Ahhh bunting!  I have never appreciated you before now!

 I am having a LOT of fun with bunting right now!  I made this set for my middle sister’s birthday in September and as I made it, I was planning in my head, the many other sets I want to make!

I started with a granny triangle, then made it longer and pointier with a lacy mini shell stitch…

And I am so pleased with the result!  In fact, I nearly kept this set!  I’m loving lying here looking at it hanging on the wall so happily… I’m definitely going to need to make myself one.

I’m going to put the pattern in here today, I tried dictating the pattern to the ever-patient KB to see if it is better than my previous pattern writing!  (Once again, please let me know if it needs modification!)

So here we go!!!

Using a 4mm hook, and 8ply wool:

Round 1:  Make a magic ring  (see grandala swuare pattern in the sidebar for a phototutorial on how to do this!)

Round 2: Ch 3, (counts as 1dc) 2dc into the ring, ch4, 3dc into the ring, ch4, 2dc into the ring, ch4 and join with a slst to 3rd ch of original 3ch.


Rounds 3:  Change colour and join with a slst between the dc stitches from round 2.  Ch 3 (counts as 1dc) and into the same space between the dc’s, 2 dc, ch 4, 3 dc to create a corner space.  Ch 1, skip 3 dc stitches and between the stitches, make 3dc, ch 4, 3 dc to form another corner space.  Repeat one more time to create a triangle.  Fasten off.

Round 4:  Attach the new colour with a slst into a side 1 chain space.  Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc into the 1 chain space, ch 1, into the corner space, 3 dc, ch 4, 3 dc.  Ch 1, into the side 1 chain space, 3 dc, ch 1, into the corner space, 3 dc, ch 4, 3 dc.  Continue around, at the end of the round, ch 1 and join to the 3rd chain of original 3 ch.  Fasten off.

Rounds 5 & 6: Repeat round 4, increasing each round along the sides of the triangle.

 And now for the PRETTY part!!!  I was playing around with another mandala the other day, which I will show you when I’ve given it’s new home a lick of paint(!)  and had a go at a little shell stitch, because this mandala is smaller.  It turned out lovely, so I used it on the bunting too.  First though, choose which side of the triangle you are going to make the top, and join the same colour wool as you made the last round into the 3ch corner space with a slst.  Ch 1.  Single crochet along the edge of the bunt making sure you don’t miss any stitches… you want to make a sc into 3 dc stitches and 1 space… so on and so on.  When you reach the bottom corner space, crochet into this space 1 sc, 1 hdc, ch 1, 1 hdc, 1sc, then continue with the sc up the other side of the triangle.  When you reach the corner space, slst into the space, ch 1 and turn.

Now you’re going to make the frilly goodness.  sc into the first stitch, into the next stitch make *sc, hdc, sc, slst into the next 2 stitches.* Repeat ** along the side of the bunt, until you reach the bottom corner space, into this space, stitch 1 sc, 1hdc, picot (4ch, slst into 4th ch from hook), 1 hdc, 1 sc, slst into next sc stitch then repeat ** until you reach the corner.

NOW BLOCK THE BUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I hope that made sense!  As you can see, it’s a bit crumpled and does not look fantastic!  This bunting requires serious blocking!  I stretch mine out a lot in this process because I like the look of the long sharp triangle, so give them a good stretch to make them the shape you want.

But before that, you need to make the “ing!”  When you have finished your 5 bunts (or however many you’ve made!), you need to “ing” them altogether.  I’m going a bit traditional and making my ing stone coloured wool…

To make the ing: Ch 10, join with a slst to form a ring.  Ch 10, then sc along the first bunt.  Ch 6, sc along the second bunt, ch 6… so on and so on.  That will make it a wee bit bigger than a door size.

  So I’m off to finish putting together the set that I did my tutorial on!  They’re sitting in front of me on the floor waiting to be blocked!  I’ll post some shots tomorrow of the completion!

I have to say, it’s good to be getting back in my groove again, it has been a big week of celebrations, too much delicious food, too many coffees, so much well-wishing, a trip away… and still one more party tonight for my extended family!  I’m going to need a holiday to rest up!!!

