A grandala FO and divine inspiration


I was thinking today as I was photographing my latest FO, how nice it is to write my blog and that it’s like writing a lovely and beautiful letter to lovely and beautiful people who leave lovely and beautiful comments!

Winners all around!

I have finally finished my first real grandala square project since putting out the pattern… it feels like it took FOREVER!  Have you ever made something which ended up being a real grind, and when you finally finished you felt relief?  I’m usually BURSTING to put pictures of my projects on my blog, but when I finished this one this morning, I felt a bit creatively dried up!  I think it is beautiful in it’s own special way, but something is not quite working with it for me… the colours weren’t resonating on my vibe, so it didn’t flow.  I ended up cutting it open, frogging and re-doing, so a lot of work has been put into it!!!

I suppose I had better reveal it now….  remember these squares?

Beautiful mandalas, spinning inside natural wool…. become this bolster!


I’ve been wanting to make a bolster for ages now, and finally found an insert at the op shop for $2!  I’m on a hunt for round cushion inserts, but they’re not seeming to be available in Wellington…. but if I can manifest a bolster, I can manifest round cushions!!!!!

My absoloute favourite part is the ends of the bolster… in fact, they have given me divine inspiration…. which involves lotuses, (loti?) mandalas and prayers… not your usual crochet fare!

So there was the bolster, I hope you like it!  It’s growing on me, those bright and beautiful colours!  Raymond seems to appreciate it… that’s all that matters really!

I’m spinning out with excitement every time I look on Ravelry and see how many mandalas are on the web!  What a buzz that people are enjoying the pattern and bringing some healing mandala goodness into their lives!  Let me know if you make one so I can celebrate your creativity!

Oh and I had to tell you after the tutorial that I had a comment from the lovely Quince Tree as she is a lefty hooker too…  Is anyone else a lefty?  I had a funny lefty experience last Sunday at my sister’s birthday that I’ll tell you about… A woman I had never met was there and when I pulled out my crochet she said “ooh, you can crochet!  I’ve always wanted to make a granny square blanket, oh and you can even crochet with your left hand!  Aren’t you clever!”  Hmmm!  Clever, or just left handed!  Very sweet!  She’s welcome to think I’m extraordinarily talented to hook with my left hand!

My creativity and crochet joy is beginning to flow again as I’m writing this, so I’m off to try my lotus mandalas, oooh… I can’t wait for the idea (and pattern) to materialise…

Creating is just the joy of life isn’t it?

Lots and lots of love to you, and thank you for popping by!  From Alice and Raymond XXX

Ooh ooh, a quick P.S!  Someone asked me the other day if I had the follower thingy-mijiggle so they could follow Raymond and me!  I don’t and it’s because I just can’t seem to work out how to put it on…it’s taking me ages to know my way around WordPress and the blogging kingdom… but if you absoloutely cannot stand to miss a single photograph of Raymond sleeping in the sun, I have a link on the right sidebar where you can sign up for e-mails when I post blog happiness… when it comes to your inbox you simply click on the title of the post and it will magically whizz you here! XXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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28 Responses to A grandala FO and divine inspiration

  1. kate says:

    That’s one cool bolster-utterly gorgeous! It’s good to know even those with left handedness can crochet too ;0) That really made me laugh!
    It’s lovely to think of all those mandalas being made- spinning joy out in all directions!

  2. Froufrou says:

    Lovely, luscious bolster… from another lefty!

  3. tejehannah says:

    Dear Alice, I enjoyed so much your post! I agree with everything you said!
    Your pillows are wonderful! Kisses to Raymond!
    Love Teje and ‘Nero’

  4. Planet Penny says:

    I’m a lefty too! I crochet in a most peculiar way, taught to me by my left-handed grandmother where everything happens in the right hand. Don’t ask me why, but it works!
    Your bolster is lovely, Raymond seems to know it was made with him in mind!
    Penny x

  5. sandiart says:

    Oooh such a lovely, lovely post, I must look around and see if we have round inserts for pillows, will let you know. I must say blogging and reading comments does make your heart feel ever so happy, we are amazing us women (maiden, goddess and crone) such nurturers of each other, I’m thinking that all this beautiful energy that we generate will filter out into the wider community and make a difference. Now isn’t that exciting too (along with your bolster, such a clever witchy girl)
    Hugs Sandi xxx

  6. I love the bolster! Those bright squares are so delicious – and they’re just so lovely, wrapped in that natural wool. I’m glad Raymond likes it too. He looks very Princely posing beside it!

  7. frou-frou says:

    Hi Alice

    Regarding round cushions… I read somewhere (but I cant rememebr where so I can’t credit them) that you can easily make round ones from square ones. All you need to do is get a square one the size of the diameter of circle you want. Draw onto it in a circle so the corners are cut off. Push all the filling into the middle and sew along the lines you drew. Et, Voila! I am going to do a tutorial on this on my site as I keep telling people about it and never blogging about it. But I will, Fi x

  8. Wendy says:

    I am also a lefty, so looking at your tutorial was lovely as I didn’t have to mentally imagine the mirror image like I do with all those awkward right handed tutorials.!

