An unexpected gift and bunting love


Birthday celebrations are well and truly over!  After a fantastic family party last night, with heaps of my rellies I haven’t seen in ages as well as many I see all the time, I’m relaxing and feeling like I’m on holiday!  It has been such a great week, and I thank everyone who had any part in the wellwishing!  I received many generous and special gifts, I’m feeling well loved and appreciated!  I had to share one gift with you… it was given to me by my Aunty Linda, my Mum’s sister who is an amazing sewer, and who in fact made me dresses for both my 6th and 7th form balls!  (No, you’ll never see those dresses!!!!!)

She gave me this box…

It was heavy!

Inside was a treasure trove of upcycling goodies!  I was amazed!  Knitting needles, crochet hooks, vintage cable needles….

Crochet thread, jars of buttons and belt buckles….

Craft magazines, patterns, a pattern file she had made for me…

Very old tapestry goods with heaps of beautiful coloured wool!…

Vintage patterns…

All together on the blanket….

Do you think I can get it back in the box?

Of course!  Except for the latest update of the family tree she and Mum are working on!  Thanks Aunty Linda!  It was a totally awesome gift!!!

Back to bunting matters!  I finished my lovely blue and pink set and WOW!  I love bunting!

I’ve got a green set to finish before I put bunting down for a bit and get started on some pressing projects!  (namely, birthday presents!)

And one more shot of the purple bunting before it is wrapped and gifted!

It has been a beautiful day today, sunshine and warmth… it feels like new beginnings are in the ether… like the energy around me is changing… so it was the perfect day to put up my new prayer flags….  the old ones were cut down and placed on the big quartz cluster for a cleansing before being rehomed in a native tree in our front yard, and the new ones were hung with a prayer…

Here they are catching their first breath of wind in the sunshine.

For a bit of a giggle, click here!  I voted for Darwin!  Who do you think is the best!

Have a lovely week!  Love from Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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11 Responses to An unexpected gift and bunting love

  1. Wow your birthday present from your Aunty is FANTASTIC!!! I bet you couldn’t wait to dive right in 🙂

    Love the bunting, I have some green/orange and blue hanging in my studio too…..Love it will have to make some more especially as you have added the lovely edging to yours 🙂

  2. Isn’t it lovely when a member of your family really kows what will be precious and so specific too who they know you as… wow it’s amazing how old and used are always THE very best family gifts , well I think so anyway. It means there has been some tiny little extra thought put into it, Enjoy xox
    My mum is so fast and super brilliant at knitting, crochet and sewing and I feel so blessed that she has passed these gifts to me.
    Thanks for your comments Alice, I have made 4wee triangles for a buting gift for a friend and I think I might put a little something in the middle , maybe a flower orbutton or something pretty as mine are all 1 single color triangles, I’ll let you see soon xox

  3. Wow, what an absolutely amazing gift – and such a thoughtful, creative Aunt!!

    Your bunting is beautiful! I especially love the frilliness around the edges. And thanks for the pattern!!

    (Oh, and I voted for Sooty – with his smoosh-faced black-puffball-goodness. That show sounds amazing. Tell Raymond that if he was in the running I would totally have voted for him.)

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh, wow, that has to be one of the best gifts ever given! Lucky you!

    I love the prayer flags, how lovely🙂

    As for the cats: how on earth am I ever meant to choose between them all? Seriously, you can’t show me a page like that and expect me to choose!!

  5. PosyLinda says:

    Alice, you truly have received a treasure from your sweet Aunt Linda. I know you will have fun with all of those treasures. Enjoy your week!

  6. sandiart says:

    I LOVE YOUR AUNT………what an amazing pressy, my heart would have been doing flip flops, especially love the buttons, I am having button love at the moment and attempting to find all different ones (at a reasonable price) Am loving all your bunting too, and I like the idea of decorating the middle.
    We have had some beautiful days too, throwing open the windows and doors lovely fresh air.
    Sandi xx

  7. Madeleine says:

    Oooh, what a gorgeous box of happiness! O.ô
    Lovely blog you have!

  8. Erica says:

    What a wonderful gift!! Some of my favorite gifts in life have been heartfelt ‘upcycled’ things – my best friend passing along a beloved book she had already read 100 times, or a bag full of yarn she knew she wouldn’t be using herself anytime soon… these types of gifts are preferable because you know YOU will use them, and that whoever gave them to you was thinking of you as they gathered those items, perhaps for some days or weeks. Very special of your aunt – she must love you🙂 (of course!)

  9. PosyLinda says:

    Hi Alice, I saw you dropped in earlier. Thanks for your comment. Hey, if I had received that bounty you wouldn’t be able to get me away from it! Thanks again Alice. Best to Raymond and KB!

  10. Joyce says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond, what a wonderful, wonderful birthday you have had and much spoilt and so you should be. Loving your Aunty’s gift too, how much fun to delve into your gift box and discover each new item. So wonderful. Your bunting is going to be bring smiles to lots of friends for sure, so pretty. xx

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