The Upper Hutt Spin-In 2010!

Hello Ladies!  I can’t stop posting at the moment!  It seems I have a lot to say and show!

It’s a grey day, rain pelting at my windows, winds meant to get up to 130km/hour… I’m a bit worried about my daffodil, shall I pick it and bring it inside?

So as I said yesterday, Mum and I went to the Upper Hutt spin-in, it’s a fibrecraft guild thing… lots of lovely ladies from all the Wellington fibrecraft guilds get together and spin/ knit/ crochet/ chat/ drink tea and eat lovely food and the best bit…. there are traders there selling their wool!

Looking promising so far! So in we went, I scanned the hall and my eyes were immediately drawn to this stall!

Do we wonder why!?  Shall we have a close-up of that colourful goodness?


 And the other side!  This is Maria’s hand-dyed wool, and WOW… I just love those colours!  She sells either corridale or merino wool (man that merino is soft!)… and just happens to be a friend of my Mum’s … in fact she sometimes buys my Mum’s fleece, dyes it, then has possibly sold it back to me!

Here’s the corridale…  (the top picture was the merino…)

Then onto the lovely Phyllis’s wool.  Now, Phyllis is a Master of Wool.  She is turning 80 this year and still breeding 47 ewes each year, although says it has been hard lately cruising around her farm on the 4-wheeler sorting out the premature lambs.  She told me to take lots of pics for my blog because she may not be doing this much longer which is a shame as her wool is amazing…

And the sheepskins!  Aaaarrrhhh!  Being a strict vego I just can’t deal with sheepskins… but man they’re soft!  I couldn’t help running my fingers through that soft soft wool, but every time I touched them I felt a bit sick towards myself for enjoying it….  I had to show you this pic of her spotty sheepy…

She told me she had a ewe which she bred from each year, whose lambs always had a white spot on their shoulder in the same spot!  Every year!  Aren’t genetics funny!

So after cruising the stalls, everyone settled in for a spin or other wool-crafting…

Did I indulge?  You may ask?

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff!  Surely you know me well enough by now!

Of course I did!

In fact… so much indulgence went on, that Mum banned Maria from selling me any more wool as she has to spin it for me!  (Thanks Mum!!!)

I can’t wait until she does!  That wool is going to make some kickin’ flowers for sure!

Do you know what?  Louise had written a lovely post the other day, mentioning her blog friends who had been with her from the beginning and make blogging so worthwhile, and it made me feel really good!  It’s so true, that blog friends are so important and make blogging fun… I have more than a few I’d like to send some special love to… including Louise from Gephart836 who left me my first ever comment, jenni from baame-kniits who will be getting very excited about this post and leaving me a comment telling me to spin the wool myself!!  I bet you do Jenni!!!!  he he…and of course the lovely joyce who spreads sunshine everywhere…. It wouldn’t be a real post without a comment from these ladies! 

And lots of love to all of my other blog friends too, I just love hearing your feedback and lovely comments, and visiting your blogs too, you guys are all just the best ever!  I gain so much inspiration from all of you and am so pleased I took the scary plunge and decided to start a blog!  It has been such a worthwhile experience and it’s because all of you!

I’m off to bake some muffins now…

Wishing you love and happiness for the day, from Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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11 Responses to The Upper Hutt Spin-In 2010!

  1. OMG I just died and went to wool heaven!!! How did you contain yourself?? I just love those bags of natural wool (i’m not too keen on the skins either…poor wee lambs, I’d much rather have the little fellow in his jumper please and skipping around my yard)

    That spinning is pretty tricky but it is fun….yes you should give it a go, I bet your mum has a spare wheel 🙂

    Cant’ wait to see the results of your mums spinning and your creativity!

    Yes bring that poor little daff in for a spell out of the raging wind, she will have no petals left soon. I see Raymond is snug as a bug inside….cats aren’t silly 🙂

    • Jenni… Mum has spun the first lot and oh my… it’s stunning! She has to wash it and perfect it (as she is a perfectionist you see) before she will let me blog her efforts, can’t wait to showcase her gorgeous spinning!
      Daff is now in a vase in the lounge, looking beaut!
      Catch you up soon! X

  2. sandiart says:

    Haha Alice, you know Jenni so well. The wool is amazing I would have been standing and staring with my mouth open and my heart doing a big jig.
    Oh Raymond is clever, what is he knitting with that little pink bit of wool??? His attention span is short, or did he just run out of energy to do anymore??? I need to find some natural fleece as I want to make natural pot scrubbers and they need to have natural wool to stuff them with. AND yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon practicing crochet and started a Granny Square…..won’t tell you how many times I pulled it undone tho’
    See you, Sandi x

  3. How amazing Alice, I have never been to NZ but you have just reminded me of all the little lambs and sheep that inhabit your land. I too and a veggie and having been brought up in South Africa I know what you mean about a slight twinge of sick almost guilt with running fingers through the fleece’s. But they are all so scrummy and soft, almost impossible to resist. We are off camping for a few days, enjoying summer times and summer flowers xox I know how precious our daffodils were this spring , such hope after long bleak winter months😉

  4. Dorien says:

    Hi Alice, thanks for visiting my blog! It is certainly a whole lot of yumminess you are showing here today. The colours are amazing and I believe you immediately about the softness of the wool. I hope for you that the rain keeps pouring, because then you have every reason to stay inside and enjoy your beautiful wool.

  5. Mrs Twins says:

    Good afternoon Alice,

    OOh I just loved this post. The gorgeous colours of the yarn Wow!
    What a great day out!
    Blogging is great when you have something to say and you surely have!
    I’m sure everyone has enjoyed this post ‘and of course your other ones!’
    Hugs Suex

  6. PosyLinda says:

    Hello Alice: Thank you for visiting PosyLinda. I Just had the best time reading your blog. Meow, that Raymond sure is a cutie pie. Aren’t Siamese great talkers? I’m looking forward to your next post – its exciting to learn about people and places so far away from Florida. Best to you and yours from Linda…. and Posy too.

  7. Annemarie says:

    HI! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog! I’m so glad you enjoy Link-Your-Stuff-Day! (-: I love to see everyone uploading so many nice things, so thanks so much for joining!

  8. frances says:

    oh Alice, you have made me cry. lol sniff lol. Thank you and Blessings to you my dear inspiring blog friend. wow. I so love your blog and so look forward to chatting with you here. It’s very true, through blogging the inspiration, the bonding, it’s just wonderful that through our computers we share each others lives and craft together. I so love your newly purchased stash and what fabulous flowers you will create from it all too. xx

  9. Louise says:

    Hi Alice & Raymond!
    How cool that your Mum can spin the wool into yarn for you to create with! It must be amazing to watch the transformation. The colours you chose are beautiful too.
    I feel so honored by your mention of me in your blog and amazed I left your first comment! Your blog is fab and I love my visits each day and reading your posts. I have enjoyed so much all the wonderful people I have met so far in bloggerville!

  10. Pingback: Fibre…. the snuggly sort….. | Crochet with Raymond

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