  9. Sue says:

    Thanks for that little story Alice. Weirdly I had the exact same conversation with a lady at the swimming pool once. I wasn’t crocheting and swimming at the same time you understand, I was in the spectators’ gallery while my daughter was having a swimming lesson and whiling away the time by working on my Lucy bag. This lady was a crocheter and she admired my work and said in an awestruck voice ‘and lefthanded too’. I laughed and said, ‘yes, but I can’t do it righthanded’. Funny, no one seems to think it very clever that we can write with our left hands.

    Thanks for the link and I love those bright colours on the grey background -like gems on the ground.

    Sue x

  10. Andrea says:

    I’m not a lefty but I would definitely let her think that I’m just that clever😉

  11. So glad to hear there are more lefty crocheters out there. I’m not a lefty, but my sister is and she is just learning crochet.

    For the rss feed – if you’re using the free version of WP, look under Widgets (under Appearance) for RSS and add it to your sidebar.

    Or I don’t know about other readers, but Google reader has a “subscribe” link that you can drag to your toolbar on your browser.

  12. That bolster is wonderful. I really like it. Isn’t it nice when they come together like that?

    I’m sure many know that if you are a blogspot follower, you can add from your dashboard. Just copy and paste the url.

  13. Melissa says:

    The pillows are beautiful, as always. My oldest is a lefty and it always makes me laugh when people are amazed by him doing things with his left hand. He likes to play games though and the minute someone comments he’ll switch to his right hand. The only thing he can’t do with his left hand is write.

  14. Love the bolster🙂
    Raymond must be a very tranquil cat – my cats would shred that!

  15. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond

    I love both cushions and especially the natural yarn borders, they look so wheaty and wild surrounding the juicy bright centres. Thanks for sharing xox
    I am right handed and when I give your grandala’s a go I will be aware of how much I take it for granted that picture tutorials are mostly for those who are right handed.
    Keep those creative vibes coming xox

  16. Tiffanie says:

    Hi Alice,

    I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it! I’m also very much in love with your yarn choices. Although I know it’d be impossible to get my hands on that gorgeous natural wool you get from your mom’s sheep, would you consider posting links to the yarns you purchase? I’m fairly new to crochet, but mandalas and granny squares are in my immediate future since seeing all that you’ve created.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ilona Harris says:

    Hi beautiful girl!

    OMG, I am STUNNED at all your beautiful, happy creations!!! Sooooooo clever!

    I’ve had a quick look at what you’ve been up.. .and I am gob-smacked! I ~LOVE~ the cushions, and what you have done with the chairs! my favourite prob’ being the rainbow one!

    But they are ALL soooo good!

    I’ll have to commission you to do a few colourful, happy cushions for me one day!🙂 pleease, pleeese, pretty pleeeese? (first I have to choose a couch to put them on!)

    K, I’m jealous of you…..! Your other half makes all this fabulous stuff for your home!

    My heart smiles when I look at your work.

    Thank you Alice – I love you!


  18. Louise says:

    LOVE your bloster! You come up with the most amazing designs for crochet! Raymond is looking very adorable. 🙂

  19. Clara says:

    Very nice. There is something very earthy about it with the gray. Wonderful work.

  20. Dorien says:

    Hi Alice,

    It is so nice to read what is happening on the other side of the globe. You make such wonderful items, and this bolster is absolutely one of them. Great job!
    When I was looking at the picture with Raymond in it, my dog Fleur came looking too and started wagging her tail. I think she likes Raymond too.

    groetjes, Dorien (en Fleur)

  21. Linda says:

    so lovely colours🙂 love it!
    thank you for sharing🙂

  22. flutter says:

    LOL I did giggle at the lefty business. My MIL is also a lefty and so is my son, so watching them do anything looks backwards. But then everything I do my MIL say’s I do cack handed. Mum and I was watching your video tutorial trying to work out how you was crocheting. We finally admitted defeat lol. My mum has a friend who is ambidextrious (sp?) and when she knits she knits along one way and comes back the other. It’s like watching a human knitting machine lol.

    I so love your bolster it’s really lovely. I had a million idea’s flash by for the ends. How fabulous is that!!! Thank you for sharing all your amazing work x

  23. Erica says:

    What a wonderful collection of cushions!! And I’m very excited about the granny mandala on a personal level, because I also have a bolster insert at home, just waiting for a “skin.” I’ve been unable to decide just what to do with the length of it, but I will definitely be putting your lovely mandalas on either end of it! I’m therefore leaning toward Lucy’s granny stripes for the body. Can’t wait!!! I love your blog. It’s a very happy place, all around.🙂

  24. Annette says:

    It looks wonderful all finished Alice, love how the bright colours jump out of the natural grey wool – lovely :0)

  25. Loretta says:

    I love the cushion and bolster! The neutral colour works perfectly with the colourful centres of the squares, and the mandalas make perfect bolster ends!

  26. Angie says:

    I love that log pillow, so lovely!

  27. allison says:

    great pillows-the bolster is especially lovely. they look perfect for snuggling up with.

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