A beautiful sunny afternoon spent at the beach a 10 minute drive from our house… a grounding and relaxing experience…

Practicing rock balancing centering exercises….

Visiting the local kaitiaki…

Drinking in the colours in the sunshine…..

I’m 30 today… KB (whose birthday is on friday) and I are off to Whanganui for a couple of days to have a relaxing, fun break.

There’s Wellington, right down the bottom, where we live… travel your eyes up the left of the island from Wellington until you see Whanganui… that’s where we’re headed in a few hours!

It’s a beautiful town, so I’ll take lots of photos and share them when we get back!

I love New Zealand… LOVE IT!  We’ve lived and explored so much of the beautiful North Island… I’ll share some photo’s over time… it’s an extraordinary place for sure.

So I’m off, for two days of no internet and no blog-surfing!  Hanging at the wild beaches and amazing Whanganui River….

One last shot of me in my 20’s!  I can look back on this and think “look at that!  everyone was right!  I do wear a lot of black!!!”


Raymond is having a holiday with his downstairs family until Friday… we’re wondering if he’ll want to come back!  There are young people down there who love having him sleeping in bed with them!

Lots of love from Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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20 Responses to Thirty

  1. Jodie says:

    That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! Have a lovely time – and happy birthday🙂

  2. PosyLinda says:

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A L I C E~ Enjoy your holiday too!

  3. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Have a lovely holiday! Can’t wait to see your photos of New Zealand. One place I would LOVE to visit properly, been there once for emergency refueling on a flight from Brisbane to L.A. Got to see the tarmac and that was it!

  4. Aisyah Helga says:

    Happy Birthday,Alice!! Have a great holiday!

  5. Anja says:

    Happy Birthday Alice, I am almost 50 :))
    Love you’re blog,

    greetings Anja

  6. Karin says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Lovely Alice… are a beautiful soul and I hope you enjoy your next era in the world xxxxxxx

  8. Mrs Twins says:

    Have a great time Alice! Scenery marvellous!”
    Hugs Suex
    Happy 30th Birthday to you! x

  9. Joyce says:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alice, happy birthday to you, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray. Have a wonderful 30th birthday my dear friend. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos. Bless. xx

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE (((XXXX))) You don’t look a day over 20!! Have a fab holiday with K and wish her Happy Birthday as well! I bet Raymond will love sleeping in someones bed, Hamish is on mine every night! Looking forward to seeing the photos when you get back.

    How lucky are you to live near such a nice beach! Loved those balancing rocks 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a fantastic birthday get-away you’re planning. I’m looking forward to the pictures! (I’ve always wanted to visit NZ.)

  12. Debi Y. says:

    Happy Birthday to you both – enjoy your time away. 🙂

  13. Erica says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Mine was Sunday – one Leo to another.🙂
    I also hope you enjoy your 30s. I’m at the tail-end of mine, and I didn’t feel any angst when I started them. In a way, I was sort of relieved to be out of my 20s. You begin your 20s basically as an overgrown high schooler, with plenty more maturing needed. Ideally, by the end of that decade, you pretty much know who you are and/or where you want to be. And obviously, that keeps changing all the time!

    Not that I’m an expert – I just remember I was happy to be 30, and I hope you are, too!


    • Thank you erica! And thank you for the lovely mention in your blog! My stats jumped! I completely agree with you about turning 30… it’s a relief really! I feel like I’m in that place in life to be 30!
      I loved checking out your blog today! I have a granny square blanket that I junt don’t wanna finish!!!! I’m 35 squares in… not even nearly halfway, and there are so many cool new things to make!
      Have a lovely weekend XX

  14. Amanda says:

    Yay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!! No need for a children’s party when you get to go away and celebrate😉 I can’t remember if I replied to your comment about gluten-fee cake recipes or whether I just thought about it, but basically I shall put some on my blog soon, so you can have a belated birthday treat🙂

    Have an absolutely wonderful time, I’m looking forward to seeing the photos already xx

  15. Poes P says:

    Congratulations and a happy 30th birthday!
    Or as we say in Flemish: Gefeliciteerd en een gelukkige 30ste verjaardag!🙂

  16. Leah says:

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your little break. Sounds devine.

  17. sandiart says:

    Happy Birthday girls, I know you will have a wonderful time away.
    Oh to be 30 again….sigh…

  18. Wishing you a very happy and fun filled 30th birthday Alice. When I turned 30 I had my little Alice in my tummy ready to pop into the world. What a wonderful decade you are going into , hope your trip away will refresh you and I look forward to hearing about it. We had a lovely few days camoing and I’ll post it soon xox

  19. Canoeing the mighty Whanganui – can’t imagine a better birthday!

    Cheers, Richard

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