My first ever blog giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Yes!  I decided to have a blog giveaway… I love giving handmade gifts… and getting them too!  I’ve been making myself so many presents lately, I thought it would be nice to share the hanger-love.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my hangers!  Do you know… I have been sorting my wardrobe and began to use them… I’m normally a messy type of person, I don’t use my wardrobe even though I try so hard, I really do!  I have a pile which I throw my clothes onto when I put my pyjamas on… it’s quite handy, it can be covered with a nice scarf to be tidied in a hurry!  Then every week or so I put the pile away tidily, admire my tidiness and PROMISE myself that this is it… I am now a tidy person!  But I’m sure you know how it goes… or maybe not, please fess up if you get messy too! 

But these hangers!  Well, they are bringing a new dimension of joy to my wardrobe!  I’m using them and loving them.  So I wanted to give someone the opportunity to share the love with me! 

Here is the giveaway hanger…

A close up of the flower…..

I wonder why, when I am making something to give to someone, I make a complete hash of it, and get super super critical of myself?!  It seemed that everything went wrong with this hanger, but I’m sure that’s only because I’m giving it to some crafty legend who might notice these things!  So I warn you, it’s not perfectly made and for some unknown reason, its longer than the hanger… the others weren’t, or maybe they were, but I wasn’t being critical then, I was just enjoying the creative process!

Enough of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As this is my first giveaway, please make it easy for me by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post which contains your name and blog URL!  Raymond and I will draw and post the winner on sunday 27th June so that gives you heaps of time!  Ooooooooooooooooooohhh… I’m excited!  I want everyone to win!

My latest WIP is Leonie’s wrap… she has knitted hers and I plan to knit one too, but am hooking one first… find her wrap at

I’m a wee bit nervous, as that is my second ball there in the picture!  it’s a wool muncher thats for sure!  Luckily the wool only costs $3.50/ball, so if I use 10 balls it’s not going to be so bad!  That’s one of the front bits there… I’m doing a sequence of hdc, dc, htc to make it “patterndey!”

I’m even telling leonie that I’m making her top, so I cannot get bored halfway and have it transform into a UFO!

Have a lovely, lovely day everyone,

blessings coming your way from Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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20 Responses to My first ever blog giveaway!

  1. Leonie Guld says:

    Oh….I LOVE IT. I am sure you are going to get it finished and it will look FAB!!!!

  2. Patz says:

    Thank you! For the comment on my little beginner blog, for adding me to your list of “fantastic blogs”, although I am far from fantastic, I do appreciate the nudge =-), and thank you for notifying me of your giveaway! Very generous of you, and these hangers are indeed so very pretty🙂
    Have fun with this and see you again soon across blogs😉
    PS: I have rippled! Indeed amazing😀

  3. Ooooh count me in, winning won of your lovely hangers might even inspire me to clean out the wardrobe!!

  4. I adore this hanger! It is SOOOOO gorgeous, oh please count me in!

    PS thank you for your lovely comments and support for that post!

  5. Jan says:

    I’m a first time visitor to your blog. I’m crocheting the wrap vest too but am havng a nervous moment. I think It’s going to be too small …. Sooooo we’ll see where it ends up. might be a nice birthday gift for my sister in law!

  6. Anna Mette says:

    Hello Alice! I just found your blog, and wanted to tell you how lovely your coat-hangers are. I’m afraid I live to far away to be a part of your draw, but I will try to make one myself, following your tutorial.
    I love crocheting, and I will surely come back. Greetings from Denmark

  7. Louise says:

    Hello! Thank you for adding me to your blog list, felt quite excited when I saw my little name there 🙂 Yet again, another LOVELY coat hanger!!! I agree with you, I am always doubly critical of my work if I am going to give it away. Please enter me for your lovely giveaway. 🙂
    Have a great day.

  8. sue says:

    Your crocheted hangers look wonderful. My partner’s grandmother used to make those so I only a few but they are fantastic and seem to stop those horrible bumps in your clothes when you use them. I had to laugh when I read about your cat using the plant for a litter tray, I am sure it is the soil because everytime I plant a new plant I find our 2 cats digging them up to poo! My poor climbing plant in my little wheelbarrow unfortunately died from them doing that as they ruined the root system. I was thinking at the time that I should have no more cats so I can have my lovely garden back. Luckily for the cats I changed my mind (for the time being)!

  9. frances says:

    Oh Alice, how wonderful, I would so love to win one of your stunning hangers. You should be setting up shop for these. They are beautiful. I have just followed your link thingy to the knitted and crochet wrap vests, I have added these awesome blogs to my faves list too now. Thanks so much for this generous give-away. (Raymond, pick me, pick me – lol)

  10. Chell says:

    I haven’t seen a crochetted hanger since I was a little girl and would love to have one of yours. Thanks for the give away.

  11. sandiart says:

    What a lovely blog you have, and did have to laugh about your cat and the pot plant, when son #1 was at the crawling stage I thought he was messing with my pot plant that I had inside, only to find out (when it started to look sick) that the cat was using it for a toilet, gosh no wonder it was sick eeewwww.
    Love your crochet hangers, I am attempting to teach myself to crochet, hummmmm, lets just say I have a LOT of practice to do. Would be honoured to own one of your hangers, so if I’m not too far away, please count me in🙂 Being hand/home made makes it all the more special.

  12. kate says:

    oh -I -am *so* excited I am going to go all 80’s with my enthusiasm-“radness”! I am so in on this competition…I am wondering if it would transform me into a clean wardrobe person?? I do doubt it considering all my clothes are in a big (folded sort of ) stack in my cupboard. The ones that aren’t on the floor in front of it, that is….ahem. I do love the colour of the yarn in your WIP too…

  13. Louise says:

    Hi and thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. You are very welcome. I like your blog too. I’ve just spent a very pleasant few minutes reading it. Thanks

  14. Poes P says:

    I would love to win this lovely hanger!
    I will put a link to this give-away on my blog, so that even more people can discover your beautiful blog!
    Greetings, Maaike – Poes P

  15. I have just found your blog via do you mind if i knit and love it! I too am an avid crochet blogger and I absolutely adore your flower you’ve made for this coat hanger cover. I live in the UK and would so dearly love to be in on the draw for your first blog giveaway… is it too far to send ? xox

  16. You are the hanger beautifier queen! I’ve just been scrolling back through your blog entries, (kissing Raymond on the way, he’s so beautiful), and admiring your hangers and thinking yippeeee, there’s a tutorial, thank you so much for that, it’s going on my list of to-do’s. Please can I enter your giveaway? It would be a treat to win. Love Vanessa xxx

  17. angelina says:

    its so beautiful and deserves a good home!xx

  18. Catherine says:

    Love your hangers – I just saw some plain wooden ones at the op shop today – may have to go back and try to create some of my ones if I don’t win!

  19. I really really really want to make one of those wraps too! Yours is looking fab! And the hanger (just like the rest of yours) is just lovely!

  20. leah says:

    What a pretty hanger. Love it. I’m half way through leonies wrap too. And in grey. Great minds.

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