My creative space… more coat hanger love

Hello everyone!

Happy almost weekend!!!  I’m well and truly addicted to these crochet coat hanger covers, and I can’t see the addiction ending anytime soon!

Here’s the latest FO!

I’m not digging the orange so much.  It was better in my mind’s eye than it turned out but I still love it.  Here they are all together so far!  My next one is in progress I have to let you know!  It’s pink and red, my favourite!  (equal with blue and green and purple and yellow and orange!)

I just love creativity.  And I’m loving all of the visitors to my blog… I obsessively check my stats and am amazed daily that people pop by!  When I began my blog I thought I might be the only visitor, and I’m just so happy to be connecting to so many talented and crafty people!  Please leave a comment if you have a blog too, so I can come and admire your talents!

So here’s a snapshot of one of my favourite parts of my home…

I’m a Leo so sumptuous surroundings are where it’s at for me… the stunning specimen of dracena is named Marge… she was a housewarming present when we moved into the flat we live in now and we LOVE her.  She is pampered with a beautiful pot and crystals in her soil. I’ll tell you a little tale about a time when we were concerned for her safety however…

Just look at him… so innocent and sweet!  So stunningly beautiful… would you imagine him doing something evil like POOING in Marge?  Then flicking all the poo and dirt all over our lounge carpet?

He did.

Not only did he flick, but he DUG and he dug up many of Marge’s little tiny roots she had grown since we re-potted her so lovingly.  AND he peed in her and it was bad.  We flushed her soil many times to save her life and I am relieved to say that she is doing very well.

It’s funny you know… my Aunty Sue who is a Siamese expert said to me “it’s what they DO Alice…”

Not in my house!  Not in my Marge!  Not when there is a clean litter box…

I love Marge, Raymond has been forgiven and everything is OK.  He has not re-offended and never will!  Rocks in the dirt work wonders.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  And thank you for stopping by..

Love from Alice and Raymond XX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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14 Responses to My creative space… more coat hanger love

  1. angelina says:

    love the suitcase storage stack!!!

  2. Saritha says:

    Beautiful coat hangers!!

  3. Kate says:

    I don’t have stat counter on my blog because I know I’d waste too much time looking at it. Maybe I’ll pop one on for a few days just to get an idea.
    LOVE the hangers. I have a pile waiting for me since buying a book with a pattern in it. One day I’ll get to them. Until then I’ll just admire yours.

  4. frances says:

    oh these are so awesome, you make me smile Alice, I can feel your excitement through your blog. Have you dared put any clothing over them yet, or are you just decorating your wardrobe with them. I would want them on display for everyone to see. As for Raymond, oopsie, what a darling he is though. Hi Raymond, we all still love you so. Thanks again Alice.

  5. Those coat hangers are just too pretty! It makes me ashamed of all the misshapen wire hangers I have in my closet… I feel like I should toss those old ones and attempt what you’ve done!

  6. Louise says:

    Oh gosh Raymond was naughty! But I must admit I had a little giggle at his antics with Marge. Glad to see Marge survived and to hear Raymond has not reoffended – he’s such a lovely boy! Love your crochet hangers!

  7. Oh these are lovely! If you like, I have a blog post on my blog and you can add a link to something you’ve made yourself in it. If you like, feel free to add a link! It can be a link to your blog or Flickr-album. In the post a picture will show of the item you
    would like to show and so visitors from my blog can go to your blog by clicking the picture. Perhaps it sounds a bit complicated, it really isn’t.
    Bye! Annemarie

  8. kate says:

    funny, funny. I have had same issue with cats in the past too…rocks work a treat.
    Your little coat hangers are so sweet and remind me of the kind of nanna crafts i dont see so much of anymore-toilet roll covers and tissue box covers made up in nylon come to mind (yours are so much funkier. Its all about the yarns!) I love your pile of suitcases-looks great with the mirror.

  9. Those coat hangers are fab! Loving the colours 🙂

    I have just purchased a pattern for crochet slippers from The Royal Sisters…Granny Slippers they are called and I am loving them!!! Will do a post soon but they are so addictive and quick…TWO pairs this afternoon….yep I did say they are so quick! Have a great weekend and I am glad you are making so many bloggy friends, its great isn’t it 🙂

  10. Oh I love the teal-blue coat hanger with little yellow and orange dangly flowers! Gorge!

  11. Jackie Bockman says:

    I love the hangers.
    Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a place to buy them.
    Can you give me more information about how to get them on the internet?
    Thanks a million!

  12. Olivia says:

    Hi Alice! Love the hangers! I like the first one the best, but all of them are pretty. Oh and that tea cozy you made? AWESOME!!! I havent knitted or hooked anything in FOREVER but you’re making me wanna run go get my needles and yarn! I love your blog and your crochet and knitting. And I love all of the colors you use, online and off. Well, gotta go catch up on my crocheting and knitting!🙂

  13. D2 says:

    Can you tell me where to purchase the wooden hangers? Thanks.

  14. LuDouglas says:

    Oh Alice, how I laughed, how I belly-laughed at that sweet Raymond. We all miss him. I have not been able to make my laptop receive any blogposts from your new blog. I will try again on Monday when I’m home from this trip! I’m making coathanger covers and love your simple design!!! I can do it anywhere, on a train, in the car, under water even , i think!!! Hahaha thank you Alice. Hope all is well with you and K in your new journey. Linda

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