As I have said in previous posts, knitting is just not something I am particularly good at and I just cannot read knitting patterns… especially the grid ones… it’s not so bad if they are written out stitch for stitch but not so many have that.   So if I can’t freestyle it, I generally can’t make it.  Remember this is why I feel so liberated by crochet because I can read crochet patterns!

My knitting career consisted of about a million scarves, quite a few pairs of wristwarmers and 34 baby hats which I donated to charity…… and this…………………………….

I love this tea cozy and wish I had a better teapot as a model… one with an actual spout!  I made it in two pieces, cast on enough to go halfway around the pot then knit knit knit until it’s as tall as the pot before decreasing the same way I would a baby hat…  knit two stitches together for one row, normal knit for the next and so on until there are no stitches left and a nicely shaped half of a teapot cozy.  Repeat and then sew together leaving holes for handle and spout!  Simple!

And then the fun part…. the embellishment!

Voila a close-up of the roses!  My good friend at polytech who is a knitting legend described how to make these roses and they are so easy!!!!!  I just tried to explain how to do it and confused myself so I may need to make one and photograph the process!  The roses make awesome embellishments and badges and anything really… and I think because it was explained to me and I didn’t follow a pattern it’s not even a copyright issue!  Yesssss!!!!!

So this will probably be my only knitting post for those knitters out there… unless I get very inspired by my knitting friends at Sunday knitting and decide I need yet another warm scarf!

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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  1. Hey great tea cozie! Love the roses🙂

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