My Creative Space with Raymond Warhol

 Hi!!!!  I hope you’re all having a lovely day!  I have to admit… I’m having a frustrating one.  For some reason, my laptop is making all of my photos MASSIVELY HUGE and when I insert them into my post, they are so big you can only see one corner of them!

Anyway!  I managed to make them a wee bit smaller than normal, so I could join in My Creative Space today!  I’ve taken a sneaky day off polytech today, so I got in early and had a good look around lots of other creative spaces so am feeling wonderfully inspired.

I had a message on Facebook yesterday from my downstairs neighbour.  She and her partner are Raymond’s other family… he believes he has two you see, it’s quite funny when I think about how in his mind he is responsible for two households and must protect and patrol two homes!

We wonder if he prefers downstairs… we happen to know he gets fed roast chicken. 

He doesn’t get that here… he’s more likely to get roast tofu!

So our neighbour sent me this!

It seems he can’t escape the lens here or there!  Oh the life of a beautiful cat!  I love this picture!

I was visiting Louise a couple of days ago and was inspired to crochet a purse!  Hers was so sweet and I just wanted to make something lovely like that, to have a break from my mandala-ing (more mandalas in progress)……. so I did!

I just love it!  It’s shell-stitch and I’m going to destroy a surprise here… (cue evil laugh)…. One of my darling friends who has an e-mail subscription to my blog, so will get this in her inbox very soon, is lending me her textbooks for a paper I’m taking at polytech which she has already done.  In exchange for this generosity, crochet happiness!

Being that her two favourite things are presents and pens, I’ve created her a pencil case as a present.  So thank you Carina!  You’re just the best!

Have a lovely day everyone!  Lots of love to you from Alice and Raymond who is currently downstairs! XX


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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14 Responses to My Creative Space with Raymond Warhol

  1. megan says:

    I love the colours you have used for the purse- beautiful!

  2. Patz says:

    Love the colours, love the idea, love the Raymond Warhol… what can I say… inspiration galore, that’s what! Well done girl😀 XOX

  3. sandiart says:

    Hi Alice, I downloaded this application called Easy Thumbnails and I use it to make small photos for my blog (although my blog asks what size I want them, but it makes it easier) You may find it helpful🙂 scroll to the bottom and it is the free one on the bottom right.
    You crochet very quickly, are you sure you sleep? I am still attempting to learn, I need to practice more. I love all the goodies you make, when I finish my granddaughters dress I will get into the crochet, I want to make so much.
    Have a great day.
    Sandi x Oh Raymond is a very lucky boy.

  4. renee says:

    Love your crochet and the granny circles – great colours! And the purse is very cute!

  5. I love that photo/artwork of Raymond!! You should make them into postcards for his fans!! That purse and flower are really cute too, shell stitch looks so nice doesn’t it.! What size hook did you use??

  6. Amanda says:

    Hehe I had to laugh about the roast chicken… one of my aunt’s Siamese darlings (my best Siamese friend ever) would only eat roast chicken in his later days, after he had no teeth left to deal so well with the crunchy biscuits. She had been vegetarian for years, but as he wouldn’t eat anything else she would go buy a whole roasted chicken from the supermarket, don her rubber gloves, put a peg on her nose and put it to pieces and put it in an air-tight container in the fridge ready for that week’s meal. It was amusing to watch, to say the least, but he adored her for it. He also adored me for sharing my soup with him (does Raymond like soup? My cousin had a Siamese called Ziggy who absolutely adored tomato soup so much that his Swedish cousin – my aunt is Swedish btw – called him “the tomato cat” hehe)

    Anyway, the picture is just lovely and the crochet beautiful as always xx

  7. blondie blu says:

    Alice, I am just in awe at how much lovely work you do! Your hands must never be still, lol. I’m loving the Raymond Warhol picture. 🙂

    Hugs to Raymond,

  8. Mrs Twins says:

    A nice little project to fit in Alice!
    Love the design, love the colours ‘as usual’.
    Hugs Suex

  9. Louise says:

    Your purse if FABULOUS!!!! I love the flower, just beautiful.
    My assistant Pumpkin also has two homes. When we are at work during the day he hangs out with my neighbor who is home! And of course, she feeds him the yummy food we don’t🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!
    P.S. Love the pics of Raymond, very clever.

  10. frances says:

    Hi Raymond, you do take a good photo for sure. These would look wonderful as a brooch badge Alice. Too handsome that Raymond is. I so love your shell stitch purse, what a lovely gift. That is another stitch I am yet to learn.

  11. I love this purse. The colours are brilliant!

  12. mmakynen says:

    Is there a tutorial for this lovely bag?

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