I’m off now, out to my parents to get cooking….

Lots of love to all of you, and thank you for your lovely comments and loyalty!  You’re the best!  From Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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24 Responses to Bunting

  1. Mrs Twins says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial ! Will save it for a rainy day!
    Love to you Suex

  2. Louise says:

    Hi Alice & Raymond!

    Thank you for another lovely tutorial! I most definitely will have to try this one, I think it would look very sweet on my brick fireplace! Hope you have a fab weekend.


  3. looks fantastic ALice! I will certainly give this a go!

  4. ps you simply must join the “crochet along” group and post your wares -it is a great way to find other amazing crochet blogs too. Just click on the Crochet Along blog button on my blog and form there contact Kathy and say you want to join – she will sign you up immediately. The group would love to see your creations!

  5. Karen says:

    I just found you on I Crochet and I’m so enjoying your blog. The bunting is beautiful and I love the lacy detail. Thank you for posting the tutorial.

  6. sandiart says:

    Loving the bunting, especially the edging, am seriously going to have to learn the crochet terms so they come naturally.

  7. peasandbob says:


  8. frances says:

    Oh Alice, you have done it again. Just love your bunting and thanks for the tutorial, going to have to give it a go. Have a wonderful evening of continued birthday celebrations and enjoy your Sunday. xx

  9. frances says:

    Oh Alice, you have done it again. Just love your bunting and thanks for the tutorial, going to have to give it a go. Have a wonderful evening of continued birthday celebrations and enjoy your Sunday. Snuggles to Raymond too please. xx

  10. I am truly a fan of bunting and sew a lot with vintage fabric to sell in a lovely vintage shop in my seaside town called Lily Rose. Now I MUST make this too, please stop inspiring me (NOT) ! I made your triangle last night , see my post today and found it so easy and therapeutic , thank you for the tutorial. As my triangle started to take shape I thought of bunting too so your post today is very timely. have a wonderful extended birthday celebration weekend xox

  11. PosyLinda says:

    Hey A, great job on that bunting and tutorial. The colors are smashing!

  12. Pammy Sue says:

    This is cute! And I love the stones in your header, especially the amethyst.

  13. Amanda says:

    Oooh I am late in commenting! This is just great, I shall be getting those hooks of mine out and having a go at this one soon🙂 I just love the colour combinations you have chosen!

  14. Wow a treasure trove! what an amazing aunty!
    So glad you had a happy happy birthday!

    PS did you see my stool you inspired!

  15. inkberryblue says:

    I think this is the prettiest bunting I’ve seen!
    Thank you for the tutorial. =)

  16. Annette says:

    Hi Alice, thanks for stopping by yesterday with your lovely comments :0) I have been having a good look around your blog, and know I will definately be back for this tutorial in particular. Its wonderful that people like yourself take the time to do the tutorials as they seem to be so much easier to understand than in books (for me anyway!!) I have just repainted my daughters room and was thinking about putting some bunting up at her windows and was going to do it by sewing some pretty flowery recycled sheets but now with finding this I am thinking I might crochet it instead!! Have a great day :0) Annette

  17. Pingback: Breaking the rules | Crochet with Raymond

  18. Emma Angel says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Your blog has been a great inspiration.

  19. Pingback: Fall Bunting | Chain Links

  20. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    LOVE♥ your bunting, this will definitely be on my to-do list for the new year!!

  21. Becca says:

    Alice this blog is just beautiful! I have felt so inspired by everything you make. I’m just learning to crochet (I live in the UK) I would love to make this bunting but could you tell me if this is US crochet terms or UK? Sorry for what might be an obvious question! x

  22. Charlotte says:

    Thnx for the clear pics, that’s the only way I’m able to make the lovely bunting.

  23. Carola says:

    Ik ga zeker de vlaggenlijn maken voor mijn kleinkind. Dankjewel dat je het patroon wilt delen.

    Groet Carola

  24. pouvez vous me le traduire en français s vp mes compliments

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