Colour therapy and granny stripes!

I must stop complaining about the weather… I have to… it’s coming into winter, it’s cold and grey… it’s normal

So I decided to do some colour therapy.  Being an energy healer who is into natural therapies, I thoroughly believe in the power of colour and it’s divine healing abilities… and two days ago I put it to the test!  And do you know what? 

It worked.  Yesterday I woke up feeling really really happy!

So here are the tools I used in my days of colour therapy!  (And let’s face it… the retail side of this therapy helped too!)

A $7 rainbow umbrella….

I REALLY appreciated this when I was walking in a downpour to pick up my granny-mobile from the mechanics the other day!  It makes rain actually enjoyable as the rainbow reflects onto the wet sidewalk so it is rainbows above and below.  Great stuff!

Next was a trip to the op shop for a second hand blanket for Raymond!

Lucky he has no gender identity issues and quite likes his pink mohair rug…

Next was a beautiful (and very cheap thanks to my mum who wholesales this wool)ball of 100% pure NZ wool which I really want to use to make a beautiful baby hat with fancy decorations… watch this space!

But here is the piece de resistance in the colour therapy experiment.  This made me very very happy!  As I was making it, my soul was literally drinking in the colours, soaking them up, making me feel particularly joyful!

The latest Attic24 pattern as I’m sure you know, is granny stripes… something I’ve been wanting to make for ages because Frutti sells these fantastic tops with granny stripe hoods and bottoms of the sleeves… so I was very excited when Lucy put up her pattern!  Thank you Lucy!!!!  Find a link to her blog in my blog list if you don’t already have it on yours!  (bet you all do!)  So I started hooking some stripes.  And here is the end result.

Cue delighted gasps!

I love it so much, that I don’t even want to use it!  I don’t want it to get old!  but I must get over that and enjoy it!  These colours truly put me in the best mood ever.  And as for the stripes… well, there will be many stripes on my blog for a while… my next stripe project is going to be mitts, then a big shawley scarf… then maybe a cushion, a bag, a rug……….

Thank you for stopping by!  Please leave a comment if you are a fellow blogger because I LOVE finding new and inspiring blogs! 

Have a happy day!

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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7 Responses to Colour therapy and granny stripes!

  1. I feel better already! Loved all the colour esp. the striped hottie cover and the bobbles along the bottom 🙂 I am making two small rectangles to make into a shawl with Lucy’s HAL.

    I love Raymond’s blankie….pink is his colour it makes his eyes look so Blue!!

    What other colours of that wool does your mum sell??? Its divine!

  2. Liesl says:

    I love your piece de resistance – what fabulous colours!

    Its nice to discover your blog (and just quietly, I did need to check out whether Raymond was a crocheting bloke!)

  3. kate says:

    Hey, I am a fan of your header too-what a dear cat. I also am very jealous of your rainbow striped umbrella and hotty cover, so cheerful. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments as well….I am almost wishing it would be overcast here so I’d have a reason for carrying a rainbow striped brolly…what a steal too($7!!!)

  4. frances says:

    you have just cheered my evening. in love with your rainbow of colours.

  5. LOL! I too was checking if Raymond was a crocheting bloke! I love the hot water bottle cozy! Great colours! I’m granny striping too! Looking forward to checking in with your lovely blog in the future!

  6. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    Gorgeously glorious, my heart skipped a beat when I saw your hooky rainbow!
    So glad you’r having fun with the GS’s

  7. hotchocolate says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures! Your blog inspires me daily. I hope you visit mine one day at Cheers

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