by Sandi, your blue eyes look divine in that shot.🙂 I had Django on my knee earlier as I was looking at your photos and he thinks you are quite the pretty-boy. (he was making his ‘cat’ noise when he saw you)! I have decided not to show this blog to Sneeky-Puss as she will just become jealous and insecure to see such a handsome fellow feline. She is blissfully happy in her ignorance of such pedigree breeding.
    Much love to you both.

  24. Kate says:

    Gorgeous photo of raymond, just adorable.

  25. mary i. says:

    just discovered you! i love love love to crochet, i love mandalas, and i just got set up in MY NEW HAPPY-PLACE.(YAY YIPPIE RAINBOW GLITTER AND UNICORNS!!!)Anywho thought I might link the two awesome things 2gether and I found YOU, MY new bestest friend!!!!You aeere awesome and beautiful and have a colerful soul WOW!!! keep it up.I will look forward to starting my days with you.. cant wait to get in my stash and make one of your magical creations for my happy place!

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